Tuesday, 2018-06-26

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to make enable hls support on gstreamer-plugins-bad building from source ? (Compiling to arm with poky) <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/51034086/how-to-make-enable-hls-support-on-gstreamer-plugins-bad-building-from-source>02:37
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nayfetttims: did you add -dbg package?06:07
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karthik_Hi everyone, I am doing bitbake -c populate_sdk image_name and it throwing some error07:06
karthik_ERROR: gcc-cross-canadian-arm-7.3.0-r0 do_compile: oe_runmake failed ERROR: gcc-cross-canadian-arm-7.3.0-r0 do_compile: Function failed: do_compile07:07
karthik_anyone has faced this before ?07:07
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nayfekarthik_: can you post the entire log on pastebin for example?07:18
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edcragghi, i'm getting an error where one file is installed by two different recipes, not when building a system, but when building the external SDK10:36
edcragg"ERROR: mg-hd-image-1.0-r0 do_sdk_depends: The file /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-evdev.conf is installed by both xserver-xorg and xf86-input-evdev, aborting"10:36
edcraggis there any way around this? or likely causes?10:37
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jofI think I'm about to go insane..! I'm trying to do fitImage and signing/verified boot and all that good stuff, but as soon as I add UBOOT_SIGN_ENABLE = "1" to my local.conf, bitbake fails and starts complaning about circular dependencies..  :/11:07
jofAnyone know about a good source of information/howto?11:07
nayfejof: are you using kernel-fitimage?11:13
jofnayfe: Yes.  https://hastebin.com/ucarejibuw11:15
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astrunin[m]Hi, folks!11:58
astrunin[m]I've built image and started it with runqemu script, but I got a problem - there is no eth0 device. I can see tap0 on host, but only localhost is on qemu.12:00
astrunin[m]I am using custom kernel with my own defconfig. May be I just skipped some options here. Does somebody know what it can be?12:02
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nayfeastrunin[m]> is your ethernet driver is here? with ifconfig -a do you see eth0 ? maybe you need to tweek qb_network_device from qemuboot.conf file?12:15
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astrunin[m]nayfe: I've made it work! I've started qemu with my own tweaked parameters.12:59
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nayfeok nice13:00
astrunin[m]works for me: -net nic -net tap,ifname=tap0,script=no,downscript=no13:01
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yateswhen doing swupdate, there is a single-copy approach and a double-copy approach. if we assume that a) the new image was already tested sufficiently and known to work, and b) any problems (e.g., a power glitch) at update time can still be handled with the single-copy approach by restarting the install, what advantage does double-copy buy you?13:05
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nayfeastrunin[m]> you can persist that conf in qemuboot.conf and with QB_ variables i think13:14
nayfeyates> downtime is quicker13:14
nayfeyates> and fallback too :)13:15
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yatesnayfe: yes, downtime could be an issue in some scenarios. it's not that critical in ours.13:25
yatesalso, re: fallback, simply have available both the previous update (e.g., on usb thumbdrive) as well as the new. if the new fails, reinstall the old.13:26
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nayfeyates: both approaches are valid with pros and cons, if memory space is more important than downtime then go with single-layout13:33
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yatesnayfe: yes, i'm thinking along those lines.13:35
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ionutpthe environment setup script from SDK should include some variables for cmake?13:36
ionutpi have added TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK += "nativesdk-cmake" to my image13:36
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ionutpi ahve this file in sysroot OEToolchainConfig.cmake13:38
ionutpbut no alias for cmake13:38
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astrunin[m]nayfe: I know how to cook it ☺! But I prefer to use my own scripts instead of runqemu.13:44
nayferight :)13:46
nayfeionutp> maybe TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK += "nativesdk-cmake-dev"13:52
ionutpthanks  nayfe ... i will try13:53
nayfeionutp: see http://lists.openembedded.org/pipermail/openembedded-devel/2018-April/117908.html for example13:56
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armpitRP, the bind update needs https://patchwork.openembedded.org/patch/150929/. I thought it was in a /mut but is gone now14:11
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jofStill working on becoming insane..  :P  https://hastebin.com/equnuvefus  Trying to do fitImage+u-boot+signing14:35
