Monday, 2018-06-04

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1097 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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vishnu_nkIs there any way to find the time taken for building all individual packages in an image?05:16
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vishnu_nkHave enabled sstate cache. But still build seems to be slow. Would like to find out what all packages are taking lot of time to build. While using yocto 1.6 build was pretty much faster and after migrating to yocto2.1 build seems slow05:54
vishnu_nkIf there is some way to findout those packages which takes time, it will be easy for debug05:55
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: qupzilla compile error in yocto krogoth version <>06:25
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angelo_tshi gm, how do i inform yocto, in a bbappoend, to build only a subfolder of a git repo ?06:46
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake meta-toolchain-qt5: Error do_populate_sdk <>07:25
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1052 of nightly-qa-extras is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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stoke_Hey, my bitbake-self test is failing the wget tests what should I do from here?09:48
stoke_It worked before09:48
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Create binary patches & apply using git commands <>09:56
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: "git binary diffs are not supported" error while creating binary patches & applying using git commands <>10:56
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kanavinrburton: morning, how was the holiday?11:45
kanavinI saw the photo of you disembarking from the plane and nothing since :)11:45
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rrerollehello, does anyone know a way to only clean non-native parts of the sstate cache ?12:09
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rburtonkanavin: good thanks.  terrible 3g where we were staying!13:01
rburtonrrerolle: rm?13:01
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rrerollerburton: yeah, but I was wondering what to rm13:02
rrerolleI went with13:02
rrerollefind sstate-cache -type f \! -name "*cross*" \! -name "*native*" \! -name "*gcc*" \! -name "*glibc*"13:02
rrerollefind sstate-cache -type f \! -name "*cross*" \! -name "*native*" \! -name "*gcc*" \! -name "*glibc*" -delete13:04
rrerolleit does what I want13:05
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kanavinrburton: I am struggling with the question: just how much of the current perl recipe I should throw away13:11
kanavinrburton: I am leaning towards "all of it"13:11
kanavinand bring back pieces on a strict as-needed basis13:11
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rburtonkanavin: there's definitely merit in 'burn it down' and bring back what is needed13:20
rburtonsuch an old recipe there's going to be a lot of cruft13:21
kanavinrburton: one of the more controversial things in that is that I will also throw away the module splitting13:21
kanavinpeople who want it need to drive it as well, or accept that if they do nothing, it goes away13:22
kanavinoh, and if Derek doesn't show up soon, the same will happen to python3, enough is enough13:22
rburtonkanavin: the splitting is theoretically useful though, but i have no idea if perl can be re-split into something more granular if eg only one module is huge13:23
kanavinrburton: already 'drained the swamp' for openssl ;)13:27
kanavinjust waiting for the final 1.1.1 release13:27
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kanavinrburton: I'll post the RFC patch and we'll see. We can also do AB runs to sort the obvious regressions.13:30
rburtonyes, thanks kanavin13:30
kanavinrburton: and yeah python3 is next in line for this treatment :)13:30
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kanavinrburton: one thing I am not throwing away though is ptest support13:41
rburtongood :)13:42
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rrerollehello, I'm trying to build a linux-4.16 kernel, and I'm hitting an issue regarding
rrerollemore specifically, the fact that "Since Linux 4.16, the build system generates lexical analyzers during build. This requires flex 2.5.35 or later." and "Since Linux 4.16, the build system generates parsers during build. This requires bison 2.0 or later."14:12
rrerolleI think I managed to have it working by specifying14:13
rrerolledo_kernel_configme[depends] += "bison-native:do_populate_sysroot flex-native:do_populate_sysroot"14:13
rrerollein my kernel recipe. I wonder if it's the correct way to do it, since simply adding bison-native and flex-native to DEPENDS is not enough14:13
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zeddii_homerrerolle: I have a patch for that issue. I’ll be sending it shortly.14:21
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rrerollezeddii_home: ok, nice14:38
zeddii_homerrerolle: I’m rebasing/consolidating it with some other changes, but the WIP is here:
zeddii_homekhem: I saw your messages here about the gcc8 fixes. I’m grabbing them now.14:41
rrerollezeddii_home: great, while you're at it, the oldnoconfig triggers a deprecation warning, it's been replaced by olddefconfig14:43
zeddii_homeits been like that for ages. I have a set of changes there as well, all to come in the next couple of weeks.14:45
rrerollezeddii_home: ok, thanks for the heads up14:45
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mcfrisk_hi, linux-libc-headers isn't meant for exposing kernel headers to compile external modules. The shared workdir with STAGING_KERNEL_DIR is for that. But what about exporting custom kernel and driver specific uapi headers? What's the correct way to expose them to userspace? They are not used by libc so in theory linux-libc-headers does not need to change, but I can't find any other sane way to provide the14:55
mcfrisk_headers to userspace..14:55
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zeddii_homemcfrisk: you can (or used to be, I haven’t checked in months) make a custom sysroot export of the headers. As long as they don’t clobber the existing kernel ones, everything will co-exist.14:59
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mcfriskzeddii_home: I hacked a do_install append to "make headers_install" to a custom location, but the headers end up in shared word dir instead of sysroot, and now I would need to hack the shared work path to build scripts of all users.. Any way to install the headers with custom path to existing sysroot?15:03
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zeddii_homeyah. sec. I need to find my old hacked header class. I can never get the details right from memory.15:04
