Friday, 2018-01-19

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robert_yangfray, morning01:31
robert_yangsorry, wrong channel01:31
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: Adding glibc libraries to the rootfs <>05:33
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corneli have apackage that produces generally 642-bit binaries with only one exception file which is 32-bit07:40
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cornelthe build fails with ERROR: QA issu: Architecture did not match. How do i fix this?07:41
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cornelthe task is package_qa()07:41
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cornellet's rephrase: how do i inform yocto that one binary is of different architecture, so that it no longer fails in this "fatal" error?08:01
LetoThe2ndcornel: if its actually intendet and correct, then setting some QA skip should do the trick08:02
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cornelLetoThe2nd, it's correct and intended. Thank you very much!08:02
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cornelhmmm, INSANE_SKIP_${PN} = "arch" seems to be ignored08:40
cornelLetoThe2nd, isn't this the right way to skip 'arch' QA on this package?08:40
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cornelprobably something specific to this project ...08:43
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john1987hello guys08:53
john1987i am trying to create an ext3 image in yocto 1.7.3 with capabilities08:53
john1987i set the capabilities in post_install scripts and they are present in the location where packages are installed08:53
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john1987however they are present in the final ext3 image08:54
john1987are not *08:54
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john1987pkg_postinst_${PN}() {     PSEUDO_UNLOAD=1 setcap CAP_SYS_NICE,CAP_DAC_OVERRIDE+ep  $D$bindir/some_binary }08:55
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto recipe to manage Go dependencies (solved) <>09:33
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nayfeHey, anyone using Intersil TW9912 ADC on I.MX6 4.9.x kernel ?10:08
jaeckelrburton: the solution was to use arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-libtool10:11
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto recipe to manage Go dependencies <>11:04
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto recipe to manage Go dependencies with dep tool <>12:34
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jaeckelis there somewhere more documentation on UPSTREAM_CHECK_GITTAGREGEX ?13:09
kanavinjaeckel: you can ask here13:10
kanavinjaeckel: I know more than most about it ;)13:10
jaeckelI'm trying to set the version of a library I want to build from git and I thought probably I need to somehow modify UPSTREAM_CHECK_GITTAGREGEX so it can correctly parse my version schema13:12
jaeckelwhich is basically vMAJ.MIN.PATCH with optional '-rcX' added13:13
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jaeckelbut my output package version is still called AUTOINC+commitid13:15
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kanavinjaeckel: that's only for checking what the latest upstream version13:18
kanavinjaeckel: to set the version built, you need to set PV13:19
kanavinjaeckel: and to specify the particular git commit id, you set SRCREV -  PV is not matched against tags or anything, as tags are unstable13:19
jaeckelkanavin: and I thought when I set PV to ${SRCPV} and SRCREV to "master" I could probably easily tag all releases and get them properly named ;)13:24
kanavinjaeckel: if you only ever plan to use tagged commits, you can skip SRCPV stuff altogther, and just set PV to match the tag, and SRCREV to the commit id of it13:25
kanavinjaeckel: if you plan to use commits in the middle of development, it's a bit more tricky, and involves SRCPV (oe-core has plenty of examples for both)13:26
kanavinjaeckel: the idea is reproducibility, tags can move around or disappear, but commits are forever13:27
jaeckelkanavin: is there a way to "always track the latest master" without having to adapt the recipe?13:27
jaeckelkanavin: and still have the output called by the tag that is currently on master13:27
kanavinjaeckel: no13:27
kanavinit would be a support disaster as someone's build failure would be impossible to properly reproduce13:28
kanavinjaeckel: you can however use externalsrc for local development, and do git pull on that tree13:29
jaeckelkanavin: okay, so by setting SRCREV = "master" and PV = "<tag>" I would have the same behavior, right?13:31
kanavinjaeckel: maybe but I wouldn't accept anything like this into a layer13:32
jaeckelkanavin: yeah, I also wouldn't propose it like that, but allowing this still leads to the same support disaster :D13:36
rburtonif you want to track master then you can use AUTOREV13:43
rburtonbut you'll regret it at some point)13:43
jaeckelkanavin: I also think that SRCREV should be set to the commit id, is there a way to use the tag on that commit id as version?13:43
rburtonjaeckel: you can probably hook a bit of py to run git describe to get a nice name but if you're tracking head then what if there isn't a tag...13:44
jaeckelthe only thing I want is to prevent to have more that one thing to update :)13:44
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rburtonall you need to update is SRCREV (new revision) and if you care, PV.13:44
