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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto - Where is the most appropriate place to disable creation of /etc/hostname <>00:12
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: how to add full x11 support for imx6 board in yocto krogoth <>05:13
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hanthingsHi. Would it be possible to have a do_install_append_PACKAGE-NAME, which will be appended only when the package is installed? i have made some tests and some searches but seems not. Just checking if I'm wrong08:03
hanthingsJust to be clear do_install_append_PACKAGE_NAME08:04
hanthingsok seems that underlines are removed :)08:04
hanthingsunderscores :)08:04
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mckoangood morning09:03
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mckoanhanthings: define do_install_append into your PACKAGE-NAME.bb09:04
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How can I add a task after do_deploy()? <>09:14
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rburtonhanthings: the answer is no, because do_install has nothing to do with package installation in the image09:35
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hanthingsrburton, thanks. what would be the solution here? I have a binary file that I want install it only in some conditions10:15
rburtonhanthings: put the file in a package of its own, only install it in some conditions10:15
hanthingsthat's what I did. But also I did add a do-install-append() and there I install the file if the package is selected. I thought that there is a better option for this10:17
acrapHi folks!10:19
acrapCould you help me to understand how i can add bbappend to my layer that patches recipe from another?Now, i get that my bbappend just is not used10:19
rburtonhanthings: what youre missing is that the recipe's do_install will be ran *once* to generate the packages to be used in *all* images10:19
rburtonhanthings: it doesn't get re-executed because the images contents change10:19
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rburtonrecipes build packages, packages are used to build images.  if the contents of the image change, then the recipe doesn't rebuild new packages.10:20
acrapi have this in layer.conf BBFILES += "${LAYERDIR}/recipes*/*/*.bbappend"10:20
acrapi used bitbake-layers show-appends and got that my bbappend isn't used10:21
itsfemme[m]Hello i'm getting the following errors: The following packages could not be configured offline and rootfs is read-only: ['libgdk-pixbuf-2.0-loader-gif', 'libgdk-pixbuf-2.0-loader-xpm', 'librsvg-2-gtk', 'libgdk-pixbuf-2.0-loader-jpeg', 'libgdk-pixbuf-2.0-loader-png']10:21
hanthingsrburton, yes I agree with that10:21
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hanthingsrburton, but in case I add/remove a package from PACKAGES, shouldn't this basically change the image as well since the package changed?10:25
acraphow can i enable my bbappend?10:31
hanthingsacrap, do you have your layer added in bblayers.conf?10:32
rburtonhanthings: the recipe has no idea what the image wants so can't control PACKAGES10:33
rburtonsay you have image-with-thing and image-without-thing.  you can build both at the same time in the same bitbake call.10:34
hanthingsrburton, I'm talking about this
rburtonhanthings: sure almost every recipe splits into multiple packages10:35
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rburtonthe binary, the debug info, the development headers, the static libraries, the documentation, the locales, ...10:35
rburtonif you have a binary that you want in some images but not others, but it in a package of its own and install it in some images and not others10:36
acraphanthings is: i have. This layer includes some recipes that work fine10:38
acraphanthings is: but bbappend doesn't10:39
LetoThe2ndacrap: maybe some naming/versioning mismatch?10:40
rburtonacrap: can you share the layer?10:41
acraprburton: i can share names. original file is named "" my file is "packagegroup-wr-core-cgl.bbappend". There are no versions at all.10:44
acrapLetoThe2nd: i don't think so. There are no versions at all. Names are right, i checked it multiple times10:47
acraprburton: bbappend inside this dir "layers/meta-cera/recipes-base/packagegroups"10:49
LetoThe2ndacrap: is the original recipe maybe already appended once?10:49
rburtonyou can append many times10:50
acrapLetoThe2nd: Does it make difference? I will check10:50
rburtonacrap: put  syntax error in the append to verify that it isn't being parsed at all10:50
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acraprburton: "bitbake-layers show-appends" not enough? I checked. There is no another bbappend for this recipe10:52
LetoThe2ndacrap: does anything else from that layer work? :-D10:52
acrapLetoThe2nd: yep. it includes some recipes, machines, all work fine10:53
acraprburton: i tried to put error to bbappend. It makes no difference at all...10:55
LetoThe2ndacrap: what is the full path in the layer to the append?10:56
acrapi have this in layer.conf10:57
acrapBBFILES += "${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bb \\10:58
acrap            ${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bbappend"10:58
LetoThe2ndthe double backslash is irritating10:59
LetoThe2ndbut i'd think that it doesn't make a differenct.11:01
