Friday, 2018-06-29

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1098 of nightly-no-x11 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Which Yocto branch to use <>06:54
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learningcI'm getting a compile error with qtbase-native.  How can I fix it?07:18
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nayfelearningc> can you pastebin it?07:26
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nayfelearningc did you try to clean it and rebuild?07:36
learningcIs there something that prevents it from building?07:38
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learningcWhen I rebuild it still cannot get past this error07:39
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nayfe"cc1plus: error: one or more PCH files were found, but they were invalid"07:51
nayfecan you find a file named .pch/Qt5Concurrent in tmp build folder?07:52
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nayfemaxin: i replaced jamvm-native by cacao-native in java-native provider and it does not crash anymore, not sure what happens with jamvm ... I saw this patch but I'm not sure it applies on version jamvm_git (2.0)07:59
nayfemaxin: btw hi again :)08:00
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maxinnayfe: good to hear that :)08:17
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pouet_foreverHey, I am trying to build the SDK with populate_sdk but I've got an issue...09:43
pouet_foreverI am running Debian 9 with gcc 4.9.2 and yocto 1.809:44
pouet_foreverThe error is : cat: /home/nico/yocto/ipos_v1.4/build/arago-tmp-glibc/work-shared/gcc-4.9.2-r0/gcc-4.9.2/gcc/defaults.h: No such file or directory09:44
pouet_foreverAny ideas ?09:44
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bachppouet_forever: I found this in the mailing list: seems to be a similar error. Could be related to your distro (arago).10:33
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suvirbhow to update system time in yocto. it shows old date. root@nitrogen6x:~# date Thu Jun 22 23:56:28 UTC 2017.10:39
suvirbeven though i'm connected to internet10:39
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pouet_foreverbachp: thank you ! I have already found this post before but there is no solution to solve my problem11:08
pouet_foreverI have extracted the gcc-linaro-4.9-2015.03.tar.xz file and the file defaults.h is present... :-/11:09
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to get bridge support with /etc/network/interfaces? <>11:55
steenoHi, one short question. Old rpi projects based on jethro got migrated to morty, some package architectures changed now from cortexa7hf-vfp-vfpv4-neon to cortexa7hf-neon-vfpv4, therefore new package versions get not recognized via opkg.12:05
steenois there a possibility to change the target architecture back to the old wording?12:06
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steenoi found the package_extra_archs var in the arm in machine/include/ f.e. but i don't really understand the system which determines what package is valid for which cpu arch12:09
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to install dlib and update gcc on Yocto <>12:25
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yateswhat does "do_install" do? we're building an image, not installing a package, so what is being installed to where? --Confused12:36
eduardas_mhello, I believe I can see a problem with the bmap-tools recipe in master... python3-fcntl is not listed as a dependency, though it is needed to import during runtime12:38
fsdunyates, the software needs to be installed into a pseudo root to be splitted into it's packages12:38
yatesfsdun: thanks - makes sense now.12:39
fsduneduardas_m, will it be pulled in through RDEPENDS packages?12:39
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eduardas_mfsdun: no, that is the point12:40
eduardas_mfsdun: python3-fcntl is not listed as a direct RDEPENDS and neither does it get pulled in indirectly12:41
eduardas_mthe only reason it used to work for me is becaused it used to be pulled in by unrelated packages, as soon as I slimmed down my image, it broke12:42
fsdunIn this case you should send a fix to ML12:42
yatesfsdun: where is this package-building done? is it somewhere under the tmp/ folder?12:48
yatesrather, package-splitting12:48
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yatesi'm getting this error: "...libubi.h': No such file or directory"
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yatesnm, i found it.12:59
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: compile Dlib library with Yocto <>13:25
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yateswhere is mkdep defined? $(foreach v,$(MTD_BINS),$(eval $(call mkdep,,$(v))))13:38
yatesis it built-in to gnumake?13:38
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yatesnm found it14:37
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zeddii_homewhen I’m on vacation, it would be easier if everyone else stopped working as well! :P15:40
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armpitRP, when does 'LAYERSERIES_CORENAMES" change?16:58
RParmpit: I need to add the next one now17:00
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RParmpit: then we drop sumo when we break 'ABI'17:01
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mihaiis there a lag on the mailing lists?17:55
mihaior just my email getting stuck somewhere along the way17:56
JPEWI just sent an email and it went through right away17:56
JPEWIf you're not signed up for the list I think the messages are moderated?17:56
mihaiI should be signed up17:59
mihaiI have the welcome email18:00
mihaimaybe there's a trial period :)18:00
yateswhen bitbake runs a gnumake command as part of a do_install for a recipe, how does it form the make command, e.g., how are -I options constructed?18:01
yatesno, wait, the compiler -I options are in the makefile18:02
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yateshow can the install command complain about libubi.h not being found if that is not in the list of input files it is to copy?
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yatesalso, why is the "install: cannot stat ..." being emitted after the gzip command and not after the install command? is it to do with -j options for the makefile?18:13
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JPEWIs there maybe one of your layers that is modifying mtd-utils with a .bbappend?18:22
mihaiyates, not likely, that make seems to be on a single thread18:23
mihaisee /Storage/swupdate-test/sources/poky/build-hw-test-image/tmp/work/armv7at2hf-neon-fslc-linux-gnueabi/mtd-utils/1.5.2-r0/temp/run.do_install.1806418:23
mihaimaybe there's an install after that gzip18:23
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yatesmihai: aha.18:39
yateswell, wait18:41
yatesis this python?
