Monday, 2018-02-26

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lukmaIf I want to add a nativesdk-packagegroup-XXX to SDK/eSDK, then I shall put00:13
lukmaTOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_append = "nativesdk-packagegroup-XXX" in my ./distro/XXX.conf ?00:13
lukmaOr is there any better place to place it?00:13
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pengwen_hey all01:18
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dryLetoThe2nd, hey09:05
dryLetoThe2nd, :)09:06
dryLetoThe2nd, a few days back I 've asked for help with my SDK generation problem, right09:06
dryso you suggested to a clean , and rebuild (populate_sdk)09:07
dryI tried, and09:07
drythe thing is still seems failing to produce (or shall I say, reproduce) a correct SDK:09:07
drythat sdk *.sh / install file, is missing some files, and seems broken09:07
dryis there another clean I can do, but not deleting all downloaded source files,09:08
dryand all built object files ?09:08
LetoThe2ndyou might want to find out what is actually goind on by inspecting the log files09:09
LetoThe2ndtmp/work/$YOURMACHINEARCH/$YOURIMAGE/$YOURIMAGEVERSION/temp should have all the needed information to start digging09:11
drymokay :(09:11
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flying_sausageshey huys, I'm trying to get an implementation of logger but I'm not entirely sure where to find one. We've got one from busybox, but that one doesn't allow you to save to a specific file, which is a feature we need. Anyone knows where else to look? cheers!09:42
LetoThe2ndhum, define logger?09:44
LetoThe2ndi mean, something like jsut dumping a specific part of the syslog to a file?09:44
flying_sausageslogger as in the package that writes to /var/log/messages09:44
flying_sausagesman logger should work on desktop ubuntu for you :)09:44
flying_sausagesnot sure I get it right yet but this is the package in question i need09:45
LetoThe2ndwell my impression is taht said file is pretty much distribution specific09:45
flying_sausageshmmmm alright09:46
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LetoThe2ndi mean, whats the actual problem? your code is already instrumented, prints out messages, and you want them to end up in a log file?09:47
LetoThe2ndor do you still need your stuff to be instrumented?09:47
flying_sausagesthe problem is that the busybox implementation of logger doesn't let us write to a file, and /var/log/messages ends up in volatile, which we want in non-volatile09:47
LetoThe2ndthen just don't use busybox09:48
flying_sausageshahaha indeed, that's why I'm looking for an alternative implementation :p09:48
LetoThe2ndin case you're running systemd, theres little magic in setting it up that way as far as i can tell09:48
flying_sausagesproblem is, not sure how to look for it09:48
LetoThe2ndhere you go:
flying_sausagessorry i don't get your last message LetoThe2nd09:49
flying_sausagesoh nice!09:49
LetoThe2ndif your system is using systemd as its init/whatever infrastructure, then all should basically be in place already. just configure it according to your needs.09:49
flying_sausagesvery nice, any preferred method on how to write into the log via the systemd?09:50
flying_sausagesI mean, I guess it assumes you are making a service, more than whatever you want09:50
LetoThe2ndcli: logger. c code: man 2 syslog ...09:50
flying_sausagesalright, nice, I'll play around with this a bit, many thanks!09:51
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lukmaDear All,11:20
lukmaIf I want to add a nativesdk-packagegroup-XXX to SDK/eSDK, then I shall put11:21
lukmaTOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_append = "nativesdk-packagegroup-XXX" in my ./distro/XXX.conf ?11:21
lukmaOr is there any better place to place it?11:21
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flying_sausagesHey guys, for some reason the /var/log is symlinked to volatile/log when I build core-mage-minimal, is there a way to change this behaviour?12:29
LetoThe2ndflying_sausages: here you go:
flying_sausagesnice, found it, cheers!12:31
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JPEWhackerIs there a way to make recipe (or task) A DEPEND on recipe B, but not rebuild A if B rebuilds (sort of an "order only" dependency)?14:23
JPEWhackerJaMa: Thanks14:24
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JPEWhackerWould it be "OK" to use SIGGEN_EXCLUDE_SAFE_RECIPE_DEPS += "foo->${PN}" in a bbclass?14:37
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JPEWhackerSorry, I guess that would actually be SIGGEN_EXCLUDE_SAFE_RECIPES_DEPS += "${PN}->foo" for my purposes.14:46
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* kergoth yawns15:14
kergothJPEWhacker: it'd have to be a class that's inherited via INHERIT, so it ends up in the configuration metadata, rather than a class inherited by recipes via inherit, but otherwise i suspect so15:15
JPEWhackerkergoth: Ya, it's for icecream so that should be true.15:15
kergothstill a little iffy, since it's more bitbake configuration than anything, but it should work. the only alternative that comes to mind would be changing how icecream is enabled, i.e. include a config file that both sets that and adds the class to INHERIT, but that changes the semantics, so probably more trouble than it's worth15:17
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JPEWhackerSure. Icecream is a little different that most bbclasses in that it should try really hard to *not* rebuild just because you change some configuration15:19
* kergoth nods15:20
