Monday, 2018-08-06

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: OMNIEVENTS CROSS COMPILING IN YOCTO GIVES FOLLOWING ERROR :configure: error: cannot run test program while cross compiling <>02:09
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RPrburton: we need to build 2.5.1, question is whether to pull in the binutils changes...10:09
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RPrburton: glibc doesn't look so happy :(11:15
rburtonerm no11:43
rburton| checking version of make... 3.82, bad11:44
rburtonhuh have they bumped the hard requirement to 4.x?11:45
rburton  GNU make 4.0 or later is now required to build glibc.11:45
rburtonwell thats going to bail on a few of the builders then11:46
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RPrburton: that is going to make things interesting :(12:16
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rburtonevil plan: can we detect the host make version at parse time and add a make-native DEPENDS if required12:39
rburton(now i want to hack on versioned depends that also work for host dependencies again)12:40
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JaMarburton: which mut? I don't see bash and libjpeg-turbo in
rburtonJaMa: haven't pushed yet13:02
JaMabut sure I'm fine with split13:02
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RPrburton: that would wreak havok with sstate and determinism :/13:49
opellohi, i'm looking for a term to describe the "recipes-x" level of a layer, which seems akin to gentoo's package categories13:49
RPrburton: didn't say it wasn't possible ;-)13:49
rburtonopello: the recipes directories are just to not have 100 subdirectories in a single directory13:49
rburtonthey're *not* package categories which are the SECTION field in the recipe13:50
RPrburton: given the build time of make-native we could probably just add it as a dependency13:50
opellorburton: yeah, i understand the intent, i didn't see a canonical way to talk about those buckets13:50
RPrss means the sysroot race issues we once had aren't an issue13:51
frayopello, just refer to them as directories that attempt to organize the content13:51
fraythat is the extent of it.. they have no other system meaning13:51
opellook, i was hoping the people that use this stuff more might have a standard way of referring to these intermediate organizational directories :)13:52
fraythat is all they are directories.. seriously..13:52
opelloyeah, i do understand that13:53
frayif you look in conf/layer.conf you will see a line similar to: BBFILES += "${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bb"13:53
opellothe pathing is explicitly stated in the layer.conf13:53
frayyou can see that any search pattern will find them13:53
frayI've seen small layers (in the past) just do:  ${LAYERDIR}/recipes/*.bb  (while don't recommend that), it is valid13:53
opelloright, preference is to follow existing behavior to avoid 'surprises' when people go between things13:54
frayyes, witht eh technical requirement that location to bb files has to be specified in the BBFILES13:54
opelloi really wanted to call them 'recipe category directories' but that felt wrong per SECTION being a construct :)13:55
opellobut thanks, you've both helped!  appreciate it!13:55
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armpitRP, morning.. are the builders loaded or is there an issue ?14:14
* armpit sumo-nmut should have been done by now14:15
RParmpit: isn't it mostly done?14:18
RParmpit: nightly-x86 was running albeit slowly last time I looked14:19
armpitk, was expecting it done by now..14:22
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* armpit sent patches to list for completeness14:37
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Adding new spi module on IMX8 QM using Yocto <>14:42
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yatesdoes the "image" class provide the rootfs?15:10
bluelightningyates: yes15:11
yatesbluelightning: thanks. i should have asked "only the rootfs", and i think the answer to that is "no." it's the entire "image", including linux kernel, u-boot, rootfs, etc. right?15:12
bluelightningyates: correct yes - though most of image.bbclass is to do with the rootfs, beyond that it's mostly in image_fstypes15:14
yatesi am trying to generate a small rootfs suitable for using as the cpio.gz in an initramfs15:14
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bluelightningyates: you may wish to look at meta/recipes-core/images/core-image-minimal-initramfs.bb15:15
yatesis that only for non-arm cores?15:17
bluelightningyates: I meant have a look at it for reference15:18
RParmpit: merge the binutils fix and build 2.5.1?15:19
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armpitjust updated stable/sumo-next15:21
