Wednesday, 2018-08-29

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto ubuntu bitbake error <>01:19
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khembluelightning: did it help ?01:40
bluelightningkhem: did what help?01:40
khemyour acl error .. did yor forget ?01:46
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bluelightningkhem: I didn't try anything further, moved onto something else01:55
khemI was interested to narrow it down since I am not seeing it here01:56
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Gif animation does not work in Qt5 widget on Yocto Pyro but works on Yocto Fido <>04:19
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Can we add conditional statements in either .scc or .bbappend file? <>09:20
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tprestonHi, how do I remove "mender_update_fstab_file ;" from ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND? I've tried `ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND_remove = "mender_update_fstab_file"` and `ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND_remove = "mender_update_fstab_file ; "` but the former leaves a rogue semi-colon causing bitbake to error, and the latter removes all instances of other semi-colons - also causing bitbake to fail09:42
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kanavin_RP khem: I thought riscv does in fact have qemu support? in any case, the log.do_rootfs should say what is going wrong exactly10:20
RPkanavin_: there were some openssl 1.1 issues on the AB :/10:44
RPkanavin_: do we want to get 1.1 into 2.6?10:44
kanavin_RP: yes, I'll be looking into those issues. they are new and may be related to 1.1 packaging fixes that happened during the summer without me paying attention :)10:48
kanavin_RP: as for 2.6, I am not sure - 1.1.1 final is scheduled for 11 september, 1.0 support expires at the end of 201910:48
kanavin_so I would want it in on that ground, but mid-september is a bit late for a change like this on the other hand10:49
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RPkanavin_: that sums up my feelings too :/10:51
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sbrkicHi. Im having troubles with a huge rootfs (500MB) without any obvious suspects. The image Im building uses base-image from yocto.11:12
sbrkicFor example, Python3 is installed in my final image, although I never explicitly requested it11:13
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mcfriskhi, any ideas how to debug: do_package_qa: QA Issue: nativesdk-blabla rdepends on nativesdk-blabla-dev [dev-deps] ? there are no details in any logs11:16
mcfriskcan't see if that's a shared library dependency or something else.11:19
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mcfriskok, the error came from some kind of symlink detection which adds dependencies automatically11:36
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kinsifoushi, im trying to set up the cache for downloads and sstate-cache12:50
kinsifousi keep getting this error tho12:50
kinsifousWARNING: Invalid protocol in PREMIRRORS:12:50
kinsifousanybody has any clue on how to fix this?12:50
kinsifousthere are all the protocols on this pastiebin12:52
kinsifouscan somebody at least point me to some documentation about this?12:53
kinsifous[intel] ERROR: gnu-config-native-20150728+gitAUTOINC+b576fa87c1-r0 do_fetch: The URL: '/var/yocto-cache/downloads/' is invalid and cannot be interpreted13:07
stephanokinsifous, for local files you don't want to use mirrors13:08
kinsifouswell, i dont..13:09
kinsifousi specify the DL_DIR and SSTATE_DIR13:09
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nayfekinsifous: can you pastebin your entire local.conf?13:36
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JPEWHmm.... in bitbake is it possible that the IPC pipe used to send UI events from the server to UI could fill up and block while the server is processing a command, resulting in a temporary deadlock until the command times out?13:57
RPJPEW: the UI should be reading and queueing its events separately to the command channel14:10
RPJPEW: so whilst possible, I think there were enough threads around to avoid that in theory14:10
JPEWRP: Ok, thanks. I'll keep trying to track it down :) .... so far I think I've narrowed it down to reparse that gets triggered when the updateConfig command is sent14:12
