Friday, 2018-06-15

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khemlinuxjacques: also set IMAGE_LINGUAS = "en-us" or may be keep it empty02:28
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vishnu_nkIs there any difference between setting SSTATE_DIR and SSTATE_MIRRORS to the same local path? (SSTATE_DIR = "/tmp/yocto", SSTATE_MIRRORS = "file://.* file:///tmp/yocto/PATH")05:19
vishnu_nkWill there be any difference in this, like the fetch speed?05:20
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LetoThe2ndvishnu_nk: first do no crosspost everywhere if you don't get an answer within 5 minutes.06:17
LetoThe2ndvishnu_nk: and pointing both to the same directory is kinda pointless. SSTATE_DIR means that this is the directory to use if nothing is found in SSTATE_MIRRORS. thats why SSTATE_DIR requires write permissions, SSTATE_MIRRORS only needs read permissions.06:18
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pkanyone can tell what "sysroot"  in yocto is?06:33
pkwhere do i get clear explanation about sysroot?(any link please)06:34
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LetoThe2ndpk: it is not yocto specific, but a term from gcc:
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kirHey guys. Have anybody managed to run SDK compiled under poky under Linux Subsystem for Windows 10?06:45
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cornelgood morning07:19
corneli have one strange problem: for a certain (local) recipe, sumo fails do_configure()  complaining that 'Unix Makefiles' binary is not found07:21
corneli've added 'make' into DEPENDS list but it did not help07:21
corneli've also tried changing the line in cmake.class07:22
cornelanybody else has seen such a problem?07:22
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LetoThe2ndcornel: nothing too specific i can help with right now, but it might be related to cmake using ninja as standard generator in sumo, IIRC07:37
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cornelLetoThe2nd: that's what i've thought, but replacing Ninja with Unix Makefiles in cmake.bbclass did not help07:44
corneli'm tempted to thing that somehow cmake 3.10 unlike 3.3 has some default for Unix Makefiles for cmake-native07:45
cornelor maybe a combination of these :)07:45
LetoThe2ndcornel: sorry, i do not have in-depth knowledge here.07:45
cornelLetoThe2nd: thank you very much07:46
corneli'll keep digging07:46
LetoThe2ndyeah, good luck07:46
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yannany idea why MACHINE_EXTRA_RDEPENDS += "kernel-image" results in "kernel-image-$VERSION-yocto-standard" being added to packagegroup-machine-base, and not just "kernel-image" ?  What's causing this expansion ?08:46
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yannthat happens in sumo, but did not in morty08:50
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pkanyone know what kind of files stored in sysroot folder in yocto? like -srcfiles., etc09:49
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RPpk: the headers and libraries to build and link against, or native tools in the native sysroot10:29
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eduardas_mhello, has anyone successfully used the bluez-qt recipe from meta-qt5-extra? I believe it produces a dev package that is inappropriate for integration with qmake projects, i.e. header inclusion does not work when adding the module to a project10:36
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hattzykir: No, or well, i found a thread about it and there is an experimental build of WSL but you need to be part of the windows insider program to test it. The root problem is in WSL. Hopefully the fix will be in the next monthly windows update11:14
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hattzykir: here is the bug report,
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kirhattzy, thanks, dude, that really helps!11:39
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: why connman ipv4 settings are having dhcp by default <>11:47
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pkwhy do we need to copy files into sysroot folder in yocto/11:57
RParmpit: That rm_work patch in sumo-next has known issues :(11:58
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rburtonkanavin_home: so those hashes in gitlab tarballs are in fact random, which is fun13:14
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rburtonkanavin_home: any thoughts on extending the fetcher's find-versions logic to return the URLs, so as it scrapes the page it can return the correct links instead of just versions13:15
rburtonas more projects move to gitlab we're going to hit this13:15
rburtonand eg iso-codes is a 3M tarball but 170M git repo13:15
kanavin_homerburton: it's not just the find-versions logic that needs to return not just the version, but the full URI. also 'devtool upgrade' needs to be able to rewrite the URI using that information, instead of renaming the recipe.13:17
kanavin_homedoable, but not trivial13:17
kanavin_homerburton: the first part is perhaps easier, as the find versions logic iterates over links on a webpage, and matches them against the regex - it could simply be extended to return the link, which I don't think it does now... not sure. it's buried somewhere in meta/lib/oe/13:20
rburtonyes, it should be able to construct the absolute URL from the page13:20
rburtonand obviously sf sites are down too now, so eg libpng fails checkpkg13:20
rburtonand shadow moved from alioth to github but doesn't have uploaded tarballs for the release we ship13:21
kanavin_homesourceforge seems to be down at least once a month, I've gotten used to it :)13:21
kanavin_homethe sooner they pull the plug on it, the better really, although it'll be pain for us13:23
rburtonbut they've had a massive resurgence of github leavers right13:23
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rburtonhuh, that's clever.  the shadow release was never actually in debian13:25
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: BUILD_LDFLAGS set to build system libraries, not target <>15:18
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teo_icksHi at all, I have question about ramdisk image build....15:41
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teo_icks... I create an my s.o. yocto image that depends to boot from a ramdisk to boot. Is possible to automticaly generate the ramdisk image when build my s.o. image?15:44
* armpit looks15:45
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armpitRP so did you drop it15:48
* armpit yep looks like15:49
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rburtonarmpit: in the bind upgrade, does it make sense to shunt the python bits into a separate package?16:33
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armpitrburton, hmm, yeah.. I suppose so. did you wan v+ or addition patch to add the split ?16:34
rburtonpatch refresh, we can pull ply into core and tbh i can't seem to make it even build the py bits :)16:35
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armpitrburton, is there a log I can look at for the failures16:36
rburtonalso mdig isn't in the same package as dig16:37
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* armpit will have to find patch to what's what16:42
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1078 of nightly-qa-extras is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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RParmpit: yes, I did16:50
RParmpit: sumo-next and rocko-next good to go?16:50
armpitI suspect both will need the uninative update?16:52
RParmpit: We usually keep them up to date but probably not urgent16:53
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RzRhi, Any edison gurus around  ? I have a non yocto related question23:29
RzRI fear mine is bricked..23:29

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