flying_sausagesheya people, I'm trying to make a simple recipe for a systemd service that should start on boot. I basically think everything works EXCEPT the fact the service just doesn't start on its own. It can be manually started through systemctl just fine, bitbakes alright, boots as usual, but it seems that I can't do the systemctl enable through the yocto recipe. Can anyone take a look over this in case I'm just missing something out?11:07
flying_sausagesTLDR: can't make the recipe systemctl enable a service11:12
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acrapLetoThe2nd: it was a double backslash11:15
acrapi created layer with bitbake command11:15
acrapand i didn't touch this layer.conf at all11:16
acrapoh... by the way, it works! Thank you all, guys. It was a good hunt11:17
T_UNIXkergoth: afaiu if I add `myoverride` to `OVERRIDES`, `do_install_append_myoverride` will be evaluated automatically too, right?11:17
acrapLetoThe2nd, rburton thank you!11:17
LetoThe2ndacrap: and what did you change now, so we can give advice once the next similar problem arises?11:18
lucaceresolihi, in my rocko setup the qemu-native package is always built. who pulls it in, and how do I disable it?11:18
lucaceresoliaccording to taskexp, nobody depends on qemu-native:do_build (nor qemu-native:<anything>)11:19
acrapLetoThe2nd i just removed double backslash and use backslash once.11:20
acrapnow it looks:11:20
acrap BBFILES += "${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bb \11:20
acrap             ${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bbappend"11:20
LetoThe2ndacrap: then i'm wondering where that extra backslash came from. do you have a vcs history you can check for it? my layers are usually created with yocto-layer create, and they do not have it.11:21
acrapLetoThe2nd: oh, it looks impossible, i created it so long ago...11:27
rburtonlucaceresoli: anything using glib, anything using fonts, anything using gtk+,11:27
rburtonlucaceresoli: and systemd, eudev11:28
rburtonlucaceresoli: why do you want to remove it?11:28
lucaceresolirburton: I wanted to remove it because I didn't know I needed it...11:30
rburtonlucaceresoli: its building it because you do :)11:30
itsfemme[m]Does anyone know how to solve this error? The following packages could not be configured offline and rootfs is read-only: ['libgdk-pixbuf-2.0-loader-gif', 'libgdk-pixbuf-2.0-loader-xpm', 'librsvg-2-gtk', 'libgdk-pixbuf-2.0-loader-jpeg', 'libgdk-pixbuf-2.0-loader-png']11:30
rburtonitsfemme[m]: read the roots log and figure out why they're failing11:30
lucaceresolirburton: BTW why do these features need qemu-native? is this dependency documented?11:31
itsfemme[m]WARNING: The postinstall intercept hook 'update_pixbuf_cache' failed, details in log.do_rootfs11:32
itsfemme[m]NOTE: Exit code 1. Output:11:32
itsfemme[m]NOTE: The postinstalls for the following packages will be postponed for first boot: --snip--11:32
rburtonlucaceresoli: because they need to run code for the target11:32
rburtonlucaceresoli: the dependency is in the recipes, taskdep should have shown it but frankly its not great.  -g will probably list it.11:32
itsfemme[m]I have the whole log.do_rootfs here:
lucaceresolirburton: yes, bitbake -g shows these deps, and there are several...11:36
lucaceresolirburton: ok, guess I'll accept that I need an emulator -- and the related build time :(11:37
rburtonlucaceresoli: its just a couple of minutes, once.  speeds up every first boot as it doesn't need to spend an age generating caches/indexes/etc.11:39
rburtonoh that reminds me, i was going to look into a hack to make qemu-native faster11:39
* rburton tries11:39
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flying_sausageshey again, is there any documentation on how to install a service via a .bb recipe and have it start automatically on the target boot?11:54
T_UNIXflying_sausages: maybe use the reverse approach: look for a service that is enabled and inspect its recipe :)11:55
T_UNIX> Services are set up to start on boot automatically unless you have set SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE to "disable".11:58
flying_sausageshmmm that looks like some nice docu11:58
flying_sausagesT_UNIX, this is what I have now fyi
T_UNIXflying_sausages: maybe your service's [install]-section is faulty though? have you tried to manually `systemctl enable my.service`?11:59
flying_sausagesT_UNIX, good call! I'm getting errors indeed12:00
flying_sausagesAlright, I added an Install to the .service, let me do some testing now12:02
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T_UNIXflying_sausages: IMHO using yocto is a bit like configuring/manipulating a machine that spits out machines. That's why I usually try things on the target first, before looking for the yocto ways to reproduce what I did in an automated/clean fashion.12:05
flying_sausagesthat'a s good point, I'm just starting with yocto so this advice is for sure helpful, thanks!12:06
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rburton_lucaceresoli: if the compile time of qemu bothers you, set QEMU_TARGETS in your local.conf to the arches that you need.  we build the lot so a single qemu-native works everywhere, but if you're only targetting arm you can just build that target12:15
rburton_see the qemu recipe for the list of targets12:15
rburton_changing it from all to just x86-64 dropped 70% off the build time here (processor time, not wall time)12:15
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StefanS19Is there a way to get some recipes installed in a custom path? Basically change base_prefix, prefix and exec_prefix only for some recipes? I'm building a image where I want some packages to go their normal locations on the rootfs, e.g /bin, /usr, /etc but I want some recipes to install all their files under /apps/ or something similar12:41
