Monday, 2018-07-02

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eduardas_mhello, does anyone know how to make u-boot splash persist on i.MX6 until a userspace splash is available? Currently u-boot splash disappears when kernel starts loading.08:01
eduardas_mi.e. I get a black screen after the u-boot splashscreen08:01
eduardas_mAn image with a company logo can not be put into the kernel because a trademark is not compatible with GPLv2 as far as I know08:02
eduardas_mso I can not use the kernel splashscreen to display the same image as u-boot does08:03
eduardas_mso it would be nice if the kernel would not modify the framebuffer when loading and the u-boot initialized splashscreen would remain until a userspace GUI application starts08:04
mckoaneduardas_m: the splash logo doesn't have any impact on the GPL08:06
eduardas_mmckoan: according to this intel document, the image also has to be under GPLv2:
eduardas_mmckoan: they even describe a solution that allows to use a non-GPL image as a loadable binary blob08:11
eduardas_mas a workaround to this problem08:11
eduardas_mbut as far as I understand the solution is Intel platform specific08:11
mckoaneduardas_m: interestinh, thx08:13
eduardas_mmckoan: I can imagine lots of smaller embedded Linux teams and shops simply not caring about this issue, but I still would like to know whether there is any proper solution to this for the i.MX6 platform08:20
eduardas_mmy colleague has taken a look at Android images shipped by Samsung and LG... it seems they do not use the Linux kernel splash screen... only bootloader initialized splash screen is used08:21
eduardas_mhowever, on i.MX6 it disappears as soon as the kernel starts loading08:21
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pouet_foreverHello, I have yocto fido (1.8) and boost version 1.5709:01
pouet_foreverI want to upgrade to version 1.6409:01
pouet_foreverWhat is the best solution to update to 1.64 ?09:01
pouet_foreverI have tried to create a recipe boost-1.64 but I have some issues : Failure expanding variable BOOST_VER, expression was ${@bb_parse_BBHandler_vars_from_file(d_getVar('FILE'),d)[1] or '1_0'} which triggered exception NameError: name 'bb_parse_BBHandler_vars_from_file' is not defined09:02
pouet_foreverAny ideas ?09:02
mirzakConsidered updating your Yocto version? 1.8 seems rather old. Doing this you would get newer version of boost as well. The rocko branch provides boost 1.6409:07
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pouet_foreverIf I update to a newer version of yocto, it can brake some of my recipes already installed ? :-/09:27
eduardas_mpouet_forever: yes, but fixing those is worth it for the sake of being least from my experience09:28
eduardas_mpouet_forever: you will also get access to newer Yocto tools such as wic for image creation and important bug fixes09:30
eduardas_mpouet_forever: that is why I have put in some effort in getting on Yocto 2.5 Sumo although the latest Yocto release supported by my SoM vendor is only Rocko09:31
pouet_forevereduardas_m: i wiil think about it, but I think it is not feasible for the moment09:36
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mcfriskhi, how to build a source and headers only recipe with sumo? we have a gmock recipe which has all files in -dev and main ${PN} is empty, but something is adding a dependency to it from -dev and it's not installable to SDK... Tried ALLOW_EMPTY_${PN} = "1", and RPROVIDES_${PN}-dev = "gmock" already but problem persists.09:54
mcfriskand RDEPENDS_${PN}-dev_remove = "${PN}" just causes a python stacktrace from bitbake09:57
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rburtonthat remove is right10:05
rburtoni'd just set RDEPENDS_${PN}-dev to ""10:06
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: how to manage external dependencies of a golang project in a yocto recipe <>10:07
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mcfriskis there a mirror of somewhere in yocto infrastructure?10:20
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: systemd ignores services from overlayFS <>10:37
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mcfriskrburton: thanks, setting RDEPENDS_${PN}-dev = "" works and the -dev package is installable again.10:44
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RPrburton: I kind of hate to mention :/11:20
rburtonwith master?!11:20
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RPrburton: was -next but don't think it was the -next patchset :(11:51
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yatesthere seem to be certain things (.bbclass files, rootfs layer, etc/) which can be "update" in a project, i.e., pulled from a repo? how is this done? is it a bitbake command?12:36
yatesthings which, when doing a normal (image) bitbake don't get pulled12:36
yatesback in a minute - rebooting.12:36
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yatesdid i miss any responses on my "update" question?12:39
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tasslehoffI have a system running the "FSLC framebuffer" distro. What legal/license info should I include on my system? I know of the manifests and the licenses-artifact, but I'm not sure what I must include.12:50