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lukmaIf I may ask about eSDK15:23
lukmaAdvise to use eSDK and all libraries with devtool to develop the required recipe15:23
lukmabut what about having other development tools ?15:24
lukmaLike - is it possible to bundle to eSDK build some IDE, or host specific tools ?15:24
lukmato ease deployment of SW bundle for development (like eSDK)15:25
JPEWhackerlukma: I think you'd have to write recipes for them15:25
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lukmaJPEWhacker: And then I shall be able to run e.g. screen to facilitate development ?15:35
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lukmashall those be screen-native or nativesdk-screen ?15:36
JPEWhackerlukma: Maybe... I don't think that you would necessarily want to do that though15:36
lukma JPEWhacker: For me it would be better to provide VM image15:37
lukmawith recommended OS for developemtn15:37
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JPEWhackerlukma: Ya thats also an option. Its probably easier to make sure everyone has the host tools installed on their system consistently than to try and add all the possible ones they need to the eSDK15:38
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rburtonlukma: you can use the eSDK with any IDE, just be sure to source the environment file first to set it up15:45
rburtonlukma: there's eclipse integration but its a bit lame right now, people are working on updating it now15:45
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lukmarburton: I would like to have clear distinction15:51
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lukmaeSDK provides all the SW necessary for development15:51
rburtonour eSDK is just the toolchain and packages required to develop for the target15:51
rburtonif you want it to include an entire IDE then you best get writing recipes for your ide15:52
lukmaand then all the packages which facilitate development (eclipse, screen, etc)15:52
lukmarburton: But then - shall I put those packages into recipes as package-native15:53
lukmaor nativesdk-package ?15:53
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rburtonthey'll be nativesdk not native15:53
rburtonnativesdk are binaries you can run on the host in a SDK15:53
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lukmarburton: I see15:55
lukmarburton: Is it a common practice to put extra packages (recipes) into eSDK ?15:56
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JPEWhackerrburton: How often do you pull patches into mut?15:58
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rburtonJPEWhacker: when i can, depending on what else i'm doing and how much review the patches need16:11
JPEWhackerrburton: vauge, but works for me ;)16:12
rburtonJPEWhacker: if there's patches you feel might have been missed then just ping me/rp16:13
JPEWhackerrburton: Ya, I wasn't complaining, just curious. Will do16:13
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binarymhi all. Just like with have the virtual "IMAGE_BOOTLOADER" used in machine definition, i would like to introduce a IMAGE_BOOTLOADER_UTILS virtual (to install the good uboot-fw-utils depending on machine)16:14
binarymwhat would be the cleanest way to do that ?16:14
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* armpit wow, I got a clean build...16:36
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RParmpit: its scary when its a shock isn't it! :)16:46
armpityeah, considering it looked like the  build hung..16:51
armpithow long will the old cluster be off-line?16:53
RParmpit: we have a dilemma there. Do we try and move to the new autobuilder codebase for 2.5 or wait :/16:53
RPsee the weekly status as I put a bit in there about this16:54
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* armpit shot, means i need to read something. aah, no pictures16:59
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nathani_I have a recipe that's defined in MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS (confirmed by bitbake -e). But it's not getting built.17:04
nathani_i'm inheriting core-image and not core-image-minimal17:05
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armpitRP, I am responding to the status report /me not sure if thats the correct method17:08
nathani_The recipe in question is meta-freescale/recipes-core/udev/, which is appended to machine extra in, which is included through my machine17:15
nathani_'s conf file17:15
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RParmpit: that is good, makes a nice change to see a reply to it17:21
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rburtonRP: did you chase zeddii for the devsrc patch recently?17:24
* armpit just got a Benny Hill image of RP chasing zeddii 17:25
RPrburton: I know he's working on it...17:25
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zeddiiIt is under test here, and we are testing it with the 'remove the need to run make scripts' patch as well.17:27
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zeddiiit passes those tests. I planned to send it tomorrow, once I double check the commit and confirm that everyone is ok with me yanking all the kernel source out of devsrc .. that being said, it is all covered in the commit message. I can just send it once I rebase and confirm it.17:28
*** boucman_work <boucman_work!~jrosen@wesnoth/developer/boucman> has joined #yocto17:29
rburtonthanks zeddii17:29
armpitzeddii, I have 4.1 x86 spectre backports done. waiting for internal builds before I send you a pull request.17:32
