Friday, 2018-02-02

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khemkanavin: insane bbclass is paradoxical, it was written to add sanity01:22
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learningcWhen I build, I get: / No such file or directory07:11
learningcWhat is missing?07:11
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acrapHi, guys!07:25
acrapI have packagegroup with set of RDEPENDs. How can i remove depend from another file? I tried DEPENDS_remove, PACKAGE_EXCLUDE, but it can't help.07:28
acrapunfortunately, i don't have to edit packagegroup directly07:30
erboacrap: create a .bbappend for the recipe creating the packagegroup and use RDEPENDS_<name of packagegroup package>_remove = "what to remove"07:30
acrapi thought about it) i will try. Why doesn't it work from local.conf? Is it normal?07:31
erboYou can probably do RDEPENDS_<name of packagegroup package>_remove_pn-<name of recipe without any version stuff> = "what to remove"07:35
erbofrom within local.conf07:35
erboI'm a bit unsure if I got the syntax correct there though07:36
acraplooks like it works from local.conf like you mentioned before07:36
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acrapoh, i don't know why but now bitbake trying to build package from its(packet that i removed from build) dependency list.07:40
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acrapOh it is just a mess. I did it. Packet was declared on plenty of packagegroups and recipes (as dependency). Thank you)08:13
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tasslehoffIs there a way to specify which files should be copied/kept/deployed after a u-boot build?08:26
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tasslehoffUBOOT_CONFIG[secure-boot] = "mx6var_som_sd_SECURE_BOOT_config,sdcard,u-boot-ivt.img"08:39
tasslehoffthis made it compile, but I haven't found out what exactly I told it there :)08:40
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learningcHow to configure u-boot with bitbake?09:55
LetoThe2ndlearningc: basically, don't. just select the machine and config. make u-boot self-contained.10:01
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Project usb sensor acces <>10:08
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tasslehoffWhen I build u-boot myself I get more output files than I get in the yocto build directory, and I can't find from the recipes why. My ultimate goal is to get, keep and deploy SPL, SPL.log, u-boot-ivt.img and u-boot-ivt.img.log.10:41
tasslehoffhelp! :)10:41
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RPtasslehoff: different make targets being called?11:08
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tasslehoffRP: I've set UBOOT_MAKE_TARGET = "", but I'll check the compile log11:37
RPtasslehoff: right, I'd start comparing the steps in the log/run files with what you're doing11:39
tasslehoffRP: yeah. is there a way to specify the additional files I want to install/deploy, or should I write _append functions where needed?11:41
RPtasslehoff: usually appending to the functions11:45
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: install qchart module without qtcreator <>12:38
nrossiRP: don't merge the bitbake patch of mine yet I found some bugs in it12:43
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eduardas_mHello, does anyone know if it is possible to compile and use UDisks2 without polkit as a dependency?13:03
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distsysHello Yocto community13:13
distsysI have just installed rocko on my PC13:13
distsysand successfully generated core-image-minimal for qemu13:14
distsysnow i am trying to add a recipe example of hello world to my metadat layer13:14
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LetoThe2ndso far, so good :)13:16
distsysbut i am facing this issue: i586-poky-linux-gcc: command not found when trying to execute bitbake hello13:17
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LetoThe2ndthat first and foremost sounds like your recipe is broken. can you pastebin it somewhere? did you base it off the examples in the manual?13:18
distsysyes indeed
LetoThe2ndok. bitbake core-image-minimal did work well, and you are trying to bitbake hello in the exact same shell, right?13:20
LetoThe2ndand does it really say "command not found", or "file not found"?13:21
LetoThe2ndas you're following the documentation (which is very good, keep that practise up!) you seem to have overlooked thd S= line, see
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distsysah, yes got it13:27
distsysbut new it is stuck in something else.... seems in the packaging stage13:28
LetoThe2ndadding explicit ldflags, as mentioned in:
LetoThe2ndi'm not super sure if its correct, and if yes, then probably we should fix documentation.13:33
RPnrossi: ok, thanks for letting me know. I'd queued but not tested it yet!13:37
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto, core-image package removal, which .bbappend? <>13:38
distsysshall add *TARGET_CC_ARCH += "${LDFLAGS}"* in the do install section13:39
distsysshall add *TARGET_CC_ARCH += "${LDFLAGS}"* in the do_install section13:39
LetoThe2nddistsys: nope, to the recipe itself13:39
distsysnow it's working without errors13:42
distsysok, seems *bitbake hello* will just build the hello package, it won't add it to the core-minimal-image13:43
distsysto do so, shall i re-invoke bitbake core-image-minimal13:43
LetoThe2ndRP: whats the general stance on the hello examples? shouldn't documentation also reflect the changeover to devtool13:43
distsysbut doubting if it will rebuild all the image packages again :(13:44
LetoThe2nddistsys: no, that is basically unrelated. next, create an image recipe. you can base it off core-image-minimal-dev for example, and just add hello to its IMAGE_INSTALL variable13:44
LetoThe2nddistsys: if you just kick off core-image-minimal again, it will neither rebuild everything, nor will it include your new recipe13:45
nrossiRP: hey, quick question i'm just running the bitbake-selftest to double check before sending a v3. I noticed that the fetch2.git modules expects bitbake/bin to be on the path. Is it normal to expect that or should it be changed to automatically use the known tool from bin/ like the test classes in test/ do for the same binary?13:46
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distsysok, i can create a new image recipe for myself that inherits from core-image-minimal, but actually, i am just add IMAGE_INSTALL += "hello"  to the core-image-minimal recipe itself13:47
LetoThe2nddistsys: while that is technically true that you can just modify whatever you got included with poky, it totally hinders reproductibility, updating etc.13:49
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RPnrossi: that does sound like a bug. I probably half fixed that recently...13:49
RPLetoThe2nd: it probably should, yes13:49
LetoThe2ndwhat did kergoth say yesterday? no idea why people always try to avoid creating their own images, or something alike.13:49
LetoThe2ndRP: mhkay13:50
distsysyes, LetoThe2nd, you're right13:51
nrossiRP: should i make a patch that fixes that in fetch2.git?13:52
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RPnrossi: please, we shouldn't need to set PATH13:57
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nrossiRP: sent, i consolidated the use from the test class aswell14:05
RPnrossi: thanks!14:07
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JPEWhackerDoes anyone use IceCream distributed compiling?15:03
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nathani_Anyone here admin the yocto bugzilla? The reset password seems broken. I type my username and get:15:30
nathani_"The e-mail address you entered (nathani) didn't pass our syntax checking ..."15:30
kanavinnathani_: maybe you need to enter email? :)15:31
nathani_Nevermind... it's fine, but the second message is a little misleading15:31
nathani_after i input my e-mail (incorrectly) it says: "There is no user named ''"15:32
nathani_user name and e-mail used interchangeably. Bugzilla's fault15:33
kanavinI think they are the same, essentially15:33
nathani_forgot I registered another e-mail for the bugzilla, due to that warning message about e-mails being public facing15:34
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JEEB 4517:56
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brianm_When I mark a package as "nostamp", what does that do? How can I observe these stamps?23:59

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