Tuesday, 2018-01-30

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batman_Hi, Has anyone seen this error: Disk Requirements:    At least 30MB more space needed on the /<project>/build/tmp/<machine>/<image-recipe>/<rootfs>/ filesystem ?00:20
batman_I have more than a TB of disk space left. But, looks like bitbake is complaining about the target rootfs00:21
aehs29batman_: you sure its bitbake?00:30
batman_It's dnf. do_rootfs is failing00:35
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brianm_batman_: probably not much help, but you should try looking at the source of do_rootfs01:24
brianm_Most likely there's a line like make_ext4fs ... -l ${SYSTEM_SIZE_EXT4} ...01:25
brianm_or some other "limit" variable01:26
brianm_and you have to bump that up01:26
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Daniel__Yocto/Bitbake gurus needed. Simple question about Bitbake dependency DAG resolution. In short: does Bitbake support conditional DAG dependency tree build in the way similar to CMake/BYPRODUCT and Ninja/restat commands?06:41
Daniel__I am currently reading Bitbake manual and found references to task input checksum, which defines whether task is need to be executed. So I am actually trying to find similar behavior for the task output. So the task calculates at runtime whether other tasks which depend on it will be actually triggered.06:44
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Daniel__In CMake this usually results in total number of tasks yet to be executed initially calculated. And during build time when task is dropping the output (i.e. when output is generating the same checksum as before) overall amount of tasks is instantly decreased without running them.06:46
kanavinDaniel__: bitbake-devel list might be a better place for it06:47
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Daniel__Thanks. Will ask there. Was expecting that such issue is well known and maybe somebody will point me to the exact documentation page.06:49
kanavinDaniel__: it's just that yocto chat is a hit and miss, people in europe are still sleeping and probably won't scroll up to answer 'expired' questions after waking up06:51
kanavinit's something of 'as time permits' venue for us06:52
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Daniel__That explains silence. I am in PST time zone. Will try to ask that again tomorrow at morning if that does not violate chat rules.06:55
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eduardas_mhello, I have a package kernel-image-uimage-4.9.11+gddaf07227a3e_4.9.11-r0_fod_som.ipk that contains the kernel uImage called uImage-4.9.11+gddaf07227a3e How can I rename it to simply uImage?08:33
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eduardas_mbecause that is the name that I wish to use in my u-boot environment08:33
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eduardas_mas far as I can tell the package generation is related to kernel.bbclass, but it is quite confusing on how it is actually created and included in the final image08:34
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nrossieduardas_m: the default kernel will package the uImage symlink in the 'kernel' package08:37
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eduardas_mnrossi: not with my BSP, provided by Variscite, it leaves the kernel package empty as the kernel is actually put into a separate partition that does not involve package management08:55
eduardas_mI am actually deviating from what Variscite does and want the kernel in my main partition in the boot directory08:56
nrossieduardas_m: then your best bet would be revert that part of the kernel recipe back to default with a .bbappend or make your bbappend populate the symlink that you want08:57
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eduardas_mnrossi: I wonder - u-boot actually follows symlinks for kernel images? Haven't tried that08:58
nrossieduardas_m: it will if your boot partition is ext, if its fat, then your boot partition wont allow symlinks or hardlinks08:59
eduardas_mnrossi: good to know, thank you09:00
nrossieduardas_m: if your using fat, then you might want to consider a postinst for the package that populates the symlink09:00
eduardas_mnrossi: I am using ext4 actually09:00
nrossieduardas_m: yay, fat is a pain ;)09:00
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wooosaiiIs it possible to pack whole rootfs ( / ) into rpm packet in Yocto?09:04
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eduardas_mwooosaii: I would expect that to be possible only if you are just taking bitbake and do the entire BSP from scratch. Not with a usual Yocto release.09:06