zeddiicool. sounds good. I'm doing a batch of merges tomorrow, so it won't take long to turn it around.17:33
RPzeddii: tomorrow is great. We can run the patch through our testing too once we have it...17:34
zeddiiok. I'll see if I can get it out late today my time, so it'll be waiting in the morning for everyone else.17:34
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Adam_Is "shared state cache" the right thing to enable if I want to have multiple users share the same bitbake build environment?18:20
kergoththey wont' share the same build environment, but the binaries that come out of the build will be shared, avoiding unnecessary rebuilds18:22
Adam_Only the binaries are shared? How about intermediaries?18:25
Adam_Also, is there a "portable" version of do_configure / do_compile scripts? I'd like to build a source using the SDK / Toolchain, but it takes time to configure the configure/build commands manually..18:29
*** ladidadida <ladidadida!> has joined #yocto18:32
rburtonAdam_: why would you want to share intermediaries?  if you're rebuilding glib then having the .o files isn't useful, you're rebuilding...18:33
Adam_rburton: I want to compile recipes from another computer without having to build a 2nd bitbake environment. So I thought perhaps shared state cache was the trick.18:36
* armpit hmm, AB now as negative time to finish.. 18:37
JPEWhackerarmpit: Awesome. I wish all my builds would have finished 5 minutes ago18:37
armpitJPEWhacker, you can get them done in the future if you put a builded in India ; )18:39
rburtonAdam_: yes, sstate shares the binaries (per recipe) so is exactly what you want18:40
Adam_rburton: Ok thank you. That's all I needed18:41
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* armpit dang it. after a month with out rain, I water the lawn on Sat and today its raining18:50
nathani_anyone have an idea why my MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS aren't getting through?18:52
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armpitRP, rburton ignore my last email. got the answers19:07
nathani_i looked at the task dependency explorer, and I don't see packagegroup-base or packagegroup-core-boot, but these should be there via core-image.bbclass, right?19:08
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nathani_ok, got it figured. I'm using the meta-agl layer and their images all derive from minimal, so none will use MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS19:42
nathani_should have bitbake -e for IMAGE_INSTALL, that would have pointed me in the right direction19:44
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khemrburton: just sent a v3 for glibc 2.27 try that out19:51
khemI have created two workspaces to confuse myself now a days19:51
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armpitkhem, only two, where is the challenge in that ; )20:02
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* armpit hmm, I wonder how I create an OE BSP layer21:14
* armpit all I can find is Yocto bsp layer21:14
kergothi think you're confused. yocto's buildsystem is oe, along with poky as the demo distro. a yocto bsp layer is an oe bsp layer21:14
kergothshould probably have a bsp layer template for bitbake-layers new layer, if it doesnt' have one already21:15
armpitthe docs regarding BSP all refer to Yocto context.. ie using the yocto-bsd scripts which only existed in the poky21:15
armpitso if I wanted to create a BSP layer.. its from the point of view of Yocto/poky21:16
LetoThe2ndarmpit: nice typo! "yocto-bsd scripts"21:17
armpitkergoth, yes, I am tend to be confused ; )21:17
armpithehe bsd...21:17
LetoThe2ndi assume that you missed the 'o', and meant 'yocto-bsod', right?21:19
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* armpit yocto-freebsd21:21
JPEWhackerHmm, I think I need something like SIGGEN_EXCLUDERECIPES_NATIVESAFE... looks like there is already a list of recipes that need this behavior ('quilt-native', 'subversion-native', 'git-native', 'ccache-native') and I need to add another one21:40
JPEWhackercurrently just a hardcoded list in sstate_rundepfilter()21:40
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rburtonarmpit: yocto-layers and yocto-bsp don't exist anymore anyway23:11
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armpitrburton, its the Yocto docs.23:22
rburtonarmpit: we only deleted it in master so unless you're looking at the master docs it will still be mentioned23:24
armpitcorrect. those scripts only exit in yocto rocky but not in OE... its an OE problem23:25
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armpitbut the "current" manual does point out ""23:28
armpitnot sure to bug it or if Scott will clean up23:28
armpitas part of SOP for a new release23:29
armpitwell there is a 2.4.1 version too.23:30
armpitso web links a bit confusing IMHO23:31
rburtoncurrent/ is an alias23:31
rburtonfor the current release23:31
armpitso is there  a dev version ?23:31
rburtonyeah /inprogress/23:32
rburtonits missing lots of content right now as its more in progress than usual :)23:32
rburton(there's a bit of a doc refactor going on)23:32
* armpit wow, would have never guessed that one "inprogress"23:32
rburtonwell there's a big link on the front docs pae23:32
* armpit its like talking to the wife.. wrong at every turn23:33
rburton"In-Progress Documentation"23:33
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armpitzeddii, regarding kernel fragments.. is there on regarding the enabling vulnerability for meltdown and spertre?23:48
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