Friday, 2018-05-25

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1047 of nightly-ppc is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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Assimilaterhey, anyone active at this late hour?06:51
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Assimilateri got an imx6ull-evk from nxp, and am trying to build an image with yocto06:51
Assimilaterunfortunately i can't find good explanation about what distinguish the different images with "imx6ullevk-*, what does 9x9 or 14x14 mean?06:53
AssimilaterI don't suppose any of you would happen to be familiar with the particular project06:53
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eduardas_mhello, anyone using meta-spdxscanner layer successfully to generate SPDX for image components?07:16
eduardas_mI get a failure for do_spdx: Could not invoke dosocs2 oneshot07:17
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jagantekiHi, I'm new to yocto. I would like to know about repo maintance in
jagantekiwe are planning to create meta-<orag_name> with all available board which we worked07:32
jagantekiwill this meta-07:32
jagantekiwill this meta-<orag_name> is part of like other meta projects like meta-rockchip or etc?07:34
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rburtonjaganteki: you can apply for hosting, yes.  tbh it has less value in the days of github where you get git host/issues/wiki/etc all in one place.07:39
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tasslehoffMoving from my to populate_sdk. How do I (and should I?) add this from The Old World ?08:04
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mckoanjaganteki: you'd better add it here:
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to reduce CPU consumption of QtWebEngine? <>08:12
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tasslehoffshould I do it like meta-qt5? has "inherit populate_sdk populate_sdk_qt5"08:33
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jagantekirburton, thanks got it09:09
jagantekimckoan, thanks for the link will add09:10
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: QtWebEngine: ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR on custom Yocto image <>10:42
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Add a custom executable bash script and its systemd script to Yocto Build <>11:13
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otavio[m]RP: there?13:45
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piotrhello! struggling with python-native and how to add non-standard python libs(packages) such that build system could you them. any idea?13:57
piotrI don't need them on the target image. Just need them for building of some recipes.13:58
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Crofton|workDEPENDS = "python-mako-native" ?14:01
piotrgiving it a try14:06
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piotrCrofton: this worked... thanks you. spent hours on figuring out it's been so simple in the end.14:10
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eduardas_mhello, I am trying to build mksh under Yocto with bitbake:
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eduardas_mhowever, this is not a typical autotools or cmake project14:30
eduardas_mthe mksh tarball is packaged with a script14:31
eduardas_mhow do I write a proper do_compile step for it?14:31
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kergoththat completely depends14:58
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kergothyou'll have to read its build scripts to determine how to get it to obey all our variables, CC, CFLAGS, etc14:58
kergothand to not try to run any binaries it builds, to deal with cross-compilation14:59
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kergoththere's no way to automate dealing with a custom buildsyste15:00
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dkcDo you know why the COREBASE layer is treated in a special way in populate_sdk_ext.bbclass ?