rburtonyou could not care and just have the PV contain a git sha13:45
jaeckelI'd like to have something like AUTOPV which uses the tag as PV, which is why I landed at UPSTREAM_CHECK_GITTAGREGEX :D I feel like turning around13:46
rburtonjaeckel: sounds like you want gitpkgv.bbclass from meta-oe13:46
rburton# - GITPKGVTAG which is the output of 'git describe' allowing for13:46
rburton#   automatic versioning13:46
rburtonthe class has docs13:47
jaeckeley, nice! that could be it13:48
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sveinseSSL isn't working on our rocko image, and I think its related to libgnutls-openssl27 missing from target. Should I depend on this package, or is there a better name for it? I'm sceptical to link to version numbers, yet there is libgnutls-openssl it seems14:00
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ttllkkIf an image includes more than one shell interpreter (for example bash and busybox) how can I select which will be used? (that is, what /bin/sh will point to)15:01
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RPttllkk: update-alternatives controls it15:23
ttllkkhow is that controlled from Yocto, though?15:24
RPttllkk: the recipes inherit the update-alternatives class and set priorities for their provider15:25
ttllkkthanks, I will have a look15:28
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* kergoth yawns15:46
Crofton|workanyone here use NetworkManager?15:49
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Crofton|work"Identity not validated against passwd-file"15:49
Crofton|workasking for a freind, really :)15:50
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* zeddii nods wisely15:58
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jaeckelrburton: that worked! thanks16:09
jaeckelwhat's the proven approach to develop in yocto when you have a monorepo with all your different projects in there? does that work with devtool or is there another best practice?16:11
kanavinjaeckel: write separate recipes for each of the projects, the repo will be fetched only once and shared between them16:11
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #724 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
jaeckelso I have a repo with projects a and b in their respectively named folder, how do I reference that folder in the recipe? and what will devtool resp. devshell do with it?16:25
jaeckelI'd be happy to just get pointers in the documentation, but I couldn't find them yet...16:29
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Qt WebEngine 5.6 Recipe do_install <>17:35
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Can u-boot verify a signed hardware? <>18:05
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yatesis there a way to (re)build just the .dtb files instead of the whole linux kernel?18:28
khemyates: dont think so18:33
khemthe dtb build functions are appended to normal configure/compile/install functions of kernel18:34
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yatesi guess there are dts[i] dependencies on, e.g., .h files that might get generated/patched in the kernel build process?18:36
khemin general it appends to build process if dtbs are supposed to be part of kernel18:37
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spierepfWhat is the easiest way to convince my yocto build to use mdev instead of udev?18:52
khemspierepf: VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_dev_manager = "busybox-mdev"18:55
khemread conf/local.conf.sample.extended18:55
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yatesi'm having a strange problem: building the kernel is not generating any z... files in tmp/deploy/...19:42
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yatesthis has been working for months.19:42
yatesnow today it isn't working..19:42
yatesis there a way to clear out cache and/or do other sort of non-typical initialization?19:43
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yatesno zImage anywhere in my build directory.20:02
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wasutton3so im trying to build rocko for the pine64. I've got arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc installed on ubuntu 16.04, however halfway through the bitbake process, it fails where it can find arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc.20:33
wasutton3someone mentioned earlier that it was because it wasn't in the local path, but i don't see where I can define that.20:33
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xthunderheartxI can't seem to make the fetcher to fetch a repo from gitlab that is public.21:25
xthunderheartxI got it to work a few days ago when the repo was private.21:25
xthunderheartxThe URI looks like this: git://;protocol=ssh21:26
xthunderheartxWhen I fetch I get: Permission denied (publickey).21:28
xthunderheartxNow gitlab docmentation says: "Public projects can be cloned *without any* authentication21:29
xthunderheartxSo do I need to tell the fetcher *not* to use my key somehow?21:30
xthunderheartxHow does it fail authentication when none is required?21:31
yateshow do you change a kernel menu config in yocto?21:31
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paulbarkerxthunderheartx: you need to use a https URL not an ssh URL21:34
aehs29yates: bitbake virtual/kernel -c menuconfig21:36