eduardas_mwooosaii: also I wonder what your usecase would be... if you want relatively reliable rootfs updates, I recommend using SWUpdate09:07
wooosaiieduardas_m, my use case: boot with initrd image, prepare root partition and install rootfs (rpm) to previously made partition09:09
wooosaiieduardas_m, after that reboot and boot to that root partition09:10
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eduardas_mwooosaii: me and my colleague actually do something similar, but without package management09:10
eduardas_mwooosaii: boot into initrd image (recovery mode), prepare root partition and install rootfs from SWU archive (actually cpio)09:11
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eduardas_mthen change u-boot environment to boot into that partition09:12
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wooosaiieduardas_m, I know swupdate, we do it in some other project... but this project requirements actually require packet management (rpm + yum) to install rootfs09:12
wooosaiieduardas_m, yes we modify u-boot afterwards...09:12
eduardas_mwooosaii: why would you want package management to install rootfs?09:13
wooosaiieduardas_m, client actually wants it...09:13
wooosaiieduardas_m, it would make a lot more sens to use partition image and flash it directly09:14
wooosaiieduardas_m, but they want yum cuz they are accustom to it... :)09:14
eduardas_mwooosaii: exactly... or just a tar.gz would do09:14
eduardas_mwooosaii: it's not enough to just give them yum inside that rootfs?09:15
wooosaiieduardas_m, I did port yum already... so I have everything prepared now... except the rootfs.rpm packet :D09:16
wooosaiiyocto already builds all rpms for me... so I wonder if it is possible to actually pack rootfs into rpm...09:17
eduardas_mwooosaii: custom bbclass?09:18
eduardas_mwooosaii: if you know Python and bitbake internals - I suppose so...09:18
wooosaiieduardas_m, something like this I guess: http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky/plain/meta/classes/rootfs_rpm.bbclass?h=laverne09:18
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wooosaiiHow do I use rootfs_rpm.bbclass10:33
wooosaiiI tried INHERIT += "rootfs_rpm" in local.conf10:33
wooosaiidoes not work...10:33
RPwooosaii: You simply set PACKAGE_CLASSES to what you want, images are built from packages10:38
wooosaiiRP, my PACKAGE_CLASSES ?= "package_rpm"10:39
*** morphis <morphis!~morphis@pD9ED60AA.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has quit IRC10:39
wooosaiibut no rootfs.rpm is built?10:39
RPwooosaii: we don't typically turn images into rpms10:40
wooosaiiRP, why is then there rootfs_rpm.bbclass10:40
RPwooosaii: IMAGE_FSTYPES sets the form it turns the rootfs into but we don't have an rpm version10:40
*** adelcast <adelcast!~adelcast@> has quit IRC10:40
RPwooosaii: it generates a rootfs *using* rpms10:40
wooosaiiRP, I thought it will produce rootfs.rpm...10:41
RPwooosaii: I can assure you it doesn't10:41
wooosaiiRP, :) ok...10:42
wooosaiiRP, but how can I do it anyways?10:42
wooosaiiI want rootfs.rpm...10:42
RPwooosaii: I'd suggest taking the tarball output of the rootfs and converting it to the form you think you want10:42
LetoThe2ndprobably it would have to be a fstype of its own, if it has to be in the buildprocess10:43
LetoThe2ndotherwise, external prostprocessing10:43
RPwooosaii: if you can come up with a command, you can then turn it into a new image fstype10:43
wooosaiiI already have some custom_image_types... but thought I would not need to do it also for the .rpm :(10:44
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eduardas_mI'm getting QDBusConnection: name 'org.freedesktop.UDisks2' had owner '' but we thought it was ':1.10' when trying to use the UDisks2 d-bus API on my embedded Linux system. My Qt GUI application is running as root. I am using the d-bus permissions for UDisks2 from the default meta-oe recipe for Rocko.12:08
eduardas_mhere are the contents of my d-bus configuration for UDisks2: https://pastebin.com/UcAdmV5v12:09
eduardas_mIf anyone is familiar with such issues, could you please point out to me what I am doing wrong?12:10
rburtonmight have more luck on the dbus channel12:15
*** adelcast <adelcast!~adelcast@> has joined #yocto12:16
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has joined #yocto12:16
eduardas_mrburton: actually, was not aware there was one, thanks... still I wonder how often UDisks2 is used in embedded systems?... my colleague has prototyped some stuff with it for usb key mounting on the desktop and it works fine... I suggested it some time ago instead of handcrafted scripts because I saw that mer project uses it... if you happen to know a better solution for embedded Linux in this area, that would be good to hear12:19
