Tuesday, 2018-02-20

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RParmpit: might want to kill, fix and restart that!00:26
RP(ruby checksum issue)00:27
* RP -> Zzzz00:27
* armpit dang00:27
* armpit fires up rlocal ocko-stable build00:38
* armpit forgot to push change to recipe00:38
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto - Try to use Realtime Kernel Version <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47185572/yocto-try-to-use-realtime-kernel-version>06:28
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Difference between SRC_URI and FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend in bitbake <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46342810/difference-between-src-uri-and-filesextrapaths-prepend-in-bitbake>07:28
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Domin1kHi Folks, I have a problem with building a system with read-only-rootfs. I'm using Yocto-Dizzy after adding "read-only-rootfs" to "EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES" in "conf/local.conf" i faith the problem that some packages could't be configured as read-only-rootfs.07:32
Domin1kThe first Error is: "ERROR: The following packages could not be configured offline and rootfs is read-only: ['libomxil', 'gdk-pixbuf-loader-jpeg', 'gdk-pixbuf-loader-xpm', 'gdk-pixbuf-loader-gif', 'pango-module-basic-fc', 'gdk-pixbuf-loader-png']"07:32
Domin1kHow can add the capability for read-only-rootfs-configuration for these Packages? And How do i find out where these Packages belonge to?07:34
Domin1kI'm using the old dizzy-release because i need the Layer: "meta-amd" which hasn't got support for rocko.07:36
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acrapHi folks! Is there an opportunity to disable recipe from oe-core?09:33
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Compile rygel for yocto with plugins <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35704821/compile-rygel-for-yocto-with-plugins>09:59
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake meta-toolchain-qt5: UnicodeDecodeError <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48820227/bitbake-meta-toolchain-qt5-unicodedecodeerror>10:29
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eduardas_mrburton: hello, I have hit an issue when kernel headers are not included in the SDK I get with populate_sdk, even though my images build fine. How do I even start trying to resolve this issue?10:55
eduardas_mso when using the SDK I now get errors like fatal error: linux/errno.h: No such file or directory10:56
eduardas_mI am using Rocko10:56
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maxinacrap: BBMASK ?11:35
acrapmaxin: what BBMASK?11:37
maxinacrap: http://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/current/ref-manual/ref-manual.html#var-BBMASK11:38
acrapmaxin: wow! Thanks!11:39
maxinacrap: or may be PNBLACKLIST: http://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/current/ref-manual/ref-manual.html#var-PNBLACKLIST  - depending on your requirement11:40
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acrapmaxin: it works (BBMASK). But it disable not only what i need. I need to disable only non-native version of my packet.11:50
acrapmaxin: by the way, thank you :)11:53
maxinacrap: in that case, you need PNBLACKLIST..11:54
acrapmaxin: i need to specify name of layer. Am i right?11:55
maxinacrap: eg: INHERIT += "blacklist" PNBLACKLIST[nativesdk-libidn] = "reason" will just disable nativesdk-libidn11:55
acrapmaxin: thank you! It helps me.11:58
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acrapmaxin: oh, i got message that my image requires it (RDEPENDS), but it isn't. I even tried add RDEPENDS_imagename_remove += "packagename" (local.conf). but it doesn't help. I got chain "Missing or unbuildable dependency chain was: ['imagename', 'packagename]"12:04
maxinacrap: ah, find the dependency and see if you can remove it..12:06
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acrapmaxin: how can i do that? Why can't i see it in dependency chain? I tried to grep all the layers, but can't see any dependencies :(12:07
maxinacrap: try : bitbake -g <recipe> && less task-depends.dot12:10
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acrapmaxin: that's not help. I see one of my packet dependency in task-depends.dot, but i cant figure out why it is there. It's not mentioned in *.bb or *.inc files.12:19
