Wednesday, 2018-09-05

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khemRP: the os-release patch needs rework you have to drop it from master-next00:29
grahamgeldingHi, I'm trying to move from dizzy to sumo. We use EtherCAT and the RX packets are all being dropped using linux-yocto-rt_4.14. If I drop in the dizzy kernel (linux-yocto-rt_3.14) then it works. I'm assuming it's kernel config I need to change? I'm ok with the process of kernel_configme, menuconfig, diffconfig and adding fragments to my recipe. For testing out the new kernel is it ok to drop in the new bzImage and install the mo00:35
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jdel_how does the FILES variable work when using setscene?04:05
jdel_specifically I have a recipe that's complaining about required files not being provided by any recipe04:05
jdel_but that recipe was restored from setscene04:06
jdel_and I can see the files in the sysroot-destdir04:06
jdel_the recipe having problems is a custom bbclass which I assume is somehow to blame04:07
jdel_but i'm not sure how to debug it04:07
kergothFILES is irrelevent to sysroot population. FILES Is used to control what files installed by do_install go into which binary packages. those are used to construct rootfs images, but those binary packages are not used to populate sysroot to satisfy dependencies04:12
jdel_so when I see an error like this: "QA Issue: /usr/lib/weston/ contained in package weston requires, but no providers found in RDEPENDS_weston? [file-rdeps]"04:20
jdel_how does it know that it's not present?04:20
jdel_or rather, how does it decide it's not present04:20
jdel_that file is present in tboth sysroot-destdir of the providing recipe *and* recipe-sysroot of the using recipe04:22
bluelightningjdel_: it's present, the problem is you haven't specified an explicit dependency in the recipe to ensure that it is04:23
bluelightning(well, I say you, I mean the recipe writer)04:24
bluelightningI do recall thinking that message was somewhat misleading, I can't remember the details though04:26
jdel_ah, so if I understand04:27
jdel_the library is present for all build stages (as specified by the building package)04:27
jdel_but since that package isn't listed as a RDEPENDS for the building package, it can't count on the files actually being installed04:28
bluelightningI seem to recall that DEPENDS is enough... does this recipe have the recipe that builds in its DEPENDS?04:29
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jdel_oh I see what's happening, I think04:44
jdel_instead of saying DEPENDS_${PN} it's adding it to some platform specific depends04:44
jdel_DEPENDS_<my soc name>04:44
jdel_does that actually add the dependency to a different recipe?04:45
kergothDEPENDS != RDEPENDS. DEPENDS_${PN} doesn't exist04:45
jdel_so when something does DEPENDS_foo += "a recipe"04:46
jdel_what does that do?04:46
bluelightningunless foo is somehow in OVERRIDES then it will do nothing04:49
bluelightningin case it's not obvious, DEPENDS are build-time dependencies, so they aren't per-package04:49
jdel_ie they are per recipe?04:50
jdel_there's a whole slew of these DEPENDS_<soc name> variables04:50
bluelightningthat will work, if <soc name> can appear in MACHINE or some other way of getting in OVERRIDES04:51
jdel_ah, yes it's the machine name04:51
bluelightningit would be logically correct to use something like that if the dependencies were machine-specific04:51
bluelightningthey generally aren't though04:51
jdel_i think this recipe has stubs for some libraries on different platforms04:52
jdel_(eg platforms with/without screens)04:52
bluelightningok, fair enough04:54
jdel_maybe this will make sense with some sleep :)04:56
jdel_thank you for your help04:56
jdel_i will probably be back for more04:56
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mcfriskhmm, package.bbclass is not dumping the task log to console when "Fatal QA errors found". Any ideas how to change that? A bit tricky to debug failures in CI without..08:53
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mcfriskhmm, why doesn't FILES_${PN}-dev_class-nativesdk += "blabl" work anymore in a bbappend to extend recipes from poky? seems like this ends up overwriting the complete variable instead of appending to it. same effect with both _append and +=09:22
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rburtonoverrides and += don't do what you expect unless you understand how they work09:28
rburtonFILES_${PN}_dev_append_class-nativesdk = " blah"09:28
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mcfriskrburton: ah, the other way round with append. original code was with FILES_${PN}-dev_class-nativesdk += and this ends up overwriting the whole variable from a bbappend. That's not expected.09:30
mcfriskbut here using += seems wrong and _append works in the end when the class syntax is at the end.09:31
mcfriskrburton: thanks!09:31
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: git: Refusing to fetch into current branch - bitbake <>09:52
mcfrisktrying to extend a variable only in special class build target with += is an anti pattern and mostly ends up overwriting the original variable value. this scriplet find it: $ egrep -rn '(_class-native|_class-nativesdk|_class-target).*\+=' meta-* | grep -v '_append_'10:03
mcfriskbut now I see this anti pattern in meta-openembedded and poky too. hmm.10:08
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bluelightningmcfrisk: those should probably be fixed10:09
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mcfriskis the best syntax for appending to variables _append with += which add the space? Or should those two not be mixed?10:17
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kanavinRP: I find it very hard to be sympathetic to JaMa's situation10:27