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JaMarburton: Hi is there some problem with your "gettext: beat library detection into shape"? I'm just asking why it wasn't merged with last 2 batches from mut12:39
rburtongood question, probably because when RP goes to look at mut he skips things with lots of reverts ;)12:40
rburtoni'll clean it up now and get it posted, we're discussing whether to fire a m2 shortly anyway12:40
JaMaok, thanks12:40
RPrburton: I've been meaning to ask you12:41
JaMaI'm of course fine with dropping my change and revert of it in your queue :)12:41
nrossiso whats the opinions of having a device-tree.bbclass in meta/? (that is essentially what device-tree.bb does in meta-xilinx) it seems users are interested in building device trees that are not from the kernel. Just curious if its worth upstreaming it and making some useful documentation around it12:43
RPnrossi: I'm ok with the principle if there is a clean class for it12:44
nrossiRP: anything that pops out which is clearly undesirable from the recipe here: http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/meta-xilinx/tree/meta-xilinx-bsp/recipes-bsp/device-tree/device-tree.bb12:45
*** lfa <lfa!~lfa@> has quit IRC12:45
RPnrossi: no12:46
RPrburton: that kernel revert - is there a reason for it12:46
nrossiRP: ok, I will sort out a bbclass and some documentation and post it for review :)12:47
RPnrossi: sounds good thanks12:47
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rburtonRP: reverted it late one night as there was disusson on the list...12:57
rburtonforgot to go back12:57
*** gtristan <gtristan!~tristanva@> has quit IRC12:57
RPrburton: fair enough, I must admit I had that flagged but I have a lot of things flagged12:58
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ArmEmuHey, i'm trying to run an arm build of core-image-sato under qemu and I'm having trouble getting graphics to work13:30
ArmEmuI'm using the crops docker image to get my environment setup and can easily boot the image with then nographic option but sdl doesnt work and publicvnc never starts13:30
ArmEmuHave I missed something obvious here?13:30
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* zeddii is tring to figure out how a libc-headers version bump went in without my ack13:40
zeddiiRP: I'll send a patch to drop myself as the maintainer for linux-libc-headers and just focus on the kernel13:40
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RPzeddii: Sorry, I think it went into mut and I didn't notice it was that recipe :/13:44
zeddiiI just rebased my 4.15 work on top of it, so I suppose it won't last long. and I'll drink some coffee and chill :P13:44
RPrburton: ^^^13:44
RPzeddii: 4.15 sounds good. I've been trying to get patches moving a bit faster but things have moved too quickly :(13:45
* RP is also distracted with the autobuilder13:45
zeddiiI just get twitchy when something so core updates without a log of testing, and matching newer kernels, etc.13:45
zeddiisince I know, if something fails to boot or work with a syscall (in particular with the retpoline foo) .. I know who gets the bugzilla ;) :D13:46
RPzeddii: we don't tend to see a lot of problems with the kernel headers at least...13:46
zeddiiagreed. but with these asm/gcc/glibc changes for the enter/exit, I was taking a close look. I'll just continue to test on top of my 4.15, not exactly a challenging rebase.13:47
RPzeddii: not for a person with your patch handling foo :)13:47
RPzeddii: thanks and sorry13:47
zeddiimeh. no worries. you have bigger fish to fry.13:48
RPzeddii: do you know if Kevin is working on updates for meta-yocto-bsp?13:50
RPzeddii: I delayed M2 until we had patches, just wondering if I should wait on that13:50
zeddiiRP: I'll ping him now, but won't hear until tonight. he's been very on top of it, and I'm seeing other patches from him .. so hopefully he saw all the bumps.13:54
* zeddii is an idiot who forgets to cc' him a lot.13:54
RPzeddii: thanks13:55
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #728 of nightly-non-gpl3 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at https://autobuilder.yocto.io/builders/nightly-non-gpl3/builds/72814:21
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crawf0rdHas anyone ran into this error | configure: error: in `/home/user/build/poky/build/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/glib-networking-native/2.50.0-r0/build':14:25