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maxinacrap: hmm.. I am not so sure about easy ways to find reverse dependencies12:37
acrapmaxin: you help me enough. Now i know more useful tricks! May be i should stop trying to remove this package. It's not so important.12:39
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maxinacrap: good to hear.all the best ..12:40
acrapmaxin: thank you :)12:40
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eduardas_mIn my target sysroot shipped with the SDK I am missing such headers as /usr/include/linux/limits.h or /usr/include/linux/errno.h Does anyone have any idea why that might happen?12:58
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seppeHey, what happened to `devtool update recipe`? It doesn't seem to exist anymore in the devtool of rocko :s13:38
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mckoanseppe: devtool update-recipe13:42
seppemckoan: that doesn't seem to do the same as update recipe...13:50
seppeI'm trying to follow https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/TipsAndTricks/Patching_the_source_for_a_recipe13:51
seppeI think `devtool finish` might be what I want though13:51
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seppewhich is creating a patch for the vendored linux sources13:52
seppehhm, nvm, looks like update-recipe is definetly what I want13:56
seppeDo I need to commit my changes in my workspace for it to work?13:56
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RPzeddii, armpit: Think I understand the 4.12 arm64 failure14:02
zeddiioh ? that's good, since I just did a boot this morning and was going to start bisecting.14:03
RPzeddii: we need http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/linux-yocto/patch/?id=629a359bdb0e0652a8227b4ff3125431995fec6e14:03
RPzeddii: literally just confirmed it works with that applied14:04
zeddiiahah. I can do a test very quickly here, and get it merged. I can then let PaulG know that he needs it in his queue for his next -stable.14:04
zeddiiRP: I also just tried that oe-selftest for the mod-scripts, and will look at that if this is fixed.14:04
zeddiibut the one-liner fix you wondered about didn't seem to change it, so I need to ponder it more.14:05
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otavioRP: rburton: I did the upgrade of mesa including the latest regression fix and sent all patches together in a v2. Total of 6 patches14:08
zeddiiqemuarm64 login: root14:11
zeddiiroot@qemuarm64:~# uname -a14:11
zeddiiLinux qemuarm64 4.12.20-yocto-standard #2 SMP PREEMPT Tue Feb 20 09:07:07 EST 2018 aarch64 GNU/Linux14:11
zeddiiRP: confirmed here as well. will merge that and send the updated revs in the next few mins.14:11
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RPzeddii: thanks!14:46
hastakei have a small issue with python code in a recipe, if i write SRC_URI = "{@d.getVar('foo').bar()}", should it works?14:48
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hastakei have an error saying "The URL: '{@d.getVar...' is invalid and cannot be interpreted"14:49
cornelif you have to write a ~1500 lines script for automating yocto builds, what would you use? rust, ruby, python, bash, or something else? i have currently a bash version but is a complete mess and iwant to rewrite it14:50
hastakewhere is the error in what i do?14:50
LetoThe2ndhastake: the expansion is "${...}", "{...}" afaik14:50
LetoThe2ndhastake: the expansion is "${...}", not "{...}" afaik. e.g. you need the '$'14:50
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LetoThe2ndcornel: reconsider life choces, because a ~1500 line single script is ... meh14:51
cornelyou're right but is part of the job :)14:51
cornelhowever, splitting it in three would be the next generation14:52
hastakeLetoThe2nd: i am idiot, thanks14:52
LetoThe2ndcornel: generally i'd always say: see whats already around and reuse, not reinvent.14:52
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cornelbut i was pondering if i should move away from bash14:52
LetoThe2ndcornel: e.g. use repo, or kis as infrastructure14:52
LetoThe2ndcornel: or rip something out of the yocto autobuilder.14:52
corneli have no idea what kis or autobuilder are14:53
cornelsearching ...14:53
LetoThe2ndthe autobuilder is part of the yocto project, so should be easy to find.14:53
cornelfound autobuilder14:54
cornelnot found kis14:54
LetoThe2ndmy bad, its called kas. see: https://github.com/siemens/meta-iot200014:55
LetoThe2ndthat uses it.14:55
cornelthank you very much LetoThe2nd14:56