kanavinone year has passed, same complaints10:28
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RPkanavin: I can see this from both sides. Maintaining and moving meta-oe forwards is tough10:41
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mcfrisk"Identifying dependency loops (this may take a short while)..." doesn't have a max time limit it seems, been 10+ minutes already10:51
kanavinRP: I don't want to force this on people either, but the other option would be to wait another year, which will again achieve nothing, except 1.0 will be really close to EOL then10:52
RPkanavin: as I said, I can see both sides. I did merge the patches to core10:56
kanavinRP: I think it's a 'keep hands off keyboard' moment for me then :)11:04
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Gif animation does not work on Yocto Pyro in Qt 5.8. How to build qtbase 5.8 in bitbake with <>11:22
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illariosDoes anyone know how to use core-image-minimal-initramfs with an EFI shell?12:33
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RPzeddii: Both 4.14 and 4.18 linux-yocto-tiny give config warnings. Would you like a bug for it or is knowing about it good enough?13:59
RPzeddii: I assume we want to move to 4.18?13:59
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zeddiiRP:  I'll take care of them. pinging me here is enough.14:09
zeddiiand yah. we should just forklift everything to 4.18 now.14:09
RPzeddii: thanks. I'll sort the switch to 4.1814:24
RPah, just realised why my "tiny" build was finding bugs. A rouge IMAGE_INSTALL putting its size at 300+MB :)14:29
RPparallel install of new busybox and coreutils looks bust though14:30
RPzeddii: MACHINE=qemux86 shows config warnings with 4.14 too14:31
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RPzeddii: Also qemumips with 4.1415:02
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KitsokHi there! Could somebody help me with the recipe? I'm moving from the very old (2.2?) Yocto to 2.5 and having troubles with sysroots-components15:16
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jdeli've noticed a few checks that depend on the existence of the "image" directory in a given recipe15:32
jdeleg a check in systemd for missing service files15:33
jdelnotably the checks are skipped if there's no "image" directory present15:33
jdelwhich I believe is what happens after a setscene15:33
jdelbut i'm finding that the "image" directory is getting created in recipes that are otherwising skipping the build steps due to satisfying setscene restores15:34
jdelso the recipes fail to build properly15:34
jdelif I cleanall and do it again, the build correctly15:34
jdel(notably the "image" directory is empty, since none of the build steps were performed)15:35
jdelcan someone suggest a way for me to find out who is creating this phantom "image" directory?15:35
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khemRP: os-release another issue on master-next16:44
RPkhem: I suspect I'm aware of it, which master-next? :)16:46
RPkhem: I just repushed, try that16:47
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khemRP: yes same one :)16:48
khemput this also into boiling pot16:49
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RPkhem: what issue are you seeing then? I thought we had them all16:51
khemah latest master-next is fixed16:52
khemmaster-next does not have the patches16:52
RPkhem: I'm trying to get master-next merged before I take on more patches to break things16:52
RPkhem: you broke binutils ;-) I've sent a fix16:52
khemOK no worries16:53
khemas long as you have it in line16:53
khemRP: saw that, :) thanks for fixing it. I was being idiot when I chose that variable, I usually invent obscure ones16:53
khemI was seeing lot of rebuilds here, but thought it must be a different reason16:54
khemRP: I am looking for automating h/w -ctestimage16:55
khemprobably generating a initramfs with full image and having large enough /boot to scp it and then reboot the box16:56
khemseems simplest16:56
RPkhem: It was designed to be possible but we don't have provisioning code. I was asked to use lava rather than write any16:56
khemdoes lava work then16:57
khemor do I need java16:57
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armpitkhem, I thought there was a patch set to fix h/w via testimage17:00
RParmpit: there is but its a minefield patch :/17:02
RPreally needs splitting up as I can't review it17:02
armpitRP, may be a starting point for the Khem-ster17:02
khemarmpit: uri ?17:02
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RPkhem: I've merged -next so we're onto the next round of patches17:04
armpit  153626, 15362717:05
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khemRP: cool17:12
khemRP: python3 seems to be compiling faster now17:19
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RPkhem: yes, dropped the -n 10 to -n 1. rburton has better things coming too17:24
khemyeah I have been in discussions with him on some FDO/PGO ideas17:27
RPkhem: I just merged the other one as it stops burning some cpu time in the meantime17:28
aehs29RP: I sent some python manifest fixes, just wondering if you saw them17:33
RPaehs29: not sure I did :/17:34
khemRP: do we plan to support Fedora 29 for 2.6 ? (releasing Oct 29)17:35
RPaehs29: ironically, just scrolling back to them! :)17:35
aehs29RP: haha alright, I honestly just see no point in CCing you, I know you get 300k emails a day17:35
RPkhem: probably not initially. Curious what kind of problems we may have17:35
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RPaehs29: fancy fixing that two space indentation in the manifest script too? :)17:37
RPaehs29: I put the patches in -next17:37
aehs29RP: sure, let me see if I find it17:39
RPaehs29: just struck me as odd when glancing through the changes17:39
