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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Deploying Django app on Yocto <>00:09
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1067 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1104 of nightly is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at
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T_UNIXis anybody else experiencing difficulties building cross-canadian gdb for arm w/ rocko?06:53
T_UNIXit fails because `error: no usable python found` :-/ I see that the automatically provided python is a wrapper script06:56
T_UNIXthis happens with gdb 806:57
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T_UNIXdisabling gdb's python support via PACKAGECONFIG makes it compile (at least).07:08
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T_UNIXhmmm. `populate_sdk` does not succeed for a rather small image. `[Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/yocto/build/bar/tmp/work/bar-foo-linux-gnueabi/gui-image/1.0-r0/sdk/image/opt/foo-bar/i.MX6-PD-rocko-2017-03-20/sysroots/x86_64-foosdk-linux/usr/lib/locale'`07:56
T_UNIX fails, because `localedir` does not exist08:03
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T_UNIXwhich recipe is supposed to create it?08:14
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T_UNIXI guess it's
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T_UNIXthe package `nativesdk-locale-base-en-us.utf-8_2.26-r0_x86_64-nativesdk.ipk` is empty :-/08:47
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rburtonkhem: latest ovmf works here.  any idea why it was working for you but not me?09:23
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varjagwhat's the right way to provide a custom .dts to linux kernel09:59
varjagcreate an own recipe with .bbappend doing the job?09:59
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ggtkHi, I'm trying to bitbake -c menuconfig linux-kernel and I end up with "checklist.c:(.text+0x2c): undefined reference to `wmove'" +  alot more undefined references. The recipe has DEPENDS += "dtc-native ncurses-native". I'm using rocko on a Debian 9 machine. I also have ncurses installed on Debian, but it should not matter. Any ideeas ?10:04
Marexrburton: well look, U-Boot might just be fixed soon10:08
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rburtonMarex: nice10:08
Marexrburton: I think I found the bug, so then I can enable U-Boot on qemux86 and let the drone update it10:09
Marexrburton: just trying to decide if I want to carry a patch or wait for v2018.07 cycle with the qemux86 enablement10:09
rburtonif the patch isn't too heavy lets carry it, in theory AUH will run, upgrade, and drop it10:10
Marexrburton: but I dont want to have patches on top of u-boot recipe :-)10:11
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Marexrburton: oh well ... I might as well backport it temporarily as a part of the qemux86 enablement series10:12
Marexrburton: if you can, please pick the v2018.05 update I sent, I'll backport the patch and enable U-Boot on qemux86/-64 once that patch lands in u-boot/master10:13
rburtonJaMa: annoyingly libsdl2 isn't happy on mingw10:15
ggtkinstalling ncurses-dev on the build host solved the problem... <>10:18
ggtkShouldn't it just use the -native generated libs ? Why doest it use the build machine/system wide ones ?10:19
JaMarburton: I neved did anything with mingw :/10:23
rburtonmostly solved by disabling the x11 bits but it fails to link10:23
rburtonggtk: yes, it should10:23
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anujmggtk: is this the linux-yocto kernel?10:25
ggtkanujm: it's a recipe for the Atmel kernel,, based on Kernel 4.910:27
anujmggtk: does this help:
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ggtkanujm: interesting... I'll try it10:30
anujmok. I think this patch is in all linux-yocto kernels so you probably wont see it if you can try that out.10:32
ggtkI purged ncurses-dev and now it still works ... so it's also inconsistent...10:32
ggtkSorry, i was quick to judge, uninstalling ncurses-dev got the problem back, so forget my last point10:35
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto 2.4.2 cannot do_rootfs because of dependent package <>10:41
ggtkanujm: that patch does the job,menuconfig starts, life saver ! thanks10:41
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rburtonif anyone understands mingw then i've a sdl2 link problem i'd appreciate help with10:49
muppeI have a small "make[1]: cc: Command not found" issue at hand. I have an old jethro based poky environment where I have added "luci" from some MentorEmbedded/meta-openwrt. Everything works in that system. However, I am now updating poky and meta-openembedded etc. layers to "rocko" and this luci-module is giving me this "command not found" error (had to add "inherit pkgconfig" to recipe to even get that far). Anyway, I am guessing this issue10:57
rburtonmuppe: modern yocto prunes $PATH and cc isnt on the list of approved names10:57
rburtonif that is meant to be using the cross compiler then you've found another bug10:58
rburtonif its meant to be using the host compiler, patch the makefiles to use $BUILD_CC10:58
muppeOk, thanks. My target environment is Raspberry Pi but not sure whether that part of recipe is compiling something for the host or for the target. Need to check.11:00
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1015 of nightly-no-x11 is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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JPEWrburton: Whats the mingw problem? I've worked with it some.13:14
rburton_nativesdk-libsdl2 on mingw13:18
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1022 of nightly-qa-extras is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
fberghello guys.. I have built the sdk using TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_append += "nativesdk-cmake" in my local.conf and running bitbake core-image.minimal -c populate_sdk13:21
fbergthen I have installed it using the script tmp/work/deploy/sdk13:21
fbergIn one of my source files I use the #include <pgpio.h> directive, pgpio.h is generated by the pgipo recipe.13:22
fbergBy the way cmake says thet it can't find the pgpio.h file13:23
fbergI think I am missing something13:23
rburton_is pgipo in your core-image-minimal?13:24