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yatesrburton, etc: i found the problem i/we were chasing last week: the install script was being modified by a .bbappend file in the meta-swupdate layer13:17
yatesre: libubi.h not found13:17
rburtonthere you go13:17
rburtonthats why -e is useful, it will show you where the append is coming from13:17
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yatesi suppose so. but a) i need to develop more facility in knowing how to use it, and b) it's still a LOT of stuff to look at13:21
yateseven for that one recipe13:21
yates26687 lines..13:21
rburtonawww we don't show history for functions13:22
rburtonbut just search for 'do_install() {'13:22
rburtonRP: we don't show variable history for task variables in -e13:22
rburtoni understand that we don' want to show the *full* history as it could be huge but an abridged form without the values would be useful13:23
yateswhat would be useful (perhaps?) is, for each function like do_install(), show the files that were consulted to construct it. kinda like a cross-reference.13:26
rburtonyeah thats exactly what -e does, but not for tasks13:27
yatesyou mean tasks like do_install?13:27
yateswhy not?13:27
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yatesseems like it would be a nice thing to provide. for just such an occasion.13:29
yatesmaybe it's difficult to implement?13:30
rburtoni suspect it was by design becayuse the output would be huge13:32
rburtonbut a redacted form would be useful and not huge13:32
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pouet_foreverI have a recipe who needs files contained in udev-dev package, how can I add udev-dev in RDEPENDS ?13:43
rburtondo you mean depends?13:44
pouet_foreverI can make RDPENDS in my package-dev but not in my package13:44
pouet_foreverno, RDEPENDS13:44
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pouet_foreverI need the udev.pc file13:45
rburtonat *runtime* on the target?13:45
rburtonvery odd13:45
rburtonRDEPENDS_the-package-name += "udev-dev"13:45
pouet_foreverI have an error13:45
pouet_foreverERROR: QA Issue: zebra-scanner-cross rdepends on udev-dev [dev-deps]13:47
pouet_foreverThe first error was : ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'udev-dev'13:48
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pouet_foreverI make a bbappend to PROVIDES and RPROVIDES udev-dev but I can't add it ton my package :(13:49
rburtonpouet_forever: are you using systemd?13:49
rburtonprovides/rprovides udev-dev would just make it install your hack and not the thing that has udev.pc in13:49
rburtonif you're using systemd, then the package you want is systemd-dev13:50
pouet_foreverI am not using systemd13:50
rburtonthen you want eudev-dev if you're using a recent release13:51
RPrburton: when you say tasks, you mean functions?13:51
pouet_foreverRecent... no ;D 1.813:51
rburtonpouet_forever: oh you got an error.  maybe you want to depends=udev first13:51
rburtonRP: yes13:51
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pouet_foreverrburton: i already have udev in my depends :)13:52
pouet_foreverDEPENDS += "libconfig libusb udev udev-dev"13:52
rburtonremove udev-dev from DEPENDS13:52
rburtonyou DEPEND on recipes13:53
rburtonRP: i see emit_var bails early for funcs13:53
pouet_foreverBut how can i get the udev.pc from de udev-dev ?13:53
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RPrburton: right, that was for other reasons, not history iirc13:58
RPrburton: can't remember what if any differences functions have history wise13:58
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kergothwow this is strange. any task i run on the ptest-runner recipe hangs, including do_fetch and do_cleanall.16:50
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kergothanyone ever see anything like that?17:14
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armpitkergoth, nope17:34
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JPEWRP, kergoth: I'm working on hash equivalence. It looks like bitbake tries to avoid anything outside of the python standard library, however would be *really* useful and probably more efficent. Thoughts on adding it as dependency?17:46
kergoththe annoyance/issue is bitbake is generally not properly installed via pip or anything, so it's almost a guaranteed failure to run for every bitbake user until they manually install requests, rather than having it installed as soon as they upgrade bitbake17:47
kergothunless we embed it the way we do some of our other formerly external dependencies17:47
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JPEWkergoth: e.g. bs4, ply, progressbar, simplediff et. al. from bitbake/lib?17:51
* kergoth nods17:53
kergothit's not ideal, but i think we'd have to handle it the same way, at least until/if we change how bitbake is delivered to the user17:53
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JPEWOk. Does that seem like a reasonable thing to do then? I'd rather not start down the path of using it only to have to rework it all at the end.17:56
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JPEWAlthough.... that might be a bit more difficult... requests doesn't have what you would probably call "minimal dependencies"18:00
kergothif it has a bunch of deps itself, probably a no-go18:03
kergothwhich is unfortunate, requests is one of the best and most ubiquitous python libraries around18:03
