Monday, 2018-07-16

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to get Openembedded to compile tar.gz files instead of tar.xz <>03:05
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto zip download on every build <>05:36
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RPMarex: We don't encourage people to hack class files but to fix them properly08:36
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MarexRP: that's fine by me, but how do I solve this until upstream accepts those patches , which might take a long time ?09:18
MarexRP: I need the following three in rocko to get my multilib issues solved09:19
Marexf1079cd193 staging/image: Fix multilib recipe sysroot issues09:19
Marex6ca693f284 staging: Improve fixup processing code09:19
Marexf755066a00 staging: Always use the default sysroot for allarch recipes09:19
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: do_kernel_metadata in Yocto 2.4 takes so much long time to complete <>10:07
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MarexRP: could those be backported ?11:06
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IllariosHi guys & girls,11:16
IllariosCan anyone explain the difference between 'inherit native' and 'BBCLASSEXTEND = native' ?11:17
rburtonthe former makes the current recipe native, the latter creates a copy of the current recipe and magically makes it native11:18
rburton(by adding -native in lots of places)11:18
IllariosThanks rburton11:18
IllariosSo any idea why a recipe would not be built with the BBCLASSEXTEND=native while it does build when I use 'inherit native' ?11:19
rburtondefine "not be built"11:20
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IllariosIt throws an error stating that it can not find a header file11:21
Illarioswhile with the 'inherit native' line it does not throw this error11:21
rburtonnote that if you have with inherit native then you have a native recipe called just 'foo', but with BBCLASSEXTEND=native gives you a *target* recipe called foo but a *native* recipe called foo-native11:22
rburtonso be sure you get your names right11:22
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IllariosThe thing is that I am trying to generate a nativesdk package out of a 'inherit native' recipe.12:00
IllariosDo you think that it would be possible having in mind that when I am trying to use 'PACKAGES = "${PN}" I get an error regarding the no-package specific nature of the native class ?12:01
rburtonnativesdk packages need to inherit nativesdk either directly or via bbclassextend12:03
rburtonif you look at oe-core you'll see that many recipes are written generically enough that they just need bbclassextend="native nativesdk" to build for target, native, and nativesdk12:04
IllariosI am using this technique to add packages into my nativesdk, but in this case when I try to use bbclassextend instead of inherit, it does throw this error of not finding a header file12:05
IllariosAnd that is the reason I am confused as what I am not getting here12:05
rburtonpastebin the recipe and error?12:06
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RPMarex: armpit usually handles stable series backports so you should probably post something on the mailing list12:14
MarexRP: what's the process for this ?12:14
MarexRP: just cherry-pick , fix conflict, post ?12:15
Marexarmpit: thoughts ? ^12:15
RPMarex: yes, with the right prefix12:15
RPMarex I think armpit is away this week12:15
MarexRP: is that procedure documented somewhere ? what prefix ?12:22
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RPMarex: yes, it is. First google hit of "stable yocto"12:28
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MarexRP: thanks12:31
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MarexRP: For information on which mailing list you should send these to see the README file in the Poky repository.12:35
MarexRP: the link to the readme file is broken ;-)12:35
RPMarex: Its a wiki?12:35
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RPhalstead: I think something may be wrong with the .io cluster and hung builds  :(14:15
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RPhalstead: not hung, going very slowly14:31
rburtonRP: quirk in log output i just noticed: NOTE: core-image-sato-1.0-r0 do_testsdk: perl.PerlTest.test_perl_exists (subunit.RemotedTestCase)14:38
rburton(doesn't show module name)14:38
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RPrburton: yes, not sure how to fix that14:46
RPhalstead: I've sent email14:46
RPrburton: thanks for cleaning up that test :)14:49
RPrburton: curious which of us would break first14:49
rburtoni had an old revision in a branch but for some reason failed to post it14:49
rburtonthings that annoy me: sdk test case run() is not the same as runtime test case run()14:50
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RPrburton: yes, my sdk fix showed the API is horrid too14:51
rburtonRP: any idea why the sdk python test would want to check that the host manifest has either nativesdk-python or python-native?14:52
rburtonsurely the native thing is nonsense14:52
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RPrburton: esdk14:56
RPrburton: it shares the sdk tests14:56
RPits horrible but you asked why, not whether I liked it ;-)14:56
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1115 of nightly-world-lsb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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LocutusOfBorgotavio, hello you there?15:26
LocutusOfBorgI have an issue with the mfgtool usb0 switch on i.MX6UL15:26
LocutusOfBorgbasically, I didn't connect the usb_otg_ID pin, and I can't make mfgtool see the device in mass-storage mode...15:27
LocutusOfBorgany idea? the dts seems to be not parsing such gpio15:27
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yatesok, yocto 101 question here: if i bitbake my kernel, say, "bitbake linux-variscite", shouldn't that create a <build>/tmp/.../linux-variscite/<version>/build folder?15:32
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yatesi'm not seeing the folder any more...15:35
yatesand i'm not seeing any of the build files like the .patch file there.15:36
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yateskergoth: any ideas?15:37
yatesi've tried running bitbake -c clean linux-variscite first, then rebuilding. bitbake completes with no errors, but i don't see the usual stuff in this directory15:38
kergothyates: kernels use both a source tree and build dir in tmp/work-shared/15:38
kergothit's a special case15:38
yateskergoth: well does an image build then use tmp/work?15:39
