Monday, 2018-03-26

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #981 of nightly is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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jwwHello !07:56
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Guest29986How should I enable an initscript?08:02
Guest29986I'd like to enable checkroot.sh08:02
pinksnakehi all, i would like to know how to blacklist a driver with Yocto because i don't have /etc/modprobe.d folder ...08:04
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: How to check list of installed packages to stop the build process conditionally <>08:06
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pinksnakehi all, i would like to know how to blacklist a driver with Yocto because i don't have /etc/modprobe.d folder ...08:28
LetoThe2ndpinksnake: why do you even build the driver then?08:28
pinksnake@LetoThe2nd because i want to load this driver manually and not during init :)08:29
LetoThe2ndpinksnake: then here you go:
pinksnake@LetoThe2nd thx i'm going to take a look but do you think it's possible to use minus instead of + ? KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD -= "module_name"08:31
nayfe<LetoThe2nd> <pinksnake> if I remember correclty, you're using an old Yocto version without KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD support right?08:32
LetoThe2ndpinksnake: i personally favor _remove, but technically thats the idea. plus, do not blindly tinker. first, evaluate where it is actually set (bitbake -e is your friend)08:33
LetoThe2ndnayfe: *shrug* if asker fails to specify that, AND fails to overread the corresponding note (it is directly next to the linked paragraph), then... not my problem. :)08:33
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nayfepinksnake: you have to understand how autoload works on your linux version and how it is generated by Yocto. So maybe it uses /etc/modules-load.d ?08:36
pinksnake@nayfe thx for info, but i don't have /etc/modules-load.d, i'm able to manage my own custom driver, but for drivers from kernel all are autoloaded  and i don't know why ^^08:38
nayfein /etc/modules ?08:39
nayfepinksnake: as it is probably for debug purpose, you can always patch your rootfs with ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND08:39
pinksnake@nayfe no /etc/modules folder, modules are in /lib/modules/4.6.0-xilinx/kernel/ and no it's not for debug purpose tha'ts why i'm looking for a "proper" way to do that :)08:40
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Guest29986nayfe: the S06checkroot script is installed inside /etc/rcS.d but I cannot figure out how to creater links to in the rcX.d directories08:55
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nayfe<Guest29986> : did you look at the url ? You don't have to do that yourself, Yocto recipe does it for you08:57
Guest29986I looked at the url but in my case the checkroot service is already installed09:00
Guest29986I've already written recipes that use update-rc.d to add a startup script09:01
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Guest29986I'm looking for a way to enable the script installer for my execution level (level 5)09:02
Guest29986this is very simple09:04
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: CMake and Qt based Image and SDK generation in Yocto <>09:06
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nayfeGuest29986: What did you put in INITSCRIPT_PARAMS ?09:15
Guest29986"default 6"09:15
Guest29986but running /etc/init.d/ just outputs "EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p1): re-mounted. Opts: (null)"09:17
nayfeGuest29986: default or defaults?09:17
Guest29986defaults sorry09:18
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Guest29986but I should specify the script if I want to configure more than one script09:19
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nayfeGuest299986: Ah, it is in MASKED_SCRIPTS09:20
Guest29986yes that's right09:21
Guest29986what is it?09:21
nayfenvm, its for systemd compatibilité09:22
nayfeI assume you'r using only sysvinit and no systemd?09:23
nayfethe following line in should be enough "update-rc.d -r ${D} start 06 S ."09:25
Guest29986it's not executed09:26
Guest29986I assume09:26
Guest29986because the script isn't present in the runlevel directories09:27
Guest29986only in /etc/rcS.d09:27
mcfriskhmm, getting this from poky master. any ideas? ERROR: Configuration has been re-parsed over 20 times, breaking out of the loop...09:27
nayfeGuest29986> btw, what is your Yocto version & target machine?09:29
Guest29986morty branch (2.2.3) and UDOO neo board09:30
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tasslehoffI removed debug-tweaks from my image. Shouldn't that disallow empty root and ssh passwords?09:34
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tasslehoffrburton: bah. just remembered that my upgrade script keeps sshd_config :)09:38