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RPcornel: http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/yocto-autobuilder-helper might be interesting depending on what you're doing. Its python based15:05
cornelthank you RP15:07
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armpitRP, zeddii thanks15:18
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kergothHuh, I just realized meta-external-toolchain probably breaks for armeb15:21
kergotharmeb is the only big-endian tune that doesn't pass -meb/-mb/-mbig-endian in TUNE_CCARGS, it assumes the TUNE_ARCH changed the toolchain's default15:21
kergothtrue for internal, not so much for external15:21
kergothmaybe i'll submit a patch to oe-core to pass it explicitly like all the others do15:22
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RPkergoth: might be an idea...15:26
RParmpit: I triggered 2.4.2 rc215:26
armpitRP, thanks15:26
* zeddii goes back to loooking at sametume_samsigs15:26
* armpit works on pull request15:27
ejoernsclsulliv, did you resolve your CONFIG_UNWINDER_ORC libelf dependency issue? I just came across the the same when trying to build a module oot and my attempts to fix it do not seem to be fruitful :/15:31
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zeddiiejoerns. are you carrying something like this in your kernel recipe ? DEPENDS += "${@bb.utils.contains('ARCH', 'x86', 'elfutils-native', '', d)}"15:37
ejoernszeddii, jep. and kernel works fine. but compiling out-of-tree modules not15:38
zeddiiyah. there's a patch for that floating around, IIRC correctly.15:38
*** acrap <acrap!~andrey@host-85-237-33-147.dsl.sura.ru> has quit IRC15:39
zeddiiI've completely torn apart the kernel-devsrc package. so it handles it now, but that's not ready to submit quite yet.15:39
zeddii[OE-core] [PATCH] kernel: add objtool to shared workdir15:41
ejoernszeddii, for this I sent [OE-core] [PATCH] module-base: use modules_prepare build target in do_make_scripts()15:43
zeddiimake_scripts is completely different now.15:43
zeddiiwith the patch under test.15:43
zeddiiRP: there the oe-self test passed, I'll send a new patch.15:44
ejoernszeddii, mh, mine is 2 weeks older but was ignored... Well, don't you think calling modules_prepare is the more general solution?15:46
zeddiithe patch to take all the scripts crap out of the kernel bbclass has been ongoing for 6 months15:47
zeddiiso that pre-dates everything ;)15:47
zeddiibut we actually do want the scripts in some scenarios, it wasn't being used due to not knowing about modules_prepare.15:47
*** JaMa <JaMa!~martin@> has joined #yocto15:47
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*** lusus <lusus!~lusus@> has joined #yocto15:48
ejoernsmy patch actually is for module-base.bbclass not kernel.bbclass15:49
zeddiisame differece15:50
* zeddii shrugs15:50
zeddiiwe are getting it all out of that build process it races and has been junk for a long time.15:50
*** grma <grma!~gruberm@> has quit IRC15:51
zeddiithat + devsrc are changing once I the sig gens changse are sorted + we can cross build the scripts, etc.15:51
ejoernszeddii, mh, ok. But I'm still unsure how to fix my issue now :D maybe I'll give the crude objtool workaround a try ;)15:56
RPzeddii: thanks, what was it out of interest?15:57
zeddiiRP: it was the line you suggested for the fix, or did you mean 'what was the error I saw initially' ?15:58
lukmaJust to ask15:58
lukmaI do need to override linux-yocto-4.12 to linux-yocto-dev15:58
zeddiimy error was due to dangling bbappends ;) so I cleanedup my layers.15:58
RPzeddii: I just saw the email, I was wondering what the fix was. Glad I was able to guess :)15:59
lukmaI'm using MACHINE=qemuarm15:59
lukmathe only way to override PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "linux-yocto-dev"15:59
zeddiiRP: yah. I'm pretty dense when it comes to that stuff, so I ran with your suggesetion.15:59
zeddiilukma, yep.15:59
lukmais to put it into build_dir/conf/local.conf15:59
lukmaCan it be done in other way?16:00
zeddiiit can be in any conf file, i.e. a layer you are including, etc16:00
lukmaLike override some parts of quemu.inc ?16:00
lukmazeddii: I rather thought about adding meta-XXX/conf/machine/qemuarm.conf16:01
lukmaand override it there - which is a more portable solution IMHO16:01
lukmaBut it seems like it doesn't overwrite stuff in poky/meta/conf/machine16:02
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has joined #yocto16:02
