Monday, 2018-10-08

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KitsokHi there! Got a question regarding ntp recipe. I can't get how to force it to install ntpq to the target image. Give me a hint plz09:35
LetoThe2ndKitsok: not having checked it thoroughly, but the recipe suggests ntp-utils09:46
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KitsokLetoThe2nd, yea, but bitbake claims there is no ntp-utils recipe10:03
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LetoThe2ndKitsok: there is no ntp-utils recipe, but a ntp-utils package. the ntp recipe provides both.10:03
KitsokLetoThe2nd, so if I have "ntp" in IMAGE_INSTALL_append I should have ntp in the target rootfs, correct?10:04
KitsokCorrection "have ntpq in the target rootfs"10:05
LetoThe2ndKitsok: assuming that you have set that IMAGE_INSTALL_append at a proper place, then yes.10:05
LetoThe2ndIMAGE_INSTALL_append = " ntp-utils"10:05
LetoThe2ndpackage != recipe. a recipe can provide multiple packages. IMAGE_INSTALL takes package names, whereas bitbake takes recipe names.10:06
KitsokLetoThe2nd, I see, will give it a try10:06
KitsokGotcha! Thank you, LetoThe2nd!10:07
LetoThe2ndhave fun10:07
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Marexis there a reason why the nodejs modules are installed into ${libdir}/node_modules instead of ${libdir}/node ? I am told the later is the standard path which nodejs expects ...12:20
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PinkSnakeI all, i'm currently working with Yocto based on sumo branch, Ubuntu 18.04 is not tested but I want to use this version, so I have some trouble during the first build ( *** These critical programs are missing or too old: GNU ld ) any hint ? :-) cheers12:59
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mcfriskPinkSnake: start with
PinkSnake>mcfrisk as I said i doesn't to downgrade to 17.04 ...13:35
PinkSnakemcfrisk: as I said i doesn't to downgrade to 17.04 ...13:36
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LetoThe2ndPinkSnake: 1) this document also should point out what you might have missed to install 2) you can always go for a container, like docker to run a different distro for building13:38
PinkSnakehi LetoThe2nd all dep is installed, the trouble is about binutils version13:39
PinkSnakeas i can't install bother version of binutils I don't know what I can do to fi poky :(13:40
LetoThe2ndPinkSnake: you can test wirh master, if it works there, then bisect. thats the only thing that comes to my mind instantly.13:42
PinkSnake@LetoThe2nd what do you mean about wirh master ? o.013:43
PinkSnakeok with master branach of poky i got it ;)13:44
PinkSnakethx for hint i will make a try13:44
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PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd: same issue... It's strange because of ubuntu 17.04 is already in end of life state...13:53
LetoThe2ndPinkSnake: and this is a totally vanilla sumo on a totally vanilla 18.04?13:54
PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd: yes i have a fresh ubuntu 18.04 install from official website, with sumo branch on all meta :(13:55
PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd: do you know if an external toolchain can do the trick ?13:56
LetoThe2ndPinkSnake: that just sounds kinda wrong.13:58
LetoThe2ndPinkSnake: I'll give it some testing, but please elaborate what "all meta" means? what layers are you using?13:59
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PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd I have also tested with master branch14:02
PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd: it's so bad ? ^^14:03
LetoThe2ndi'll give it a try with poky alone, but if that successfully builds core-image-minimal (which i kinda guess!) then i'd say its your own task to figure out which layer breaks your build14:03
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rburtonPinkSnake: what actually fails? can you pastebin the log14:05
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PinkSnakerburton: many recipes failes because of ld version (2.30 seems not supported by the yocto project...)14:10
LetoThe2ndok, kicked off sumo aarch64 build on 18.04 docker. lets see what happens.14:17
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JaMarburton: doesn't empty Subject break devtool manipulation with .patch files?14:28
LetoThe2ndPinkSnake: 1485 of 2373 tasks and counting, no errors (yet)14:33
rburtonJaMa: hm will revise with something in there14:33
rburtonPinkSnake: thats not ld, that's uninative breaking.  try INHERIT_remove = "uninative"14:34
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rburtonJaMa: resent14:36
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JaMarburton: thanks14:38
rburtonwasn't aware of that, will keen an eye out14:39
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lukmaIf I may ask -> In Yocto/OE the gcc for cross compiled device is a link to arm-poky-linux-gcc ...... -march= xxx -sysroot=/.......14:50
lukmais there a way to extend this line with extra linker option?14:50
lukmaI do have a legacy package, which in makefile on the beginning14:50
lukmasets LDFLAGS=14:50
LetoThe2ndlukma: you should be perfectly able to modify LDFLAGS in your recipe as you wish14:51