nayfeGuest29986: I'm not sure why checkroot is not running at startup on your config, it should work without overriding anything ...09:39
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Guest29986nayfe: it is not present in the runlevel directory for runlevel 5 (/etc/rc5.d)09:40
Guest29986a symlink should point to /etc/init.d/ as /etc/rc5.d/S06checkroot09:41
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nayfe<Guest29986> you can always append  initscripts_%.bbappend and do_install_append () { update-rc.d -r ${D} start XX 5 . }09:44
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Guest29986nayfe: yes I'll try :)09:46
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #876 of eclipse-plugin-neon is complete: Failure [failed Building Eclipse Plugin] Build details are at
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tasslehoffrburton: is there a default root password?09:56
rburtontasslehoff: without debug-tweaks (or the setting that debug-tweaks sets), no09:56
rburtona default root password would be bad practise09:56
tasslehoffrburton: true. but now I'm locked out :)09:57
tasslehoffI have an EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS = "usermod -P <pass> root;" in my recipe09:58
tasslehoffbut that password is not accepted09:58
rburtontheres something on the wiki about setting a default root password, i always just use debug-tweaks...09:58
tasslehoffrburton: yeah. that is what I followed earlier, so I'm not sure what happened here.09:59
tasslehoffoh well. I'll manage.09:59
LetoThe2ndmy $.02: i don't ship telnet, ssh, or any other remote accessible things. and once somebody has physical access to the serial pins, the device is compromised anyways. -> no pw for me anyways.10:00
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to increase default Yocto kernel memory <>10:07
jwwis it normal that my recipe install files in build/tmp/sysrootfs-components ? it should not go to build/tmp/sysrootfs/ ? it's for a lib I need to compile another is my recipe :
rburtonyes, sysroots-components is where the sysroots are constructed from10:18
Guest29986nayfe: it does nothing :/10:19
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jwwrburton: thanks, do you know how I'm supposed to include sysroots-components/cortexa7hf-neon-vfpv4/ecsw-lib/usr/include/escwlib/ASICamera2.h ? I don't understand well why there is the package name and version in the path, I thinked it would like a regular sysroot ...10:21
rburtonyou don't, you put ecdw-lib in your DEPENDS and it will appear10:21
rburtonits the *components* that make up the per-recipe sysroot10:21
jwwlet's try it !10:22
jwwyes that it ! thanks again rburton .10:24
rburtonif you don't have it in DEPENDS then previously you've been lucky that it was present at all10:24
rburtonwith recipe-specific-sysroots you get *exactly* what you ask for, no more and no less10:25
jwwI had it in DEPENDS, but I was building the dependency not the finale recipe.10:25
jwwI'm new to yocto.10:25
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: bitbake rootfs large for core image minimal <>11:37
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flying_sausagesHey guys, I'm making a .bb file to deploy some scripts. The package is called shellmanager. But I also want to be able to make a shallmanager-test which will include extra scripts to test it.12:16
flying_sausagesNow, I'm looking at the tslib bb file as a reference, but I'm just a bit confused what the difference between do_install, dio_insteall_prepend and do_install_append, and if this is omethign I should be using for the separation of normal and -test12:17
LetoThe2ndflying_sausages: nope12:17
flying_sausagesOr basically, how can I make the distinction ebtween what goes into normal and -test?12:17
LetoThe2ndflying_sausages: use FILES_${PN}-your-funny-addition12:18
flying_sausagesI'm sure this is in the mega maunal but I cannot seem to find it12:18
LetoThe2ndand extend PACKAGES accrodingly.12:18
flying_sausagesLetoThe2nd, sorry can you elaborate on the last message?12:18
flying_sausagesso I'm making a bbappend for the /test?12:19
flying_sausagesah perfect let me read this12:19
zzerooHi, does anyone know since when `oe.utils.conditional` was added to poky master? I ask because of that question:
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LetoThe2ndzzeroo: git log not telling?12:21
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flying_sausagesLetoThe2nd, wait, if I define the files I want separated in the FILES, do I need to specify them in the do_install?12:23
LetoThe2ndflying_sausages: specify them?12:23
LetoThe2ndzzeroo: ac023d775b6 says at least since apr 30, 201012:26
zzerooflying_sausages: In do_install you tell what and where should it installed. In FILES you tell what should be packed. Often this are the same, but not always12:27
flying_sausageszzeroo, did I get this right in that case?