RPJPEW: thanks. I wonder if some lock is getting reattempted when its already locked?14:13
JPEWRP: Ya, that was another thought I had. Unfortunately, its slow work because the reproduction method I have is 1) takes hours 2) makes my PC unusable so I can really only run it overnight14:14
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JPEWRP: I don't think this is going to make it in my M3 :)14:16
JPEW*by M314:16
RPJPEW: I feel your pain, I've had a few things to chase like this14:17
RPJPEW: unfortunately M3 is feature freeze for 2.6 too :(14:17
RParmpit: I'm not convinced those toaster patches should be backported to sumo?14:24
RParmpit: at least one is a big feature change14:24
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khemRP: there is pull
khemschedule it when you can14:37
RPkhem: pulled into -next and run on the AB:
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kanavin_RP: I just sent a supplementary patch for openssl 1.1 failures14:48
kanavin_the ptest package was bundling its own copy of libraries which messed up package dependencies14:48
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RPkanavin_: ah, right. Just missed this round of testing but will add to the next one14:50
kanavin_I didn't know there is PRIVATE_LIBS for this :)14:50
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RPkanavin_: right, that is a much nicer way to do it :)14:53
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kanavin_RP: the build times for core-image-sato did grow significantly :/14:55
kanavin_RP: at least on this poor 4 core laptop python3 and llvm take quite a bit of time14:55
kanavin_(the 16 core machine is ready except RAM is still in the post :)14:55
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RPkanavin_: yes. I'm a bit worried about the build times14:57
kanavin_maybe switch those off by default?14:58
RPkanavin_: my build server is having ram reliability issues. 2/8 modules died so far :/14:58
RPkanavin_: I'm not keen to do that as there are good benefits to adding these things14:58
kanavin_or have core-image-sato-fast and core-image-sato-optimised14:58
kanavin_fast as in fast to build14:58
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RPkanavin_: too confusing...15:00
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RPI think pgo can be sorted if we can generate the data on python-native15:00
RPllvm is harder15:00
RPthe build of it doesn't seem to start until very late in the build15:00
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kanavin_but why is target llvm neede?15:01
RPkanavin_: mesa gallium15:02
kanavin_RP: right, but specifically why isn't native llvm enough?15:03
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RPkanavin_: because it uses the compiler on target within GL15:04
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kanavin_oh. I'm rather ignorant about those things...15:05
kanavin_but surely for qemu targets it doesn't matter?15:06
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RPkanavin_: you can emulate it...15:08
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armpitRP, correct on the one patch. I am taking to David about them.15:24
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illariosHi guys & girls. Does anyone know how to boot with initramfs using an EFI shell with the images that are supplied by core-image-minimal ?15:28
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RParmpit: ok. I merged some other pieces. Is denix's rocko kernel patch ok15:32
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* armpit looks15:45
denixarmpit: you had 2 weeks to look... :)15:45
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armpitRP, yes.. but don't merge nmut. there is a build issue I need to narrow down.15:47
armpitdenix, I don't have the luxury of asking for single change merges. that would drive RP crazy15:48
armpitI give him enough hard ache as it is15:49
denixarmpit: I'd think hotfixes should be excluded15:49
denixarmpit: and that rocko hotfix has been pending for 2 weeks. many out of tree modules are now broken in rocko15:50
armpitcan I see you SLA ?15:51
denixarmpit: yeah, I'll show it to you next time we meet...15:53
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armpitThere are aways going to be hot fixes. Sorry if may responsiveness fall short of your expectations.16:03
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denixarmpit: time to revise the SLA?16:07
