Friday, 2018-07-06

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1180 of nightly-arm is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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cornelgood morning/*05:58
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corneli am reading yocto technical faq trying to undersand how oe-pkgdata-util list-pkgs works05:59
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cornelthe example says: oe-pkgdata-util list-pkgs -p recipename06:00
cornelwhat is 'recipename' in this context?06:00
corneland where is the 'pkgdata directory' for a recipe?06:01
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cornelor, if this directory is missing, how can it be created?06:02
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corneli believe recipename is exactly what it says like in the target for bitbake06:05
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khemrecipe name is any of the .bb file e.g. then recipename is foo06:09
khempkgdata directory is created during build06:10
khemits under TMPDIR06:10
cornelkhem, but foo is also acceptable, right?06:10
khemyes foo is what you need to specify06:10
cornelthank you06:10
cornellet me try the pkgdata thing06:11
cornelis there a manual for devtool or oe-pkgdata-util ?06:14
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cornelthank you very much, khem06:21
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1169 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Failure [failed Running oe-selftest] Build details are at
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mckoanRP: good morning08:11
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: yocto recipe for an application that uses dlib and opencv <>08:22
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ak4721269Actually I was facing the following issue while building my Yocto SDK on Docker container   Code:  sudo docker build --tag="akash/eclipse-che:6.5.0-1" --tag="akash/eclipse-che:latest" /home/akash/ Sending build context to Docker daemon  26.93MB Step 1/5 : FROM eclipse/cpp_gcc  ---> 8397ec8fd9d1 Step 2/5 : ENV  ---> Usin08:50
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ak4721269Step 3/5 : RUN wget -O /tmp/$META_TOOLCHAIN "<link for toolchain >=$META_TOOLCHAIN"  ---> Using cache  ---> 674e007553da Step 4/5 : RUN chmod +x /tmp/$META_TOOLCHAIN  ---> Using cache  ---> 5f558946851e Step 5/5 : RUN /tmp/$META_TOOLCHAIN  ---> Running in b5909d0fe10c Poky (Yocto Project Reference Distro) SDK installer version 2.4.3 ================================================================= You are about to install the SDK to08:51
ak4721269Proceed[Y/n]? Extracting SDK.............done Setting it cannot access '/home/akash/rpil/rpi-build/tmp/environment-setup-cortexa7hf-neon-vfpv4-poky-linux-gnueabi': No such file or directory SDK relocate failed, could not get executalbe files The command '/bin/sh -c /tmp/$META_TOOLCHAIN' returned a non-zero code: 108:52
ak4721269Though environment setup-* is present in my tmp directory,it still shows that this file is not present.08:54
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Is it possible to use Yocto Tool offline? <>09:53
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T_UNIXdoes yocto provide a default-way to handle systemd drop-ins?13:26
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burakSenicHi All, I would like to add the ability to extract defconfig or .config file (on run-time) from my running yocto system. Does any of you have a suggestion on how to achieve that?14:36
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burakSenicI am aware of the yocto manual note which says that out-of-the-box, yocto never ships `defconfig` or `.config` file. However, I still want to do this.14:37
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tlwoernerburakSenic: if you kernel has CONFIG_IKCONFIG enabled, then (at run-time, on the device) you can extract its configuration from /proc/config.gz14:43
jofbitbake -c configure <your package> and then do a bitbake -c devshell .. and copy the appropriate file someplace else14:44
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burakSenictlwoerner: I already tried that, however, /proc/config.gz doesn't exist. As well as /boot/config-* doesn't appear in my image.14:45
burakSenicjof: thank you for your response. I will try your suggestion.14:46
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jofburakSenic: I think I may have misunderstood your question, though. What I was suggesting was getting it at build-time. Not runtime like you requested.14:47
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burakSenicjof: Gotcha! First, thank you for your support and clarifying your response! Yes, I am interested in runtime, but build-time may just do the trick for me. I need to have a look and test it.14:50
* zeddii_home waits to see if his new devsrc survives the multib configured build ….. running tasks (4009 of 8007) … it’ll be a bit yet :D14:52
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RPzeddii_home: good luck! :)15:04
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zeddii_homefor whatever reason, my build machine seems to be crawling along … oh well15:07
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RPzeddii_home: cold sstate from the vacation?15:08
RPits amazing how much sstate we reuse15:09
RPand that automake upgrade toasted it all15:09
tlwoernerburakSenic: if /proc/config.gz does not exist at runtime, then something is fishy wrt your kernel build configuration15:09
RPrburton: should I fire -next?15:10
RPrburton: I think I don't have the problematic bits of mut15:10
rburtonRP: give me a sec there's some more bits in mut now15:10
tlwoernerburakSenic: i.e. either CONFIG_IKCONFIG is not enabled in your build, or something is overriding it15:11
RPrburton: I added your two meson bits15:11