aehs29RP: I thought I changed it to 4 for all the script, but apparently not17:40
RPkhem: thoughts on dropping gcc 7 from core ? 8.x seems to be working ok most places?17:40
RPkhem: I don't like the precedent of carrying two gccs if we don't need to17:41
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khemRP: lets keep it for another release. There are u-boot related issues that has been reported and some are fixed17:41
khemRP: SOC vendors consider it a strike down against Yocto/OE that we upgrade/delete things too fast17:42
RPkhem: ok17:42
khemmay be we should resurrect toolchain-layer in meta-openembedded17:42
khemmay be it should be a new repo somewhere17:43
RPkhem: I think it may be time to rearrange things a bit in general17:43
aehs29RP: wow there was more indentation issues than I thought17:47
aehs29RP: I fixed it, do you want me to send a patch or should I just update the contrib branch?17:47
aehs29and ammend the last one17:47
RPaehs29: just send an additional patch I can apply against -next please17:48
aehs29RP: alright17:48
aehs29RP: just rebased to master-next and sent17:53
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likewisemorning all18:10
*** varjag <varjag!> has joined #yocto18:15
khemlikewise likewise18:15
khemlong time18:15
likewisekhem: sure. I went into Yocto user mode, also known as leech mode.18:15
likewisekhem: but am coming back with patches :)18:16
likewisekhem: how are you doing, saw a lot of activities around musl and libssl18:17
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khemlikewise: glad to see you back18:33
khemlikewise: yeah I am trying to help the project as much as I can18:33
likewisekhem: it seems like you have a time machine where you can go hours back in time each day, to work on Yocto :)18:34
likewiseI'm trying to make meta-ostree into good shape, merging all the efforts out there (3 that I know of)18:35
likewisebut I can only work on it project-driven18:35
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khembitbake plugin for vscode
khemI like the logo RP and kergoth18:45
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kergothah nice18:47
kergothkhem: fyi, has way more installs than the mholo branch, and is more recently updated18:48
kergothbased on the other18:48
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likewisekhem: you using vscode on Linux?18:50
khemlikewise: yes18:51
khemkergoth: interesting I think it is same what I see on marketplace18:52
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khemI just picked the link  from derived from but have the same one you point to18:54
mcfriskanyone seen this error from sumo: ...recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/x86_64-linux/../../libexec/x86_64-linux/gcc/x86_64-linux/7.3.0/ld: cannot find /usr/lib/libpthread_nonshared.a ? seems to go away after cleaning recipe and sstate but had this with a number of recipes today.18:55
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davenportenHey, does any one know if there is an easy way to build a armv7l image in yocto?19:02
jdeli think if you download the main yocto repo, you can set the machine configuration in local.conf to an armv7l target19:09
davenportenjdel: Great, thanks, I'll give that a try19:10
likewisegrep doesn't find armv7l for me19:11
khemdavenporten: yes infact armv7l is default for beaglebone and raspberrypi3 etc19:12
davenportenThat does seem to be the case for me as well, but thanks for the help jdel19:13
khemdavenporten: so you might want to set MACHINE=beaglebone-yocto19:13
davenportenkhem: is beaglebone based on armv7l? I'll give that a try too19:15
davenportenkhem: Thanks19:15
khemdavenporten: yes19:19
kergothi should try sshfs to play with that19:23
kergothneed to tweak my dotfiles, my colors look like ass in a vscode terminal19:23
khemabsolutely, that setup is using sshfs as well19:23
khemkergoth: I use dracula theme derivatives19:24
kergothah nice, that one isn't bad19:25
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kergothi've been using base16-tomorrow-night, using base16-shell to adjust the colors, but not all terminals allow colors to be altered with escape codes19:25
khemso autocompletion Ctrl + Space works see :)19:27
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justintttWill EXTRA_OEMAKE override variables defined in a makefile? or does it write those variables to the env?19:44
kergothit's passed on the make commandline19:46
kergothper the make documentation, commandline definitions override makeifle definitions19:47
kergothexport FOO=1 would put it in the environment19:47
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khemRP: prelink-native is failing git/doc/ No such file or directory22:22
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RPkhem: fray ^^^22:34
RPkhem: you're finding things faster than I am :)22:34
RPkhem: curious how its managing to work for me...22:41
khemI had to do bitbake -ccleanall as well22:46
khemRP: using master branch should have been done anyway the staging branch and master branch are now same22:47
RPkhem: any ideas on bug 12918 ?22:53
yoctiBug normal, Undecided, ---, ross.burton, NEW , nightly-musl has build warnings22:53
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khemRP: This is mostly due to fPIC -DPIC violation23:01
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khemmesa has some clever code23:03
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khemwhich usually is wrong23:04
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bluelightningkhem: FYI I did get past the acl/attr issue - I'd missed cleaning acl. I believe the issue is related to this:
khembluelightning: ah, yes coincidently I am running into simimar issue in another package23:28
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