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armpitzeddii_home, any plans on updated 4.4 & 4.9 ?15:07
zeddii_homeeventually yah.15:07
zeddii_homeI’m still trying to get my last batch of active kernel updates to show up in oe-core :D15:07
zeddii_homemcfrisk: ahah. there it is. I’ve used sysroot_stage_dir to get custom installed uapi (or other) headers, available in the sysroot. but that was mostly before per recipe sysroots.15:09
* armpit wow, we have 8 active kernels15:10
zeddii_homeI shall become Dr. Death and delete a few shortly. my patch queue is killing me at the moment.15:11
mcfriskzeddii_home: ok, thanks. I will try to do the same..15:11
armpitmcfrisk, become Dr. Death ?15:14
zeddii_homehehehe ;)15:14
armpitzeddii_home, we really need to shelve morty and pyro, that would simplify things for you15:15
zeddii_homeyah. agreed. I can update the kernels, but really can’t properly test them in that context.15:15
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kanavinrburton: change of course, sadly far too many recipes in oe-core and meta-oe have perl-module-blahblah in their dependencies16:25
rburtonof course16:26
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kanavinrburton: the new perl recipe itself now fully builds in all three variants without warnings or errors \0/16:27
RPkanavin: sounds good :)16:29
kanavinsweet isn't it? :)16:31
RPkanavin: that does look quite a bit neater!16:32
neverpanickanavin: have you tried building that in a path that contains the string 'perl5'?16:32
kanavinRP: I'll have to bring back the module splitting though, but it should be still decently neat16:32
kanavinneverpanic: nope, why?16:33
neverpanicOr rather, a build directory that contains that path16:33
RPkanavin: I was wondering about the module splitting16:33
neverpanicperl configures differently depending on whether it's installed with a prefix that contains 'perl5', IIRC16:33
neverpanicThis may no longer apply, I tested on a pretty old version16:34
kanavinneverpanic: the new recipe is using a completely different build system from buildroot project.16:35
neverpanicOK, that's nice :)16:35
kanavinneverpanic: the second tarball in SRC_URI16:35
kanavinRP: the next recipe to get the same treatment will be python3, but that'll probably come from the luxoft-alex16:36
kanavinI have one week to wrap things up, and switch the gear off16:36
kanavinIf Derek continues to be absent...16:37
RPkanavin: a feeling I know all too well. I keep thinking I have a dev environment working, then it doesn;t :(16:37
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kanavinRP: I'll probably be the non-contributing patch critic for a while :)16:44
RPkanavin: patch review is hard...16:46
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: "git binary diffs are not supported" error using yocto <>16:57
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armpitRP patch review is easier with a few beers17:33
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angelo_tshi, can i configure yocto to see the full build command line18:09
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sveinseThe libopus_*.bb recipe in meta-openembedded contains this ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET = "arm" statement. What does it do?20:43
fraydisables 'thumb' instructions when building that component..20:43
fraysomething in it is known to NOT work with thumb20:44
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sveinseBut it does not limit extensions the "other" way, such as neon?20:44
frayno.. values are either "arm" or "thumb".. (I think it's thumb and not thumb2)20:44
sveinsefray: ok, thanks20:44
frayyes, arm and thumb are the only two valid values20:45
fraydefined in meta/conf/machine/include/arm/feature-arm-thumb.inc20:45
bemotrying to understand why "usr/include/linux" isn't showing up in my meta-toolchain build, but not sure where to look20:52
bemoany suggestions or pointers?  :)20:54
frayuserspace needs to include the kernel-headers package.. that SHOULD be included by your libc's -dev package21:01
fraylibc's -dev should be included from the dev-pkgs applied to populate_sdk.. unless youa re actually building meta-toolchain.. if that is the case, then you have to be specific about the libc and such..21:02
bemoit's been touched internally, so not sure how to undo it if someone has excluded the kernel-headers package, but I'll poke around.21:04
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bemowhat is the difference between "-c populate_sdk" and hunting down the installer script, compared to "bitbake meta-toolchain", and using that installer?  (it's quite possible I'm confused)21:08
kergothmeta-toolchain includes the packages listed in the recipe, i.e. those in TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK/TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK only21:13
kergoth-c populate_sdk mirrors the image contents by default21:13
fray-c populate_sdk makes an SDK from the image recipe..21:13
kergothi.e. a gui image will include those libraries21:13
fraymeta-toolchain makes an SDK from whatever meta-toolchain 'says'.. so nothing to as much (or little) as you want..21:14
fraymost people fine meta-toolchain too complex..21:14
bemookay... tried the "-c populate_sdk" approach as well, and didn't seem to have the usr/include/linux directory either, which sounds strange, if I understand what you're saying.... more poking.  :)21:15
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1053 of nightly-qa-extras is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages_2] Build details are at
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kergoth seem reasonable? blindly quoting without escaping is not a great way to go, even if it's unlikely to cause problems due to other system limitations22:29
rburtonkergoth: yes.   every use of subprocess which uses a string is a bug imho22:34
rburtondo you need shell=true?22:34
kergothgood point, that's a possibility depending on the semantics of EDITOR/VISUAL22:35
kergothi thought about trying to use pipes.quote() or shlex.quote() or something to construct the string, but as you say, list is superior, and pipes.quote isn't a public function, unlike the shlex ones22:36
kergothit seems like the vars should either be a single path/name or multiple, but shouldn't require shell processing or variable expansion22:42
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needmoreramis there anyway to pass a python object between two python functions intact?23:41
needmoreramI tried using d.setVar() and d.getVar() on the other end, but the ids of both objects are different23:42
needmoreramsuggesting that setVar() does some sort of a copy on the object23:42
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