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* armpit is the kernel00:10
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rahul12789I got this error while configuring windows sdk on eclipse  oxygen ide06:55
rahul12789at org.yocto.sdk.ide.YoctoSDKChecker.checkYoctoSDK(Unknown Source)06:55
rahul12789at org.yocto.sdk.ide.YoctoUISetting.validateInput(Unknown Source)06:55
rahul12789Can anyone help please?06:55
rahul12789I'm using eclipse plugin from
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kanavin1khem: gobject introspection is broken with systemd and musl - known issue?08:14
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mcfriskdoes recipe specific sysroot approach also remove all host tools from PATH of recipe build environment, unless -native dependencies are specified?09:31
mcfriskseeing an epidemic of using host gcc in our project for target builds and stuff just happens to work due to x86 architecture..09:32
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rburtonmcfrisk: host tool pruning isn't related to recipe-specific-sysroots but was part of the same "reproducibility" issue.  its called hosttools, we symlink the commands we need from the host into the build dir and remove /usr/bin etc from PATH09:39
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mcfriskrburton: thanks, I'll check that out..09:44
rburtonif you've recipes using 'cc' explicitly then yes that will fail, they should be changed to use BUILD_CC09:45
rburtonas people may want to use a different compiler to build natively09:45
mcfriskdid you consider adding file system namespaces to the mix to capture offenders using host tools with direct paths?09:46
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rburtonmcfrisk:would that allow hosttools->/usr/bin/gcc to work but direct access to /usr/bin/gcc to fail?09:47
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mcfriskrburton: I guess not, but one could bind mount instead of symlink..09:48
rburtonmcfrisk:  sounds good patches welcome :)09:49
mcfriskother related thing is capturing build logs. Is it possible with rm_work and sstate caching?09:49
rburtonrm_work doesn't delete logs09:49
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mcfriskyes it does. our build is too big to work without rm_work, but capturing build logs to sstate cache would be nice, or at least adding build log based sanity tests to capture wrong compiler calls or missing build flags, e.g. hardening09:50
rburtonlogs to sstate? that doesnt really make sense09:51
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mcfriskwell it would be nice to archive all build logs somewhere so that they can be pulled in for processing if needed.09:52
rburtonthere are numerous projects to archive logs09:52
rburtonshould be fairly simple to write a class to push the logs somewhere for archiving/mining09:52
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mcfrisk"patches welcome" :)09:53
rburtonpretty much ;)09:53
rburtoni cant remember then one i found before but might be interesting09:55
mcfriskrburton: hmm, right now I just want a tar ball of all build logs to get an overview of compiler flags, missuses of host compiler, compiler warnings... enabling hardening exposes part of the bugs09:59
rburtonmcfrisk: add a build postfunc or something to archive the log files?10:00
rburtonthat would only archive on success though10:01
mcfriskrburton: that would be enough, I'll check the details. thanks!10:07
khemrburton: sent a v2 for static-pie issue in glibc10:09
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto procedure to write generated image to hard disk <>11:15
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zksGuys, what the difference between 'devtool build-image <image>' and 'bitbake <image>'?11:45
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto procedure to write generated image to HDD <>11:45
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rburtonzks: use devtool in a sdk, use bitbake if you're using the build system directly11:59
zksrburton: I've got it now - when working with devtool in a build system - I have to use 'devtool build-image'.12:00
zksrburton: Because I 'devtool build-image' also builds the devtool-workspace recipes.12:01
zksrburton: E.g., I do 'devtool add' or 'devtool modify' - now I *must* use 'devtool build-image' to include the added (or modified) recipe.12:02
rburtonno, thats not right12:02
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zksrburton: This is what I see on 12th slide here:
