Friday, 2018-03-09

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RParmpit: the selftest did fail for pyro :(00:49
RParmpit: looks like our APIC hang :(00:49
RParmpit: trying a new version of the gcc 6 patch on morty00:49
JoseBravoinherit autotools automatically call ?01:03
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jbravoI'm getting this error: Unable to recognise the format of the input file `/home/user1/poky/build/tmp/work/i586-poky-linux/pydaemon/1.0-r0/package/var/pydaemon/lib/'02:26
jbravoHow do I disable that check?02:26
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Error in yocto meta-udoo build. Krogoth branch <>04:49
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jbravoHow I do specify the sysroot parameter in my EXTRA_OEMAKE ?06:46
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zuribosthi everyone08:47
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zuribostsomeone use know how to leave write the recipe versión in sysroot to read it lated from the app (and show the version to the user in an automatic mode)? Any help to read about it?08:58
LetoThe2ndcan you try to reword it? at i personally fail to understand what you actually need, sorry.09:00
zuribostyes, sorry. I have the recipe of my application and I wish write its version when I bake it. Later I need to show this version to the user09:01
LetoThe2ndzuribost: you could just do some install append that basically pipes the ${PV} into a file that you can read later.09:02
LetoThe2ndthats the super simple version09:02
zuribostthis "version" to the user, like V1.0.15 to be sure the last available versión of the app is installed09:02
LetoThe2ndbut actually, usually an application is able to show its own version. so if you have some external thing thats meant to show a lot of versioning/package info, you might want to look at the buildinfo stuff, if i remembder correctly. that can include a lot of such information automagically in the image.09:04
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zuribostthanks, I already have the image build info with the md5 inside (I inherit the proyect), but I have in mind add this other one09:10
LetoThe2ndi'm not talking about the md509:11
zuribostI will try to do a simpy one making a directory using the ${PV} var09:11
LetoThe2ndhere you go:
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zuribostI only name the md5 because is what done other colleague. Thank for the help09:13
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lukmaDoes OE/yocto support overriding with package name?09:29
lukmalike I do have package psplash09:29
lukmathen I do create psplash.bbappend09:30
lukmaand in it: PROVIDES += "psplash-foo"09:30
lukmaIs it possible to alter for example SPLASH_IMAGES_psplash-foo = "image-foo"09:31
lukmaand then also SPLASH_IMAGES_psplash = "default OE wallpaper"09:31
lukmaWhen I do use ${PN} than it is correctly the psplash image09:31
lukmaAnd the problem is to have different splash screens for rootfs and initramfs .......09:32
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lucaceresolihi, I'm trying to find the "correct" way to install custom kernel headers so they are found by my userspace application09:45
lucaceresoliI read the note in poky/meta/recipes-kernel/linux-libc-headers/linux-libc-headers.inc09:46
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lucaceresoliwhich states do_shared_workdir is supposed to install the headers09:52
lucaceresolibut do_shared_workdir does not do it, and actually "headers_install" does not appear in any recipe except linux-libc-headers.inc09:52
lukmaOk. I seems like SPLASH needs to be properly set per package09:58
mckoanlucaceresoli: shluldn't them be already included in the toolchain?09:59
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lucaceresolimckoan: I have a custom header file in my kernel sources (for a custom driver)10:09
lucaceresolimckoan: that file does not seem to be installed by the toolchain -- I suspect the toolchain uses mainline headers, not those from my kernel10:09
lucaceresolimckoan: my kernel recipe is custom too; it does 'require recipes-kernel/linux/' and adds a defconfig and a few minor things10:13
rburton_lukma: if the psplash recipe is using PN correctly then you can just make a and include in it, then set SPLASH to the value you want10:16
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lukma rbutfon: As fair as I read it should be possible to10:19
rburton_some recipes will use the name literally instead of PN but that's basically a bug in the recipe10:20
lukmaso the PN is the base package name10:20
lukmanot the alias ?10:20
lukmaeven when I do set IMAGE_INSTALL += "psplash-foo"10:21
lukmathe ${PN} would resolve to psplash10:21
rburton_in the other recipe its not an alias, its the real name10:22
rburton_include isn't doing anything magic, its just pulling the text of the file you specify in10:22
lukmarburton_: And what's about the magic behind SPLASH ?10:24
lukmaI shall be able to have psplash_%.bbappend10:25
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lukmawith SPLASH_IMAGES  = "psplash-poky-img.h,outsuffix=default psplash-foo-img.h,outsuffix=foo"10:26
rburton_i'd be writing a bbappend for psplash to change your main splash, and a new recipe including the original for the init splash10:26