jofSo my current problem is that u-boot.dtb can't be found. But I can't figure out what I need to do in order to create it?14:35
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RParmpit: I thought we removed the need for it by default?14:42
RParmpit: test builds were ok without it?14:43
armpitRP, ok.. no worries14:43
edcraggare there any good resources for learning yocto as someone who has done a lot of linux system integration already?14:46
joseppcdoes yocto use the host's c compiler to build the kernel?14:47
frayjoseppc to -build- the kernel no, to build some tools to build the kernel, maybe14:49
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edcraggfor an arm target, it presumably either builds a cross compiler from a host toolchain, or uses a pre-built cross compiler14:52
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nayfeit takes host gcc to boostrap gcc native stuff14:52
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nayfejof> do you define a custom devicetree ? any dtb in u-boot work dir?14:55
joseppcfray: thanks, that's what I thought.14:56
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joseppcfray: I asked because I seem to get errors related to gcc 8.x, which is what's installed on my system15:06
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nayfejoseppc> indeed it's not fully supported yet15:09
joseppcnayfe: but that should only show when building "host" recipes, right?15:16
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rburtonjoseppc: apart from some recipes which build native tools they need to build15:18
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joseppcrburton: ah true, but not the kernel I assume15:19
rburtonbig assumption that i suspect is wrong15:19
rburtoni'd *expect* the kernel to build tooling15:19
joseppcok, I get it now, the errors I got are when building user space tools I think, but these should still be built with the gcc provided by yocto, no?15:21
joseppcI had to patch the kernel with this: https://github.com/torvalds/linux/commit/854e55ad289ef8888e7991f0ada85d5846f5afb9 (and another similar patch)15:21
rburtonanything that runs on the host is built using the host compiler15:22
rburtonobviously the host has a working compiler, as we build a cross compiler with it...15:22
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yatesis the git cloning of stuff done per build-dir (. oe-init-build-dir build-dir), or "globally"?15:31
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nayfeyates: sources recipes and build folders are linked by parameters in build folders conf/local.conf conf/bblayers.conf etc15:35
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kergothyates: recipes are fetched into DL_DIR. whether htat's global or not depends on what you set it to in local.conf. generally it's placed outside of TMPDIR, and ideally outside of TOPDIR as well to be shared amongst all your builds, but that's up to you15:36
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yatesi see. thanks.15:40
yateswhat is TOPDIR?15:41
yatese.g., sources/poky/ ?15:41
kergothTOPDIR == your build directory, where conf/local.conf and TMPDIR live15:43
kergothmost main variables are defined in bitbake.conf, TOPDIR however is usually defined either by bitbake itself or via bblayers.conf15:44
kergothi would recommend perusing bitbake.conf, bblayers.conf, and local.conf, should be informative15:45
yatesonce a repo has been initially cloned into DL_DIR, and a build image generated, is there anything that subsequently triggers an update of the repo?15:49
kergoththat depends on the recipe15:49
kergothrecipes can either specify a specific commit, or track the tip of a branch15:49
kergoththe former is far more common, it helps with build reproducibility15:49
kergothof course this only applies to recipes fetching sources, layers are fetched via other means15:50
* yates facepalms15:50
yatesLAYERS are also fetched? OMG!15:50
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yateswhere would the specific kernel git commit tag be specified?15:54
*** tgraydon <tgraydon!~textual@> has joined #yocto15:54
yateswhat search string could i use to "find . -name "*" -exec grep -Hn <search string>" ?15:55
yatesi've looked severl places and can't find it.15:55
*** jcstach <jcstach!~jcstach@> has joined #yocto15:57
kergothspecifically https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/2.5/overview-manual/overview-manual.html#scms15:57
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yateskergoth: thank you. very helpful.15:58
kergothno problem15:58
yatesthe "h=" option to get gets the specified tag?15:59
yatesto git15:59
kergothas the latter of the above two links states, SRCREV is how the commit to be checked out is specified. tag= or branch= can be used in concert with SRCREV="${AUTOREV}" to track the tip of a git ref rather than specifying a commit hash16:00
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kergothtags can change, so specifying a tag rather than the underling tag commit will result in bitbake having to contact the remote server every time it does a recipe parse to map it to a commit16:01