lukmaand I do have an issue with fixing QA error of do_package_qa: QA Issue: No GNU_HASH in the elf binary:14:51
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lukmaEXTRA_OEMAKE = "LDFLAGS=${LDFLAGS}" is not working14:52
lukmaLetoThe2nd: the makefile still generated the executables with HASH (not GNU_HASH) section14:53
mcfrisklukma: fix the Makefile with a patch to do LDFLAGS+= instead of plain assignment14:53
lukmamcfrisk: Yes, this is one solution14:55
lukmabut I was wondering if there is some kind of OE/Yocto fix, so I wouldn't need to fix the recipe itself14:55
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rburtonlukma: its a problem in makefile14:56
rburtonyou can use make -e to override the makefile definitions with environment but then you just have other problems instead14:57
rburtonso, fix makefile, send fix upstream14:57
lukmarburton: Ok, thanks -> I wanted to be sure14:57
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rburtonlukma: basic problem with upstreams that think plain make is 'easy'15:06
LetoThe2ndrburton: yeah, and once they realize plain make is kinda meh, they start writing custom simplification wrapper scripts around it.15:08
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JaMaor just refuse to touch it at all, because it's too complicated and nobody understands why those things are done that way15:11
JaMarburton: heh v1 of your .patch change was just merged to master15:12
rburtoni'll rebase :)15:13
rburtonRP: sent another libx11 patch, and can you fix the double colon in the util-linux message as it's bothering me :)15:15
RPrburton: I actually merged some of those as they looked safe :/15:15
PinkSnakerburton: thx for the hint i will make a try15:20
PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd: thx a lot!15:21
LetoThe2ndPinkSnake: just the very moment you said that, my build completed: successfully15:23
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LetoThe2ndvanilla 18.04 in docker, just downloaded the requirements from the quickstart and generated en_US.UTF-8 locale15:23
LetoThe2ndsuccessfully built core-image-minimal for aarch6415:23
LetoThe2ndhence, my gut feeling is that something in your layer collection does magic that breaks things. some tinkering to the toolchain system, maybe.15:24
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lukmarburton: The problem is that LDFLAGS set in OE15:27
lukmapass LDFLAGS=-Wl,-O1 -Wl,--hash-style=gnu -Wl,--as-needed15:27
rburtonlukma: no, the problem is that the makefile doesn't extend LDFLAGS but override it15:28
lukmabut the -Wl,--as-needed part causes build break of the whole program15:28
lukmathat is why it was overriden15:28
frayif as-needed breaks the build (of anything) -- unless dl-open is needed, that indicates a so dependency issue15:28
fray(so - shared object)..  usually you want to fix the dep issue, cause it'll cause other problems eventually15:29
RPrburton: fired a -next with a few patches in15:30
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PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd: ok great new, so the trouble is on my side... could please share a little about your config ?15:38
rburtonPinkSnake: still convinced that the problem is the uninative thing, turn off uninative to test15:39
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PinkSnakerburton: yes I have had your hint to my conf/local.conf, with a -c cleanall same issue ... maybe i have to delete all cache ?15:40
rburtoni'd definitely wipe your tmp15:40
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PinkSnakerburton: i copy that15:41
rburtonbut that will at least change the error message15:41
PinkSnakerburton: thanks for support! tmp cleaned, building in progress15:43
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PinkSnakerburton: LetoThe2nd: same issue after deleting tmp folder + INHERIT_remove = "uninative" in conf/local.conf -->  || I will try to delete cache and sstate-cache ... finger crossed16:17
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rburtonPinkSnake: log still says /home/nicolas/peepoo_Disk/grayjay-yocto/build_zcu102/tmp/sysroots-uninative/ which suggests your remove didn't work16:26
rburtoni'd suggest just doing a bare poky build and seeing if that fails the same way16:27
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PinkSnakerburton: I have delete tmp, cache and sstate-cache, just source conf/local.conf and run bitbake core-image-minimal, my conf/local.conf could put this mess ?16:51
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FrostEyes_P1Hi folks. Creating a custom proprietary layer, and was wondering about the "COPYING.MIT" being generated by the yocto-layer scripts.18:15
FrostEyes_P1As I understand the COPYING file is optional, but what would be the prefered way of handling it in a proprietary layer. Remove the COPYING.MIT file, and create a LICENSE file?18:16
luneffhey guys! I got different kind of question :-) is there a way to show up some image instead of black console login prompt whenever the EGLFS app isn't running?18:17
luneffI thought about creating some qtwayland compositor that just happens to have some image background which is obscured by the running app if it's there, but that seems way to complex for the job18:18
luneff(that's pi3/meta-qt5)18:19
