Monday, 2018-09-03

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Systemd customization <>06:42
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mns_Hi, I am using buildinfo to provide customized buildinfo (i.e. from /etc/build) for a particular target. I am wondering if this can be used to customize the version of the associated eSDK (i.e. the 'version-....' file installed to root of eSDK installation folder) ?06:49
mns_It would be good to be capable of pinning a certain image with a certain eSDK version, which both leads back to a certain version of meta-layers06:50
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mckoangood morning07:58
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mcfriskso, glibc-locales is broken in sumo. lots of files are not installed to any binary packages. is this fixed on master? can't see any commits to fix the package split..09:18
rburtonmcfrisk: branch or the release?09:22
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Guest82133mcfrisk: I compiled glibc-locales on master like two hours ago10:04
mcfriskglibc-locale-2.28-r0 from master is fine, glibc-locale-2.27-r0 from sumo fails to package /usr/share/i18n10:05
mcfriskand other files10:05
mcfriskat least in my setup10:06
mcfriskman I wish do_configure and do_install tasks were executing things in parallel..10:13
mcfriskrburton: forget about this, sumo branch is fine. something wrong with my setup and our layers..10:17
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mcfriskI guess USE_NLS="no" is to blame..10:19
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fancerHi folks! I'm trying to build eSDK using "bitbake -c populate_sdk_ext baikal-image-recovery" for my custom image, but keep getting errors like:10:49
fancerERROR: Task u-boot-baikal-mk-tools-native.do_prepare_recipe_sysroot attempted to execute unexpectedly10:49
fancerERROR: Task u-boot-baikal-mk-tools-native.do_configure attempted to execute unexpectedly10:49
fancerERROR: Task u-boot-baikal-mk-tools-native.do_compile attempted to execute unexpectedly10:49
fancerERROR: Task u-boot-baikal-mk-tools-native.do_install attempted to execute unexpectedly10:49
fancerERROR: Task u-boot-baikal-mk-tools-native.do_populate_sysroot attempted to execute unexpectedly10:49
fancerThis is a custom recipe with U-boot mktools. I got a custom recipe for u-boot itself and kernel. And all of them cause the errors like above. Any idea what might be triggering them?10:49
Guest82133could you be running out of memory10:49
fancerNo, don't think so:10:50
fancerFilesystem     Type      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on10:50
fancer/dev/sda1      ext4      234G   80G  143G  36% /media/workspace10:50
Guest82133memory, not disk space :)10:50
fancerdon't think so as well10:50
fancerGot 8Gb's with 5Gb of swap10:51
Guest82133try adding SDK_INHERIT_BLACKLIST = "buildhistory icecc cve-check" to your config10:54
fancerYeah, I saw the topic about this. I'll try the solution, but I guess my problem has nothing to do with cve-check, since I don't add any recipe with cve-check inherited.10:57
fancerOhhh, just realized. These recipes are build with externalsrc class activated by setting EXTERNALSRC variable. Could it be a reason of the issue?11:01
fancer* and obviously with externalsrc bbclass inherited.11:02
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PinkSnakeHi all, I have some trouble with prelink-native-1.0 -> do_unpack: Fetcher failure: bla blablabla fatal: reference is not a tree: 05aeafd053e56356ec8c62f4bb8f7b95bae192f3. any suggestion ? I have already try to checkout withe the same ref outside from yocto and no trouble :(11:36
fancerYep, the reason of these errors was in externalsrc setting.11:38
PinkSnake@fencer could you please tell me more about this setting ? I have certainly missed something but i'm not able to find where ^^11:39
fancerPinkSnake: Don't think my problem has any connection with yours. You either trying to fetch something from git that isn't there, or by doing it wrongly.11:42
fancerTake a look in the prelink-native and make sure your SRC_URI is set correctly11:43
PinkSnakefancer: ok I was thinking your replly was for me. Sry for trouble. Prelink-native is not my recipe. So it should work directly ;)11:43
fancerThe whole yocto is someone else development, it doesn't mean it can't have bugs.)11:44
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PinkSnakefancer: For sure! but i don't skills to do it :)11:45
