Monday, 2018-03-19

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Building keras and tensor flow on yocto <>07:04
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eduardas_mhello, what is the proper way of having a production kernel and a testing kernel (with additional debug features) in the same BSP? Do I need two different machine descriptions or is there some other way to have alternative kernels for a single machine description?08:52
HanIn the qemu recipe there is a list of dependencies and they are all build, apart from libsdl. How can I figure out why libsdl is not build?08:56
LetoThe2ndHan: look at the bottom of your local.conf, probably it is set as ASSUME_PROVIDED08:58
HanLetoThe2nd, amazing:  ASSUME_PROVIDED += "libsdl-native"09:04
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muppeDoes anybody know what is the right way to disable a systemd service at distro build time? For some reason xserver-nodm.service gets started automatically at boot but I'd like to build a distro where is doesn't start by default.09:17
muppeSo I am not talking about systemd itself but rather a service running using systemd.09:18
LetoThe2ndmuppe: here you go:
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muppeLetoThe2nd: Thanks. I actually bumped into that variable before but thought that you have to enable it to make it autostart. Apparently the logic is the other way around. Thank you!09:21
LetoThe2ndmuppe: have fun09:22
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nayfeeduardas_m: Maybe look at this ?09:33
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eduardas_mnayfe: thank you, that is pretty much what I need except I do not want to ship an alternate kernel besides the default one (i.e. two kernels in /boot), but replace the default one entirely (1 kernel in /boot)09:57
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nayfeeduardas_m>  I'm not using it, but i think you can define 2 images (prod/dev) with two differents kernel with that patch. The only problem is that kernel recipe should not provide legacy virtual/kernel.10:05
lukmaI'm trying to use eSDK "Updater" feature10:06
lukmaunfortunately I do experience some issues:10:06
lukmaPoint 2.10:06
lukmaI'm using 2.4, but the problem is the same10:07
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sveinseHas the maintainer for meta-nodejs abandoned the project? Anyone knows?12:29
LetoThe2ndsveinse: it is kinda obsolete as there is now considerable mainline support for nodejs12:31
sveinseLetoThe2nd: Where can I find it?12:31
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sveinseLetoThe2nd: This seems like npm for recipes, but I could not find npm or nodejs in poky. Perhaps I need to search closer12:49
LetoThe2ndsveinse: you asked for it, here it is:
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sveinseLetoThe2nd: thanks. No LTS version it seems12:56
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seebsi am not entirely sure the concept of an LTS version of nodejs is semantically coherent13:03
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sveinseseebs: I'm not sure how that is related to LTS, but then again, I'm no js dev. I've just been requested to provide a LTS version of nodejs in our yocto image13:22
LetoThe2ndsveinse: just grab that recipe and nail it to the version you want in your layer.13:24
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sveinseLetoThe2nd: ah, ok, so that works. good. In the meta-nodejs there were some slight differences between the recipes and version.13:25
LetoThe2ndsveinse: so it *should* work13:26
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ernstpI think parse_recipes asks the remote bitbake process to parse recipes (what exactly?) and parse_recipe does more thourogh parse and returns the data with their internal env.13:34
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ggtkHi Guys. Do you have an ideea how to specify machine specific qemuboot variables ? I want to have something like: QB_DTB_qemuarm ="first.dtb" and then for another machine QB_DTB_qemux86=""13:43
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rburtonggtk: exactly what you wrote should work13:54
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ggtkrburton: is my layer.conf the correct place for this variables to be set ?14:08
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seebs <-- i am in awe14:19
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JPEWseebs: That is.... impressive.14:43
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sveinseIs there some examples in how to use npm.bbclass anywhere? I have fetched a repo with a package.json file in it.14:53
sveinseI searched the mega manual and found a few lines about it, but nothing which I could make use of14:55
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sveinseE.g. is it a requirement that the npm package must be originate from
sveinseref "Note15:09
sveinseCurrently, recipes inheriting this class must use the npm:// fetcher to have dependencies fetched and packaged automatically."15:09
