Friday, 2018-02-16

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake meta-toolchain-qt5 - UnicodeDecodeError - imagine my surprise <>05:10
dryanyone awake ?05:21
dryquestion:  how can i trigger regnerate sdk from 0 ?05:21
drythere is only one command i see,  bitbake bla-bla-name -c populate_sdk05:22
dryi'm having some issues , that SDK missing files, I want to some how clean just the SDK stuff, and ask it to regenerate it afresh05:22
drytried with -f flag05:22
drydidn't solve it for me05:22
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Guest71214Hi, I am trying to fetch  from company git. No matter what I do it won't fetch anything. No warnis or errors. I have googled and trie ssh ... you name it. Any ideas06:18
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Guest71214Before going to that. Git load lisence file and checs it ok but nothing else.06:42
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LetoThe2ndok, thats the best bitbake error message ever. ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'bigbuckbunny-1080p'08:02
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kanavinseebs: it seems as though the fix you made also fixes the epoll hang (just doing a bit more testing to confirm this)09:01
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kanavinseebs: yes it does, thanks! can you look at the remaining patches to see if any of them can be merged to pseudo repo?09:32
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seppeI often create paches for the same recipe using `devtool modify` and use `devtool reset` to disable the workspace and test the patch in a final build. However, when running `devtool modify` again it complains the path already exists and is not empty.11:10
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seppeIs there a better workflow that allows to re-enable a workspace in a clean state?11:11
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seppeSince the recipe is a git repo containing linux kernel sourcecode I don't want to clone it over and over again11:17
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Howto generate a Yocto image with spanish full-support by default <>12:42
dryhey anyone awake here ?12:42
LetoThe2ndnope. i'm so totally asleep!12:42
zzeroomee, too12:42
dryhey, i got a question12:42
LetoThe2ndi got one too! lets swap, ok?12:43
dryhow can I clean everything for SDK target12:43
dryand re-make it from 012:43
dryso if I do this to generate it , bitbake bla-bla-name -c populate_sdk12:43
dryis there some clean command that can clean this  ?12:44
LetoThe2ndprobably be cleaning the image, but its just a guess.12:44
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dryentire image ?12:44
dryi don't want to ..12:44
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LetoThe2ndhum. if you do just clean the image, it does just reassemble it. not recompile everything.12:46
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dryso it won't delete all compiled ?12:46
drythat would be hours ..12:46
LetoThe2ndno why should it?12:47
LetoThe2ndbitbake -c clean your-image12:47
drybecaause I don't know12:47
LetoThe2ndand then rebuild it. the sstate should be totally preserved12:47
dryal' right12:48
drylet me try ..  having issues with SDk not being generated correctly after something happen12:48
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dryI did just very small changes, like add extra library to target, and enlarged boot partition. and somewhere along the line SDK stopped being generated correctly.  it still getting generated, but it's missing some files12:49
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kanavinseppe: devtool modify has an option to reuse existing source tree13:26
LetoThe2ndam i mistaken, or is this biting us?
LetoThe2ndeven on current head?13:29
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seppekanavin: Ow, I see. Turns out there is a --no-extract / -n option, but it is not explained verry well in the "options" list (though there is an explanation in the beginning of the help).14:08
seppekanavin: thanks14:08
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philbyAnyone know the bootloader used by Yocto for Raspberry Pi?14:13
philbyIs it Grub?14:13
LetoThe2ndphilby: should be u-boot14:14
philbyThanks for the pointer LetoThe2nd14:15
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philby$ bitbake-layers show-recipes | grep u-boot14:19
philbyParsing recipes..done.14:19
philby$ bitbake-layers show-recipes | grep -i grub14:19
philbyParsing recipes..done.14:20
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philby$ bitbake -e u-boot | grep "^PACKAGES="14:24
philbyERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'u-boot'14:24
philbyERROR: u-boot was skipped: Either UBOOT_MACHINE or UBOOT_CONFIG must be set in the raspberrypi3-64 machine configuration.14:24
philbyI have a strong feeling that it is grub that's being used.14:25
LetoThe2ndyou did not specify pi 3 nor 64 bit so far. in that case, it could very much also be grub. no idea.14:27
philbySorry about that LetoThe2nd. It is RPi3 and build for 64 bit.14:28
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mckoanin master, does exist a replacement for the missing yocto-layer script?14:35
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mckoanand why it has been removed?14:42
rburtonmckoan: bitbake-layers14:43
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mckoanrburton: thx14:50
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seebskanavin: I can look at the others. I think we should probably at least try dropping the massive retry patches, I think those were a fix for a problem that should have been fixed other ways by now.15:50
seebsI should probably use LDFLAGS separately from CFLAGS, which would fix the -fpie thing.15:51
seebsAnd the "too many files deadlock" patch obviously goes away with epoll.15:52
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seebshang on15:52
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seebsepoll isn't on by default, did you turn it on again before testing that? If not, we're still in the "too many files deadlock" case.15:53
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Removing busybox completely from a Yocto generated image <>16:12
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armpitjoshuagl, do you know if we build arm64 multilib in the AB?16:46
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RParmpit: we can now look at and see there is only one arm64 build16:53
joshuaglarmpit: I believe we only build mips64 and x86_64 multilib on the AB16:53
RParmpit: so no, we don't16:53
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JaMaseebs: maybe that's what you've discussed with kanavin before I've joined, bu have you seen this?
