Saturday, 2018-08-25

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armpitRP, halstead the bitbake selftests failed on master & rocko with the same errors16:54
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khemRP: so I gave a whirl for master-next + meta-oe and now see some new fails
khemfluidsynth can-isotp libcec piglit wireshark are new21:14
khemI am sure most of cmake issues are due to
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tijkothis might not be the best place to ask but22:19
tijkoeverytime i run bitbake after a minor edit in my source, the directory gets destroyed and unless i push that change to URI_SRC22:20
tijkothe build won't include the changes22:20
tijkobasically my workflow: <testing new function> -> <push to git> -> <bitbake> -> <error> -> <add semi-colon> -> <push to git> .... etc22:21
tijkoreally in-efficient22:21
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kergothit sounds like you want to use devtool modify to make it work from a local source tree and bypass the fetch/unpack/patch process22:43
kergoththat's the best approach to active development22:44
tijkokergoth are meaning to use "file:///" with the directory to where the sources will be locally?22:57
tijkokergoth i thought of this a good while ago but i'm trying to learn/figure why all of a sudden this started behaving in this way22:58
tijkofor months i never had to push and any changes would be picked-up22:59
kergothtijko: no, i mean use devtool23:11
kergothas i said23:11
kergothdevtool uses the externalsrc bbclass to make it use local sources23:11
kergotha file:// uri in SRC_URI will still get copied to workdir and built there, so it's really an unnecessary indirection for your use case23:12
tijkokergoth sorry about the misunderstanding, i will give devtools a look23:12
tijkothank you23:12
kergothsee the mega manual at's documentation area23:12
kergothsearch for devtool23:12
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