Thursday, 2018-04-19

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Adding a partition in Yocto Generated Image <>04:25
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: about building a small docker image from Dockerfile <>05:25
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: CROSS COMPILE Paho-MQTT-C library for ARM? <>05:55
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acrapHi, folks!07:49
acrapCan i add files to image recipe?07:49
LetoThe2ndacrap: what is it that you *ACTUALLY* want to do?07:51
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acrapLetoThe2nd i need to run rootfs postprocess script (bash).07:52
eduardas_mhello, I have problems building qtwayland:
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eduardas_mit looks like the build process does not see libwayland-egl library for some reason which is strange since I have definitely built the libwayland-egl package07:53
acrapOne more question... Can i have the access to Yocto variables in external bash script (it will be executed from the image recipe)07:54
eduardas_mthe tmp/work/armv7at2hf-neon-imx-fod-linux-gnueabi/qtwayland/5.10.1+gitAUTOINC+db36bc0d9c-r0/recipe-sysroot/usr/lib directory actually contains libwayland-egl.so07:55
eduardas_mthis is being done using yocto release 2.4.2 rocko and meta-qt5 5.10 vendor branch from the Qt Company07:56
LetoThe2ndacrap: no, i don't think either work. might be mistaken, but as far as i can tell the script has to be in the recipe07:57
acrapLetoThe2nd: it makes sense. Thank you.07:59
eduardas_macrap: have you looked at ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND variable for rootfs postprocessing?07:59
acrapeduardas_m: yep. It works fine. I just want to use external bash script there.08:01
nayfeacrap: can't you put variables in argument ?08:01
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acrapnayfe: sure i can. I am just interested in opportunity to don't do that.08:03
eduardas_manyone have any idea why does my qtwayland build process miss detecting a library that is actually present in the recipe-sysroot?08:04
eduardas_mhow can I better debug such issues?08:05
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nayfeacrap: maybe generate an environment script to source in external one, or wait rburton to wake up :D08:06
prabhakarladHI, is there a way to append package.bbclass08:06
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nayfeeduardas_m: did you look log.do_configure.15885 and config.log ?08:08
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nayfeprabhakarlad: what do you want to do?08:14
eduardas_mnayfe: its is basically the same as the output here:
eduardas_msays libwayland-egl is not detected, even though it exists in  recipe-sysroot08:15
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eduardas_mfunny thing is that when I enter devshell and execute qmake, it detects libwayland-egl08:16
nayfeeduardas_m: did you check PACKAGECONFIG?08:16
eduardas_mjust finished successfully compiling in devshell, wonder why it did not work from bitbake, will try a cleanall08:18
eduardas_mnayfe: so a bitbake qtwayland -c cleanall seems to help after all, not sure why I have ended up in such a weird state in the first place08:21
nayfenice :)08:21
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acrapoh. I can't export environment variable...08:24
acrapi do 'export VAR_NAME'08:24
acrapand use like this 'echo $VAR_NAME' inside a function08:24
acrapi have this variable in env, it isn't empty. But echo prints nothing08:26
acrapecho prints to file. File is empty. ''echo $VAR_NAME > ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/hello.txt08:27
acrapexport YOCTO_EXT_RPM_DIR08:33
acrapmy_postprocess_function() {08:33
acrap  echo $YOCTO_EXT_RPM_DIR > ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/hello.txt08:33
acrapROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND += "my_postprocess_function;"08:34
acrapit creates an empty file08:34
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acrapbut in this terminal i can do echo $YOCTO_EXT_RPM_DIR and got right value08:35
acrapi mean i use the same terminal to run bitbake08:38
acrapi tried to use curly braces around variable (like for IMAGE_ROOTFS), but it doesn't help.08:39
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acrapDoes somebody have an experience with exporting variables from env?08:47
rburtonbitbake prunes the environment when it starts, so an export when you start bitbake will be wiped08:48
rburtonbest practise is to do the assignment in the configuration file instead08:48
acraprburton: i didn't know that. You saved my day!08:50
rburtoni should set up a tipjar!08:53
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LetoThe2ndrburton: with whiskey in the jar?09:00
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to cross compile Paho-MQTT-C library for ARM? <>09:25
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rburtonLetoThe2nd: works for me!09:46