yatesi see kernel build files in tmp/work of a separate build i did last week.15:40
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yatesi am trying to check out which defconfig the build is using, but now the build isn't putting any defconfg in the build dir...15:58
LocutusOfBorgotavio, nvm, it works now15:59
yatessomething is hosed.16:00
kergothyates: i don't understand the question.16:01
kergothworkdir is set on a per-recipe basis, what you happened to build is irrelevent16:01
kergothbuilding an image or another recipe won't change where the kernel files go, that's controlled by WORKDIR in the kernel recipe16:01
kergothand S and B of course16:01
kergothof course S and B also depend on whether youv'e used devtool modify on that recipe16:02
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yateskergoth: i have two differenct yocto projects on my hard drive, rtc-test and swupdate-test. they are from the same branch of svn of the same project, one with modifications and one without.16:06
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: AWS CodeBuild as non-root user <>16:08
yatesi think it's Monday...16:08
yatesbelay that nm..16:10
yatesso one project has kernel files, e.g., the .patch file, in swupdate-test/sources/poky/build-hw-test-image/tmp/work/imx6ul_var_dart-fslc-linux-gnueabi/linux-variscite/4.1.15-r0/16:10
yatesthe other does not, in rtc-test/sources/poky/build-hw-test-image/tmp/work/imx6ul_var_dart-fslc-linux-gnueabi/linux-variscite/4.1.15-r0/16:11
yateswhy the discrepancy?16:11
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yatesthat file must be put there when building the image. when building the kernel only, the .patch file is not in the tmp/work directory in either project.16:16
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yatesso something is not correct in your statement, "what you happened to build is irrelevent"16:17
kergothdon't know what to tell you, the recipe is what determines where the files go, it's that simple16:19
yatesfair enough.16:19
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yatesthanks for helping me sort through this, even though i'm not done...16:19
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yateslet me restate my question: where can i find the defconfig used to build the kernel with?17:28
yatesi would expect it to be somewhere under tmp/work/.../linux-varisite, but it is not17:29
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yateshere are some search results regarding WORKDIR:
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Hooloovo0is there a reason I shouldn't use $RECIPE_SYSROOT in my recipes? I'm not seeing very many other recipes which use it17:33
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yatesand my kernel recipe has S as follows: S = "${WORKDIR}/git"17:33
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kergothHooloovo0: recipe specific sysroot is an implementation detail. recipes shouldn't care where it's pulling stuff from, it should use the correct variables like STAGING_INCDIR if absolutely necessary (which it generally isn't, as we pass —sysroot= to the toolchain, etc)18:00
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Hooloovo0welp, guess it's time to rework libre/librem/baresip's build system because it's a dumpster fire for cross compilation :/18:09
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jae1Hi I have a question, In devtool-source.bbclass under devtoo_post_unpack, all local files are moved to ${devtools workdir}/oe-local-files, but for kernel, kernel-yocto.bbclass is still looking for files under ${devtools workdir}/  Am i missing something here? happy to provide more info18:46
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emakuhI am new to Yocto and am having trouble building a Yocto image is failing with the following output:19:14
emakuhERROR: dey-image-aws-1.0-r0 do_rootfs: Could not invoke dnf. Command '/home/ubuntu/workspace/ccimx6ulstarter/tmp/work/ccimx6ulstarter-dey-linux-gnueabi/dey-image-aws/1.0-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/dnf -y -c /home/ubuntu/workspace/ccimx6ulstarter/tmp/work/ccimx6ulstarter-dey-linux-gnueabi/dey-image-aws/1.0-r0/rootfs/etc/dnf/dnf.conf --setopt=reposdir=/home/ubuntu/workspace/ccimx6ulstarter/tmp/work/ccimx6ulstarter-dey-linux-gnueabi/de19:14
emakuhThat link shows the build output.19:15
emakuhI am having a hard time understanding where to start trying to debug the issue...the error message seems to indicate that Yocto doesn't have any recipes that provide how do I create a recipe that provides that?19:17
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kergothno, it only means at the time of image creation it couldnt' find the bnary package for it. that doesn't mean no recipe exists that can emit it, or even that no package was emitted for it, necessarily, as our packages are broken up into multiple feeds based on architecture19:20
kergothi'd start with find tmp/deploy/ipk -name \*libcrypt\*19:21
emakuhSo, I didn't find any libs under tmp/deply/ipk...but I did find this result when searching tmp/deploy..19:24
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emakuhIs anything under tmp/deploy a cross-compiled library?  i.e. Built for my target architecture instead of my build machine?19:25
kergothnot if you've been building sdks, but otherwise yes19:26
kergothin this case yes, that's the package you need19:27
emakuhSo, if that package exists but Yocto can't find it...would that indicate a bad search path?19:27
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yatesis there a way to instruct bitbake to remove ALL generated data, so that the next recipe or image bitbaked is regenerated from scratch?20:20
yatesi'm aware of bitbake -c clean <recipe>, but i want it for ALL recipes, images, etc.20:20
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yateswhy, after "rm -fR tmp" and then bitbaking my image, does my tmp/deploy/images/imx6ul-var-dart/ folder contain files from Jul 13?20:33
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yatese.g., u-boot-nand-1.0-r0.img20:33
rburtonyates: sstate20:36
rburtonif you want to build entirely from scratch, either rename or delete the sstate cache20:36
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yatesrburton: ok, giving that a shot. thank you.20:37
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kergothor use bitbake --no-setscene21:01
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emakuh@kergoth I missed the first thing you said...I'm going to try the --no-setscene though.21:34
emakuhSame results with no-setscene21:35
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