kergothernstp: parse_recipes parses the recipes specified by BBFILES, i..e what a bitbake -p does. This is the up front parse of all the recipes to generate the runqueue and dependency and provider information. parse_recipe does a full parse of a specific recipe to return the datastore15:09
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fancerkergoth: hello, man. Can you tell me why did you need the PSEUDO_UNLOAD setting in some of the external_toolchain_cross wrappers?15:30
kergothfancer: that's my mistake, it belongs in meta-sourcery, not meta-external-toolchain, i'll see about moving it over today15:30
kergothfancer: i made some progress with the cross-canadian recipe the other day, not sure where you're at, but i'll link you to what i have in case it's of any use15:31
fancerAhh, ok. I was just curious. I already removed them from your layer  clone.15:31
* kergoth nods15:31
sveinseThis might sound like a stupid question, but what purpose serves the devtool? I've been using yocto for 3 years and haven't had the need for it15:32
kergothther'es a lockfile created by the other toolchain, in /tmp, that includes $USER/$LOGNAME. if two users try to write that file both with 'root' instead of their real usernames, it explodes :)15:32
kergothsveinse: i use it pretty much every day15:33
kergothmodify -x alone is useful to quickly dive into the source tree, make changes, then generate patches and update the recipe with the changes15:33
fancerI am on it now. I altered your layer "a bit" so it would work better with crosstool-NG. Particularly I unpinned glibc-mtrace, glibc-scripts, glibc-locale. The last one now generates the locales as if ordinary glibc.15:33
fancerAnd some other things.15:34
sveinsekergoth: right, because your normal use case is modifying existing 3rd party sources?15:34
kergothcool, sounds worthwhile. whenever it's ready for submission you can send to the yocto@ ml with [external-toolchain] in the subject line. i'll update the readme15:34
fancerI don't think I've broken any compatibility with your toolchain, so If you got github , I can share the ....15:35
fancerAhh you already answered.15:35
kergothsveinse: less in active development, more often to fix build failures, but fairly often, yeah15:35
kergothfancer: github works too if you want to link me to the branch, either way15:35
fancerkergoth: I'd better create some temporary public repo, so you could pull in the changes from there.15:36
fancerI hate patchwork!.(15:36
kergothi'll probably put up a github mirror at some point15:36
kergothyeah, agreed15:36
fancerI got it enough in kerneldev.15:36
kergothi wish we'd use a proper code review system at the least, if we're not going to stick with github, at least put up a Reviewboard instance or something, but..15:36
* kergoth shrugs15:36
sveinsekergoth: that might be why I haven't understood the need for it: I'm mostly developing recipe and sources in lockstep. Probably the same reason why doing source-in-meta repos is harder15:38
fancerkergoth: Alright, I've got to finish the canadians. I'll send you the link with repo later.15:38
kergothah, yeah, probably don't need devtool much for that15:38
kergothrecipetool is a bit more generlaly useful15:38
sveinseyes, for the normal use case where the software is coming from an independent SW release, I'd agree15:39
kergothfancer: cool, good luck with it. is where i left mine the other day, though i'm sure you've made more progress than i since. ended up needing to apply as well, since i had + in my SDK_VERSION/DISTRO_VERSION, so it ended up in SDKPATH15:39
sveinseThe reason for asking is there devtool seems to be having some featureset related to npm handling, which I need to dissect. And for that I need to set up devtool15:40
kergothah, interesting15:40
kergothisn't much setup involved, really, it creates its own workspace on an as needed basis15:41
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sveinseI'm getting impression that devtool is doing something:
sveinsemaking shrinkwrap and lockdown files apprarently15:43
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rburtonggtk: layer.conf? no.15:44
sveinseI build a SDK, how can I know if it is an extensible SDK or not?15:48
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rburtonsveinse: if you did -c populate_sdk its not, if you did populate_sdk_ext it is15:58
sveinserburton: right, I have a meta-toolchain-sp which inherits populate_sdk, then it isn't I suppose. Thanks.16:00
sveinseI will attempt replacing inherit populate_sdk with inherit populate_sdk_ext16:03
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jaeHi, I added another meta-layer where I am trying to add to oeqa,  i have a /lib/oeqa/controllers path.  If I include this layer, do_testimage fails complaining that it cant find module oeqa.core because its looking in my layer and not seeing a oeqa/core. pretty sure this is whats happening because if I dont include this layer in the bb file, its runs fine. think i am missing something, any ideas?17:50