crawf0rd| configure: error: "Package 'libidn2', required by 'gnutls', not found"14:25
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lpapphi, I am really confused. Why are my .so files not going into a generated -dev package?14:41
rburtonlpapp: because FILES_* says so?14:42
lpapprburton: I have FILES_${PN}lib = "${libdir}"14:42
lpappso you would think that is the cause, however14:42
lpappbitbake -e foo | grep ^PACKAGES -> shows: foo-dev earlier than foolib in the output14:43
*** kanavin <kanavin!ak@nat/intel/x-qkeoiruynuzvzkdg> has quit IRC14:43
lpappso should foo-dev not pick up the plain .soS in this case prior to foolib even though FILES_${PN}lib = "${libdir}" is specified?14:43
lpappif not, what should I do? FILES_* needs to go really that specific?14:44
lpappThat would be uncomfortable.14:44
rburtonwell, what is FILES_$PN-dev set to14:44
lpappdo I have to?14:44
rburtonusing -e, what is it set to14:44
rburtonnot what does the recipe set it to14:44
rburtonas i'm not at your machine reading your recipes, i can't tell what classes you've got14:44
lpappit only says "/usr/include"14:45
lpappnot sure why14:45
rburtonluckily -e can tell you, as bitbake.conf should be setting FILES_${PN}-dev to include /usr/lib/lib*.so14:46
lpappso what to check next? I am really unsure14:47
lpappFILES_SOLIBSDEV = "" was specified, however I removed that14:47
lpappis there any other flag that could affect it?14:47
rburtonright well there you go14:47
rburtonyou broke library packaging14:47
lpappbuggy recipe, very buggy14:47
lpappoh god14:47
lpappsomeone put FILES_${PN}-dev = "${includedir}" in there14:47
lpappthat should be removed and everything will be fine?14:48
lpappby default it picks that includedir up and what you said?14:48
rburtonsounds like you need to burn the recipe and start again14:48
*** adelcast <adelcast!~adelcast@> has joined #yocto14:48
rburtonjust look in bitbake.conf, FILES_$PN-dev is in there14:48
lpapprburton: cheers14:50
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* kergoth yawns15:19
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*** Daniel is now known as Guest2222915:38
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xtronI want to change a file in rootfs < /etc/... > where I can change this so it wont cleanup during "cleanall" command and appear in rootfs in modified form15:41
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LetoThe2ndxtron: modify the recipe that pulls in the file accordingly. maybe through a bbappend15:42
T_UNIXis there a clean way to install a disabled `systemd.service` using `package-a` and enable that service using `package-b`?15:43
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #719 of nightly-arm64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at https://autobuilder.yocto.io/builders/nightly-arm64/builds/71915:43
xtronLetoThe2nd: I think once fetch it remains somewhere in the < tmp/ > directory  even I < cleanall core-image > it should be available, my question is where it is, recipe is not fetching it again and again15:44
LetoThe2ndxtron: well that depends on where recipe actually fetches it. if the recipe has reason to think that it doesn't need to get it again as it is not supposed to have changed.. then, yes.15:46
T_UNIXI've seen `SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE` but I'm wondering whether it's allowed to enable third party services across package-borders15:47
T_UNIXI guess `SYSTEMD_PACKAGES` might work15:50
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T_UNIXit doesn't. `SYSTEMD_PACKAGES_other_pn` is not available16:17
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #769 of nightly-x86 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at https://autobuilder.yocto.io/builders/nightly-x86/builds/76916:20
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abelloniRP: what does it take to have a BSP layer on git.yoctoproject.org (i.e. instead of github)?16:30
RPabelloni: depends on the layer and if its community oriented or commercially driven16:31
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has joined #yocto16:34
abellonilet say it will support community boards but will be supported by a Linux Foundation member16:35
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RPabelloni: that is a grey area :/16:47
rburtonT_UNIX: a recipe can't control variables in other recipes16:52
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T_UNIXrburton: that's why i hoped it would simply inject SYSTEMD_PACKAGES as dependencies and create a task to enable a unit.16:55