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RPdenix, armpit: merged the single change16:16
RParmpit: I took the liberty of sorting the bitbake ones too16:16
denixRP: thanks!16:17
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webloopHi All,19:04
webloopI am facing below error from last 2 weeks19:04
webloop> ERROR: linux-intel-4.9.56+gitAUTOINC+cdbd35c54b_e8405acd54-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure: Unable to find revision e8405acd549563650e2e4774a49e069d161e8fe1 in branch base even from upstream19:05
webloopERROR: linux-intel-4.9.56+gitAUTOINC+cdbd35c54b_e8405acd54-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure for URL: 'git://;protocol=https;name=machine;branch=base;'. Unable to fetch URL from any source.19:05
webloopERROR: linux-intel-4.9.56+gitAUTOINC+cdbd35c54b_e8405acd54-r0 do_fetch: Function failed: base_do_fetch19:05
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khemwebloop: it seems linux-intel repo might have rebased itself, please open a ticket or inform the relevant maintainers of linux-intel probably Saul Wold19:40
rburtonkhem: not saul anymore19:41
khemoh ok then whoeever it is19:42
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meantcoderI'm new on Yocto project, I want compile RPi 0 W image with WiFi and Bluetooth how to do this thanks20:07
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RPzeddii_home: hate to say it but we have some kernel problems with 4.18 :/20:52
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khemmeantcoder: look at
khemRP: what issues do you see. I have been on master-next and it has been ok for x86_6421:13
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armpitRP I heard 3.10 is stable21:14
khemarmpit: 2.6.10 actually :) remember old MV days21:15
*** jacques <jacques!~jacques@nslu2-linux/jacques> has joined #yocto21:15
denixarmpit: 2.6.32 or .34 was the final kernel21:16
denixkhem: 2.4.17 HardHat21:17
khemyou are a real man21:17
RPkhem: kernel module build tests are failing on arm64 and other arches21:17
RP2.4 on the zaurus, those were the days :)21:18
* RP suspects he still has scars21:18
* armpit is having some bad flashbacks21:18
RParmpit: exactly :/21:18
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meantcoder@khem i have erro :S Layer 'networking-layer' depends on layer 'openembedded-layer', but this layer is not enabled in your configuration21:23
*** moto-timo <moto-timo!~ttorling@fsf/member/moto-timo> has joined #yocto21:24
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moto-timoanybody able to fetch xz?22:14
*** armpit <armpit!> has quit IRC22:20
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zeddii_homeRP: is the error devsrc related, or some other module build issue ? i.e. some out of tree module package ?22:25
khemany hints ?22:25
RPzeddii_home: devsrc I think22:28
RPkhem: any more details in the do_rootfs task log?22:28
zeddii_homeRP: the link doesn’t work here, but if it is arm64, I can re-test with devsrc. I tested it against 4.18 when doing the kernel, but a few things could have snuck in via -stable.22:30
*** scottrif <scottrif!> has quit IRC22:31
RPzeddii_home: does  work?22:32
khemRP: busybox.postinst returned 1, marking as unpacked only, configuration required on target.22:35
khemin different runs it fails on different postinsts22:36
zeddii_homeRP: yep, that second link works.22:42
khemRP: I set IMAGE_LINGUAS = " " thats why locale ones are now suppressed but busybox one is next22:43
RPkhem: I'm guessing its the change from alex to make on target postinstalls fatal?22:43
RPkhem: does qemu user mode for riscv work?22:44
* zeddii_home tries to figure out how to search for the failure22:45
RPzeddii_home: click the "download" button on the red build line22:45
RPzeddii_home: as we speak I'm working on improving the new autobuilder log handling22:45
zeddii_homeaha. so that magnifying glass is just there to tease me :D22:45
khemRP: I think it works22:45
zeddii_homeoh, and good news. I was approved for ELCe today.22:46
khemthere are other recipes which use22:46
* zeddii_home starts drinking whiskey to prepare22:46
rburtonzeddii_home: cheers to that22:46
zeddii_homeand with a Friday departure to be around for the oe-dev day, I’ll be popular around the house. so I’ll need the drinks22:47
meantcoderHow to enable pi zero usb otg g_ether KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD = " g_ether " or KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD += " g_ether "?22:48