dkcbecause the end result of that is that the core base layer is not included in BBLAYERS definition of the extended SDK15:50
dkcwhich makes this fails
dkcas LAYERSERIES_CORENAMES ends up not being defined15:51
mcfriskhi, I have a recipe in yocto 2.0 which generates and install a single header file. With yocto 2.5 and RSS the header file looks correctly generated and installed but the file does not appear in sysroot of the users who DEPEND on it. any hints how to fix this? Feels like some gotcha with RSS15:53
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vladzouthhello everyone, I develop an application using yocto ADT with eclipse. I use meta-ide-support and meta-toolchain to generates the sysroot and the toolchain but the sysroot does not contain a library that i need to compile my program. How can i  add this library? thanks in advance16:03
mckoanvladzouth: create the toolchain SDK using populate_sdk16:08
kergothvladzouth: see TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK and TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK in the yocto project documentation16:10
kergothor use populate_sdk with an image that already contains the libs you need16:10
vladzouthOk i will look at these solution, thanks you!16:14
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mcfriskfound a solution, sort of. The recipe generating the header file had PACKAGE_ARCH = "all". This caused that sysroot was not shared with target recipes. I guess the recipe writers expected all arch to be like in Debian/Ubuntu where it's available to all archs as binary independent package which it is, just a generated header file.16:21
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hodappHas anyone here ever added support for to an existing device that already has a Yocto BSP, as in
hodappI am trying to get a clue how usable their process/docs are around this16:40
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kireevcoI'm trying to add a cli tool from pip into bitbake as a native package, super confused now. I have a recipe , and while adding it as a dependency im appending `-native`but it doesn't seem to work16:54
kireevcoam i doing something wrong?16:54
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kergoth-native isn't magic. either the recipe has to be explicitly  named iwth -native and have an 'inherit native', or you need to use BBCLASSEXTEND += "native" to get bitbake to automatically create a native variant that inherits native for you17:11
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kireevcook, got it done. now I'm trying to figure out where to find it... here's a snippet:17:41
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Crofton|workGet a job hippies:
Crofton|workIf you are good, I can recommend you to the hiring manager19:45
* hodapp has a jerb already...19:47
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Crofton|workyeah my friend is begging :)19:51
hodappbut I applaud the relevance of your posting, compared with that of what most recruiters send me19:55
hodapp"Oh, I could have the opportunity to move to Bumfucksgate, Nebrahoma tomorrow for a contract-to-hire position that pays $25K/year? It's a laid-back work environment with a lot of room for advancement? I'd be programming electronics with JAVASHARP.NET?"19:57
hodappSIGN ME UP DUDE19:57
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khemCrofton|work: do I need to know yocto linux :)20:11
Crofton|workkhem, lol20:12
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hodappI only learned about Yocto because I worked at some IoT startup, and I needed a certain module to be present on the image for Intel Edison (for Internet connections over PPP or something, so I could use a cell modem)20:17
hodappwhich naturally meant I had to recompile the entire image. from scratch.20:17
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Crofton|workkhem, wb20:18
khemthx, needed to reboot, GDPR is funny, I did not know how many were holding my data until today20:19
Crofton|workprobably stole your data from somewhere20:20
Crofton|workkhem, you need yocto qnx for the position20:20
Crofton|workhodapp, at least you had a good chance of recompilng the image and making on ly the one change you wanted20:21
* hodapp shrugs20:21
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khemCrofton|work: :)20:25
mattsmCrofton|work are you getting a referral bonus?20:25
khemhe is getting a pony20:26
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Assimilaterhas anyone tried using yocto/bitbake on ubuntu 18.04?20:31
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Assimilateractually, this looks like a git error: ERROR: gnu-config-native-20150728+gitAUTOINC+b576fa87c1-r0 do_unpack: Function failed: Fetcher failure: Fetch command failed with exit code 128, output: fatal: the '--set-upstream' option is no longer supported. Please use '--track' or '--set-upstream-to' instead.20:32
AssimilaterI wonder where that's getting called20:32
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Assimilaterperhaps this is the culprit: ../sources/poky/bitbake/lib/bb/fetch2/ : 27720:42
Assimilaterwell it got rid of the set-upstream error (updating it to set-upstream-to)20:43
Assimilaternow it's saying branch origin/master doesn't exit20:43
kireevcoI'm confused. how this would know where to put a binary?20:49
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igorHi guys, I'm trying to build an image, but I'm getting the error: "cpio: mkdir failed - Inappropriate ioctl for device" on dnf command21:06
igorsomeone have ever seen this?21:06
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igori guys, I'm trying to build an image, but I'm getting the error: "cpio: mkdir failed - Inappropriate ioctl for device" on dnf command21:12
igorsomeone have ever seen this before?21:12
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igorsomeone knows how to debug dnf on yocto?21:17
igorI want to figure out why my packages are failing to install some files and dirs21:18
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kireevcoah, crap. I forgot to run install.21:35
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aehs29Crofton|work: khem can I get a pony AND a beer?22:27
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