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khemrburton: RP good news ! I am able to reproduce the glibc UTF-8 issue17:12
khembad news ! I have no idea why its happening17:12
RPkhem: great! :)17:12
RPkhem: ah :/17:12
khemRP: I even tried new unibative tarball17:12
khemgenerated locally17:12
RPkhem: didn't help? :/17:13
RPkhem: that was my best theory too :/17:13
rburtonkhem: what an emotional rollercoaster that was17:13
khemand I also tried to include own python2 in buildtools17:13
RPkhem: does stracing it show anything interesting?17:14
khemI have to start using docker seriously as a result of this excercise17:14
khemmy love for archlinux just doesnt fade away17:14
khemRP: so python2 is whats failing on the SDK17:15
khemthere is a sanity check for UTF-8 and it just doesnt get it17:15
khemnow, I have a hunch that the localedata from host is not readable by glibc 2.2717:16
khembut to prove that I have to have a build system or sdk host which has glibc 2.2717:16
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khemso may be I should spin a debian testing docker container ... with own glibc 2.27 installed or something17:17
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RPkhem: That is something I've wondered, did the locales change in a way which means 2.27 can't read older ones? :/17:18
khemsome have17:18
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RPkhem: that sounds backwards compatible17:21
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khemI think we should test include own locales in nativesdk-glibc17:23
khemand see if that changes anything17:23
RPkhem: I know we've been torn on that issue in the past, the SDK gets large quickly one you start pulling a few in17:24
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khemWe should just think containers and get rid of these distro deps17:25
khemif we make container as API then a lot of these can be delegated to container and we will have to do less and less in SDK17:27
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kanavinseebs: I tested your fix with and without epoll, and with all those extra patches17:28
khemI am a convert as you can sense :)17:28
kanavinseebs: I did not try to remove the patches and see what happens17:28
* armpit needs to start using containers for stable releases17:29
khemarmpit: switch to my distro :)17:29
khembitbake is nicely wrapped with dkr underneath17:30
khemyou just do normal bitbake cmds and they run under container17:30
khemso seemless17:31
JaMawhy not run everything in container?17:31
khemI still like my vscode editor17:31
JaMaI just bind 1 directory with the data and mount tmpfs inside17:31
armpitkhem,  not sure if that will help with fc27 build failures on morty17:31
khemwith all my customizations for other things17:32
frayya, we've move to containers for all of the builds, and have been doing it that way for a while..17:32
frayonly way for us to build 'old releases' w/o something getting in the way..17:32
* armpit can't help but get in his own way at times17:33
ciscokid_armpit khem /me misses the MV chroot days :P17:38
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:39
khemwell containers are in a way chroots with facelift :)17:42
khemarmpit: definitely, morty builds on newer distros these issues can then be ignored17:43
armpitsure.. tell that to RP17:44
armpitkhem, have you played with ilp32 ?17:45
RParmpit: try documenting this for users :/17:46
khemdocker pull cbrake/oe-build and bitbake ...17:47
khemits quite easy :)17:47
* armpit yeah, last famous words17:48
* armpit it should work is another one17:48
khemwhen you do its a hack when I do its a workaround17:50
armpitRP, maybe need to use emojs instead of words ?17:51
RParmpit: ;-)17:52
RPzeddii: I'm thinking I should perhaps abort 2.4.2 rc1 and wait for 4.12.20?17:53
* armpit its not in master17:54
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* armpit I can play that game all day17:56
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khemRP: uninative is only active on build hosts not on sdk hosts right ?18:07
*** morphis <morphis!> has quit IRC18:09
RPkhem: yes18:10
RParmpit: hmm :/18:12
seebsso far as i know, the retries from 20->250 shouldn't be necessary18:13
seebsalso the diagnostic for the hang (which may be epoll-related) suggested an obvious one-line fix, which is now in master.18:13
khemRP: so in a way uninative is not involved in this case. becasue its trying to run a nativesdk binary18:14
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khemor binary from native sdk host which is routed via nativesdk-glibc18:15
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RPkhem: hmm, right. Its related only in so much as both nativesdk-libc and uninative use libc relocation. I also thought the issues was happening in eSDK which does use uninative18:16
RPkhem: I've not looked into that one in detail, I flagged uninative as it was eSDK18:17
* RP -> food18:17
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to export parent environment variable to bitbake shell task? <>19:13
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Error when building Automotive Grade Linux <>19:43
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JPEWhackerIs Martin Jansa here?22:12
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khemarmpit: I have sent bunch of patches 3-4 weeks back for meta-oe, but I  dont know your testing procedure, so do you use master-next for soaking patches or something else ?22:17
khemJPEWhacker: Martin hangs around here, but right now he is not here in room22:18
JPEWhackerkhem: Thanks22:18
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JPEWhackerarmpit: I also have a patch for waf-samba in meta-oe that I need an update on.... I keep getting asked about it.22:26
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