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zksrburton: I'm trying 'devtool add' gRPC project to the build system (devtool add But it fails non-gracefully. Error in pastebin:
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: what the difference between 'devtool build-image ' and 'bitbake ' <>12:15
rburtonzks: please file a bug12:15
zksrburton: Ok. How can I do it?12:16
zksrburton: Doing...12:16
rburtonare you using the esdk *and* the build system?12:16
rburtonconfused why it says starting bitbake more than once12:16
rburtonzks: btw12:17
zksrburton: 10x!! Checking it now...12:18
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zksrburton: Yeah. This exists only in master branch. I cherry picked these two commits (07f015f, 38f6ef9). How I can make a pull request to include gRPC also in the rocko branch?12:56
jonathan___Hi all! I'm having a little trouble with a recipe. I've been trying to use do_build[nostamp] = "1" to try and make sure all my tasks are rerun in my recipe, however it seems that it's still pulling from the sstate. Is there someway I can exclude this one recipe from the sstate?13:01
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geom_lukasmaybe a noob beginner question but: can i use the information from RRECOMMENDS in bb files somehow? (like automatically building/including the listed kernelmodules etc. in my build, so that i do not have to check those manually?)13:03
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filt3rhello, i have the following issue using krogoth: in my im agre recipe i have a ROOTFS_POSTINSTALL_COMMAND where i use ${DATETIME} to create some files, however this gives me taskhash and basehash mismatch errors.13:13
filt3rI have tried setting various vardepsexclude things like `IMAGE_CMD[vardepsexclude] = "DATE TIME DATETIME"` to no avail. the recipe inherits from core-image. anybody has an idea how to fix this issue?13:13
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rburtonzks: stable  branches don't get version upgrades.  just copy/paste it to your layer13:14
zksrburton: Got it. Thanks!13:14
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filt3rok guys, nvm. i just found the right array for vardepsexclude :D13:16
filt3rproblem solved13:16
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luc4Hello! I'm writing my first recipe but I am a little unsure about this error: Those files are installed as part of my makefile and the path is correct. I guess that message means I need to explicitly set those as files packaged in the deb files created by yocto, but how should I explicit those files? I need those to be installed in the same path used by the "make install" command, which in turn depends on the path13:41
luc4specified by qmake.13:41
neverpanicluc4: You need to put them in some instance of FILES_${PN}, e.g. FILES_${PN} += "${libdir}/qt5"13:42
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luc4neverpanic: so FILES_${PN} should be just a single path were the libs are to be installed by the package? So in my specific case for instance will be placed in the path specified by FILES_${PN}? So I should set it to ${libdir}/qt5/plugins/mediaservice?14:11
neverpanicNo, FILES_${PN} (or FILES_${PN}-dev or whatever package you want to contain these files) should contain a wildcard or prefix that will match those files14:12
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luc4neverpanic: ah, so I guess that tells the yocto what files to put in the package?14:14
luc4and it will use the same identical path right?14:15
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luc4neverpanic: now I see thanks!14:25
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to determine dependencies of recipes in yocto? <> || Yocto procedure to install generated image to HDD from a USB-pendrive <>14:45
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* kergoth yawns15:15
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #816 of nightly-arm-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
seebsthat weird host contamination issue may now be fixed. i'm optimistic; i can't reproduce the failure mode easily, but i can reproduce a failure mode which is very similar and which highlighted a flawed assumption which would result in deleting an entry on OP_CREAT17:04
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RPseebs: that is good news!17:05