flying_sausagesLetoThe2nd, specify as in?12:28
zzerooLetoThe2nd: Thank you, I think my question was odd. Have you read @nastevens question here:
flying_sausagesdo you mean SRC_URI ?12:28
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LetoThe2ndflying_sausages: you said: "12:23 < flying_sausages> LetoThe2nd, wait, if I define the files I want separated in the FILES, do I need to specify them in the do_install?"12:29
LetoThe2ndflying_sausages: and i have no idea what you mean with "specify" here.12:29
flying_sausagesoh right, by that I meant install them12:29
flying_sausagessorry stillgetting used to the terminology12:29
LetoThe2ndflying_sausages: yes, you need to have them installed.12:30
LetoThe2ndzzeroo: i've read it, but i don't know about the details. just did 2 minutes of git log inspection.12:31
flying_sausagesLetoThe2nd, but if I install them using do_install aren't the test-only paclages also make their way into the target if I just install the normal flavour?12:31
LetoThe2ndflying_sausages: have you actually gone ahead and tried it?12:31
LetoThe2ndflying_sausages: you can inspect the packages12:32
flying_sausagesnot yet, I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the idea of the way these recipes work12:32
flying_sausagesI'll try bake it now12:32
LetoThe2ndflying_sausages: again. do_install() tells bitbake what the recipe (*RECIPE* is the keyword!) installs, and FILES_* tells bitbake how to split what the recipe installs into pakcges.12:33
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nayfeflying_sausages : it misses ${S} in do_install() left part12:45
nayfeinstall ${S}/... ${D}/...12:48
flying_sausagesahh yes12:50
flying_sausagesalso a " at the very end :p12:51
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peacememorieshey everyone. i've got a bit of a problem building core-image-minimal for x86. i'm using meta-intel and poky, both on the rocko branch, and using the machine intel-corei7-64. it complains that nothing provides "initramfs-module-install"13:26
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tomi_Can you guys please help me?13:46
tomi_I have a yocto issue with license_create_manifest13:46
tomi_ERROR: Error executing a python function in /workspace/git/ehajtam/wr8/platform/meta-ericsson/meta-ericsson-vre/recipes-core-image/  The stack trace of python calls that resulted in this exception/failure was: File: 'license_create_manifest', lineno: 110, function: <module>      0106:      0107:              , pkg_rootfs_license)      0108:      0109:  *** 0110:license_create_manifest(d)13:47
tomi_Sorry. that is not really informative13:47
tomi_So yocto failes with Exception: KeyError: 'LICENSE_kernel-module-i40evf'13:47
tomi_although I specified the LICENSE in my recipe13:48
tomi_has anyone seen such a thing before?13:48
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rburtontomi_: pastebining your actual recipe would be a lot more useful13:59
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tomi_SUMMARY = "I40E v1.6.42 device driver"  LICENSE = "GPLv2" LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://COPYING;md5=d181af11d575d88127d52226700b0888"  require ../ inherit module  PR = "r0"  DEPENDS = "virtual/kernel"  do_configure[depends] += "linux-wolf_int:do_configure"  B = "${S}/src"  SRC_URI = "${URIPREFIX}/${PN}-${PV}.tar.gz"  EXTRA_OEMAKE += "\     BUILD_KERNEL=${KERNEL_VERSION} \     KSP=${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR} \     VSP=${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR14:05
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kergothgoogle for 'pastebin'14:05
tomi_ohh sorry about that14:06
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tomi_this was the recipe14:09
tomi_and this is the ERROR i have14:09
tomi_The recipe compiles fine, but sadly the whole image build is not succesfull14:12
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tomi_I am trying to install the i40e driver 1.6.42, but looks like an earlier version is also compiled by yocto14:20
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tomi_How can I install the newer one?14:20
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tomi_this might be a similar issue14:22
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tomi_Please, Can anyone help me?14:25
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: OEToolchainConfig.cmake is not installed by cmake recipe Yocto <>14:37
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armpitRP, ping.. morty.. are we still trying to sort out glibc .27 issues ?15:16
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nayfeFor those using Poky CROPS, is there a  better way than bindmounting ~/.ssh folder to docker container to access protected git repos ?15:22
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RParmpit: yes, sdks aren't working yet16:00
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RPrburton: interesting stap sanity fails with module version problems :(16:14
rburtonyeah didn't look good16:14
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khemRP: I was thinking about our release schedules and idea came up, why dont we slate YP releases say at same time as fedora releases ?16:33
khemRP: Ubuntu releases in Apr/Oct Fedora in May/Non-Dec16:34
khemso its shift of 1 month but it gives us sometime to support the new releases.16:34