kergothso we generally recommend setting a specific commit in the recipe and updating as needed16:01
kergoth(note: tag= and branch= are url parameters, not variablels)16:01
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jynikJust curious, where can I find the validation tests used to mark a distrobution as "tested" ?16:31
edcraggis there anything about an extensible SDK build, that might cause a bunch of errors to crop up in a build that builds a normal system fine?16:31
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yatesis there a common recipe for putting together the rootfs? I can't see where its coming from16:37
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aehs29yates: its a class16:38
jynikyates: Perhaps take a look at how these recipes use core-image.bbclass (and inherently, image.bbclass): https://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky/tree/meta/recipes-core/images16:39
kergothit's definitely useful to pick a recipe and read it, following all the includes/inherits16:40
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rburtonjynik: the autobuilder is basically the validation tests17:41
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yatesdoes the "zImage" that my version of yocto creates do the "create an initial initrd" to load the full kernel?20:50
yatesi'm using a vendor-supplied yocto build (variscite) which is in turn a derivative of the meta-fslc for the i.MX6, fyi.20:50
yatesmy version of the image, rather.20:51
yatesi was just looking around and, other than spl and u-boot on an unformatted partition, there is fat32 with the .dtb files and zImage, and there is ext4 with the rootfs.20:53
dennismzImage is the full kernel already as far as I know.20:54
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yatesdennism: yes, but i thought the standard sequence for booting linux is to first create an initrd, then boot the full kernel from there.20:56
yatesinitrd == init ramdisk20:56
dennismI think those are optional when booting linux. You put stuff in them like lots of kernel modules.  If your kernel has support for what it needs already built in then no need for an initrd image.20:57
yatesis it the case that in the typical OpenEmbedded system, the initrd phase is skpped, and u-boot loads zImage directly?20:57
yatesi see.20:58
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dennismYeah you can type help in the u-boot menu and find all the commands for loading a kernel.20:59
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chronosHello guys , i hope i'm right here , i need your help in yocto :) i'm trying to build an image with squashfs fstype but now i want it to create a sdcard image and it says image_cmd is not defined for fstype sdcard .. i search already about it but didnt find anything to declare image cmd .. btw yocto branch morty21:09
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chronosanyone can help ?21:23
yateschronos: https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/2.1/ref-manual/ref-manual.html#var-IMAGE_CMD21:25
dennismIs squashfs a custom type?21:27
chronosit will be used for mmc cards as read only fs21:31
chronosi trying to built for an sdcard an image which include boot rootfs so i thought image_fstyüe "sdcard" is a way to go is this not right ?21:35
dennismtry "squashfs tar.bz2 sdcard"21:37
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chronosdennism same No IMAGE_CMD defined for IMAGE_FSTYPES entry 'sdcard'21:39
chronosmaybe the morty branch dont support fstype sdcard21:39
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dennismafraid not something I've tackled yet.  someone else will have to chime in that knows more.21:41
yatesi'm getting this error when trying to generate the initrd for meta-swupdate: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/W1H3ukqfjThyRy4J9afs9w21:43
yatesas described here: http://sbabic.github.io/swupdate/swupdate.html21:43
yatesany thoughts?21:44
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chronosyates or denism you know how to use grub instead of grub efi , cause grub efi give me always compile error21:59
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lukmaDear all22:11
lukmaIs there any neat way to remove a feature from for example RDEPENDS_${PN}-utils = "xauth xrandr xmodmap ...... " without the need to copy the long list in bbappend?22:12
lukma maybe some python magic?22:12
lukmaI do need to remove for example xrandr from the above example22:12
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majuklukma: Looks like RDEPENDS_thing-stuff_remove =23:02
majukhttps://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/1.6/bitbake-user-manual/bitbake-user-manual.html ; 3.1.9. Removal (Override Style Syntax)23:03
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aehs29lukma: majuk _remove should be avoided when possible23:41
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aehs29lukma: copying the whole list is the right way23:42
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