armpitRP morty-next needs a rebuild. the changes staged I can't tell when last built17:07
RParmpit: ok17:07
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seebsbasically, i assumed an OP_CREAT would never come in that *precisely* matched an existing entry (both path and inode).17:16
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RPseebs: ah, interesting. And in reality we can do that...17:29
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ullbekinghey all, i'm learning yocto and bitbake by jumping in the deep end of a code base written by other engineers and reading manuals at the same time.  i'm experiencing and issue that i'm not sure what is wrong...17:43
ullbekingsure enough, layer.conf is absent17:45
ullbekingso i'm reading the docs for bitbake17:45
ullbekingand it's not clear to me whether layer.conf is something that should already be there, i.e., written manually17:45
RPullbeking: it should already exist17:45
ullbekingor if it's normally automatically generated and somehow got missed17:46
RPullbeking: meta-poky exists in some branches and not in others so it could be a branch mismatch issue17:46
RPullbeking: are you using bitbake/oe-core/meta-yocto spearately?17:46
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RPullbeking: the other option is the file referencing this is wrong (conf/bblayers.conf usually)17:47
ullbeking17:46 <RP> ullbeking: are you using bitbake/oe-core/meta-yocto spearately?17:48
ullbekingi'm doing the following:17:48
seebswow that is some awful code in this example of pseudo allegedly failing with clone()17:49
ullbekingit fails on the bitbake command17:49
ullbekingperhaps the oe-init-build-env should have already set up layer.conf?17:49
ullbekingRP: so i don't know if this answers your question about "using bitbake/oe-core/meta-yocto spearately"?17:50
RPullbeking: I suspect your template config files don't match the layout of the code you're using17:50
ullbekingRP: that sounds plausible17:51
ullbekingyou mentioned something about a branch mismatch issue earlier17:51
seebsalso the documentation for clone(2) appears to be wrong17:51
seebshuh, that's really weird.17:52
ullbekingit is built on a specific, older, stable revision of facebook's known-working openbmc repository17:52
RPullbeking: compare with
seebsthis person's test case uses [alloced_stack]+stack_size-1 as the child_stack pointer, and crashes.17:52
RPullbeking: I think you're trying to use a codebase which expects one with a config file in the other format17:53
seebsif i use, say, alloced_stack+stack_size, or alloced_stack+stack_size-16, it's fine.17:53
RPullbeking: meta-yocto became meta-poky basically17:53
seebsbut their code works okay as long as it's *not* under pseudo, and I have no idea why.17:53
ullbekingRP: ah i see17:53
RPullbeking: I'm having to guess based on the info I have though17:53
ullbekingRP: i think i know what the issue is...17:53
RPseebs: please do point out their bug, the fact it works is curious :/17:54
ullbekingas i mentioned, this is based on a specific revision of facebook's openbmc17:54
seebsi honestly don't know whether the clone documentation is right or not17:54
seebsbut my intuition would be that your stack pointer should not be precisely-not on a power of two boundary.17:54
ullbekingbut i was using _that_ readme to try to build this project, even though it's out of date by the very fact that the new stuff builds on top of it17:54
RPullbeking: layer.conf is pre shipped, the generated file is bblayers.conf which references where to find layer.conf file17:55
seebsi just love this person asking whether pseudo can allow them to use any syscalls similar to fork17:55
seebsnope, never solved that one, this is why we have to invoke every single process separately and cannot use a shell17:55
RPseebs: If you don't understand what pseudo does, I can see how you might wonder. But yes, if that breaks we have problems17:56
ullbekingok, thank you RP, i'm going to try something different using different info.  i hope you don't mind these bumbling questions, i'm still just starting to learn my way around the hugeness of yocto17:56
RPullbeking: np, I just happen to know something about that as I worked on the meta-yocto -> meta-poky change17:57
ullbekingRP: what is "the meta-yocto -> meta-poky change" all about?17:57
ullbekingcan you point me to a link?17:57
*** georgem_home <georgem_home!uid210681@gateway/web/> has quit IRC17:58
RPullbeking: it got renamed between jethro and morty17:58