RPzeddii: those kind of bugs are a pain to debug which is why we have those tests to spot them!16:02
zeddiiindeed. doing a final build test now, and will send v3 shortly.  then back to kernel-devsrc and integrating it with the scripts-cross build test.16:03
zeddiitask swap death16:03
* zeddii notes RP knows task swap death better than me ;)16:03
RPzeddii: I know the feeling, believe me! :)16:04
* RP ponders toolchains, bugs, stable releases or misc next16:04
lukmaOk, so there is no "easy" way to adjust PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel for MACHINE=qemuarm ?16:07
lukmaBy easy - I mean portable16:09
lukmato avoid copying local.conf to the deployment directory/setup?16:09
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC16:09
LetoThe2ndlukma: the portable way is to define your own machine that sets up things the way you want them.16:09
kergothlocal.conf, site.conf, or add a custom machine that's based on or includes qemuarm16:10
LetoThe2ndfor reasons unknown people always try to avoid own images, own machines, own distros and prefer beating things into shape.16:10
lukmaLetoThe2nd: :)16:11
lukmaPeople are lazy16:11
kergothi think people think it's harder or more imposing than it is16:11
LetoThe2ndkergoth: yeah16:11
kergothi suspect it seems intimidating to new users, even though it's trivial16:12
lukmaIf I do have qemuarm machine written by OE|yocto core team16:12
lukmathen why should I re-invent the wheel?16:12
RPkergoth: ironic given the problem we had with oe-classic...16:12
kergothFYI, you can create a new machine that includes/requires the existing qemuarm machine, if you don't want to bother copying it for some reason..16:12
LetoThe2ndlukma: then what is complicated about having a myquemarm.conf that just pulls in the prewritten stuff and just overriding it?16:13
kergothjust need to tweak MACHINEOVERRIDES to include both16:13
kergothRP: heh, indeed16:13
lukmagood point16:13
ejoernszeddii, :( build server says no and my recipe still cries for libelf-dev...16:13
lukmakergoth: I will do that this way16:14
zeddiiI'll have to test the use case against my re-worked packages. I'm back to them now that qemuarm64 is booting. I was getting that error, but haven't seen it for a while now.16:16
ejoernszeddii, also seems to be polluted by the host env as it works on my local machine but not on my CI server16:19
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #760 of nightly-arm64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at https://autobuilder.yocto.io/builders/nightly-arm64/builds/76016:26
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Skip printk calls <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48890102/skip-printk-calls>17:00
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*** sashko <sashko!~sashko@2a04:ae08:1403:ff00:80ad:a8be:d6c:2b2c> has joined #yocto17:06
zeddiiRP: my gmail copy of oe-core is messing with me. If you don't see both of my patches in the make-mod-scripts (v3), can you shout/yell at me ?17:08
zeddiiI only see 2/2, but I think it has threaded 1/2 away, and it may have appeared on the list.17:08
*** sashko <sashko!~sashko@2a04:ae08:1403:ff00:80ad:a8be:d6c:2b2c> has quit IRC17:13
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@2601:202:4000:1184:445:eea1:c858:82d4> has quit IRC17:13
rburtonzeddii: yeah 1/2 was there, it's in mut now at least17:26
zeddiiok. I *detest* the threading that gmail does with patches.17:27
zeddiibut yet, I need the list somewhere that I can check from home without VPN :D17:27
rburtonzeddii: you reminded me to ask twitter for mailer suggestions for exactly that reason17:28
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:29
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #862 of nightly is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at https://autobuilder.yocto.io/builders/nightly/builds/86217:31
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ejoernszeddii, fyi I guess the fuckup is mainly caused by the kernel Makefile using $(HOSTCC) for the libelf-test during module builds. Thus (in contrast to kernel builds) for modules it uses the build machine's toolchain for checking (in kernel class we do set HOSTCC to ${BUILDCC} explicitly)17:52
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alex___anyone around? have a bit of a dilemma18:20
JPEWhackeralex___: I'm here FWIW18:43
*** alex___ <alex___!a2d58520@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC18:50
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*** alex___ <alex___!a2d58520@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto18:57