armpitkhem, what about window releases ?16:34
khemwindoze :)16:35
RPkhem: We had to pick something and I like our Apr/Oct. If we wait to Dec to support we'd have to release in Jan and that would suck :/16:35
frayDec/Jan can have issues with corporations as well..  so from a YP (corporate sponsored) Nov of before works better..  one problem (in the US at least) is Thanksgiving holiday in Nov.. so October is 'better'..  but that really is only a US problem...16:36
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khemRP: no dec, but Nov16:38
fraybut ya, fall release (the one I care the most about)  Oct/Nov is my personal preference..16:38
RPkhem: but you need some time after they release to sort our stuff out...16:39
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:39
khemcurrently we have to push quite a few fixes to support newer host distros immediately after release, which is not ideal either16:39
fraythat says we have a testing issue -- we should be testing with the dev versions of these new distros.. assuming they are available of course... [I'm ignoring resource constraints)16:40
armpitthat is only an issue for stable releases and we list only the then currently release, don't we ?16:41
khemfray: yes that works too for my case, I can then let people know that f28 is going to be supported with Sumo16:41
frayI know we -try-.. but the testing for not-yet-released versions is less then stable..16:42
fray(we = WR)16:42
fraybut then again, I've not had commercial customers ask me for Fedora support..16:42
khemfor commercial reasons, centos/debian/suse is what folks target and really old versions16:43
armpit(yp/OE) stable releases feel the wrath of new host OS for 1.5 yrs after release so its a none issue for me16:43
frayexactly..  usually centos/ubuntu/suse16:43
khemhowever, devs can run newer distros on their VMs16:43
khemso there is a increased demand for more modern distros16:43
fray(I personally gave up on Fedora.. it 'moves too fast, and breaks too often..'  kind of like the latest Ubuntu..16:44
*** open-nandra_ <open-nandra_!> has joined #yocto16:44
khemfray: you are being double standard its relesase schedule is no different than ours :)16:44
frayI also pretty much only use master (in development) or fall release [stable]..16:45
khemworld should just use archlinux for host distro and and incarnation of poky-bleeding, CI/CDed everyday, life becomes simple16:45
frayI can't afford a day to re-install my workstation....  thats just reality..16:45
frayI don't like how ancient CentOS is..  and I don't like how 'wild' Fedora is... but I've not found a solution to that problem.. :)16:46
khemfray: my archlinux install was in 2013, it has been smooth upgrade eversince.16:46
khemfray: ubuntu LTS is somewhere in middle16:47
frayya, but then I have to learn the 'debian way' of doing everything.. (ubuntu LTS).. but I agree.. the ubuntu way seems a little nicer..16:47
kergothi stopped using arch when they switched to systemd.. maybe i should try it again16:48
khemkergoth: heh, you should. systemd is not bad its solving a tough problem16:50
kergothi hate the concept more than the implemetnation. yes, it does the job, but it bugs me that it sucks up the damn world to do so :) also lost some of that explicit non-complexity at the core of arch, i.e. editing a single variable to control the services started16:50
kergothtradeoffs, but..16:51
kergothi do <3 pacman, though16:51
khemkergoth: I would have liked it to put limits on itself too or become more modular but seeing how osx has done its init etc. systemd makes an argument for better boot experience16:52
khemRP: in a way our release schedule kind of covers ubuntu since its almost same time as yp, a week here and there, I just have fedora users who want to stay on top16:53
RPkhem: I'll give it some thought16:54
khemand I know we cant end world hunger, but we can try16:56
khemoh btw. if folks are daring they could try my gcc-8 updates here
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peacememorieshmm, does bitbake kill ssh-agent forwarding? i'm trying to build a recipe on our private git, and am forwarding my agent to a build host. `git clone`ing the repo in the shell works, but running bitbake i get the error that i do not have the correct permissions17:19
*** open-nandra_ <open-nandra_!~marek@> has joined #yocto17:24
peacememoriesadding "SSH_AUTH_SOCK" and "SSH_AGENT_PID" to "BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE" does not seem to have helped :/17:25
*** martinkelly1 <martinkelly1!> has joined #yocto17:29
peacememoriesand adding anything to "BB_ENV_WHITELIST" causes a sanity check error O.o17:31
kergothsetting env whitelisdt will override the default17:34
kergothextrawhgite is correct17:34
peacememoriesusing extrawhite does sadly not change a thing :/17:34
peacememories(meaning it still tells me i don't have the correct permissions)17:34
kergothi use agent forwarding to auth bitbake fetches every day, not sure why it wouldn't be working for you17:35
peacememoriesis `export BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE="SSH_AUTH_SOCK SSH_AGENT_PID" correct?17:35
peacememories(missing ` at the end there, but you get the point^^)17:35