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: I stuck on startup screen because I put my script on rc3.d and it is infinity while loop <>09:56
prabhakarladnayfe: sorry for the delay, I wanted to replace file fs-perms.txt but found a way to do it using FILESYSTEM_PERMS_TABLES, but after doing this now I get the following issues xxx  is owned by uid 1004, which is the same as the user running bitbake. This may be due to host contamination09:57
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nayfeprabhakarlad: maybe pastebin your custom fs-perms.txt ?10:03
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prabhakarladIts exactly similar to the default once except a symlink removed to /var/log,
prabhakarladmy bad here is the link
prabhakarladOops sorry here it is
rburtonmy guess is its not actually being used10:08
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prabhakarladnayfe: so di I need to fix all the packages with this qa, with similar patch
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nayfeprabhakarlad: what exactly do you want to do with /var/log? maybe is better for what you want?11:02
prabhakarladnayfe: I am using a bit older version of yocto where VOLATILE_LOG_DIR isnt supported, so what I did was refereed this patches  and used .bbappend instead of patching it everthing works apart from the above mentioned of contamination11:07
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nayfeprabhakarla: can't you just do that at the very end with ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND11:53
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: install keyword significance in yocto recipe <>11:56
prabhakarladnayfe: thanks for the suggestion I'll try it out and let you know11:57
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sveinseMy rocko target is dependent on dhcp-client. I see that my system is running named, which is coming from bind being dependent on dhcp-client. Do I really need to run named on the target?12:13
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jwwsveinse: I dont think you need a dns cache to run a dhcp client, maybe you could change your dhcp client for one without this dependency ? I saw dhcpd is ok.12:44
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sveinsejww: Do you know how I can configure it not to be included?12:50
jwwI'm pretty new to yocto, but I think you can do that with PACKAGE_EXCLUDE , see
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prabhakarladnayfe: ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND works perfect!12:55
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pawanany help regarding network proxy in vmware workstation13:05
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nayfepawan: can you be more explicit? :p13:08
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pawan_how to set proxy in vmware workstation for build appliance13:13
sveinseI am unable to remove bind since dhcp depends on it13:14
sveinseI am curious if there is a buried FEATURE_ somewhere, where I can select not to install bind. Any ideas anyone?13:15
kergothread the dhcp recipe, or look for a different dhcp client recipe, there are many options. udhcpc, dhcpcd, etc13:16
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msiis it normal, that postinst is not being run during 'opkg install xxx' ?13:20
pawanwhile building core-image-minimal resulting in proxy error, anyone had idea about the proxy settings13:21
pawanin vmware workstation13:22
msiat the same time, postrm is being run on opkg remove, that doesn't make any sense to  me13:22
sveinsekergoth: yes. I just don't understand why dhcp is dependent on bind13:22
sveinseOr more correctly, named running on target13:23
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nayfesveinse: it's for dynamic dns handling13:34
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paulbarkersveinse: dhcpcd is probably much more appropriate for embedded systems13:36
nayfepawan: maybe pastebin your proxy error13:37
sveinseAnother tricky detail is that I've included 'packagegroup-core-full-cmdline' because I want well, a full cmd-line. It however, down the line include rpcbind which I don't want due to the open network services. So now the challenge is how to remove these services with the minimum effort while still using the packagegroup. I really don't want to take over the recipe, yet I want to amend to it13:39
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paulbarkerCreate a bbappend for the packagegroup13:39
sveinseFrom a security point of view, the packagegroups should ideally not start any services without it being declared as such. I wouldn't expect that rpcbind and rcp.statd were started as a consequence of 'packagegroup-core-full-cmdline'. No ranting, just my 2 cents13:42
nayfesveinse: create your own packagroup with exactly what you want in it, or IMAGE_INSTALL_remove = "xxx"13:42
sveinsenayfe: IMAGE_INSTALL_remove will break deps, won't it?13:45