kergothi wish we should package and distribute bitbake like any other *proper* python project, but it's tough when it's tied so tightly to oe-core18:04
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JPEWOk, I'll use urllib2 for now and when we figure that out we can upgrade18:06
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kergothhmm, could probably rig something with a requirements.txt or pipenv in oe-core to ensure the right bitbake version is installed, then potentially enhance oe-init-build-env to check it, and ease creation of a virtualenv. and/or recommend use of a docker image18:24
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JPEWkergoth: Ya, I don't think it would be terribly hard18:31
JPEWYou could also maybe use something like which I've used before. It's pretty easy. It does require you to externally install pipenv, but its probably better to install 1 dependency than dozens.18:36
yatesi'm having a problem in the do_compile phase of a recipe. i see it is running a bash function "oe_runmake" and that function issues "make ...", but i cannot determine where the Makefile file is coming from.18:38
yatesi can't see it in the -e output18:39
yatesi can't find one in the meta- lyaer for the recipe18:39
yatesi can't find one in the src18:40
yates... for this recipe18:40
yatesi see it in the tmp folder but have no idea where it comes from...18:41
kergothJPEW: yeah, pipenv was my thought as well, definitely easier than virtualenv+pip on requirements.txt18:46
kergothjust alias bitbake='pipenv run bitbake' or something18:47
* kergoth shrugs18:47
yatesany thoughts? suggestions?18:50
yateshere's the bitbake output
yatesfunny, i know what's going on - what needs to be modified in the makefile, i just can't find the bloody makefile!18:53
kergothmost likely it's an automake based project, so the source tree has, not makefile, since automake genreates from, and ./configure generates Makefile from Makefile.in18:53
* yates beats head against wall18:53
kergothi'd have to see hte recipe to say with any more detail18:54
kergothwe just run the underlying buildsystem of the upstream project, we don't write it18:54
kergothso if you want to know about that, go look at the project18:54
yateshow is automake specified in the recipe?18:54
kergothinherit autotools18:55
yatesok, that's a good hint, thanks kergoth18:55
yatesthose are good hints.18:55
kergothread the recipe and the classes it inherits to see what commands we run18:56
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yatesif a recipe has both a SRCBRANCH and a SRCREV, does one take priority?20:01
yatesignore that20:02
yatesif there is a "branch=xyz" in the SRC_URI, AND a hash in the SRCREV, does one have priority?20:04
yatesdoesn't a branch imply a SRCREV?20:04
yatesa hash?20:04
kergothno, a branch doesn't imply an SRCREV unless SRCREV is set to AUTOREV20:05
kergothAUTOREV == HEAD of the specified branch or master if unspecified20:05
kergothif both branch and srcrev are specified, all branch is used for is a sanity check, it makes sure that rev is accessible via the branch head20:05
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yatesgood info, thanks again kergoth20:26
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RPJPEW: Don't underestimate how much work changing bitbake dependencies would be. At first glance it looks "simple", then you consider docs, established workflows, things like build-appliance and so on and it gets messy :/20:32
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kergothyeah, it'd be a substantial change, potentially worth postponing to a substantnial version bump20:33
JPEWRP: Ya, that makes sense. A task for another time perhaps :)20:33
RPJPEW: I do understand the desire...20:33
kergothand would require a hell of a lot of consideration of the use cases20:33
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RParmpit: thanks for the sumo patches!21:31
RParmpit: sorted out a couple of bitbake tweaks/backports too fwiw21:31
yatesthere are 3 recipes for swupdate in in meta-swupdate/recipes-support/swupdate:,, and it appears the is used, but i cannot find any reference to git in the entire meta-swupdate directory. how is the specific determined?21:32
yatesor 2017 or 2018 either21:35
yatesor in my bblayers for the build21:35
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to get Openembedded to compile tar.gz files instead of tar.xz <>21:39
yatesis it tied to the SRC_URI type somehow?21:40
yatesor the S variable??21:41
neverpanicyates: you can set PREFFERED_VERSION, I think21:42
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RPyates: The PV value from the file will be used and influenced by PREFERREED_VERSION21:43
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kergothPREFERRED_VERSION, DEFAULT_PREFERENCE, and layer priority are all a factor21:52
yatesi gotta read that manual...21:56
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kergothlacking any defined preferred version, and lacking a DEFAULT_PREFERENCE in any of the recipes, it's most likely layer priority. regardless, if you want a specific version, define PREFERRED_VERSION21:58
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yatesok, thanks neverpanic, RP and kergoth21:59
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armpitRP, np23:53

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