luneffmaybe, some image viewer within inittab instead of getty...18:26
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derRichardhmm, how can i enable asan for a recipe?18:59
derRichardso far it fails with ...cannot find -lasan18:59
luneffadd it to DEPENDS, maybe?19:00
derRichardluneff: what shall i add? libasan? libsanitizer?19:00
luneffwhatever the package containing libasan is called19:01
derRichardwell, it is a gcc feature. so it is not a package itself19:01
* derRichard tries to make sense of meta/recipes-devtools/gcc/gcc-sanitizers.inc19:12
luneffoh. last time I saw something similar, I just set security flags to "" so my recipe could compile19:13
derRichardin my case i want to enable libasan to hunt down a bug :)19:13
derRichardhm, security flags19:13
derRichardlet me see19:13
derRichardok, i need to depend on "gcc-sanitizers"19:17
derRichardstupid me :D19:17
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neverpanicderRichard: Last time I tried this it was a handful since it's only really useful when you compile all library dependencies with ASAN, too, and you'll have to do a lot of filtering to get the ASAN flags out of the bootstrapping stuff, but it can be done19:26
neverpanicOf course YMMV if you don't need ASAN all the way down the call stack19:26
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derRichardi don't want to build a kernel in my yocto project. but it always tries to build make-mod-scripts, which fails badly since no kernel source/config is present19:58
derRichardhow comes?19:58
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derRichardoh dear! tools-profile selects lttng-modules, which selects make-mod-scripts...20:17
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Marexis there a reason why the nodejs modules are installed into ${libdir}/node_modules instead of ${libdir}/node ? I am told the later is the standard path which nodejs expects ...21:33
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lukmaIs there any way to fix this: Hunk #1 FAILED at 37 (different line endings).22:05
lukmaI do have a recipe's Makefile developed on Windows22:06
lukmaand I need to apply patches to it from Linux.....22:06
lukmaeven if I modify the needed stuff, and all seems to be correct22:06
lukmaI do see following issie22:06
robbawebbalukma: It sounds like the original source has different line endings than the patch you're trying to apply22:09
kergothgod i missed my mechanical keyboard while iw as on vacation22:10
kergothusing my macbook pro keyboard for 17 days? screw that22:10
kergothgoing to *make* space in the luggage next trip22:10
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lukmarobbawebba: Yes, it has22:19
lukmaI've tried to delete the Makefile (whole)22:19
lukmaand then replace it with new one22:19
lukmaquilt also was complaining about different line endings (even when whole file was replaced)22:20
lukmaI need to do this change from OE22:21
lukmabest, no need to touch the original code -> just 2 lines change of Makefile22:22
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robbawebbaWhat about the patch file? Are you able to generate a new patch file with the same line endings as the new Makefile22:35
robbawebbalukma: and jut to clarify, the patch is being applied to the Makefile?22:35
lukmaYes, it is a fix for Makefile22:38
lukmaThe best approach would be to convert patch to use the same endings22:38
lukmados2unix or unix2dos22:38
lukmaand then try to apply it22:38
lukmait may work as the patch itself will be stored anyway22:38
Marexkergoth: I love my new-ish thinkpad22:39
Marexkergoth: I was so stupid to buy a macbook before, I should've stuck with the thinkpads22:39
Marexkergoth: the apple keyboards are garbage22:39
kergothI'm stuck on osx for a variety of reasons at t his point, invested, so even if the hardware isn't quite up to par, not ready to migrate back to windows22:40
Marexkergoth: hackintosh still a thing ? >:-)22:40
kergoththankfully i use an external keyboard more often than not regardless of what machine i'm using22:40
Marexkergoth: yeah22:40
Marexlukma: s/\r$// or something ?22:40
lukmaMarex: May be the trick22:41
lukmaFor thinkpads -> Only with docking station22:41
lukmaexternal keyboard + monitor22:42
lukma+ pad for the laptop22:42
robbawebbalukma: this might be a noobish question about pathes, but can there be different line-ending characters in the patch file? I.e. the patch contents (code that's applied to the existing code) has line endings, and then the patch file itself has it's own line endings like a regular text file?22:42
kergoth - workspace using the work laptop. <3 this little keyboard so much22:43
robbawebbakergoth: sweet setup! Is that a Dell XPS?22:44
fischermMarex: once you start writing your own OSX drivers you begin hating yourself for hackintoshing. Ask me how I know.22:46
kergothprecision 5520 actually. pretty similar, the more business focused version22:47
kergothhackintoshing does sound like a lot pf ain22:47
kergothof pain, even22:47
fischermrecently needed a macos platform to develop on for pcie, so I made it work ... lol22:48
fischermit ain't pretty22:48
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Marexlukma: you can connect everything over USB-C today anyway23:23
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