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kergothIMAGE_INSTALL_remove will only help if the package you want to remove is explicitly listed in IMAGE_INSTALL. but as he says, bbappend the packagegroup, create your own, or explicitly list the packages you need13:52
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nayfeindeed :)13:54
nayfetime for a nap13:54
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* armpit woohoo rocko clean14:07
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* armpit pyro builds on the new system too time to check morty14:10
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jwwI'm trying to make a recipe for a cmake project, but I have compilations error it say doesn't find iostream .can somebody help please ? here is my recipe and the error message :
binarymjww: find out which package install iostream and then explicit dependency using DEPENDS_${PN} += "<package that install iostream>"14:22
binarymi guess that package will be something like libstdc++14:23
jwwbinarym: I searched for this earlier, I found only libcxx but it fail to compile.14:32
armpitstephano, mmmm coffee14:33
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* stephano shakes his fist at his lack of coffee14:38
neverpanicbinarym: DEPENDS_${PN} is not a thing. RDEPENS_${PN} exists and so does DEPENDS, but there is no package-specific DEPENDS14:38
neverpanicAlso, the compiler and GCC runtime should be in DEPENDS automatically unless one sets INHIBIT_DEFAULT_DEPS (IIRC that's what the variable was called, didn't double-check)14:39
LetoThe2ndstephano: hrhr14:40
stephanoLetoThe2nd: :)14:41
rburtonjww: sounds like the projects cmakelists is basically broken14:43
sveinsekergoth: remember the nsswich problem I had? It got resolved once I pulled in head on the rocko branch, so either there was a regression in there at some time, or that my previous compilation had some kind of (masked) error14:43
mckoanstephano: LOL14:44
jwwbinarym: yes I have the same issue when using DEPENDS_${PN} , and when I add it in DEPENDS I get an error, I updated the pastebin with config and the new error ( at bottom )
jwwrburton: should I use my own src_compile() so ?14:45
rburtonjww: no, you'll have to figure out why the build isn't using the right paths, as we can clearly demonstrate cmake builds work normally14:45
jwwrburton: I understand, I'll dig it more.14:46
stephanomckoan: the day does not start without coffee, no? :)14:46
jwwrburton: it's not about adding libcxx to DEPENDS so ?14:46
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rburtonjww: no because iostream is part of the c++ standard library so you can't not have that14:47
rburton(unless you set INHIBIT_DEFAULT_DEPS as above in which case you won't get a compiler either)14:48
jwwI was thinking so, but I saw the project use CFLAG -std=gnu11 wich seems provided by libcxx.14:48
rburtonno idea what libcxx is tbh14:48
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jwwI found this here :
LetoThe2ndrburton: predecessor of libcyy14:49
rburtonjww: part of clang, oe-core uses gcc by default,which comes with c++14:49
* armpit 2nd cup of corree14:50
jwwallright, let's looks at this cmakelists.14:51
nayfejww:  "fatal error: gnu/stubs-soft.h" indicates you have problem with CFLAGS14:54
jwwnayfe: I saw I can fix it by adding -mfloat-abi=hard to the CFLAG in CMakeLists.txt14:55
nayfeyou should check your DEFAULTTUNE14:55
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jwwnayfe: I'm new to yocto, I gotta check what is DEFAULTTUNE :)14:56
msifound my problem, if opkg is being run via ssh, then PATH variable is not complete and probably opkg can't run update-rc.d14:58
msibut not a single error message is printed14:58
nayfejww: "bitbake -e | grep ^TARGET_CC_ARCH=" for instance?14:58
nayfejww then CMake needs to be aware of those flags14:59
jwwTARGET_CC_ARCH=" -march=armv7ve -marm -mfpu=neon-vfpv4 -mfloat-abi=hard -mcpu=cortex-a7"14:59
jwwI think rburton is right the CmakeLists.txt doesn't seems ok.15:00
rburtonthey get passed in via cflags etc15:00
rburtonsounds like the cmakelists is just overwriting those values in the assumption it knows best15:01
mckoanstephano: indeed!15:02
jwwI found a file ./src-build/compile_commands.json will this be used by cmake ? because it containts path that are wrongs.15:02
jwwin fact everything is wrong in that file.15:03
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majukHi all. Generic question I'm hoping someone with experience can give me some insight. I've been developing an environment, patching kernel source and generally getting things working. However, my work flow has been to make these coding changes in the BUILD/tmp/work* directory, build & test, then generate patches which I incorporate into .bbappends. This was workable, but now I'm incorporating a second developer and this is unsustaina15:08
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majukAny suggestions or docs outlining 'proper' development would be appreciated.15:09
paulbarkermajuk: Which version of yocto project are you using?15:13
majukpaulbarker: rocko15:13
nayfemajuk: just in case you missed it