T_UNIXrburton: what's the supposed way of enabling another package's unit? simply add some kind of `package_postinst(){ systemctl enable foo.service}`?16:57
*** dave0x6d <dave0x6d!uid190567@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-djaxyuddcjzdmeag> has joined #yocto17:01
rburtonT_UNIX: write a bbappend to control the recipe directly17:02
rburtona postinst to enable the service would work, but is a bit yuck17:02
T_UNIXI'm trying to provide a dev-env that contains a `demo.service` unit for the developers to enable at will17:03
*** Snert_ <Snert_!~snert_@> has joined #yocto17:03
T_UNIXhowever, if an `expo-image` is generated, it shall be enabled by default17:03
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rburtonT_UNIX: rootfs post hook to enable it in the image17:07
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #770 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at https://autobuilder.yocto.io/builders/nightly-x86-64/builds/77017:07
T_UNIXrburton: thanks for the hint :)17:11
sveinseOur CM consists of a settings-file and a small addition to local.conf. I wonder if it would be possible to tap into the py bitbake parser and have a common file for the CM and for the local.conf? Anyone tried something like that?17:11
*** mihai <mihai!~mihai@unaffiliated/mihai> has quit IRC17:13
sveinsePerhaps the most naïve approach is to run bitbake -e and then parse the output, but that feels like overkill17:14
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rburtonsveinse: nothing wrong with -e to get the actual configuration thats being built17:23
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: fetching from local directory <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48527165/fetching-from-local-directory>17:25
sveinserburton: I ment injecting other vars unused by bitbake into local.conf intended for pre-bitbake setup-stuff. Such as the collection of layers that this configuration shall checkout and use and their version17:26
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kergothsveinse: it's actually surprisingly easy to write a standalone python script that parses bitbake format files. if you don't need to parse bitbake.conf, and just want to parse a random file, you wouldn't even need tinfoil17:48
sveinsekergoth: do you know what py module I need to load to just parse a random file?17:50
kergothd = bb.data.init(); bb.parse.init_parser(d); d = bb.parse.handle(filename, d)17:52
kergothiirc that should do it17:52
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octo_hi all17:53
octo_i just build my first yocto image, but i dont know which file to choose from the /images/ folder to copy to sc card17:54
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octo_can anybody help me?17:55
khemocto_: which platform is it ? for rpi it would be file ending in rpi-sdimg18:01
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octo_it is for beaglebone green wireless18:03
octo_i used the meta-ti layer. didnt know if this is right18:03
sveinsekergoth: perfect, I'll try that, thanks18:04
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rburtonkergoth: oh that is easy.  trivial enough to wrap into the fuzzy lop python integration too20:07
rburtonkergoth: ok need to set a variable so it can find classes too20:10
rburtonkergoth: if i set LAYERDIR and then parse layer.conf, will that do the right thing?20:11
rburtonbeen meaning to throw afl at the parser for a while20:11
rburtonand doing it via bitbake is waaay to slow20:11
kergothit should. you'll want to .expandVar('LAYERDIR') to force immediate expansion on it the way bitbake does, most likely, dpeending on what you're doing20:13
rburtonFile "/home/ross/Yocto/poky/meta/classes/siteinfo.bbclass", line 158, in __anon_167__home_ross_Yocto_poky_meta_classes_siteinfo_bbclass throws an exception20:13
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rburtonanyway, dog walk time20:14
rburtonah right its bailing as it doesn't know what machine20:19
rburtonokay find i'll parse bitbake.conf too20:19
kergothif you're going to do that, might as well let tinfoil do it for you :) bblayers+bitbake.conf is basically the minimum the cooker will parse at this point20:20
kergothcourse it's probably slightly slower, due to spawning the server..20:21
rburtonthe server was the problem, afl wants to parallelise the processes20:22
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rburtonamerican fuzzy lop20:22
rburtonfuzzer with python hooks20:22
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FabKnaanyone uses ansible for image roll out / update on yocto devices?20:32
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