Saturday, 2018-03-31

kergothkhem: fyi, looks like shallow since requires both a new git client *and* newer git on the server side when using git://. limits the usefulness somewhat, though still worth supporting, ki think00:00
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #956 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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khemkergoth: I agree, the repos getting huge there will be incentive to update git00:23
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rschaefeHi. I'm trying to add connmanctl to my image. Adding connman-conf to CORE_EXTRA_IMAGE_INSTALL works, but adding it into a package group does not with errors complaining about "nothing provides connman-conf" in do_populate_sdk. What could be the difference?01:18
moto-timorschaefe: the recipe does not BBCLASSEXTEND = "nativesdk"01:30
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moto-timonot sure it makes sense to add it to SDK, but I'll leave that for someone else to comment on01:32
kergothkhem: only barely tested due to the aforementioned version issues, but seems like it should do. 1) BB_GIT_SHALLOW=1, 2) BB_GIT_SHALLOW_SINCE or BB_GIT_SHALLOW_SINCE_<name> to a date before SRCREV commit, optionally, on a per-recipe basis 3) BB_GENERATE_SHALLOW_TARBALLS=101:33
kergothonly uses it on the initial clone, which is then converted to full on an as-needed basis01:35
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rschaefemoto-timo: thanks! my computer forced restarted on me. Are packagegroups always included in the sdk? I can't see anywhere where I accidentally included the packagegroups in TOOLCHAIN_[HOST|TARGET|_TASK02:08
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moto-timorschaefe: packagegroups are mostly a convenience for image creation02:10
moto-timono recipe will end up in an SDK unless it BBCLASSEXTEND = "nativesdk"02:11
moto-timo(I think fairly strongly)02:11
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RPseebs: I've just confirmed that causes librsvg to segfault during do_install13:02
RPseebs: I think its use of syscall() from libglib13:05
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seebsyeah, looks like it might be.15:43
seebsit's gonna take forever to get there, because the test case is somewhere past cairo.15:43
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seebshuh, interesting.16:22
seebsthe actual failure i got from librsvg install isn't the segfaults.16:22
seebscannot write output files to `/home/seebs/src/poky/build/tmp/work/i586-poky-linux/glibc-locale/2.26-r0/locale-tree/usr/lib/locale/hsb_DE.ISO-8859-2/': No such file or directory16:22
seebsah-ahh! but i can reproduce that by running a single cross-localedef under pseudo.16:23
seebsinteresting. running cross-localedef under pseudo produces that.16:24
seebsbut running ls of the directory under pseudo doesn't.16:24
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seebshuh. this is weird. cross-localedef is emitting an error message about a path it hasn't referred to in any way for pages of output.16:30
RPseebs: I suspect the librsvg thing will reproduce if you make a local build of it and "make install" into some dummy location16:33
seebsso, i'm not hitting the segfaults.16:35
seebsor rather, i am, but they seem not to be what killed the build.16:35
seebsi'm getting a weird failure from cross-localedef, and it makes no sense.16:36
seebsspecifically: i can compare with and without the path changes, and the failure happens only with the path changes.16:36
RPseebs: additional path problems in your build? :/ I haven't tested the latest commits you made16:36
seebsbut, and this is the neat part, the path it's reporting problems with *hasn't been used recently* when it fails.16:36
RPseebs: to be clear I was using latest master with and without the syscall change but only for librsvg16:36
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seebsyeah. my build trying to get there blew up on the path thing.16:38
seebsthe weird thing is just that, usually, when path stuff fails, the error message relates in some way to a path that pseudo has just been asked to resolve.16:39
seebsin this case, it resolves the path successfully, and then i *don't* get any diagnostics about it, and it fails.16:39
RPseebs: that does sound very odd :/16:40
RPseebs: I'll see if I can give you a faster svg reproducer16:40
seebs... ah-hah!16:41
seebsi think i found a thing.16:41
seebsstrace suggests that something called lstat("") and got ENOENT16:42
RPseebs: ah16:42
seebsthat is the degenerate case i had not considered.16:42
RPseebs: - if you bitbake librsvg-native it will reproduce the segfault16:42
RPbeing native it doesn't need the cross compiler or libc16:42
RPI just hacked the native install to run under pseudo16:43
seebshmm. that may not be the problem.16:43
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seebsi am just so curious as to what is causing cross-localedef to suddenly assert that it can't open a thing, when it doesn't appear to have tried.16:51
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seebsoh geeze16:53
seebsi think someone is actually checking errno to determine whether an error occurred16:53
seebsokay cross-localedef is just plain wrong, but also i should fix my code.16:54
seebsthe problem is that the new path resolution code is more likely to call lstat on something which doesn't exist, and set errno to ENOENT.16:54
seebsWhereupon cross-localedef, doing something else entirely, declares that an error occurred, not because a call returned an error status, but because errno is set.16:55
seebsi would just like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that *errno being set does not indicate that an error has occurred*.16:57
RPseebs: such fun :/17:03
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seebshey, i'm happy17:03
seebsi run a D&D game that started 3 minutes ago and I'm only slightly late and i fixed it17:03
seebsI'll try to get to librsvg soonish, but probably not in the next few hours. I am urgently required to cause giants to hit people with large and heavy objects.17:04
RPseebs: np, go and have fun with giants! :)17:05
* RP should go and be sociable or something17:05
seebsyeah, get some recreation in. it is good for mental health and productivity.17:07
* RP cleaned up the garage earlier (long overdue, I can see the workbench again!), playing with motorcycles tomorrow...17:08
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seebsi actually took up carpentry and small electronics (like, hand-soldering custom boards for little AVR chips) as things to help me Get Work Done.17:12
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seebsbecause the best way to solve a design problem is normally to think about it clearly for a bit, then *get away from the keyboard and do something else*.17:12
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Crofton|worksociable is for strange people17:21
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seebscan confirm i did get the segfaults from the librsvg build, though, so when i'm next looking at it, i can look at it successfully-ish.17:28
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[Sno]moto-timo: RP: I finished the prepare of "Perl on embedded devices" layer work and updated meta-cpan/meta-cpan and my local stuff around19:36
moto-timo[Sno] great. I'll check it out.19:37
[Sno]but I'm completely drained now ;)19:37
[Sno]a few flash devices tomorrow, some program text and I'm done :D19:37
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[Sno]the BBB is very fragile - I had to work complete last week to get it run in reasonable way (still no uboot-fw-utils support)19:38
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seebsJPEW: I'm pretty sure you got it, nice catch.21:18
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seebsconfirmed, JPEW's observation was the thing, master branch now fixed.21:57
JPEWhackernp. coredumpctl did most of the hard work ;)22:11
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