* armpit now to fix rocko-next weird build failure15:22
yatesbluelightning: if we assume that recipe could be built for my machine, what files does it generate into tmp/deploy/images?15:24
yatesis it JUST the rootfs image?15:24
bluelightningyates: that's not defined by the image15:24
yatesso i'm a little confused. i stated earlier: "i am trying to generate a small rootfs suitable for using as the cpio.gz in an initramfs" how does that recipe help?15:25
bluelightningthe recipe defines that rootfs, just not what happens to it afterwards15:26
bluelightningi.e. it specifies the content15:26
bluelightningif you were to specify "cpio.gz" in IMAGE_FSTYPES you'll get a cpio.gz file15:26
yatesbluelightning: what did you mean by "that's not defined by the image". that statement confused me.15:32
kergothyates: in general, any image will work for any distro and any machine, through use of variables like bluelightning just mentioned. recipe controls the list of packages installed, machine controls the filesystem/partitioning/etc which is specific to the hardware.15:33
kergothan initramfs image is a rare exception since it uses a format that differs from other images. as bluelightning says, see IMAGE_FSTYPES15:35
* kergoth yawns15:35
yateswhen i bitbake my main image, i get not only the rootfs.ext4 file, but also the zImage and .dtb files. why wouldn't the also do the same?15:39
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armpitRP, thanks15:40
yatesand u-boot15:40
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yatesmy intention/thought was to add a dependency to my normal image build which generated a special cpio.gz that would be booted at early initialization, then under certain conditions i would continue on to boot the "normal" rootfs from my normal image build15:42
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kergothyates: kernel and u-boot files come from those recipes15:44
kergoththe image recipe has nothing to do with putting those files there15:44
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yatesthen the purpose of the image recipe/image class is to generate just the rootfs?15:54
yatespart of the problem (for me) is that the term "image" seems to be ambiguous. sometimes it means the rootfs image, sometimes the entire distro.15:56
yatesmy vendor "distro" image recipe (which is based on has "inherit core-image distro_features_check". how does this result in a kernel zImage in deploy?15:59
frayimage means 'rootfs image'.  This can be extended [easily] to filesystem image or even disk image.15:59
fraykernel comes from do_deploy in the kernel receipes and is grouped under the images directory as part of that work..15:59
frayI don't remember if the do_deploy settings for the kernel are in the kernel.bbclass or in the linux-yocto recipe(s)... but it's somewhere there..16:00
fraythat happens separetly from the rootfs images (users of the image.bbclass)16:00
fray[we had talked aobut this a bit last week, which is the only reason I have a clue where the kernel side comes from]16:00
yatesthanks fray and others. if i don't respond for awhile it means i am attempting to digest what i'm reading..16:01
frayin all cases, the content move from the workdir to the deploy dir using do_deploy... so you will likely never see a direct copy operation, if that is what you are looking for16:01
yatesok fray, this helps - thx16:05
kergothyates: the image defines what packages are installed and the like, one of those usually results in a dependency on the kernel/bootloader (usually the machine adjusts IMAGE_DEPENDS or whatever to get the bootloader built), and then those recipes deploy their own files to the images dir16:07
kergothas i said earlier, the image recipe has nothing to do with anything but building a rootfs, and it has dependencies on other stuff16:07
* kergoth gets more coffee16:07
fray(usually the transformation from rootfs -> filesystem -> disk happens through a series of post-processing commands, that happen to be executed by the image -- but the definitions for these operations are elsewhere)16:11
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Programmatic tracking version of Yocto custom BSP image <>16:12
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rburtonRP: firing glibc again with a make-native dependency16:22
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RPrburton: ok, we really need -next again too with the perl change dropped16:23
RPrburton: its currently building sumo 2.5.116:24
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yatesok, so i've tried to bundle my own cpio.gz initramfs image in with the kernel by a) setting INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDE to "" in my build/conf/local.conf file, and b) added INITRAMFS_IMAGE = "swupdate-image" into my main distro image recipe. but it doesn't appear the image is getting bundled. i tested it and there appears to be no cpio.gz early init boot.18:04