lukmaand then in my init image SPLASH = "foo"10:27
lukmaand IMAGE_INSTALL += "psplash-foo" ?10:27
lukmaIs this correct ?10:27
rburton_just setting SPLASH will work assuming you have the splash feature enabled for the image10:28
lukmaBut I is cleaner to use the for initramfs10:32
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lucaceresoliI think I found a solution to the custom kernel header issue -- but I'm not sure it's 100% correct11:47
lucaceresoliFirst: the comment in poky/meta/recipes-kernel/linux-libc-headers/ _looks_ wrong to me11:48
lucaceresoliit says I should get my headers from STAGING_KERNEL_DIR, but STAGING_KERNEL_DIR here expands to:11:49
lucaceresoliwhich is a symlink the the kernel source dir11:49
rburton_which you're patching if you have a custom kernel header, surely11:50
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lucaceresolirburton_: yup, but I should use the headers produced by 'make headers_install', not the bare sources, right?11:51
* rburton_ shrugs11:52
rburton_ask zeddiii zeddii_home  when he wakes11:52
lucaceresolirburton_: and anyway why should I depend on virtual/kernel:do_shared_workdir and then use the bare sources?11:53
lucaceresolirburton_: :-?11:53
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jbravoHow can I get the recipe sys root dir in my .bb file to be able to pass it to the Makefile ?12:02
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spierepfI am looking for help translating the default poky/meta/conf/machine/qemuarm.conf so that I can emulate an armv6 environment.12:10
spierepfI've tried commenting out the '' and commenting in the '' requires, and that appears to get me an armv6 build, but when I try to `runqemu` after the build, I just get a black qemu screen...12:11
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dzenany chance to know some bitbake predefined variables ?13:34
rburton_dzen: see bitbake.conf13:34
rburton_(or the documentation)13:34
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dzenthanks !13:34
dzenoww bitbake.conf is pretty nice13:35
lukmarburton_: Ok, so I do have pspash, psplash-default and psplash-foo installed13:36
lukmafor initramfs13:36
lukma(as I did IMAGE_INSTALL += psplash-foo)13:36
lukmaIs there a way to force psplash to only install psplash-foo in the initramfs ?13:36
lukmaSPLASH="psplash-foo" is not working13:37
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spierepfDoes anyone here have time to help me make qemuarm.conf emulate an armv6 environment instead of an armv5?13:55
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spierepfI am trying to build a qemuarm based yocto image that can operate as a docker host. Most arm-based docker images assume arm32v6 or better, and I'm wondering what the right way is to configure a qemuarm build that is arm32v6 or better.16:08
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to bring software console in Yocto <>16:22
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lukmaI'm wondering if ALTERNATIVE PRIORITY can be accessed from the image recipe?16:29
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lukmathe psplash now has psplash-devault (update laternative prio 100) and psplash-foo (update-alternative 100)16:29
lukmaI include psplash in two images16:29
lukmain one I would like to see psplash1 and in second psplash216:30
lukmato do that I need in image-foo increase alternative priority16:30
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lukmalike ALTERNATIVE_PRIORITY[psplash-foo] = "101"16:31
lukmawhen above put in the psplash recipe or bbappend then it works16:31
lukmaif moved to image-foo the it seems to be out of scope16:31
lukmaAny help?16:31
lukmaOn this issue16:32
kergothi woudln't recommend trying to use that in an image, instead just use ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND to run update-alternatives to alter its configuration16:34
* kergoth shrugs16:34
JPEWhackerarmpit: Are you on right now?16:34
lukmakergoth: Hmm .......16:36
lukmaThen I could avoid doing magic with the package itself16:36
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lukmaBut which update-alternatives to run - from the yocto build ?16:37
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kergothfollow the same method the bbclass uses. it runs the -native binary with args/env vars to point at the alternate root16:37
kergothi'd read the bbclass16:37
kergothit *may* be possible to use the class the way you suggested, but as it is today it injects the commands into package postinsts, which obviously wouldn't be run, so you'd still have to inject those commands via another method either way, so it's simpler to just add the commands directly rather than using the metadata vars to control it16:38
lukmakergoth: So I shall use  ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND16:40
lukmaand then update-alternatives manually from there?16:41
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* armpit hmm rocko went south17:10
armpitJPEWhacker, yes for a few minutes17:11
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JPEWhackerarmpit: Has there been any organization for transportation to/from OEDAM, besides people indicating how many they can take?23:48
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