yatesno, bash script18:42
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yatesi'm really confused. is this logfile output from the do_install() command in the shell script, or from the makefile?18:48
yatesthe first line of do_install() is to run the makefile (oe_runmake... ), right?18:49
yatesok, that's right.18:50
yatesyes, it runs the make file, the last command of the make install target being gzip, THEN it runs the install's after the oe_runmake.18:50
yateswhere does this script come from? is it in the recipe somewhere? (some recipe?)18:52
kergothread the bbclasses the recipe inherits18:54
kergothincluding the globally inherited classes, 'base' and any listed in the INHERIT variable18:54
kergothbut its easier to just use bitbake -e as was suggested yesterday18:54
kergothwhich includes the definitions of all the defined functions18:54
kergothincluding oe_runmake18:54
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yateskergoth: ok, i have this massive -e output. i'm not sure how to use it to find where this install script is coing from19:11
kergothi don't understandt heq uestion19:12
kergothyou don't know how to search a text file?19:12
kergothgrep? vim?19:12
kergothlook for oe_runmake () {19:12
kergothit's basically shell script, other than the python functions being included as well19:12
kergothif you can read a recipe, you can read the -e output19:13
kergothit's the same syntax19:13
yatesi'm looking for the do_install for that particular recipe/thing, and there are a bazillion do_installs19:13
kergothno, there isn't19:14
kergothbitbake -e somerecipe, search for do_install () {19:14
yatesthere is only one do_install for the entire bitbake build?19:15
kergothnot that hard to follow it. do_install () { } likely runs autotools_do_install, so then search for that19:15
kergothno, bitbake -e specifies the recipe19:15
kergothas you could tell if you'd run bitbake --help19:15
kergothbitbake -e somerecipe shows the metadata for that recipe19:15
kergothbitbake -e is just the global configuration metadata (bitbake.conf, local.conf, etc)19:15
kergoth(not specifying the recipe)19:15
kergothno, there aren't19:16
kergotherm ,wrong window on that19:16
kergothexactly what problem are you hitting? i don't have the full scrollback from this irc client19:16
yates"bitbake swupdate-image" errors out with "cannot stat libubi.h". that was traced to the do_install() function in a bash shell script via the file, specifically to an "install" command specifying the location of the libubi.h i want to find out where that do_install script is generated19:20
yates"do_install ()" is not found in the -e output19:20
kergothif do_install wasn't in -e, then tehre is no do_install19:20
kergoth-e dumps the full metadata19:20
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rburtonso swupdate-image is an image, and doesn't do any building19:20
kergothyeah, as rburton says, you need to examine the metadata of the recipe that's failing, with -e, not the image19:21
rburtonyou want to read the log to find out what dependent recipe was being built, and look at *that* recipe19:21
rburtonthe recipe most likely doesn't have a do_install directly but uses the default from base.bbclass which essentially just does 'make install', so you need to look at the makefiles19:23
rburtonbut worth checking the recipe doesn't have manual install steps19:23
yatesrburton: that is not the case here. there is a 'make install' as well as several other commands e.g., 'install' in a bash script.19:24
yatesand the error is coming from one of the script 'install's19:24
rburtondown the rabbit hole you go, welcome to the wonderful world of integration19:25
rburtonthis week i fixed a bug in a configure script which uses sh to generate makefile rules19:25
yatesdid i take the red pill or the blue pill?19:25
yatessounds horrendous19:26
rburtonyeah it wasn't fun, and left me wondering who in their right mind would construct a build system like that19:27
rburton(the libsdl maintainers, is the answer)19:27
yatesok, i may get booted from teh channel (or /ignored..), but can you give me a clue:
yateshow do i look through this to see where this do_install shell script is generated?!?19:28
rburtonpresumably thats the wrong recipe still, that has a do_install that calls base_do_install that does nothing19:30
rburtonPN="swupdate-image" <-- you're still doing -e on the image, not the recipe that breaks19:30
yatesrburton: when you said "15:21 <rburton> you want to read the log to find out what dependent ..." did you mean the output of -e for the image?19:30
rburtonyou run bitbake swupdate-image19:31
rburtonit breaks19:31
rburtonthe log on screen tells you what recipe broke19:31
otavio[m]armpit: how are you?19:31
armpitotavio[m], yes19:31
otavio[m]could you review for stable?19:31
yatesso you mean this: ERROR: Task (/Storage/swupdate-test/sources/poky/meta/recipes-devtools/mtd/ failed with exit code '1'19:33
armpitotavio[m], sure thing.. thanks19:33
yatesso poky/meta/recipes-devtools/mtd/ broke19:33
JPEWyates: Yes, you want 'bitbake -e mtd-utils'19:34
yatesso then i should run bitbake -e mtd-utils_git ?19:34
JPEW_git is the "version", so you omit it19:34
rburtonyates: easier to just look at the recipe tbh19:37
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rburtonsee if it has a do_install itself, if not look at the classes it inherits,19:37
yatesok, i found the do_install in the -e output with the offending "install". yay!19:38
yatesit's "do_install()", btw. no space before the "()"19:38
yatesrburton: ok.19:39
yatesthere is a "do_install () {" function defined in poky/meta/recipes-devtools/mtd/, but it doesn't match the shell script i saw.19:41
yatesit only has the first oe_runmake:
rburtonwhere is this script you saw?19:42
rburtonsounds like its from the makefile to me19:42
rburtonas you see, the recipe just does 'make install'19:42
yatesit was in poky/build-hw-test-image/tmp/work/armv7at2hf-neon-fslc-linux-gnueabi/mtd-utils/1.5.2-r0/temp/run.do_install.1806419:42
rburtonlooks a lot like you've inherited a class globally that really shouldn't be inherited globally19:45
rburtonwhatever that is, its part of swupdate, so i'd be asking the maintainers of that what broke19:45
yatesstefano babic19:45
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yatesok, posted on!forum/swupdate20:33
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