Monday, 2018-08-27

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mortHey, I'm trying to make a bitbake recipe for libwebrtc (from WebRTC doesn't ship releases as tarballs, and don't just use regular git repos; downloading their code involves first checking out their "depot_tools", then using binaries in that to download the actual webrtc source.07:52
mortMaking my own do_fetch and do_unpack targets is easy enough, but how do I make sure bitbake knows that the fetch or unpacks have already been executed such that it doesn't try to do it again every time I compile?07:53
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sbrkicHello! Has anyone got a good reference for shrinking down rootfs?09:09
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nayfesbrkic: did you look ?09:16
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kanavinRP: luxoft wants to bring 'yocto devday' to berlin (all expenses paid etc.), is that feasible? who is actually the instructor(s)?11:23
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illariosHi guys! Does anyone know how I can boot into initramfs from an efi shell?12:03
illariosI get the cpio.gz and the bzimage but I think that I pass the parameters wrong into the efi shell12:03
RPkanavin: some are LF trainers with the addition of people like David Reyna12:04
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illariosCan yocto produce let's say a core-image-minimal-initramfs.img file ??12:41
kanavinRP: how can I get in touch with them? is the right channel?12:46
kanavinRP: the question is arranging this kind of thing here in berlin
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kanavinRP: nevermind, I'll ask David and Andrea :)13:22
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RPkanavin: right, they're the right people to talk to13:42
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JPEWarmpit: Would you mind picking up 409c8a326: "swig: Remove superfluous python dependency" for sumo please?14:30
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JPEWRP: Well, I've made progress on the BBserver error with persist_data. It appears that occassionally, the updateConfig command takes a long time (~40 seconds)14:34
armpitJPEW, done14:38
JPEWarmpit: Thank you14:38
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PinkSnakeHi all, I have some trouble deploying opencv on a ZCU102 board ( Xilinx aarch64) and I would like to know if someone here has already done that ? Everything seems ok on Yocto (.bbappend on 3.1 opencv recipe and enable some modules , core, imgproc, ...) but I can't deploy features2d module ... any advice ? :)15:03
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armpitRP did you see the selftest failures on master ?15:08
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RParmpit: its a holiday here today so I've not really been working15:11
RPJPEW: progress is good. config updating should never be that slow :(15:11
RPsounds like something is blocking :(15:11
armpitRP, apologies.. talk to you tomorrow15:12
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RParmpit: its ok, I am setting up a build server in the background...15:18
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tgoodwinIs there a variable like THISDIR that would point to a bbclass file's parent directory?15:59
kergothgenerally 'FILE' points to whatever file is currently being parsed. using := to immediately evaluate it will ensure it points to this file rather than the recipe. but i'm not sure if it's set for bbclasses specifically16:01
kergothworth a check, though. TESTFILE := "${FILE}" in the bbclass, check bitbake -e16:01
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tgoodwinkergoth: nice.  That's a good starting point.16:05
tgoodwin(it worked; I need to get the basedir of ${FILE})16:05
kergoththat's actually what THISDIR and FILE_DIRNAME *are*, so you can probably just force an immediate expansion on THISDIR or FILE_DIRNAME16:07
kergothrather than FILE directly16:07
kergothnow that we know it's set right16:07
tgoodwinI misread the output.  It pulled the bbappend file where the class was inherited, which is close enough (same for FILE_DIRNAME)16:09
kergothabsolute worst case you could just re-find the bbclass in BBPATH16:09
kergothi.e. ${@bb.utils.which('classes/foo.bbclass', d.getVar('BBPATH'))} or whatever16:10
* kergoth shrugs16:10
kergothi swear we had a variable for the current class.. hmm16:10
kergothoh that's right, FILE is only set for the main recipe and appends, but not for anything included or inherited16:11
kergothand looks like the class only gets added to __inherit_cache, which is internal and shouldn't be used elsewhere16:12
tgoodwinGoing along with one of your other suggestions, this resolves correctly as long as the layer's layout is <layer>/recipes-<whatever>/recipe/  CLASS_LAYERDIR := "${@os.path.normpath('${FILE_DIRNAME}/../..')}"16:16
tgoodwinThanks for the suggestions :)16:16
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tgoodwinDoes anyone have experience having both an initramfs and wic partitions?  I'm ending up with a dependency loop when I attempt to build an image if INITRAMFS_IMAGE is also set.17:58
tgoodwinPerhaps related to this is trying to use the kernel-fitimage class _without_ the INITRAMFS_IMAGE variable being set.  I end up with "Wrong Image Format for bootm command" from the u-boot SPL when loading the "fitImage" file.18:01
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake - layer version? <>18:13
tgoodwinTaking a SWAG at it, I probably need a way to limit which image type wic operates against since that seems to be what is causing the circular dependency; wic doesn't need to execute against the RAM FS.18:19
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tgoodwinBeen searching for a while on this one... Is there a way to prevent IMAGE_FSTYPES from applying to the image specified in INITRAMFS_IMAGE?20:20
tgoodwinFor example if you make an image definition that extends core-image by specifying INITRAMFS_IMAGE of core-image-minimal and IMAGE_FSTYPES of "wic wic.xz", you end up with a circular dependency since wic's rules are also being applied to core-image-minimal.20:22
bluelightningtgoodwin: set it in your image recipe and not local.conf/distro config ;)20:22
tgoodwinbluelightning: I have it set in my machine def.20:24
tgoodwinsame problem?20:24
bluelightningwell yeah because that's still global20:24
bluelightningFYI though some of our example initramfs recipes set IMAGE_FSTYPES to "${INITRAMFS_FSTYPES}" to avoid this situation20:25
bluelightningyou could also do that20:25
bluelightningmy strong advice though is don't extend image recipes, have your own that are fully defined - by all means copy and modify an existing recipe, but you need not refer to the original20:26
tgoodwinI had IMAGE_FSTYPES set to "wic wic.xz ${INITRAMFS_FSTYPES}" earlier thinking that was the right way to go since I need an initrd that hands off to the real file system.20:26
tgoodwinThat's when I started running into the circular dep. problem.20:27
bluelightningwhy build your initramfs image using wic though? it should be a trivial image20:27
tgoodwinI'm not trying to build the initramfs with wic.20:27
tgoodwinThat's the problem I'm trying to solve -- get the wic image class to stop adding do_image_wic to the INITRAMFS_IMAGE20:28
bluelightningok perhaps I am not following exactly what you have set... ultimately your initramfs image needs to not have those in its IMAGE_FSTYPES - either you don't set it globally, or you ensure your initramfs image overrides the value to something reasonable20:29
tgoodwinAh, I think I understand what you're saying now.  I was mistakenly putting my image fstypes as part of the machine definition since from a logical perspective, the hardware is defining the partition scheme it needs.20:30
tgoodwinTomorrow I'll try flipping this around.  Glad you were on :)20:31
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bluelightningtgoodwin: no problem20:36
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aehs29khem: Hey Khem did you know that compiler-rt-native isnt working on your clang layer?21:09
aehs29khem: I noticed that yesterday, and I was in the process of trying to see what the issue was but then my computer died21:09
aehs29khem: but I did see that you dont have the rt packageconfig enabled for native so I thought you may already know this and disabled it on purpose21:10
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derek007Hello, I added meta-openembedded to poky, and got this error: Could not include required file recipes-devtools/python/, did find any solution through google, does anyone here knows? thanks23:39
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