Monday, 2018-02-05

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* armpit_IST that was dumb running that build01:56
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to install module 'ws' with 'Node.js'? <>03:50
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gtekis meta-ide-support still supported in rocko ? I used this, to setup a build system derived toolchain, and then build my app from outside yocto. But now it fails, it cannot find cmake.06:54
gtekIt looks it's related to the recipe specific sysroots introduced in pyro06:55
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acrapHi, guys! Can you help me with LIC_FILES_CHKSUM? I created my own recipe and got "LIC_FILES_CHKSUM points to an invalid file: /mnt/home/USER/wrlinux-x/build/tmp-glibc/work/mipsisa64r6el-wrs-linux/PACKNAME/git-r0/PACKNAME-git/COPYING [license-checksum]"07:28
acrapi know that my license file places in /mnt/home/USER/wrlinux-x/build/tmp-glibc/work/mipsisa64r6el-wrs-linux/PACKNAME/git-r0/git/COPYING07:30
acraphow to describe it in bitbake recipe?07:30
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acrapok. it was easy)08:05
acrapi have no more questions)08:05
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mckoangood morning08:28
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sveinseWhere should feature requeste for bitbake be directed?09:32
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RPsveinse: probably bugzilla09:44
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lukmaGood Morning,10:27
lukmaIf I may ask10:27
lukmaYocto expects a "supported" Linux version to be build10:28
lukmaHow yocto project deals with testing/running older versions ?10:28
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lukmaDo you use Ubuntu LTS to build all versions? Or old Debian/Fedora run in VM?10:29
lukmaor Docker ?10:29
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mckoanlukma: older YP versions may not run on newer Linux hosts10:39
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lukmamckoan:  Yes, I do know :)10:51
lukmaThe question is - what is the perferable way for building them ?10:52
lukmaI saw one approach to have "set in stone" different Ubuntu LTS versions as VM's10:52
LetoThe2ndlukma: thats an obvious approach, yes.10:53
lukma(as it may happen that I would need to make some adjustments in the future)10:53
lukmaLetoThe2nd: But I was wondering if maybe yocto team has some other (maybe better approach) for their QA10:53
kanavinlukma: we test currently supported yocto releases on supported linux distros, by doing full builds10:54
sveinseRP, I'm looking for a feature where an interrupted bitbake is allowed to finish its current recipes, not just tasks. Does bitbake have such a feature?10:54
lukmakanavin: But do you run them (supported distros) as VMs?10:54
kanavinlukma: maybe or maybe not, it's all in the cloud from my perspective :)10:55
LetoThe2ndkanavin: s/cloud/fog/10:55
sveinseThis would be nice particularely on large recipes, where finishing the recipe would push the results to the sstate cache. This would in turn save time next erased and restarted build, since it can be found in the statecache10:55
kanavinlukma: do have a transition plan in place for both the host distro version, and yocto release in production use. you do not want to accumulate technical debt that way.10:57
RPsveinse: it does not and I'd probably be reluctant to add that due to the complexity and hardcoding ;/11:00
lukmakanavin: So your recommendation is to continually move forward with in-production yocto and build host ?11:00
sveinseRP: ok. thanks11:01
RPsveinse: I understand the desire but it adds a lot of complexity and multiple code paths which is something I'm wary of11:01
gtek_is meta-ide-support still supported in rocko ? I used this, to setup a build system derived toolchain, and then build my app from outside yocto. But now it fails, it cannot find cmake.11:02
gtek_It looks it's related to the recipe specific sysroots introduced in pyro11:02
sveinseRP: yes sure. It's a convenience thing, and I fully understand the complexity argument.11:02
kanavinlukma: I guess my recommendation is to have a thorough automated test suite and run it both against released yocto branch and yocto master :)11:03
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lukmakanavin: I'11:04
lukmam wondering how many companies uses such approach11:04
lukmaand how many others will have yocto 2.0 with ancient LTS ubuntu in VM........11:04
mckoanas far as you know, does exist a YP BSP for BeagleBone BLUE ?11:05
lukma(because it worked..... 10 years)11:05
sveinseIs it possible to enquire the number of SetScene and RunQueue tasks without actually executing anything? In the context of building a progress bar in the build system.11:05
lukmamckoan: I only saw BBB support for yp-2.4.111:05
kanavinlukma: then customers ask for a kernel update because meltdown and what are they going to do :)11:06
mckoanlukma: yes, I know, thx11:06
lukmakanavin: There will be a problem.......11:06
lukmaAnd following question -> is it possible to backport meltdown/spectre patches on our customized 3.10 kernel ? :)11:07
LetoThe2ndlukma: ask the maintainer of your customized kernel :)11:07
kanavinlukma: if that's a yes|no question then the answer is yes. It's only software :)11:08
lukmakanavin: :-)11:08
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* mckoan found the proper BB-blue kernel
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Device (iMX6) is not available from external network <>11:21
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mcfrisklukma: "If you rely on any other kernel tree other than 4.4, 4.9, or 4.14 right now, and you do not have a distribution supporting you, you are out of luck. The lack of patches to resolve the Meltdown problem is so minor compared to the hundreds of other known exploits and bugs that your kernel version currently contains. You need to worry about that more than anything else at this moment, and get your11:29
mcfrisksystems up to date first."