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Guest39022If I print the sys.path right before the ImportError, core/meta/lib is there, which is where it should be getting oeqa.core.utils from..17:51
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #349 of nightly-musl-x86-64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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* armpit shoot, forgot about swat18:01
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Kernel panic - not syncing: Requested init /linuxrc failed (error -2) <>18:06
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fancerkergoth: Question about nativesdk-s and cross-canadian thing. Can I just try to run bitbake gcc-external-cross-canadian without actual SDK build process exectution?18:33
kergothyep, you can always do that. all it'll do is create the binary packages, but you can then examine them if you want to do so18:34
kergothcan also examine pkgdata with oe-pkgdata-util18:34
fancerIt seems like my system lost nativesdk binutils?18:34
fancerNo such file or directory: 'x86_64-tpsdk-linux-strip'18:34
fancerHow come? Should I always excplicitly set such the dependencies?18:34
kergothyou'll need to create binutils-external-cross-canadian to go with gcc, and ship both the prefixed and unprefixed binaries from that (gcc looks in its libexec area to find the binutils to run them, iirc)18:35
fancerSymbolic links shall be enough for it, I guess.18:36
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake Server does not start on Windows Subsystem for Linux <>18:37
kergothshould do for now, yeah18:38
fancerThis thing can't help: cross_canadian_bindirlinks18:38
fancerIt is looking for TARGET_PREFIXed bits18:38
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kergothi wouldn't recommend including, but if you're going to do it, yeah, you'll need to resolve that, either by using anonymous python to alter the function, or you could override TARGET_PREFIX just for that task, i.e. TARGET_PREFIX_task-install = "${EXTERNAL_TARGET_SYS}-" or whatever18:40
fancerNo, I;m not18:41
fancerthis method is in the bbclass18:41
fancerI isn't the task.18:41
fancerI's just a shel method18:42
fancerit's called from cross-canadians do_install'es within recepies.18:42
fancerI'll just copy-alter-past it.)18:43
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fancerkergoth: btw, why would I need to ship the unprefixed binaries?18:47
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fancerStill the error : No such file or directory: 'x86_64-tpsdk-linux-strip'19:04
fancerhas nothing common with the package installation. Just some dependencies isn't sutosfied19:05
fancerI am just surprised it hasn't done so automatically.19:05
lukmaIs there any progress with solving issue number 2 from:19:09
lukmaI do experience similar issue on 2.4.19:09
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fancerAhh, Unknown ABI used in --with-abi=3219:19
fancermine mistake though.)19:21
kergothah, found a problem, currently the bits that extract files from the external toolchain assume that it should be copied to the path listed in FILES, not the path it found it (i.e. after FILES_MIRRORS is applied). i.e. if i list ${libexecdir}/gcc, it puts it in /usr/libexec/, which isn't where it looks for it, rather than /libexec/ which is where it found it. doing it this way makes sense for some use cases, but not this one. will have to add a variable19:24
kergoth to control this behavior, or add an explicit source:dest syntax19:24
fancerSorry, I don't get it.19:27
fancerAt this moment, all the necessary bits are found and installed.19:27
fancerthe classic targets worked just find.19:27
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #881 of nightly-qa-extras is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests_5 Running Sanity Tests_6 Running Sanity Tests_7] Build details are at
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kergothfancer: has functioning binutils and gcc cross-canadian recipes. added the gcc to TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK and confirmed it'll successfully compile and run hello, world if —sysroot= and —no-sysroot-suffix are included, which is the case when using $CC as defined in environment-setup. might be worth comparing/contrasting to your implementation. currently only22:10
kergoth tested with the sourcery toolchain22:10
kergothnow to rip out a few meta-sourcery remnants22:12
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kergothholy hell does packagegroup-cross-canadian suck in everything but the kitchen sink. seriously?23:12
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kergothoh, no, it's the sdk host packagegroup doing it. yikes23:14
kergothgpgme, unfs2, dnf..23:16
* armpit hopes Windows 10 is not included23:26
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batman_Hi, I keep getting a warning every time I build about this post install script in sysvinit23:42
batman_Since this script needs to run on target, how would I disable this during build time?23:43

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