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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: way to add a component in yocto, by making new package <> || Patch sources from yocto based on the git commit hash/tag <>07:26
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malanecoraHi! Is there a easier alternative to write a full recipe (configure+compile+install) for a given package (non included in Openembedded Layers)?08:00
malanecorae.g. Can introduce a built package (maybe from raspberry pi repos) into my Yocto system?08:01
malanecoraMy target system is an imx.6 though08:02
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khemmalanecora: OE builds from source so you need to put together a recipe, but sometimes its easier if it uses some known component build systemd e.g. automake, cmake08:22
khemthose are abstracted in OE so all you need it inherit cmake or inherit autotools08:22
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How do I use header file with Yocto-generated SDK? <>08:26
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malanecoraThank you @khem09:03
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to use header file with Yocto-generated SDK? <>09:26
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malanecoraBTW, is there any good resource for learning Yocto with? I mean, other than the official website manuals...10:08
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khemmalanecora: sure look into
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TafThornemalanecora: I have twp books that are OK if a little dated.10:26
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malanecoraTafThorne: pdf?11:23
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ak77Hello! how does one set a desired distro? In my layer I have conf/distro/xy.conf ... but which variable sets it to xy? is it set from image recipe ?11:48
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rburtonlocal.conf sets DISTRO="xy"11:56
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Patch sources from yocto recipe based on the git commit hash/tag of the sources <>11:57
ak77rburton: or in the image recipes, i guess11:58
ak77rburton: tnx11:58
rburton no definitely not in the image recipe11:58
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ak77rburton: what is the rationale? I plan to build several different images sharing same design decisions made with the distro12:00
rburtonbecause if you change a variable in a recipe (such as an image recipe) then it doesn't impact *any other recipes*12:01
rburtonso you can't set DISTRO=something in an image and expect the distro changes to impact the packages that go into that image12:01
rburtonthey've all been built with whatever DISTRO is set in the local.conf12:02
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ak77rburton: ok, that makes sense.12:09
ak77rburton: but it adds extra burden on a developer to manually add (=not forget to add) DISTRO=xy in local.conf12:09
rburtonak77: well, not really.  "i want to use this distro" is kind of important.  if you're building a distro layer etc then you can provide a template local.conf which sets the right distro for new build dirs (meta-poky does this)12:11
ak77rburton: yes, but if I we define images a/b/c for products A/B/C, there is should be no decision which distro to use12:18
ak77rburton: * yes, but if we define images a/b/c for products A/B/C, there should be no decision which distro to use12:19
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ak77rburton: or is this logic flawed?12:27
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yohboyHi there, did you ever seen this error on ?  , it's used by poky, branch rocko12:36
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rburtonak77: if you need a distro per product then so be it, you need to set the distro before building.  ideally, you can have a single distro across all products.13:41
rburtoneasy enough to make the images throw an error if they need a specific distro to be set13:41
frayit is common to use the same images for different distros...  if you have an image -> distro mapping requirement, you can simply put a check in your image recipe that the expected DISTRO is set, and 'skip' that image with an appropriate message if it's not..13:43
fray(better practice is to understand WHY it's not allowed, a specific distro setting, etc.. and simply check for that minimal behavior vs the actual name of the DISTRO you use)13:44
fraymaybe someone here might know -- I'm working on meta-flatpak (a copy of a layer someone gave me).. I'm trying to trace origins, and I found a layer with that name in the layer index pointing to the intel-iot-refkit repository...13:46
frayhowever, there is a note that is more or less abandoned..13:46
frayso i did further searching on github, and came across:
fraywhat I can't tell is, is this also abandoned or is it being maintained?13:46
fraylast commit was from may 16th, but I don't see any OE/Yocto branch names or anything associated.. so I have no idea what it's expected to work with..13:47
rburtonhe was on the refkit team but isn't anymore, i'm surprised he pushed a commit this year13:47