paulbarkerYou should be able to use "devtool modify" on the recipes in question then15:13
majukdevtool! I played with that a few months ago and couldn't remember the name of it to google.15:14
majuknayfe: Thanks!15:14
majukI didn't understand the workflow of devtool when I tried to use it before, have to give it another shot.15:15
paulbarkerSearching in the mega-manual is usually helpful. I often get caught out and forget that it doesn't incorporate the bitbake manual though so remember to search that too!15:15
nayfepaulbarker: i guess mega manual can't contain it all ;) but it's so handy!15:20
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majuklol, I wish I understood what half of the devtool setup guide was talking about.15:24
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mckoansuch workflow producing an infinite list of patched will become eventually unsustainable15:34
kergothRP: just noticed a change to a function in sstate.bbclass results in a complete rebuild of everything from scratch. probably shouldn't include the sstate prefuncs/postfuncs in the real task checksums15:34
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mckoanprobably the best option would be to work directly in the git repo of your sources instead of manipulating the recipe15:36
RPkergoth: I'm torn on that. It never used to but someone complained changes to sstate code can change the contents :/15:36
neverpanicjww: compile_commands.json would usually be generated by CMake and should contain the executed commands.15:36
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majukmckoan: Got a doc or example?15:38
kergothhmm, guess this is a consequence of using prefuncs/postfuncs rather than tasks (admittedly it's cleaner this way), since it doesn't know it only hsa to re-run the sstate postprocessing and packaging, but has to rerun the build tasks too, even though nothing has changed in the builds15:39
RPkergoth: it certainly makes it easier to work on the code if it doesn't do that15:39
jwwneverpanic: thanks15:39
RPkergoth: even as tasks the task checksum dependencies would mean things would rebuild15:39
jwwrburton / nayfe : it was the MakeLists.txt that overrided CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS and others variables . now it's better .15:40
armpitRP, is the default kernel in sumo 4.15 ?15:40
kergothtrue, i guess this is just one of those cases where there's no perfect option15:40
jwwI just need to install opencv 2 instead of 3. but it think it won't be easy.15:40
kergothnot ideal to rebuild the world when i add a bb.warn, but what can you do :)15:40
RPkergoth: locked sigs ;-)15:41
RParmpit: hmm, I saw 4.14 here15:41
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armpit4.15 is not EOL on K.O15:42
RPkergoth: I love the idea of a "bitbake-sstate lock *; bitbake-sstate unlock bash" command15:42
nayfe<jww> you can't use opencv3?15:42
kergothhmm, yes, that would make it easier, good point. i don't leverage signature locking often enough15:43
jwwnayfe: infortunatly not I just discovered it was not compatible :(15:43
armpitRP there is 4.12, 4.14 and 4.1515:44
* armpit lot to maintain15:44
RParmpit: talk to zeddii15:46
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nayfejww: in it seems they handle opencv315:47
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jwwummm it's very strange, it should not be the siril I'm trying to package.15:52
jwwbut they looks like similar.15:52
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jwwsound like the devs tooks this Siril as base, but they havent's told me pfft.15:56
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ostenIs it possible to make the boot partition being generated as a separate file in the output directory ?16:21
kergothRP: how do you force the locked signatures to override the actual ones rather than just erroring out if they don't match?16:27
RPkergoth: There is a warn and fatal mode iirc16:28
RPkergoth: may need some tweaks16:28
RPkergoth: I think its up to the sig handler16:28
kergothah. thanks16:30
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gabriel__Hello, I am trying to add the npm-fetcher bbclass to my yocto 1.7 bitbake compilation, without success. Can someone give me a quick help, pls?16:54
gabriel__I followed the instructions on the github page, but I keep getting a ould not inherit file error16:55
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khemgabriel__: 1.7 might be a stretch17:01
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gabriel__Yeah, I know. I am using an Intel Edison for my project. The distro provided by intel is based on the 1.7, and since I'll be changing platform soon it is not worth to upgrade now.17:03
gabriel__For now I just need to run a simple node serve with two or three extra modules, which I was planning to download right from the recipe using the npm-fetcher17:06
khemyou might want to read through the npm changes since 1.7 and see if anything makes sense for your issue17:07