rburton_StefanS19: set prefix in the recipe12:42
LetoThe2ndStefanS19: probably the best way is to create some myapp.bbclass that does what you want, and include it in the needed recipes12:42
StefanS19hmm.. is there a way to hook this in without editing the recipes? there are quite a few and most of them are oe-core or meta-openembedded... I trying hard no to change upstream layers if I don't need to12:43
StefanS19or for each of those add a bbappend in my layer?12:43
rburton_StefanS19: bbappends12:43
StefanS19hmm, so I can't make a bbclass that I can somehow inject into a list of recipes without adding a bbappend for all of them? (not in the mood in adding 50 bbpappends)12:44
rburton_you should be able to just change prefix, so you can do that from your distro conf12:44
LetoThe2ndmaybe one could also do it with some distro magic, but thats rather prone to break over time, IMHO12:44
rburton_prefix_pn-foo = "/apps"12:44
LetoThe2ndrburton_: hi512:44
StefanS19rburton_: hmm that sounds good. wondering what will break..12:45
rburton_depends how standalone the recipes you're building are really12:47
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StefanS19the reason I want this is that I'm trying to have a / partition as small as possible which has the packages from the "release" image... But during developement devs needs debug stuff installed so we have a dev image that adds a bunch of extra packages, but that means we are running with a rootfs different from the production one12:48
rburton_as by changing prefix you're basically removing the references to the system in /usr12:48
StefanS19I know12:48
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rrerolleHello, I'm trying to use a custom initramfs image, I've set INITRAMFS_IMAGE and INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE, so I have a bzImage-initramfs-genericx86-64.bin built. But what is used to create the wic image is still the bzImage without the initramfs (it seems to be hardcoded in bootims-efi plugin). Is there a way to use the bzImage with the embedded initramfs instead ?12:50
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rrerollehere's what I'm doing right now, is there a way that would not involve patching the base kernel class ?13:52
rrerollethe patch:
Mylenerrerolle: Hi, I am not familiar with x86 (maybe there are some additional stuffs done that I do not know) but at least, if you want to change the images in the boot partition of your wic image, you should have a look at IMAGE_BOOT_FILES variable13:53
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JPEWIs there a way to use 'bitbake --runall/--runonly' to force a task to rerun for all recipes in the taskgraph? e.g. bitbake -f --runall compile core-image-minimal14:03
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Mylenerrerolle: hm, according to your patch, I guess that you are using "bootimg-efi" plugin14:04
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rrerolleMylene: yes that's correct, it's what the core-image-base uses by default when building for x86_64 it seems14:09
rrerollein fact I don't especially need EFI so I probably could use another plugin14:09
rrerolleMylene: thanks I'll take a look at IMAGE_BOOT_FILES14:10
rrerolleit seems to relate to the bootimg-partition wic plugin14:11
Mylenerrerolle: yep, this is the only plugin I used so far so I am more familiar with this one :)14:14
rrerolleMylene: ok, thanks...I have to say it's quite confusing how the INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE allows you to create a bundled initramfs, but it never seems to be used14:16
rrerolleand also in my local.conf I've set a custom INITRAMFS_IMAGE, but somehow core-image-minimal-initramfs still gets built14:17
kanavinitsfemme[m]: update_pixbuf_cache is located in scripts/postinst-intercepts. it runs some helper binary under qemu to populate gdk cache - you can probably add more debugging to that to see where it fails exactly14:20
Mylenerrerolle: wic is based on a .wks file which is "generic-86.wks" by default for x86 machines. This file uses the "bootimg-efi" plugin. If you do not need efi support, I guess you can choose another wks file or create your own (see WKS_FILE variable to set which file used)14:27
rrerolleMylene: I don't really care about the EFI part, but the bootimg-efi plugin seems to be the only one using grub as a bootloader, which is what I I might end up using it or create my own plugin removing the EFI stuff, and installing the kernel with the bundled initramfs14:30
rrerollewhat I don't like is having to patch the base kernel class, so I would need a reliable way to get the name of the bzImage-initramfs file14:31
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vladzouthHi, i would like to add a linux driver for printing device. I have the source of driver. How can i add this to my image using yocto?15:24
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stephanovladzouth: see:
vladzouththanks stephano !15:25
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fancerkergoth: hello, man! I've finally built the regular SDK without fails15:50
fancerIt seems I don't get it fully populated15:50
fancerHere is the error:15:50
fancerSetting it up...find: ‘/opt/recovery-baikal-tpsdk/1.0-rc0/sysroots/x86_64-tpsdk-linux/lib’: No such file or directory15:50