frayI also found:  which appears to be a fork of it, that is more up to date.. but it's clearly a fork -- as it divered last year some time.. this one does seem to be getign regular updates (at elast through may of this year)13:48
frayrburton is the WHOLE of the intel-iot-refkit abandoned?13:48
frayor just flatpak?13:48
rburtonpretty much13:48
frayok.. that's good info.. there is a small part one of my guys wants to use.. I might suggest he fork it13:49
rburtonsounds sensible13:51
rburtona actual maintained flatpak layer would be great13:51
rburtonnot aware of anyone actually doing that though13:51
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JPEWrburton: Did you happen to see my comments on pylibfdt in u-boot? I can't decide if pythonnative.bbclass is broken (seems less likely) or isn't appropriate for that situation.13:59
rburtonJPEW: i didn't but i've not worked for a few days14:00
JPEWrburton: Ok, np14:00
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Request for clarification on Yocto inheritance <>14:58
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ak77rburton: I had in mind a single distro for all products. checking for distro in image recipe will do i guess. thank you15:09
rburtonak77: if you have a single distro for all products then either 1) make setting it in local.conf step 1 of the instructions or 2) provide a template local.conf that does this already. no need to check in your images, as you'll hate yourself when you make a second distro for whatever reason :)15:10
ak77rburton: thank you15:11
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zarzarhi, is there a commit hash in the uname output of a system running linux built via yocto? "Linux dscr-ap2 4.1.41-dey+gf1a146c #3 SMP PREEMPT Wed Apr 18 07:41:47 EDT 2018 armv7l GNU/Linux"15:42
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rburtonzarzar: kernel sha16:11
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armpitrburton, sounds like a Californian surfer17:21
frayI was thinking snow boarder17:21
frayespecially with a name like burton.. ;)17:22
armpit: )17:22
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kergothugh, so behind on submitting patches from mentor's backlog, need to catch up17:27
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hk_Hi. I'm trying to add a pre-mirror for a yocto build. Can anyone help me with this?18:16
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JPEWhk_: ?18:30
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hk_Thnk you JPEW18:35
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yatesas part of my main image build, hw-test-image, i need to generate a .fat32 image containing zImage and the .dtb files. how do i add this to my
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armpitkergoth, know how you feel18:51
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armpitRP, stable/sumo-next updated. may want to use it for next QA run18:55
yatesnm, i lied.18:57
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Include a custom device tree overlay in bitbake for BeagleBoneBlack <>18:58
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yatesdoes the bootloader recipe generate the .dtb files?19:03
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JPEWyates: Usually the kernel recipe generates those19:10
justintttHello, How do I include my dtb in the rootfs /boot directory? I have tried appending do_install in my linux bbappend file with install -m 0644 arch/arm/boot/dts/${KERNEL_DEVICETREE} ${D}/boot/. However I get an error stating: QA Issue: linux-imx: Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package:   /boot/my-device.dtb. Any ideas?19:17
robbawebbajustinttt: Have you appended the filename to the variable FILES_${PN} ?19:18
robbawebbaI believe this is necessary for declaring any files you've added to the filesystem that you want packaged in the final image19:19
robbawebbajustinttt: Here's some more information on the FILES variable if you need it:
justintttrobbawebba I did not do that. I will give that a try, thank you19:23
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robbawebbajustinttt: cheers :)19:33
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justintttrobbawebba: also found out that adding "kernel-image kernel-devicetree" to my image handles all that for me. Thanks for the help.19:53
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nathani_anyone know how I might set up connman for static ip on a systemd build?20:06
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1182 of nightly-musl is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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nathani_just reading some old logs.... Someone, lets call him Joe asks a question... kergoth - "blah blah" Joe - "hmm, I dunno, rburton, can you confirm this?", lol20:43
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khemrburton: Can you pick few patches that I posted some days ago21:03
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1158 of nightly-ppc-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1159 of nightly-arm-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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