rburton_alternatively cmake is being cmake, and proving a pain13:25
fbergrburton: yes It's in a depend statement of the recipe the curruntly build the same application13:27
rburton_which is in the image?  so hard to tell when people say "core-image-minimal" without saying what they're doing to it13:28
rburton_if it was 'my image which has IMAGE_INSTALL+=this list of recipes' it would be a lot easier13:29
rburton_on which note, *dont use core-image-minimal and modifications in local.conf*, just make your own image recipe13:29
rburton_the toolchain bit can go in the image too13:29
fberguh ?13:30
fbergI have a recipe called cloud4drones, this recipe has a RDEPENDS_${PN}+=" pgpio"13:31
fbergthen i local.conf I have CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += " cloud4drones"13:32
rburton_if cloud4drones is C, surely that should be DEPENDS and then let bitbake work out the rdepends for you13:33
fbergyes, is C. I didn't know that..13:33
JPEWrburton_: Hmm, that SDL error sure *looks* familiar.... I can't quite place it.13:33
rburton_fberg: RDEPENDS is runtime depends, not build time13:33
rburton_fberg: anyway you'd expect the header to be present but without seeing any of your recipes i can't tell if pgpio is packaging correctly, or if the header is in fact in the sdk but cmake can't find it13:34
rburton_you need to look and see if its missing, or if cmake is being dumb13:34
fbergif all is sussposed to be installed correctly where do I have to expect to find this .h ?13:35
rburton_in the sysroot13:37
fbergwhich is tmp/sysroots ?13:38
fbergI'm not totally dumb but I am really confused13:39
rburton_just do find . -name pgpio.h inside the sdk13:40
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1016 of nightly-no-x11 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Gumstix Overo Yocto Qt5 deployment <>13:42
fbergok, thanks rburton_. I'll give it a try13:42
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fancernice. my provider blocked together with all the docs ^_^ Oh, that insane game with telegram blockade.)15:48
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fancerthanks god there are free online proxies.15:49
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frayhow did get caught up in the telegram blockade?   poor blocking (by IP range or something)?15:50
fray( is via amazon AFAIK.. but I thought telegram stopped using amazon)15:51
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fancermight be. telegram has used so many IPs, so russian communication services just started to block whole pools of IPs.)15:52
fancerParticularly I keep getting ERR_CONNECTION_RESET.15:53
khemrburton_: earlier I did patches directly cherry-picking in a local ovmf git checkout15:56
khemthis time I did them using quilt15:56
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tffhHi All,17:51
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tffhQuestion: My silicon provider is providing some support packages as rpms built against yocto jethro, I need to incorporate them into the image I am building, but I'm having trouble working out how to write a recipe that installs RPMs into the final image... (I know they work as I have successfully installed them on the running build...)17:54
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stephanotffh: I believe bin_package.bbclass was around back in Jethro. You could use that class to install RPMs.18:06
stephanotffh: The "subdir" parameter in the SRC_URI is useful when the input package is rpm, ipk, deb and so on, for example:18:07
stephanotffh: SRC_URI = ";subdir=foo-1.0"18:07
tffhHi stephano, Thank-you very much, I shall investigate bin_package18:08
stephanotffh: No problem. More info here:
stephanotffh: Also, out of morbid curiosity, who is your silicon vendor?18:09
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* stephano plants his palm firmly on his face18:12
stephanotffh: Here's an example using tar, RPM will be similar:
tffhI just queried your user info...18:12
tffhThankyou once again.18:13
stephanotffh: Np. Ping me if you have questions.18:13
* tffh is a microcontroller software dev who is finding all of this side of things seriously out of her depth but isn't being given any option by her employer.18:14
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Using Conditional Syntax (Overrides) in BitBake <>18:43
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rburton_tffh: intel is giving you RPMs built against jethro?  curious what bit of intel did that as they need a talking to19:32
rburton_(speaking as a yocto engineer employed by intel)19:32
rburton_JaMa: do you use musl?19:35
rburton_JaMa: i'm seeing musl builds hang in webkitgtk when it runs qemu-user during the build19:36
rburton_JaMa: g-i specifically19:37
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tffhrburton_: I'm being told that the only way to garentee support is to do what they have validated, and that is to use(or mimic) the leafhill BSP.19:49
* tffh has noticed that jethro is a little old, but is having enougth trouble getting things working with Intel's instructions to follow.19:50
frayI assume this is an Apollo Lake part.. assuming so, there are both Yocto Project and meta-intel BSP components you can use..19:54
frayYou only need to follow what Intel is telling you, if you are expecting them to support some piece of the software..19:55
frayvarious commercial OSVs support the Apollo Lake parts as well.19:55
fray(and on code newer then Jethro)19:55
tffhwhat I have so-far failed to do is to get the Camera interface working with just meta-intel. The kernel patches I was supplied with for the MIPI CSI all pertain to the jethro BSP.20:02
frayI know we (Wind River) have customers using the camera interface on architectures newer then Jethro.. but I'm not involved int he project so I don't have details.20:03
fray(unfortunately many of the people I would ask are out of the office today and Monday)..20:03
tffhI know I should be able to use something newer, but to date I've been dependant on support from the Intel team a lot and thus teathered to their validation platform.20:04
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JaMarburton_: nope, only glibc20:10
tffhThankyou all for your help tonight.20:17
* tffh waves20:17
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