fancerIt can't find lib dir in the native sysroots directory.15:51
fancerit shouldn't actually. All the cross-canadian things got to root with prefix usr/*15:51
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kergoththat error shows up if no nativesdk packages were installed. the scripts should really only search lib if lib exists15:53
kergothoccurs regardless of external toolchain usage, just depends on whether nativesdk-glibc was installed or not15:53
fancerHmmm, weird15:53
fancerI've built them...15:53
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fancerIt took nearly three hours to do it...15:54
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lucaceresolirburton: let me check the QEMU_TARGETS thing16:53
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lucaceresolirburton rburton_: with QEMU_TARGETS = "aarch64" it went from 3m58 to 1m48. Not bad17:04
fancerkergoth: should all the tools be in the sdk manifest file then? I got plenty of nativesdk utils there. glibc is not one of them...17:05
lucaceresolirburton rburton_: it would be interesting to know how much time is spend in building its dependencies; but I guess there is not simple way to compute that given qemu-native cannot be disabled17:05
lucaceresolirburton rburton_: thanks for hte hint17:05
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rburtonlucaceresoli: qemu's deps?  turn off sdl and its a lot faster17:06
rburton(your local.conf may be turning that on)17:07
lucaceresolirburton: i.e. comment the two "PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-*sdl* lines, and leave the ASSUME_PROVIDED line commented, right? Trying...17:09
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rburtonyeah comment out that entire block17:09
rburtonyou dont get a graphical qemu anymore but that might not be a problem17:10
rburtonwon't make qemu that much faster, but it removes a lot of build-deps17:10
lucaceresolirburton: disabling sdl seems to work ( bitbake -c cleansstate libsdl-native qemu-native ; time bitbake qemu-native ) but for real timing I'll have to wait the nightly CI job17:20
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fancerFolks. Small question. If I forcibly cancel the build process, like using double Ctrl+C, will it break anything?19:56
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rburtonfancer: i do it all the time. worse case you can delete tmp/ and it will carry on using sstate-cache.20:00
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fancerThen another reason of why my populate_sdk doesn't include nearly whole nativesdk sysroot (except cross-canadians though) isn't justified.(20:00
fancerThat's weird really. The SDK installation process just fails, since it can't find /lib directory.20:01
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rburtonhave you looked at -e output to verify that you're not just wiping out a varible by using += instead of _append20:01
fancerdo you mean the variable like TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK?20:02
fancerwhat else could be the reason?...20:02
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rburtonyeah that20:03
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fancerAlas I didn't check the environment, but I took a look at the manifest file of the SDK. It listed everything from:20:05
fancernativesdk-packagegroup-sdk-host and packagegroup-cross-canadian-mipsel20:05
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fancerI do know, that glibc had was built, but I can't imagine why it hasn't been installed to the SDK/20:06
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armpitrburton, sorry to let you down. I manage to hit only 5 breweries in portland20:10
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fancerkergoth: could you take a look whether your SDK got these dirs and what was in your  TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK?20:33
fancerI mean the dirs like /lib, etc20:33
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JPEWhmmm. What mailing list are documentation updates supposed to be sent to?21:11
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JPEWAh, I think I need [yocto] in the subject prefix instead of [OE-core]21:13
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fancerFolks, how to forcibly recreate SDK without full rebuild?21:37
JPEWfancer: bitbake -fc populate_sdk <image> ?21:38
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fancerFolks, are there any limitations and some inter dependencies on setting the TARGET_VENDOR  and SDK_VENDOR?22:30
fancerI just found, that I got !two! nativesdk-sysroots with SDK.22:30
fancerOne of them got cross-canadians installed under directory: <image_recipe_name>/sdk/image/<long root path>/${DISTRO}-${TARGET_VENDOR}-${SDK_VENDOR}/<version>/sysroots/...22:33
fancerAnother one got the same path, but was instead of TARGET_VENDOR, it's SDK_VENDOR...(22:33
fancer* or it might be HOST_VENDOR...22:34
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fancerAlright, I think my problem was in this:22:40
fancerThe path actually changes, depending on the crosssdk, nativesdk or cross-canadian classes usage...22:43
fancerTARGET_VENDOR sometimes get to be SDK_VENDOR, but most of the time is set to my globally defined value22:44
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: One recipi setting path for the recipes that depend on it <>22:47
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fancerwhat a nice bug to find...22:50
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