kergothtechnically that too is removing vars that were there by default. first source oe-init-build-env, then export BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE="$BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE SSH_AUTH_SOCK SSH_AGENT_PID" to append to the existing variable17:36
kergothbut iirc those are whitelisted by default anyway, so i htink you've got somethinge lse going on17:37
peacememoriesbut my BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE was empty before^^17:37
kergothi'd suggest doing a bitbake -c devshell on some recipe and then running ssh-add -l in the devshell17:37
kergothoe-init-build-env sets it17:37
kergothso that seems unlikely17:37
* kergoth shrugs17:37
peacememoriesokay yeah, you're right17:38
peacememoriesjust reinitialized my build env17:38
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peacememoriesokay, i'm sure i didn't touch that var before i tried it first O.o it's working now *hides*17:40
peacememorieswell "working" the build still fails, but that's expected with my current recipe^^17:40
peacememoriesthanks :)17:40
laplanteis there any way to use a MultiStageProgressReporter with a task'17:43
laplante* with a task's 'progress' varflag?17:43
*** phatina <phatina!> has joined #yocto17:45
laplantelooks like only 'outof' and 'percent' are supported17:45
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seebsjust a heads up for those curious, i went looking, and it looks like writing a "correct" syscall wrapper is much harder than it looks.19:32
seebsBut I have thought of an incredibly ugly workaround for one of the things.19:32
seebsSo basically, the syscall() wrapper will end with: close(-3); errno = ENOTSUPP; return -1;19:33
seebsbecause that sets the separate register used to indicate whether a syscall succeeded.19:33
seebs... huh. come to think of it, i should possibly be thinking about that in other cases also, because this could be a general problem with the ABI, it's just one that normally doesn't show up in code.19:34
seebsBecause there are lots of cases where we're going to return -1 from a syscall-like-thing, but the actual last syscall called by pseudo will have succeeded.19:34
seebsalso renameat2() is a pain to implement. but also I see why they want it, it allows things that were actually previously impossible.19:36
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otaviorburton: mesa upgrade is important. It fixes a lot of problms with AMD and Intel platforms20:31
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JPEWseebs: Whats the close(-3) for?20:56
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noway96I'm trying to setup rc.local on my image22:31
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itsfemme[m]is yocto suitable for building desktop distros?22:36
noway96I'm getting QA issue: Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package22:39
noway96I have install -d                          ${D}/etc/22:39
noway96install -m 0755 ${S}/rc.local       ${D}/etc/rc.local22:39
clsullivnoway96: do you have FILES_${PN} = "/etc/rc.local" in your recipe?22:43
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noway96lol wait22:50
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noway96oh my goodness . . . what a dumb mistake22:51
noway96I had FILES_${PN} overwritting a previous declaration in the same file22:51
noway96so what is FILES_${PN} anyway?22:54
*** georgem_home <georgem_home!uid210681@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto22:55
clsullivnoway96: the files that go into the package ${PN}22:55
clsullivif your recipe made multiple packages you could further separate it22:55
noway96so do_install() does the actual installation, but FILES_${PN} tell it what to expect?22:55
clsullivso like in your recipe, your do_install could remain the same, but you could do FILES_${PN}-usb = "/usr/local/bin/" for example22:56
clsullivwith PACKAGES += "${PN}-usb"22:56
clsulliv(not recommending this, just an example)22:56
noway96clsulliv, also that fixed it, thank you22:58
noway96oh, why would I want multiple packages?22:58
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clsullivnoway96: in your example you wouldn't, just a quick example of why FILES is useful22:59
clsullivbut in the general case, more granularity23:00
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clsullivso your FILES_${PN} should have both the remount-usb and rc.local files, in case I wasn't being clear23:01
noway96ok thanks23:03
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noway96is there a way to install a directory tree instead of just the directory23:12
noway96some variant of install -d23:12
seebsJPEW: apparently syscall(2) does extra magic if the syscall "failed", so simulating a failed syscall may prevent some errors.23:16
seebsI should probably be doing this for all the things which are syscall wrappers.23:17
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clsullivnoway96: there's always cp -r, but you then might have extra work dealing with ownership/permissions23:25
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clsullivcould also do put 'find foo/ -type d23:28
clsullivthrough a for loop23:28
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kergothgenerally folks use cp but arrange to not retain ownership, via whatever means, or chown after the fact. i.e. cp -R --no-dereference --preserve=mode,links23:32
kergothgrep -w cp oe-core :)23:32
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