yatesand generates the cpio.gz - this works - i can see the foo.cpio.gz file in my deploy/images/18:05
kergoth"main distro image recipe"?18:07
yatesyes, the reicpe which builds zImage + dtb + uboot + rootfs18:08
kergothINITRAMFS_IMAGE is a variable used by the kernel, so it needs to be set globally, either in the local.conf or other appropriate global configuration file, not a recipe18:08
yatesit is18:08
yatesoh wait.18:08
kergoththen it's not set in your "main distro image recipe"18:08
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armpitkhem, ping19:14
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armpitkhem, nm19:22
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yatesok, it is still not working.19:27
yatesthere is no file being specified to the kernel. isn't the oe initramfs mechanism supposed to automagically configure this?19:29
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yatesi have done the following: a) created a recipe for the cpio.gz inheriting from image which configures my desired packages and a few other things. that works, i get a ...cpio.gz in deploy19:35
yatesb) added INITRAMFS_IMAGE = "swupdate-image" (my cpio.gz recipe above)  and INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE = "1" into my local.conf19:36
yatesand i think that's all..19:36
yatesshould there be a depends in the kernel recipe on swupdate-image?19:37
clsullivyates: those options are in local.conf or another globally available .conf location right?19:40
yatesclsulliv: yes, in my build/conf/local.conf19:40
clsullivok, cool19:40
clsullivyates: and nothing gets deployed to tmp/deploy/images/ that looks something like zImage-initramfs-blah?19:41
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yatesyou mean this is the image i have to put in my fat32 boot? :) :)19:42
clsullivyates: that file is your kernel + initramfs bundle19:42
yatesi hate it when i do that..19:42
yatesthank you!19:42
clsullivyates: np19:43
yatesi was flashing the old one (had a script with that hardcoded)19:43
yatesbut the build is also generating (apparently) the original non-initramfs zImage - is that normal?19:44
clsullivyates: it is19:44
yatesok, very good.19:45
yatesnext problem: my fat32 partition is now too small...19:46
yatesi got this..19:47
yatescan you create symlinks on a fat32?19:49
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shureloushi guys, someone have dnf problems when running dnf update command? mine is getting librepo.LibrepoException: (8, 'curl error: An unknown option was passed in to libcurl', 'An Curl handle error')20:13
shureloussomeone have ever  seen this before?20:13
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kismHi, I set up my toolchain and rootfs for the eclipse plugin and I'm testing a hello world program. I get an "configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables" error when i right click on my project and click reconfigure project.
kismany help appreciated21:02
yatesonce you've booted an initramfs, is there a command to pivot to the external (e.g., in an ext4 partition) rootfs?21:17
yates(yay, i booted an initramfs! veryc cool!)21:17
yatespivot_root per chance? yes!21:18
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aehs29yates: I believe youre looking for switchroot22:06
khemarmpit: yes22:15
armpitkhem, sorry. I ended up saying "nm". was going to bounce updating binutls in rocko to tip of 2.29.1 but I noticed "new features" got added22:16
armpitso decided not to22:16
khemarmpit: ok, I think it should be ok to move to 2.29.122:19
armpitit is at 2.29.1... they have added commits after the release22:20
armpiton the 2.29 branch22:20
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armpitkhem, ok.. I will give test run on the update. I have 8 backports done against the current version.22:28
khemsounds good22:30
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kismHi, I set up my toolchain and rootfs for the eclipse plugin and I'm testing a hello world program. I get an "configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables" error when i right click on my project and click reconfigure project. Error: Config.log: any help apreciated22:31
moto-timokism: can you please file a bug on for component "22:34
moto-timokism: component "Eclipse Plugin"22:34
moto-timokism: please make sure you specify which OS (and version) you are using and which versions of YP and Eclipse22:35
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* armpit sweat.. backports apply w/o issue on new binutls22:48
armpitkhem, thanks23:03
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