alex___so I have a recipe named activist.bb that I want to rename to activist-acceptance.bb, activist-staging.bb, and activist-production.bb, depending on environment. the challenge is, I want the resulting debian package to install into a directory named activist regardless of environment specified, but it's getting that value from the PN variable which is set by the recipe name which includes the environment18:57
*** jkridner <jkridner!~jkridner@pdpc/supporter/active/jkridner> has joined #yocto19:01
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JPEWhackerYou don't have any control of ${PN} getting passed as part of the installation directory?19:06
alex___Within the recipe it says:19:06
alex___pkg_postinst_${PN}() {19:07
alex___If I change PN would it update appropriately?19:07
alex___meaning if I set it to pkg_postinst_activist would the install folder be named activist?19:08
alex___or does that just specify which application the pkg_postinst applies to?19:08
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@50-233-148-156-static.hfc.comcastbusiness.net> has joined #yocto19:09
JPEWhackerI don't think that pkg_postinst affect the installation directory19:09
*** martinkelly1 <martinkelly1!~martin@71-35-191-228.tukw.qwest.net> has joined #yocto19:09
JPEWhackerBut you might want to clarify "installation directory"19:11
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto19:12
*** peacememories <peacememories!~textual@e247-162.eduroam.tuwien.ac.at> has joined #yocto19:12
alex___the directory where the application is installed19:15
alex___it's always /usr/pkgs/PN regardless of application19:15
JPEWhackerUsually thats set by do_install()19:15
alex___ooh yeah!19:16
alex___so I have this block in a class file that's inherited by each individual sub-recipe19:16
alex___`bundler_do_install() { install -d ${D}${prefix}/pkgs/ install -d ${D}${prefix}/pkgs/${PN} rsync -rtv ${S}/ ${D}${prefix}/pkgs/${PN} }`19:16
alex___so it's precisely there where ${PN} needs to be ${PN} minus the environment, right?19:17
alex___so maybe I could declare a variable such PN_NEW that grabs PN then removes the environment tag from the end of it19:17
alex___then update the install block to use PN_NEW instead of PN19:18
alex___does that make sense?19:18
*** cornel <cornel!~cornel@> has quit IRC19:18
alex___thank you so much JPE! Our systems guy left and I inherited this code base. I'm a junior devops guy with only 1 year of experience so still have so much to learn.19:19
*** yann|work <yann|work!~yann@> has quit IRC19:20
JPEWhackerYa, I think thing might work: PN_INSTALL_DIR = "${@d.getVar('PN').split('-')[0]}"19:21
alex___That's just beautiful thank you sir! I miss Python. It's all Ruby here.19:21
*** peacememories <peacememories!~textual@e247-162.eduroam.tuwien.ac.at> has quit IRC19:22
JPEWhacker... Did you reverse that? bitbake uses python19:23
alex___By "here" I meant my company heh19:23
*** peacememories <peacememories!~textual@2001:629:3200:547:7dd9:e96:c60:62b6> has joined #yocto19:23
alex___I started in Python, fell in love with it, then was forced to switch to Ruby; now I'm starting to get Stockholm Syndrome19:23
JPEWhackerOh, right. Got it ;)19:24
alex___I barely even remember my real parents anymore19:24
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didilglib doesn't compile in poky "rocko"20:07
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didilthis branch is broken21:06
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alex____JPEWhacker so sometimes the application names include the - character21:27
alex____so I think I need to write it like this:21:28
alex____INSTALL_FOLDER = '-'.join(PN.split('-')[0:-1])21:28
alex____Is there a more technically correct way to do that? Getting a little bit of a code smell vibe.21:28
frayyou can replace the '-' with say '_' or another character if this makes more sense..21:32
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alex____Can I reference PN freely in a class file or do I need to do something like bb.data.getVar('PN',d,1)?21:46
*** ladidadida <ladidadida!~ladidadid@ipbcc2211a.dynamic.kabel-deutschland.de> has joined #yocto21:47
JPEWhackerNot sure I understand the question21:49
JPEWhackerIs bundler_do_install() in a class file?21:49
JPEWhackerYa, you can reference PN in a class file. You would use bb.data.getVar('PN') in Python code, and ${PN} elsewhere21:50