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RyanMeulenkampHi! I'm currently working on an upgrade of our OE-classic based OS to Yocto. No I'm running into networking problems. HTTP requests seem to get lost. This did not occur with the old OS.12:59
RyanMeulenkampSo where should I start looking? What metrics are important? I see that TX overruns is relatively high high.13:00
mckoanRyanMeulenkamp: try describing what you are doing13:01
mckoanand use pastebin for long messages or logs13:01
RyanMeulenkampOur java softwer shows problems, and I (think I) can reproduce it using wget. So I run something like "wget", and about one third of the times it gets stuck at "awaiting response"13:04
RyanMeulenkampjava software*13:05
rburtonsounds like your kernel is bust13:07
RyanMeulenkampAlright, but how do I de-bust it?13:11
rburtonwell, test with really basic networking tools: so packets work, etc.13:12
rburtonif you can say that the kernel isn't working then speak to whoever made the bsp13:12
RyanMeulenkampI tried setting the sysctl parameters to the same values as our OE-classic OS.13:13
RyanMeulenkampAnd ping and nvslookup never seem to fail.13:14
rburtonthrow a wireshark over the wget?13:14
rburtonif a third of wget calls fail then i'd say thats kernel or physical problems13:15
RyanMeulenkampI don't think it's physical because I can reproduce this on multiple units. We do incorporate a switch IC on our boards though, that has some configuration.13:16
RyanMeulenkampBut lemme try tcpdump with a wget action.13:18
rburtoni've had a few ancient boards where upgrading to a relatively recent kernel stops working because the driver bitrotted13:21
RyanMeulenkampI think this board qualifies as "ancient"13:22
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RyanMeulenkampI tried a tcp dump on a OE-classic unit and here it spews huge amounts of stuff over the network without any problems.13:56
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rburtontry booting a yocto image with the oe-classic kernel, see what happens14:21
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kanavin_RP: is it a known problem that _remove does not trigger a task re-run when the item to be removed refers to other variables, such as ${PN}?16:03
kanavin_I have a reproducer...16:03
RPkanavin_: its not known, no16:04
Guest82133I suppose now it is? :P16:06
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kanavin_RP: I'll file a bug?16:17
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kolliWhen setting timezone using timedatectl set-timezone, the set timezone seems to be ignored for system time.16:19
kollitimedatectl set-timezone Asia/Dhaka16:19
kolliMon Sep  3 21:08:24  201816:19
kollidate -u16:19
kolliMon Sep  3 21:08:27 UTC 201816:19
kollitimedatectl itself shows timezone correctly16:19
kolliLocal time: Tue 2018-09-04 03:36:36 +0616:19
kolliUniversal time: Mon 2018-09-03 21:36:36 UTC16:20
kolliThis is on yocto rocko on imx616:20
kollifor timezone handling, the following packages are added additionally:16:20
kolliCORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "tzdata"16:20
kolliPACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-systemd = " timedated"16:20
kolliFilesystem is read only, but /etc is a --bind mount to an overlayFS, so it's writable.16:20
kolliSymlink for localtime is set correctly by the timedatectl command.16:20
kolliAm I missing something, that I should add to the image?16:20
RPkanavin_: yes please16:42
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kolliWas TZ variable. unsetting it solved it.16:52
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armpitRP, stable/sumo-next good to go19:12
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derRichardhey folks!19:37
derRichardis it wise to have e.g. meta-intel and meta-freescale in the same project? i'm not sure whether these conflict or not since both support different platforms19:38
abelloniit is supposed to be working19:39
derRichardgood :)19:40
derRichardso far it seems to work, just wondered :D19:40
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armpitBSP layes should play nicely together. those are two well maintained and structured layers19:52
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RPbb.data_smart.ExpansionError: Failure expanding variable create_shar, expression was XXX which triggered exception OSError: [Errno 12] Cannot allocate memory22:36
RPCode which triggers running gcc during parsing :/22:36
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