khemisnt edison also EOL along with 1.7 being EOL too :)17:08
gabriel__But we have a batch of some thousands Edisons that we need to sell out haha17:08
gabriel__Anyway, in order to add a new bbclass to the yocto compilation, what I need to do is just add the path of the layer to the bblayers.conf file, am I right?17:10
gabriel__I have added some custom layers with new recipes to the image, but for bbclasses this is the first time17:10
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ant_homekhem, hi there17:17
ant_homeI sinale this as well ;)17:18
ant_homeI am solving the issues with the axe17:18
ant_homepossible runtime issues...pls review17:18
ant_home| powerpc-oe-linux-musl-ld: unrecognised emulation mode: soft-float17:19
ant_homeseems I am abusing of ld17:20
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nayfeosten: it is possible, but i'm not sure there is an image type for that, you can create one17:34
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aehs29gabriel__: it should be the same17:50
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gabriel__aehs29, even though it loaded the layer, when I try to run the recipe I get "Could not inherit file classes/npm-fetch.bbclass". I don't know if there is a configuration file that Intel put somewhere in this environment that is messing up something17:54
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aehs29gabriel__: you can add -D flags to bitbake so you can see whats parsing, it might give you a clue of whats happening17:59
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sveinseGiven a yocto setup which builds product images and governing this build is a CM-system on top. Let's say you have a CM flag saying if one wants development packages included (as opposed to release version). What is a robust mechanism for controlling bitbake with this? IMAGE_FEATURES, DISTRO_FEATURES? Set from the image/distro recipe or from local.conf?18:04
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nayfesveinse: you can generate two differents images, but it becomes trickier if you change kernel configuration18:09
sveinsenayfe: No, in out setup, this is bound to the overall CM config, not intra-image, if you understand me. There is a build/release flow outside of Yocto in this.18:11
sveinseI have a scheme for generating a local.conf from the CM setup, but I try to minimize its contents18:12
smurraysveinse: you could potentially drop in a site.conf in the CM, leaving local.conf static18:13
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gabriel__aehs29, just tried that, but despite all the debug info there is nothing supicious there, and the error is given with the same line18:16
nayfesveinse: not sure i understand your workflow, but some variables resides in machine configurations, some in distro configurations and some in image recipes18:16
sveinsesmurray: I do. site.conf contains the site global setup, such as mirrors, sstate cache and so on. local.conf contains the specifics; such as distro selection, but also pinning for the speicific subrepos when the CM mandates a lockdown18:18
smurraysveinse: you could perhaps add IMAGE_FEATURES tweaks in there as well if it's just add debug / dev stuff18:19
sveinsenayfe: Yes, they do. I'm just trying to figure out a logical location for setting product-wide configuration18:19
sveinsesmurray: Yes, I'm considering adding IMAGE_FEATURES and then adding this feature explicitly from local.conf from the CM18:19
smurraysveinse: I'd almost be tempted to make a separate image recipe that inherits the production one and adds the extra stuff18:20
nayfe dev-pkgs feature18:20
sveinsenayfe: yeah, something like that18:20
sveinseThen it would be best to add this from local.conf with IMAGE_FEATURES_myimage_append = "my-feature", right?18:22
sveinsesmurray: if you do that, then the image will go by two names, which is confusing18:24
aarcaneWhen troubleshooting, can I just do DEPENDS=${RDEPENDS} to get a slightly bloated but more functional package (IE: Can I assign one to the other just to test, even if it means pulling in extra dependencies that aren't needed at runtime)?18:24
smurraysveinse: yes, that is the drawback if you want them to be named the same18:24
nayfeaarcane: RDEPENDS is related to packages DEPENDS to recipes18:24
sveinsesmurray: we do more processing after yocto has produced it's rootfs image, so there is more. But of course, you don't know that18:25
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aarcanenayfe, I know, but I don't want to try to split everything out of a single DEPENDS and into DEPENDS and RDEPENDS.  I just want to assign one to the other, since they're all in DEPENDS right now and I don't have the reference handy for which ones go where18:26
aarcaneyes, I buggered up out of confusion.  I'm looking for a quick patch so I can finish testing functionality and fix packaging later18:26
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake trying to apply patch before unpacking source <>18:27