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xthunderheartxOk so you only need token if you are pushing via https?21:37
xthunderheartxI'll give it a whirl.  Thx Paul21:38
khemyates: delete your tmp/ dir and rebuild21:39
yateswhere is the modified .config stored?21:44
yateskhem: you mean do a "bitbake linux-variscite" (my normal kernel build)?21:48
yateswhere did yocto store the new configuration?21:48
yatesis it in a patch somewhere?21:49
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yateskhem: that did not work.21:52
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yatesafter rebuilding and reflashing the new kernel, "zgrep CONFIG_RTC_DRV_ISL1208 /proc/config.gz" still reports the "is not set"21:52
yateskhem: was i supposed to run "bitbak virtual/kernel"?21:54
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wasutton3yates, fwiw, i ran the same command and got garbage out while building morty21:55
yatesi don't understand how this "virtual/kernel" thing works..21:55
wasutton3and im not sure how to add the arm toolchain to the bitbake path21:56
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wasutton3the morty version works just fine, but rocko doesn't see it.21:56
yatesi'm using morty21:59
wasutton3so you and i are in the same boat21:59
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wasutton3let me try that after this rocko build fails22:00
yateswasutton3: i was just looking at this:
aehs29if youre getting that oe-gnome terminal error I think you can just set OE_TERMINAL to screen as a workaround22:10
aehs29yates: wasutton3 ^^22:10
wasutton3thats my error22:12
aehs29yates: the new config file will be saved on your kernel build directory, e.g. build/tmp/work/qemux86-poky-linux/linux-yocto/4.12.18+gitAUTOINC+b66a4f9730_558fe84d69-r0/linux-qemux86-standard-build/22:14
wasutton3so you can build morty with the 4.12 kernel?22:14
aehs29replace the paths according to your MACHINE and version22:15
aehs29there you should see a .config file22:15
aehs29wasutton3: I have no idea why youre getting the expand error22:15
wasutton3hmmm could it be a python2/python3 mapping error?22:21
wasutton3aehs29, could it be because im building rocko and morty on the same box?22:23
yatesaehs29: ok fine. but doesn't that mean it's "nonvolatile"?22:24
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yatesaehs29: ok fine. but doesn't that mean it's "nonvolatile"? ???????? !!!!!!22:42
yatesi mean it will get lost the next time i bitbake the kernel22:43
yatesyocto is a pain in the ass22:43
khemBSP kernels generally are not tied to YP release versions22:44
wasutton3i imagine its not bad once its set up yates22:44
wasutton3but getting the build env set up right is a REAL PITA if you have non-standard hardware22:44
wasutton3then its like gentoo22:44
yatesso how do i make this new .config file "non-volatile"?!?22:44
khemyates: there are few ways22:45
yatesupdate it in the git repo that supplies the kernel?22:45
aehs29yates: you should use config fragments22:45
aehs29yates: probably22:45
khemmake savedefconfig and copy the resulting defconfig to kernel sources, then edit the kernel recipe to use it22:45
aehs29yates: take a look at the kernel dev manual and you'll find whats right for you22:45
khemor second option is to use config fragments if you care for subset of options22:46
aehs29yates: what khem said ^^22:46
khemvirtual/kernel is an alias which will work irrespective of kernel recipe name. This is to abstract out knowing exact kernel recipe name, sometimes there are multiple recipes providing kernel for a given board and the names are specific to boards etc. e.g. linux-raspberrypi linux-mainline etc.22:48
yateskhem: yes, all we need is that one driver configuration enabled, so how do config fragments work? where are they documented?22:48
khemyates: which BSP are you using ?22:49
khemit depends on if BSP layer has implemented them22:49
khemif people derive their kernel out of linux-yocto them it comes for free22:49
yateskhem: i don't know - where is the bazillions of files and options would that be specified (BSP layer)?22:50
khemusually you define it in a file e.g. usb.cfg and then add file://usb.cfg to SRC_URI and store usb.cfg along with other patches in metadata22:50
yates..where in the..22:51
khemcontent of usb.cfg would be CONFIG_FOO=y/n/m22:51
khemyates: which board are you building for22:51
yatesa variscite dart 6 ul (imx6 ull)22:52
yatesusb.c does not have relation to the usb bus, does it?22:54
yatesusb.cfg, that is22:54
khemno that was just an example you can have many options in file and file could be called anything.cfg22:55
khemso is the BSP layer for you22:56
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khemthey dont seem to implement the config fragment parts in kernel recipe :(22:58
khemyou need something like
abelloniactually, I don't see the point in config fragments because they make it difficult to know what the final config looks like23:00
khemyou might, some others might not. e.g. if someone is writing a driver alone23:01
*** noway96 <noway96!> has quit IRC23:02
khemhe would like to use the defaults from upstream but then ensure to enable/disable options for the driver he/she is interested in23:02
abelloniand then they are not actually enabled because they depend on whatever config option that is not enabled23:03
abelloniand they get confused :)23:04
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