JPEWhackerAre you willing to change the bbclass file?21:50
alex____INSTALL_FOLDER = '-'.join(bb.data.getVar('PN').split('-')[0:-1])21:51
JPEWhackerYou might consider doing it a little "dumber" then. In the bbclass do something like: INSTALL_FOLDER ?= "${PN}", then override it in each recipe21:51
JPEWhackere.g. INSTALL_FOLDER = "activist"21:52
alex____I get a parse error from the above line21:52
JPEWhackerYa, you need the "this is python code" delimiters, ${@ }21:52
alex____Ah gotchya I'm such a newb heh21:52
alex____so I was planning to add a regex if clause21:52
JPEWhackere.g. INSTALL_FOLDER = "${@'-'.join(bb.data.getVar('PN').split('-')[0:-1])}"21:53
JPEWhackerThat works. You still might want to define that weakly so it can be overriden easily on per-recipe basis, e.g. INSTALL_FOLDER ?= "...."21:54
*** marka <marka!~masselst@> has joined #yocto21:54
alex____that's a good idea thank you21:54
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alex____so when i construct the whole if clause that should be encapsulated in ${@ } as well, right??22:05
alex____hmm i'll try to set it up as a python function22:11
JPEWhackerYa, I would write a function22:12
alex____will the function be automatically invoked or do I need to invoke it?22:18
alex____or do i do something like "python do_install_prepend"22:18
*** yann|work <yann|work!~yann@LFbn-1-527-224.w86-245.abo.wanadoo.fr> has joined #yocto22:19
alex____python do_install_prepend () { PN = bb.data.getVar('PN') environments = ['acceptance', 'staging', 'production']   if any(n in PN for n in environments): INSTALL_FOLDER = '-'.join(bb.data.getVar('PN').split('-')[0:-1]) else:  INSTALL_FOLDER = PN }22:23
*** Guma <Guma!~Guma@c-67-184-64-21.hsd1.il.comcast.net> has joined #yocto22:23
alex____I'm just going to make it "dumb" and put it in the recipes22:25
alex____oh hm that's not going to work because the do_install is in the class not the recipes...22:26
*** rburton_ <rburton_!~textual@> has joined #yocto22:33
JPEWhackeralex___: I think some time reading the manual would be in order, but you can start with this: https://paste.ofcode.org/FRi5kSW2HySxtKCeRiQbua22:35
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*** rburton_ is now known as rburton22:41
alex____amen thanks JPE22:43
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*** lazyape <lazyape!~lazyape@athedsl-244581.home.otenet.gr> has joined #yocto22:52
alex____holy crapoly22:54
alex____i think it worked...22:54
alex____nope jumped the gun : )22:57
alex____woot fixed the issue -- just had to make a small adjustment in the actual recipe file!23:00
alex____JPEWhacker: here's the code in case you're curious: https://paste.ofcode.org/qvG5kRtsbwCwMf7XXBNdm923:00
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alex____I owe you a beer man23:00
*** Willy-- <Willy--!~william@> has joined #yocto23:01
JPEWhackerLol, no problem. It looks really good, I would only make one change: the "d" argument to the function is the bb data store, so instead of bb.data.getVar('PN', d, 1), you can simply do d.getVar('PN')23:02
*** dreyna <dreyna!~dreyna@2601:646:4201:b1a0:31d6:2e01:6b8b:74dc> has quit IRC23:04
*** dreyna <dreyna!~dreyna@c-24-5-28-247.hsd1.ca.comcast.net> has joined #yocto23:04
rburtondidil: glibc in rocko branch builds fine here23:04
didilrburton: not on my computer23:06
didilUbuntu 17.1023:06
rburtondidil: that's interesting, but it works on the entire autobuilder.  so you've an interesting quirk.  have you tried with a different MACHINE? do you have anything apart from just oe-core?23:07
*** lamego <lamego!lamego@nat/intel/x-xrvnsyfvivqxwnag> has quit IRC23:07
didilnot yet :/, I use meta-freescale and meta-openembedded and meta-qt523:08
didiladded to poky23:08
rburtondidil: i'd rip those layers out, set machine=qemuarm, and try building glibc23:10
rburtonif it works then you know its not oe-core at fault23:10
rburtonif it doesn't then file a bug23:10
didili'm compiling the pyro branch23:11
didilit passes the glibc compilation task23:11
didilok i'll do it23:11
didilthanks :)23:13
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*** tlwoerner <tlwoerner!~Trevor@unaffiliated/tlwoerner> has joined #yocto23:48
hastakei need to instantiate the images that i build (eg add some unique id and certificates inside). any idea the simpler way to do that? any alternative?23:48
hastake(i tried to find documentation about that, but unfortunalty no luck. any ptr?)23:49
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