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nayfeaarcane: sorry i don't understand, but you can assign variables if you think it will help you18:32
nayfesveinse: maybe create a packagegroup and use IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " yourcustompg" in your local.conf ?18:35
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sveinsenayfe: yep. which is equivalent of FEATURE_PACKAGES_feature = " yourcustompg" and IMAGE_FEATURE_xyz_append = " feature"18:36
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sveinseif I'm not mistaken18:37
aarcaneoiy, that's another minor criticism I have of yocto in general (especially with mender) is that everything is split up between your local.conf and your layer and they are decidedly *not* in the same git repo, so bumping versions or making changes in the layer means making a change to bump version in local.conf, and...  well...  it just gets tedious.  Annoying changing all those things around.  Why can't all packaging and image content and whatnot be18:39
aarcanedecided solely by the layers and the image definitions, rather than splitting it up so that you have to search everywhere to know what's going into your images.  It just gets...  frustrating.18:39
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nayfeaarcane: freescale BSP uses google repo to handle multiples git repos, don't think it's that hard to maintain18:42
nayfeaarcane: and local.conf shouldn't change, it's only minimum configuration18:43
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aarcanenayfe, until somebody starts adding packages to it...  or when mender image version is bumped.18:44
sveinseThis is one of the motivation we have for building a CM-system on top of yocto. Ensuring a deterministic set of layers (which also 'repo' can do) and the configuration of them.18:45
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sveinseWhen I started working with yocto I was slightly puzzled at it being very controlling on what it includes, versions, sub-repo, md5/shasum, and so on, but no turn-key system for managing the collection of layers and configuration18:47
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aarcanesveinse, I was chatting with someone whose names escapes me yesterday...  And mentioned that I have some minor gripes with Yocto, but that in general, I'm quite fond of it...  THis is just one of those gripes.  Sounds like you have one, too, there :P18:48
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aarcaneI'd also like to see an eclipse plugin for editing a layer and working with devtool to modify or enhance it.18:54
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rburton_aarcane: there's an eclipse plugin, feel free to file enhancement requests or patches19:51
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rburton_aarcane: also ideally local.conf should be pretty minimal19:52
rburton_it should be local tweaks (this is where my tmpdir is, please add this package for what i'm fixing now), everything else should be in recipes, images, or distro config19:52
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rburton_if you're in a company environment, a site.conf helps centralise stuff like "this is where the shared dl_dir is" too19:53
rburton_a minimal but working local.conf would just set DISTRO19:53
rburton_and then the distro config sets machine and other bits of policy19:54
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How does Shared State Cache in Yocto work? <>19:58
rburton_what the hell yocti, that's a question from years ago19:59
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nayfelol :) post was edited 9 days ago, but still why today :p20:03
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khemant_home: hey20:52
sveinserburton_: I've experienced that putting things in distro.conf has a drawback that it often want to rebuild more or less everything20:54
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zeddii_homewell crap. my build for for go 1.9, breaks 1.10 builds. and vice versa. hmmm.21:03
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khemsveinse: hmm that depends on what you put there21:15
khemzeddii_home: 1.10 is more or less useless as of now21:15
rburtonsveinse: no difference in putting something in distro.conf or local.conf21:16
zeddii_homebut yet, it exists. so I can’t break one for the other. working on how to keep the packages building for both.21:18
zeddii_homeahah. there. I think it just built for both. will have to revist and check in the changes later.21:19
khemrburton: I have to update musl recipe once again do you want to squash it with existing patch ?21:20
khemI think new patch would be ok too21:20
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khemzeddii_home: yes21:21
rburtonkhem: yeah just sent somethign that applies to master and we can drop the old one21:21
khemrburton: ok21:21
khemlet me do so21:21
khemrburton: how is the ssp changes holding now ?21:21
rburtonhm, haven't tried the new patch yet21:21
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khemrburton: ok, sent the musl update21:24