RPkhem: perhaps there is some kind of mapping missing for riscv?22:48
meantcodermodule_autoload_g_ether ?22:49
RPzeddii_home: that is good news22:49
RPzeddii_home: the search function should work but the logs are large so it takes a while22:49
zeddii_homeI have the log now, and see the error. I have start a local build and will check it out.22:49
zeddii_homewas it any other arches that are also seeing it ? I can test them if they are.22:50
RPzeddii_home: nightly-arm also failed like that22:50
zeddii_homeah the bloody file.22:51
zeddii_homeI’ll test both arm arches.22:51
meantcoderHey guys how to use usb gadget ?22:51
meantcoderI'm newbie :/22:51
RPzeddii_home: failure looks similar22:52
* RP finds another bug which blocks me testing the fix for the first one :(22:52
zeddii_homeyah. it would be. I have a wildcard that should have packaged those files. got tired of the special cases.22:53
zeddii_homeahahah. I see it is in another subdir now.22:53
zeddii_homeI’ll wait for my build to complete, and will brew up a patch for them.22:53
zeddii_homeand send it in my queue tomorrow.22:53
zeddii_homeIt will be a process of adding flexibility to the new, minimal devsrc. but I don’t want to start wildly copying everything we might need .. since I’ll end up with a giant package again.22:54
chandana73bluelightning: Hello, I would like to understand a little more on the expected behaviour for this bug .22:54
yoctiBug 10416: enhancement, Medium, Future, ckalluri, IN PROGRESS DESIGN , Extensible SDK: provide easy means of reconfiguring the kernel22:54
chandana73if the kernel source is not present within devtool workspace is it reasonable to use the kernel source from bitbake workdir and copy the new .config file to22:54
chandana73devtool workspace? Also, can this approach be extended to other system components(like busybox etc) that use kconfig?22:54
RPzeddii_home: makes sense thanks. I did merge most of your patches so we're getting there with the kernels22:55
zeddii_homeyep. I just rebased, and will send my stuff on top of what made master.22:56
* zeddii_home steps away while the build runs22:57
RPhmm, the helper changes are going to break the old autobuilder code22:57
bluelightningchandana73: the idea is the source tree would not be moved/copied anywhere, it would be in the normal location22:57
bluelightningchandana73: with this we're only trying to provide a mechanism to change the configuration and then when the user is happy with it, easily apply it back to a recipe/bbappend22:58
khemRP: core-image-full-cmdline/1.0-r0/recipe-sysroot/usr/bin/crossscripts/qemuwrapper is missing -L option hmm23:05
khemRP: yes I found a mapping issue in glibc as well but thats not the problem here23:05
khemRP: see
khemthis here core-image-full-cmdline/1.0-r0/rootfs/var/lib/opkg/info/udev-hwdb.postinst however has it correct23:08
khemsee the udev-hwdb
RPkhem: what happens if you manually run that?23:11
khemRP: for busyvbox I see the error23:17
*** seebs <seebs!~seebs@> has joined #yocto23:17
RPzeddii_home: not sure if you'll like this new feature:
RPzeddii_home: makes the warnings very obvious :)23:18
RPkhem: I don't understand why only you would be seeing that :(23:20
khemyeah I am wondering that too but I do see that ksyslogd recipe does not use update-alternatives23:21
RPkhem: probably is a bug there :/23:21
* RP should sleep. I just tried to click on the screenshot image and wondered why it wasn't working23:23
khemyes it is but let me see who are providers of klogd23:23
aehs29RP: haha go to bed Richard23:24
* RP -> Zzzz23:25
khemok so its is busybox and ksyslogd i guess I need to fix ksyslogd to use update-alternatives23:25
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*** kanavin <kanavin!~kanavin@> has joined #yocto23:32
chandana73bluelightning: okay, so basically the user runs devtool menuconfig, identify the right source to use, run menuconfig and copy the new .config file into devtool workspace. Thank you23:36
bluelightningchandana73: shouldn't be any need to identify source, the source is fixed - it's the one used by virtual/kernel i.e. STAGING_KERNEL_DIR23:37
*** nighty- <nighty-!> has quit IRC23:45
chandana73bluelightning: okay23:49
*** meantcoder <meantcoder!5f0a1632@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC23:52

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