lukmamcfrisk: Thanks for reply11:31
lukmaI do use LTS kernels (4.9 now)11:32
lukmaI was just wondering how yocto QA team deals with having the matrix11:32
lukmaof supported linux distro versions and versions of released yp's11:32
lukmafor example we do have 2.3.3, 2.2.x 2.4.111:32
lukmaand for example - for 2.4.x recommended distro is debian 8,911:33
lukmabut for 2.3.x only debian 811:33
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lukmaand yp 2.4.x has some issues when compiled from scratch on debian 811:36
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mcfrisklukma: standardize the build environment for yocto, also helps with leaks from build env to product. lxc, docker, plain chroot are available for that.11:50
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spierepfDoes anyone know what this error message means? "checking dynamic linker characteristics... configure: error: Link tests are not allowed after GCC_NO_EXECUTABLES."12:17
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: build system derived toolchain in Yocto <>12:21
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eduardas_mhello, when trying to source the environment for a Yocto Rocko SDK I get a message "Empty filename passed to function". What might be the problem?13:57
eduardas_mtrying to source environment right after installing it:
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rburtoneduardas_m: is your shell something not bash?14:07
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eduardas_mrburton: no, it's regular bash on Kubuntu 16.0414:08
eduardas_mrburton: can INHERIT += " rm_work" somehow mess up populate_sdk? Because that is one of the more prominent recent changes I made14:09
rburtonshouldn't do14:09
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eduardas_mrburton: I also started using meta-qt5 master instead of rocko branch... I've heard that mixing releases is not supported, but the image itself built well14:11
eduardas_mwanted to get Qt 5.1014:12
rburtoni guess you'll have to read the script to find out why it fails14:13
rburtonset -x will make it print the lines as it runs them14:13
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eduardas_mrburton: where exactly do you mean to set -x?14:16
eduardas_m. /opt/fslc-qt5-10/2.4.1/environment-setup-armv7at2hf-neon-fslc-linux-gnueabi -x ?14:16
rburtonset -x; . /opt/blaa/blaa14:16
rburtonshould work...14:16
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eduardas_mrburton: thank you. was not aware of that. here is the output:
eduardas_mlooks meta-qt5 related14:19
eduardas_mrburton: any recommendations other than reverting to rocko branch?14:20
rburtonno idea, never used qt514:20
rburtonswitching to rocko qt5 would tell you if it was a problem in master or not14:21
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eduardas_mrburton: I actually used the rocko branch before... populate_sdk used to work fine14:21
zeddiiRP: I have 4.14 and 4.15 ready to go for linux yocto, but lttng-modules is failing to build for mips64 ... the resolution isn't trivial. I may send a RTF while I work on it. Since I have a feeling that no one else is building mips64 at the moment.  :D14:23
eduardas_mrburton: thank you for the advice. probably will be more careful when mixing branches in the future14:24
RPzeddii: sounds good, thanks. We can run that up on the autobuilder, see if there are any other issues14:27
mckoaneduardas_m: regular bash on Kubuntu 16.04 is 'dash'14:27
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rburtonmckoan: well, on ubuntu /bin/sh is dash but the user's shell is bash14:30
rburtoni was wondering if the shell was zsh or similar14:30
eduardas_mmckoan: interesting, did not know that14:31
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rburtonsame on debian fwiw14:32
rburtonlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 Jan 24  2017 /bin/sh -> dash14:32
rburtonbut passwd has the shell as /bin/bash so you still get a proper shell14:33
mckoaneduardas_m: AFAIK Yocto required  $ sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash in older versions, so I'm still doing that14:33
rburtonmckoan: fixed long ago14:33
mckoanactually I'm uncertain it is still required with latest version like rocko14:33
mckoanrburton: good to know, thx14:33
rburtonregressing that is a bug, and there's a tool to scan sh blocks in recipes for bashisms14:33
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eduardas_mJaMa: hello, I have seen you do work in meta-qt5 master branch... trying to use master branch with other layers set to rocko... populate_sdk does not work for me, sourcing environment seems broken: Is it just me or is master branch currently not fully usable?14:45
eduardas_mJaMa: notice "Empty filename passed to function" line14:46
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #802 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Failure [failed Running oe-selftest] Build details are at
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: ABI mismatch when building go project with a yocto recipe <>15:52
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JPEWhackerAre the directions for getting access to poky-contrib still up to date: ? I e-mailed Michael Halstead but haven't heard back.16:47
noway96Hey, so I would like to always enable ahci on BIOS on bootup. Currently doing this manually. Is there a way to setup my yocto files so that the .hddimg does this automatically?16:48
halsteadJPEWhacker, I'll track down your e-mail right now. One moment.16:48
JPEWhackerhalstead, Thanks!16:49
halsteadJPEWhacker, Found it. I'll set up jpew/ now. You'll have a response shortly.16:51
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Add mondgoc and libbson to yocto distribution <>16:52
zeddiiRP:  I did manage to get lttng-modules building against v4.15, so I'll do a bit more testing and send my series with those fixes as well.16:55
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RPzeddii: nice :)17:03
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