ullbekingRP: i'm going to need to go back to basics and read up on the naming scheme17:58
ullbekingdoes this mean the project name also changes from yocto to poky?17:59
RPullbeking: but that probably doesn't help you much, it just tells me you're mixing up configs and revisions which don't match17:59
ullbeking17:59 <RP> ullbeking: but that probably doesn't help you much, it just tells me you're mixing up configs and revisions which don't match18:00
ullbekingthat is hugely useful information for me though18:00
RPullbeking: "yocto" and "poky" both exist and mean specifiic things, this was an attempt to clarify a piece of that18:00
ullbekingRP: so "poky" is the name of the reference distribution.  but that page doesn't say what "yocto" now means.  what /does/ it mean?18:01
RPullbeking: yocto project is the overall entity which is working on bitbake, OE-Core, poky, and several other pieces and pulling them together as an ecosystem18:02
*** frieder <frieder!> has quit IRC18:02
ullbekingRP: ty for the helpful explanation18:06
ullbekingok, it's time to try something a bit different...18:06
ullbekingsee you soon again probably ;-)18:06
ntllooking for opinions - if you needed to put a filesystem on a bit of SRAM (1-2MB), what would you choose?18:09
RPntl: vfat?18:09
ntlRP: yeah, on top of mtdblock?18:10
RPntl: why would you want to use mtd* on SRAM?18:12
ntlRP: I don't, really. Is there another way to get a block interface to it without writing a driver though?18:15
*** luc4 <luc4!> has joined #yocto18:15
RPntl: depends how this SRAM is connected really, I can't answer that18:16
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!> has quit IRC18:21
ntlRP: it's just "there" in the memory map. currently the device node uses a mtd-ram compatible property but I the mmio-sram binding might be more appropriate.18:22
ntl*I think18:22
RPntl: probably18:23
rburtonRP: mut and glibc builds were both green.  i'm doing my happy dance18:25
RPrburton: nice!18:26
ntluhh completely unrelatedly... has anyone ever heard of using a minix fs in a Linux deployment in production, for any reason other than minix compatibility?18:26
RPrburton: we're ready to merge a few things then?18:26
RPntl: I have heard of that for license reasons before18:26
rburtonRP: glibc series sent18:26
rburtonRP: i'll clean up mut and post that later18:26
RPrburton: thanks18:26
RPrburton: was -next ok as is?18:27
*** ski7777 <ski7777!> has joined #yocto18:27
RPrburton: need to drop dbus?18:27
*** juvenal_ is now known as juvenal18:28
ntlRP: ah interesting. thanks for your responses18:28
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luc4Hello! I'm trying to write my first recipe but it seems I'm stuck. I'm getting this error: It says I should remove those files in do_install. But what patch should I use? I tried with rm "${D}${libdir}/qt5/plugins/mediaservice/" but it seems it is incorrect. I see a few versions of that file in my build dir. Which one should I remove? The one from the "sysroot-destdir" directory?18:59
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khemluc4: add FILES_${PN} += "${libdir}/qt5/plugins/mediaservice/"19:19
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luc4khem: yes, I tried that already, but yocto tells me that those are symlinks and should not be packaged.19:47
luc4khem: the proper way actually seems to be the last warning yocto gave me. Removing those files from the sysroot should be ok, I do not strictly need those.19:49
*** sl__ <sl__!403af2ab@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto19:49
sl__I have a quick question: When would I want to inherit pkgconfig in my recipe? The docuemntation isn't very clear19:50
luc4I think removing in do_install should be ok, but I'm not able to find out what path I should use. I see some are using the D variable for this case.19:50
seebsi admit, btw, to being totally stumped on why there's sets of arguments for which clone() crashes under pseudo but not outside of pseudo.20:12
seebshuh. i am not getting core dumps. i wonder if i have to enable those.20:13
seebs... apport, of course.20:13
*** laplante <laplante!~laplante@> has joined #yocto20:15
laplanteHello friends - suppose I have a library/application in git, that uses a version file (e.g. version.txt or version.h) to advertise its version. Would it be reasonable for my recipe to dynamically set PKGV based on that file?20:17
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #817 of nightly-arm-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