khemrburton: let me know when you fire a build for it21:24
khemrburton: with SSP changes I am curious about mingw builds and SDK builds21:25
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*** jae is now known as Guest3215821:26
rburtonkhem: fired now, follow it on when the sumo build has finished21:32
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rburtonseebs: there?21:45
seebsI've been looking a bit at 12434. I still can't seem to hit it on my laptop, which is weird.21:45
rburtonso i can replicate the uid 1000 thing almost on demand with glibc-locale21:45
rburtonjust pastebining the pseudo.log now21:46
rburtonso bitbake warns:21:46
rburtonWARNING: glibc-locale-2.27-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: glibc-locale: /glibc-binary-localedata-en-il/usr/lib/locale/en_IL/LC_MEASUREMENT is owned by uid 1000, which is the same as the user running bitbake. This may be due to host contamination [host-user-contaminated]21:46
rburtonWARNING: glibc-locale-2.27-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: glibc-locale: /glibc-binary-localedata-ug-cn/usr/lib/locale/ug_CN/LC_NUMERIC is owned by uid 1000, which is the same as the user running bitbake. This may be due to host contamination [host-user-contaminated]21:46
rburtonaww can't pastebin, too big21:46
rburtoni'll mail it21:46
seebsOh, I've seen the errors. I just can't make them happen *here*.21:47
JaMawhen my current qt5 build is finished I'm planing to run for loop building qml-webos-framework which is also good reproducer for this and now it's public with webOS OSE so I can share it if needed21:47
seebsWhich is the interesting part, because that suggests *some* kind of causality. Maybe it needs more cores (this is just a laptop), or maybe it's a particular version, or...21:47
rburtonseebs: try with a build in a tmpfs, that's what i have21:47
JaMaat least pseudo.log from it will be significantly smaller then from glibc-locale21:47
seebs... wait, tmpfs?21:47
JaMait's reproducible without tmpfs as well21:47
seebsI don't know if that actually works.21:47
rburtontmpfs on /data/poky-tmp type tmpfs (rw,relatime,size=31457280k,uid=1000,gid=1000)21:48
seebsAnd I wouldn't necessarily *expect* it to work.21:48
rburtonah ok jama has seen it without tmpfs too21:48
rburtoni've had no problems with tmpfs and i'm sure i've seen this before i started using tmpfs too21:48
rburtonmight help increase the chance of reproducing though?21:48
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seebsThat would sound like a timing thing. Feel free to buy me a giant computer that has enough memory and cores. :P21:49
seebsAnyway, I'll try rebuilding glibc-locale again, see if I get lucky.21:49
rburtonbitbake glibc-locale -C compile is causing a fail pretty reliably here21:50
seebs... looks like that'll take a while. I'll wander off, come look at it later.21:50
seebsSo, just to be clear: It doesn't *always* fail, but it *frequently* fails. Does sstate cache affect that at all?21:50
frayrburton it only fails -after- the first time right?21:50
JaMafrom what I'm seeing, when it fails (and creates sstate-cache archive) then all following builds will fail do do_package_qa until the do_package task is re-executed and doesn't trigger the issue21:51
JaMaeven when the "bad" sstate-cache archive is being reused on different host machine21:52
rburtonfray: nope, did a tmpfs remount before running bitbake21:52
JaMabut I haven't found any significant difference between good and bad archive21:52
JaMarburton: have you tried to reproduce it with on your machine?21:53
rburtonfray: so its pulling sstate for the deps but building glibc-locale clean21:53
rburtoniirc that didnt break21:53
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fraylast time (more then 2 years ago) I looked at this stuff, there was a series of actions that could occur where it would copy directly from the compile directory to the packaging directory, and it preserved the owner/group...21:56
frayI never did figure out how to resolve it, but the symptoms went away after a while.. I don't know if this is the same thing (and it just 'came back' [or never went away])21:56
rburtonok bed22:00
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seebsrburton, that *shouldn't* be the current tree, I think. I say this because one of my recent changes was to disable the warnings for path mismatches on files with multiple links.22:03
JaMathis is much smaller reproducer or we already skip this QA check in components where it fails too often (a bit long list for glibc-locale22:04
JaMa )22:04
seebsthat was in 691a2304, and the current top patch is fddbe854, which also fixes a problem with symlinks.22:04
seebsJaMa, if I just grab that one recipe, should it allow me to build cleanly?22:05
JaMano, it depend on many other things :/22:05
JaMaI'll try to narrow it down a bit (like pseudo-test)22:06
seebsFWIW, pseudo.log for a from-scratch build of glibc-locale with my current patches is 254 bytes.22:06
seebsit's a lot cleaner. :)22:06
