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kergothfancer: okay, finally got my base cross canadian changes + the majority of yours merged to master, first a set of general fixes, then the cross-canadian specific bits, there's still a fancer-integrate branch with the bits that haven't been merged, mainly linux-libc-headers, hte glibc recipe split to the components, strace-external, and the ct-ng specifics. i'll look over those again later02:45
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malanecoraHello everyone! I'm trying to compile PostGIS v2.4.4 (actually cross-compile with Yocto Project) but I'm running into trouble...GCC complains about "error: ../liblwgeom/.libs/liblwgeom.a: No such file or directory" when running 'do_compile' and that's bothering me because it seems that liblwgeom is never generated (at /liblwgeom/ we can see that only is generated, indeed, there're a couple of commented lines06:31
malanecoraDoes anyone know why is it trying to compile against a non-generated lib?06:31
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Unable to executes the specified task a given target recipe <>06:58
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malanecoraCan I just replace all references to liblwgeom.a by
malanecoraOr that would be no sense?07:17
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aehs29malanecora: no you cant, .a isnt the same as .la08:00
aehs29malanecora: I would check the MAkefile rules to check why the static library isnt being built08:01
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neverpanicmalanecora: I think yocto defaults to not compiling static libraries nowadays. If you want them, you'll have to explicitly enable them.08:03
malanecoraaehs29: neverpanic : I have checked the Make rules and seems that liblwgeom.a is not intended to be built. Just .la (along with .so) is built.08:08
malanecoraAlso, I don't know where the flag to compile against liblwgeom.a comes from, because it shouldn't exist!08:09
malanecoraIt's a bit crazy. Right now I'm building PostGIS inside my target system (i have already made it before) in order to check if, there, liblwgeom.a is built08:10
malanecora(I don't think so, but who knows...)08:11
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malanecoraOk. To my surprise, it does build liblwgeom.a in the target device...08:36
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malanecoraIn fact, libtool automatically builds liblwgeom.a. The Makefile is pretty much the same as in Yocto.08:38
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malanecoraSome in Yocto may be forcing the static lib not to be built08:52
JaMasee meta/conf/distro/include/no-static-libs.in08:57
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malanecoraDefault Poky configuration09:04
malanecoraThe strange thing is that it doesn't build liblwgeom.a along with libtool and .so as it is intended to be09:08
malanecoraBut if I write a make rule to build liblwgeom.a in the classical way (ar cru lib...ranlib lib)09:08
malanecoraIt build it, but fails when linking09:09
neverpanicmalanecora: That's the point. Yocto's default config is not to build static libs (as you can see in the file, see EXTRA_OECONF_append = "${DISABLE_STATIC}".09:10
neverpanicFor that reason, liblwgeom's build system likely disables building static libraries (although it could easily support building them)09:11
neverpanicThe problem is that PostGIS attempts to use the static library although it's not available. You should figure out why it does that and make it use the shared library.09:12
neverpanicAnd if it can't or shouldn't use the shared library, you'll have to set DISABLE_STATIC_pn-liblwgeom = "" so enable building a static library.09:12
malanecoraneverpanic: Thank you very much! I'll try it out!09:17
malanecoraJaMa: Also, thank you for the tip!09:22
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malanecoraIs there a way to modify that file (meta/conf/distro/include/ since it is not recommended to directly modify anything under poky folder?09:35
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malanecoraWell, it seems to have worked!09:41
malanecoraJust had to add DISABLE_STATIC = "" to the postgis recipe09:42
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to use qemu for the image build for nanopi-neo-air in yocto <>09:58
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ttllkkHi, I am trying to remove 'ModemManager' from NetworkManager's PACKAGECONFIG from the local.conf, could someone help me do that?14:22
ttllkkI am trying: PACKAGECONFIG_pn-networkmanager_remove = "modemmanager"14:22
ttllkkbut it is not working14:22
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frayI don't remember the processing order in this case...  You MIGHT have to reverse the override/remove fields14:29
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to use SSTATE_DUPWHITELIST variable in yocto <>14:29
fraythis will only do the 'remove' to PACKAGECONFIG, if the override is active at that time..14:29
fraywhat you have right now says 'remove' from the variable PACKAGECONFIG_pn-networkmanager  which might not actually be defined anywhere14:30
fraysubtle difference, but I've had to do this in the past14:30
ttllkkfray: hey, that worked! Thank you!14:33
frayit's not obvious, but '_append', '_remove' are operators that affect the variable preceding them.. while other things following '_' are either part of the variable name or an override..14:33
frayoverrides are usually processed pretty late.. so you need to over the operations/overrides, so the operations match the declared variable, and the override only allos the operation when active..14:34
fraylike I said, subtle difference.. but one of the more advanced knowledge items to get right14:34
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JPEWarmpit here?15:07
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noway96why was the modutils recipe removed from poky and replaced with modutils-initscripts recipe? I just want modinfo'15:59
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yateslooking for hints on how to specify our own custom cpio.gz file to link to the kernel.16:08
rburtonnoway96: that' in kmod16:09
noway96rburton ty16:11
yatesis it as simple as setting INITRAMFS_IMAGE and INITRAMFS_FSTYPES?16:11
yatesand creating the recipe for generating cpio.gz?16:12
armpitJPEW, yes16:17
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armpitRP, stable/sumo-next good to go16:17
JPEWarmpit: Actually, thats what I was going to comment about16:18
JPEWarmpit:  a6be839929 was reverted on master16:18
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JPEWIt was reveted in 2869b56 in favor of 80443c4216:19
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armpitah.. it was dropped by RP but I had it still16:22
armpitthanks for the catch16:22
JPEWnp. There was someone on IRC just yesterday saying they had seen the problem, so it might still be worth backporting the correct fix16:23
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khemRP, rburton: Sent a RFT for glibc 2.28 see if you can accomodate an AB run17:19
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* khem feels like a troublemaker17:19
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khemthere is branch kraj/glibc-2.28 on contrib repo too17:33
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rburtonkhem: did you see the patchtest reply17:58
khemrburton: yes17:59
khemfixing it17:59
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armpitkhem, why fix it. Thought you where a troublemaker19:11
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fancerkergoth: great! Thanks, man. I'll check it out a bit later.20:12
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khemarmpit: I sent a v2 :) which is better22:46
khemarmpit: yesterday night I was driving through your town22:46
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