rburtonRP: you need to push then ;) also got two setuptools changes15:11
RPrburton: it is there!15:12
RPrburton: let me grab the other two15:13
JPEWSpeaking of sstate, I had another go at the hash-equivalence based on RP's feedback. It's getting closer to something presentable if anyone want to take a look: poky-contrib/jpew/hash-equivalence15:17
JPEWStill not quite ready for the mailing list I think...15:17
burakSenictlwoerner: Thank you for following up. So, I generated my defconfig with `bitbake -c menuconfig linux`. This creates a .config file and yocto manual says one can directly copy this file and rename it as "defconfig". I did all these and check the generated .config file that I saved after I was done with menuconfig interface. The .config has CONFIG_IKCONFIG, CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC and the other flags that letter one of these depends on15:20
burakSenictlwoerner: Do you have any clue what can override this?15:21
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RPJPEW: btw, if you want to send out some of the cleanups and keep the branch simpler I'm happy to take those15:30
JPEWRP: Ok, I'll do that15:31
RPJPEW: I usually do that myself to try and preserve sanity15:32
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dkchello, I'm bumping Yocto layers and the kernel I'm using doesn't build with gcc7 (it's not an upstream kernel), is there a way to change the GCC version used?15:39
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JPEWRP: Does bitbake-devel get pulled into OE-core contiuously like meta-oe, or just when bitbake has a release?15:43
rburtonpoky master tracks oe-core master and bitbake master15:44
JPEWOK, thanks15:44
rburtoni suspect thats what you meant :)  meta-oe isn't involved, and oe-core isn't a generated repo15:44
JPEWOh, sorry, yes that is what I meant!15:45
RPJPEW: rburton beat me to it15:47
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gabrbeddI'm using an ancient branch of poky (2.0) and running into the git deprecated argument "--set-upstream". Is there a way to patch without forking the poky repo?16:55
gabrbeddReferring to bitbake/lib/bb/fetch2/git.py16:56
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kergothnope, either fork poky, fork bitbake itself, or deal with a local modification. can't tell bitbake to load from elsewhere17:03
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neverpanicgabrbedd: If you're running an ancient branch anyway, what's the harm in backporting the change to your repo?17:07
neverpanicIt's not like there's going to be any changes to the 2.0 branch upstream17:07
gabrbedd@kergoth: thanks17:07
gabrbedd@neverpanic: Up until now, all our stuff points to the upstream yocto repo. Haven't needed to clone it to add our own patches.17:08
kergothsounds like it's time17:08
gabrbeddTBH, I think it's time to get on a newer branch... but I gotta arm wrestle a few people to agree...17:10
kergothbeen there, good luck :)17:11
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khemrburton: r17:56
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majukBuh, I can't find someone at 3M that is willing to let me rub this datasheet error in their face.18:42
majukwhoops wrong channel18:42
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* RP hugs strace. Mystery who bothered me for ages solved :)22:04
desertrelating to the deploy/ipk/Packages{.gz}22:14
deserti have a image which *do not* requires myapp.ipk, how ever i sometimes build  myapp.ipk22:15
kergothbitbake -g is your friend22:15
desertand i never delete the deploy/ folders22:15
deserti wanted to ask if the Packages looses the reference to myapp.ipk22:16
desertor not22:16
desertbitbake -g is  a dependency graph generator, can you kindly elaborate on the relation of the graph to Packages ?22:17
*** mattsm <mattsm!> has quit IRC22:20
*** mattsm <mattsm!> has joined #yocto22:21
kergothah, no, that package feed includes all generated binary packages. but directly using that feed long term isn't ideal, if you want a feed with more controlled contents, best to maintain it yourself22:21
*** heat- <heat-!~dima@> has joined #yocto22:21
RPdesert: we do have code which filters the packages the rootfs sees during construction which partly solves that problem. I know we use it for rpm, can't remember if we do for opkg offhand22:22
desertwhat i want to do is publish the whole deploy/ipk/* straight from the build server to a remote server22:23
desertim worried that when I build  myimage (which does not have myapp.ipk) and then rsync the ipk/ folder I might have the myapp.ipk  but a wrong Packages{.gz}22:24
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Minnowboard Max Bootloader [on hold] <>22:25
desertcan I trust that *all* the *.ipks are considered into the Packages regardless their need into the current image built?22:25
desertOr maybe i can run another command, something of the likes of22:26
desertgen-packages  /some/ipks/*.ipk  > /some/ipks/Packages22:26
desertif such a command exists22:27
*** agust <agust!> has quit IRC22:28
RPdesert: "bitbake package-index" does exactly that, considers all packages22:28
desertgood, so in order to guarantee Packages.gz to have ALL the ipks I must run that, right?22:28
*** georgem_home <georgem_home!uid210681@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto22:28
desertI was hoping it's already run on every bitbake run22:29
RPdesert: no, it does what you tell it and doesn't guess what you might want ;-)22:30
desertgood, this is the exact solution to my problem, thanks a lot22:30
* desert goes to implement an additional step into the CI pipelines22:30
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heat-hey, any one play with untangling python dependencies on the target side in a build? Mainly, I end up getting gcc on the target pulled in just by doing python-requests :(23:29
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