JaMae.g. that seems very simple (it just calls tar to unpack the fonts and then packages it)22:06
JaMabut I haven't reproduced this one on any HW accessible to me (even with 1000 iterations loops)22:07
JaMabut other people from LG reported seeing this one22:07
JaMaarmin's bitbake world builds are using fddbe854 now as well, lets see how much smaller the do_qa_pseudo reports will be22:08
* fray tries the simple bitbake glibc-locale bitbake -C compile glibc-locale..22:15
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JaMait's useful to add host-user-contamination to ERROR_QA if you depend on bitbake actually failing to catch this22:17
JaMaby default it's only an warning22:18
frayno warning for me (thef irst time).. now trying with -C)22:19
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frayok.. running the -C compile in a look to see if it ever fails..22:22
* fray sees master is still using 19f18124f... and moves it to fddbe85422:24
JaMait's still less than 1 from 100 builds which trigger it22:25
frayare you guys using rm_work?22:26
frayok.. I never use that.. so I'll enable it and see if it helps trigger it22:30
JaMaI've added pseudo-test2 (based on to contrib running the for loop over night to see if I'll reproduce it with it22:30
*** ant_home <ant_home!> has joined #yocto22:33
ant_homekhem, hi22:33
ant_homekhem, still many warnings22:35
JaMafray: you can use the loop from
yoctiBug 12434: normal, Medium+, 2.5 M4, seebs, ACCEPTED , pseudo: Incorrect UID/GID in packaged files22:35
fraywhy not just 'while bitbake -C compile glibc-locale; do : ; done' as long as ERROR_QA is set, it should stop if it ever errors22:37
khemant_home: looks ok22:38
fraywith the latest pseudo, the logging is greatly redueced.. ingoring the startup messages, I see 5 messages now22:40
fraycreat for '/home/mhatle/git/oss/poky/build-test-pseudo/tmp/work/i586-poky-linux/glibc-locale/2.27-r0/locale-tree/usr/lib/locale/hif_FJ/LC_MESSAGES/SYS_LC_MESSAGES' replaces existing 33370792998 ['/home/mhatle/git/oss/poky/build-test-pseudo/tmp/work/i586-poky-linux/glibc-locale/2.27-r0/locale-tree/usr/lib/locale/fr_FR@euro.ISO-8859-15/LC_NAME'].22:40
fray(pretty consistent I'm getting those 5)22:40
fray(of course after I say that, the next time, I got a bunch more....)22:41
fraysame general style, but different ones..22:41
fraythis time instead a about 5, it's about 2022:42
fraycreat for '/home/mhatle/git/oss/poky/build-test-pseudo/tmp/work/i586-poky-linux/glibc-locale/2.27-r0/package/usr/lib/gconv/st30ZWGt' replaces existing 1274250301 ['/home/mhatle/git/oss/poky/build-test-pseudo/tmp/work/i586-poky-linux/glibc-locale/2.27-r0/package/usr/lib/gconv/'].22:42
fray(is rm_work failing to reset the pseudo DB?)22:43
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JaMathe pseudo.log is indeed significantly smaller, for image build I still get couple lines in the log 5-20 per image, e.g.23:13
JaMainode mismatch: '/home/mjansa/.python-history' ino 2135835 in db, 2117396 in request.23:13
JaMainode mismatch: '/home/mjansa/.python-history' ino 2135835 in db, 2117396 in request.23:13
JaMacreat for '/home/mjansa/.python-history-08015.tmp' replaces existing 2135835 ['/home/mjansa/.python-history'].23:13
JaMaseems to be in every one of them23:14
JaMainode mismatch: 'path/to/image/WORKDIR/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/lib/python3.5/__pycache__/_sysconfigdata.cpython-35.pyc' ino 96664524 in db, 96664523 in request.23:14
JaMaseems common as well23:14
JaMaand inode mismatch: '/home/jenkins/oe/world/shr-core/tmpfs/sysroots/package-output.lock' ino 244007 in db, 263352 in request.23:18
JaMais very common in armin's world build
JaMathe for loop from the bugzilla reproduced it in 3rd iteration23:20 glibc-locale-2.27-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: glibc-locale: /glibc-binary-localedata-nl-be/usr/lib/locale/nl_BE/LC_CTYPE is owned by uid 2001, which is the same as the user running bitbake. This may be due to host contamination [host-user-contaminated]23:21 glibc-locale-2.27-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: glibc-locale: /glibc-binary-localedata-nl-be/usr/lib/locale/nl_BE/LC_CTYPE is owned by uid 2001, which is the same as the user running bitbake. This may be due to host contamination [host-user-contaminated]23:21
JaMawc -l glibc-locale-workdir-003/2.27-r0/pseudo/pseudo.log23:21
JaMalet me pastebin it somewhere23:21
JaMaseebs: fray: ^23:23
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JaMaand no rm_work and no tmpfs was used in this build23:28
JaMapossibly interesting part is that it started new server with the same pseudo.log 3 times (according to "doing new pid setup and server start" messages) and only first 2 were shut down (at least before the for loop moved the WORKDIR)23:32
JaMamaybe it's not rm_work, but "-f -c" (or "-C") which doesn't correct reset the pseudo DB, but that wouldn't explain why it fails in regular builds as well (which start from empty TMPDIR)23:33
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