seebsoh weird.20:17
seebsIt appears it's tied vaguely to the horrible magic trying to get the "right" version of regcomp to avoid some versions of find(1) providing their own.20:18
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seebsokay, so the answer is: if the stack isn't word-aligned, some stack operations can segfault. but the specific operation in question only *happens* under pseudo.20:22
seebsif you call regcomp in the cloned process you get the segfault.20:24
seebsso, 12568 is Not My Fault, and my belief that "sizeof(char)" indicates that the code containing it is buggy continues to pay off.20:28
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RPseebs: thanks for digging into it!20:42
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to remove unneeded files after those are installed by Yocto? <>20:46
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rburtonRP: my dbus is fixed (i squashed a PRIVATE_LIBS patch into juro's commit)22:04
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RPrburton: did PRIVATE_LIBS need a fix?22:15
rburtonRP: yes, in the branch22:15
rburtonlet me scrub mut after this meeting and i'll post a cpull22:15
RPrburton: static PIE was ok in the end?22:17
rburtonRP: v2 restricted it to some arches22:17
*** peacememories <peacememories!> has joined #yocto22:18
RPrburton: ah22:18
RPrburton: I've pushed a few things22:18
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #818 of nightly-qa-extras is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests_6] Build details are at
*** jbravo_ is now known as JoseBravo22:28
JoseBravoIf I add a receipt, ie apache2, how I use my own httpd.conf file ?22:29
JoseBravoWhere do I have to place it?22:30
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stephanoJoseBravo: Have a look at how meta-webserver does it:23:26
stephanoJoseBravo: Also, consider using that layer instead of rolling your own. That might save you some time.23:27
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ullbekingdoes bitbake have anything like a "make clean" command?23:40
*** luc4 <luc4!> has quit IRC23:41
BCMMullbeking: bitbake -c clean recipe23:45
BCMMhmm should probably say package rather than recipe23:45
*** georgem_home <georgem_home!uid210681@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto23:46
BCMMbut anyway, that's a lot like make clean. good way to force a rebuild if the recipe doesn't know its sources have changed for example.23:46
*** stephano <stephano!~stephano@> has quit IRC23:46
BCMMthere's also a cleanall but tbh i don't know how it's different from clean23:46
rburtonrecipe is the right word23:46
BCMMrburton: well, i'm just rusty then :)23:46
clsullivcleanall cleans downloads and sstate23:47
rburtonread the source ;)  clean wipes tmp/work cleansstate does clean and removes sstate for that recipe, cleanall does cleansstate and removes anything in downloads too23:47
clsullivclean only cleans tmp I think23:47
rburtonif you just want to rebuild a recipe then 1) it should do it magically as files changes23:47
rburtonand 2) use bitbake recipe -C unpack23:47
rburton"please mark unpack as needing to rerun and build <recipe>"23:47
BCMMrburton: does it check file hashes?23:47
*** stephano <stephano!stephano@nat/intel/x-jajujynyzhixkodx> has joined #yocto23:48
rburtonBCMM: file:  entries in SRC_URI are hashed yes23:48
BCMMi know i probably shouldn't have the entire package source in files/ as a tarball, but i was under the impression it wouldn't notice that tarball being replaced23:48
rburtonyeah it will notice that23:48
BCMMhmm i've been doing more things wrong than i thought23:48
BCMMeither that or i've forgotten why i needed to force a rebuild23:49
rburtontldr never use cleanall cleansstate or clean unless you have a good reason to23:49
rburtonand you generally don't as -C is faster and neater23:49
rburtondoesn't blow away the old logs for example, which is annoying when you have a transient failure and the old logs would have been useful for debugging23:49
rburtonanyway bed23:50
*** rburton <rburton!> has quit IRC23:50
BCMMhmm i wonder if needs changing23:50
*** rburton <rburton!> has joined #yocto23:50
* armpit think 4.1 is fixed..23:51
clsullivarmpit: I filed yet another test_qemu_efi bug, this time for master :)23:53
clsullivarmpit: fedora27 was a mistake23:54
ullbekingthank you BCMM, rburton, and clsulliv23:56
* armpit now has got and fix Rocko core and meta-oe23:56
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