Monday, 2018-10-29

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_mac13_Hi, I've need to compile kernel using different GCC version then for user-space application, what is the best approach to achieve that? I've been thinking about custom bbclass for kernel recipe08:25
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mckoangood morning08:50
LetoThe2ndmckoan: as usual, agreed on the "morning" part08:51
mckoanLetoThe2nd: LOL, hi08:51
mckoanLetoThe2nd: your beer was an excellent opticalexperiment ;-) thanks08:51
LetoThe2ndmckoan: you're welcome :)08:52
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake: "The metadata is not deterministic and this needs to be fixed" <>09:03
jofrWhat is the "proper" way to have one recipe run-time-on-target dependable on another? i.e. If I IMAGE_INSTALL recipe A, recipe B will also be installed? It doesn't have any build-dependencies, the artifacts from B just have to be present on the image.09:17
LetoThe2ndjofr: RDEPENDS_${PN}09:17
jofrSo recipe A will have RDEPENDS_${PN} = "recipe_b"?09:18
LetoThe2ndon package_b, but basically yes.09:18
jofrErr. yes.  ;)09:19
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kuzulisHi guys. Is it makes sence in FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend or FILESEXTRAPATHS_append in custom linux*.bbappend file? e.g. from this doc: {2.3.3. Changing the Configuration} I see that there are provided FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend variable.. but my linux*.bbappend already has the FILESEXTRAPATHS_append variable.09:41
kuzulisCurrently, my custom linux*.bbappend (with FILESEXTRAPATHS_append) has only the  SRC_URI with a set of a patches..09:43
kuzulisBut not I want to add there and the my custom Linux Kernel config file..09:43
kuzuliss/But not/But now09:43
kuzulisWhat I need then to do with my previous FILESEXTRAPATHS_append ?09:44
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varjaghow do you people go with repositories for your local versions of yocto?09:52
varjagdo you have to use that repo thing09:52
neverpanicYou don't have to use it. We're using plain submodules, for example.09:55
neverpanicEach of the possible solutions has their upsides and downsides.09:56
LetoThe2ndanother option is kas. but yeah, you *have* to do nothing, but find out what fits your need.09:57
LetoThe2nd(you could also use a toaster instance)09:57
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Where are bitbake python functions documented <>10:03
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kuzulisGuys, what I need to use: FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend or FILESEXTRAPATHS_append? if I want to use both my kernel patches and my defconfig?10:04
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sagnerIt only matters if you have the same file name in multiple layers...10:20
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sagnerWith prepend you can make sure that your extra path will get examined earlier...10:20
kuzulissagner: Hmm.. I have added my defconfig to *.bbappend file:10:23
kuzulisFILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PN}:"10:23
kuzulisSRC_URI += "\10:23
kuzulis    file://defconfig \10:23
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kuzulisbut what I do bitbake my-image, I see that a default config file in 'workdir' is a not my defconfig file!10:23
kuzuliss/but what/but when10:24
kuzulismy defconfig file is ignores10:24
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sagnerkuzulis: use bitbake -e <kernel-recipe> to figure out which paths are exactly checked. They are checked in order, make sure that yours is early enough10:25
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kuzulissagner: bitbake -e linux-toradex prints out a lot of info.. I don't know what I need to take from..10:27
sagnerkuzulis: I usually redirect it in a file and then examine that10:28
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sagnerkuzulis: you want to check the FILESEXTRAPATHS variable10:29
kuzulissagner: I see that contains following FILESEXTRAPATHS=<path to /meta-toradex-nxp recipe>:<path to my recipe>:__default:10:32
sagnerkuzulis: the problem is probably that toradex uses FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend too, then its a question which layer gets parsed first10:32
sagnerkuzulis: try reordering layer include in bblayers.conf10:33
sagnere.g. put yours before/after meta-toradex*10:33
kuzulissagner: Currently my layer is declared after all other layers..10:34
kuzulissagner: So, what I need to expect in FILESEXTRAPATHS ?10:34
kuzulissagner: Shoul my layer be on a first place there?10:35
kuzulissagner: I mean my path to my kernel recipe on a first place?10:35
kuzulisBut, it is strange, why my patch in FILESEXTRAPATHS is after the '/meta-toradex-nxp' path? Because my layer is declared after the <meta-toradex-nxp> layer.. So, as I understans, my 'prepend' should be called in end of a script.. So, my path should be in a first place..>10:40
eduardas_mkhem: hello, it seems your recipe for libxcrypt fails to fetch on poky master:
eduardas_mkhem: Github repository does not have a master branch10:40
eduardas_mkhem: the commit is on develop branch, though10:41
kuzulisWhy this does not work?10:44
kuzulis If you have a final Linux kernel .config file you want to use, copy it to a directory named files, which must be in your layer's recipes-kernel/linux directory, and name the file "defconfig". Then, add the following lines to your linux-yocto .bbappend file in your layer:10:44
kuzulis     FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/files:"10:44
kuzulis     SRC_URI += "file://defconfig"10:44
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kuzulisrburton: Hi. Could you please help me with using my 'defconfig' ? Because it ignores..11:53
sagnerkuzulis: I think the order bbappend's get applied are determined by the layer priority11:55
kuzulissagner: Do I need to increase a my layer priority? A higher value means a highest priority in yocto?11:56
kuzulisok, many thanks12:12
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kuzulissagner: A layer's priority does not work too.. E.g. the 'meta-toradex-nxp' layer has priority 90... So, I have added priority 91 to my layer.. And I see that the defconfig file takes from the meta-toradex-nxp layer.12:27
eduardas_mrburton: hello, any idea when official working release of Thud is expected? I believe the wiki says it was supposed to be ready this month12:37
rburtoneduardas_m: shortly.  you can start testing with the thud branch now if you want12:37
eduardas_mrburton: I actually am at this very moment12:37
sagnerkuzulis: and you use a bbappend file?12:38
eduardas_mrburton: there is a fetch failure with libxcrypt12:38
eduardas_mrburton: recipe defines the branch to be master, but there is no such branch in github repo12:39
rburtoneduardas_m: patch on the list, s/master/develop/12:39
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rburtonRP: need the xcrypt patch in thud (in my branch)12:48
RPrburton: agreed12:50
kuzulissagner: Wow.. Seems it work whet I put my defconfig file inside of new 'apalis-imx6' directory of my recipe12:50
kuzulisGuys, many thanks12:50
sagnerkuzulis: try bitbake-layers show-appends linux-toradex12:52
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rburtoneduardas_m: re release, the weekly status has an update.  '· 2.6 M4 is due to be built as soon as we have the oeqa reporting patches merged. Oher changes which put the release at risk will be deferred to master.'13:08
sagnerkuzulis: oh yeah that makes sense, because the original defconfig is probably in a machine specific subfolder too13:14
eduardas_mrburton: this might sound stupid, but I do not really understand what purpose do M versions serve... are these the equivalents of release candidates? also, is there a document that explains the Yocto project release process?13:14
rburtonmilestone releases13:14
eduardas_mrburton: thank you13:15
eduardas_mrburton: so as far as I understand milestone releases give no real guarantees on what standard targets build with them?13:19
rburtonwell we don't release known broken milestones13:19
rburtonthey're entirely for development purposes though13:20
rburtonmainly for scheduling and ensuring the quality of master isn't totally broken13:20
T_UNIXis anybody else noticing broken behavior with `install`? i.e. single step `install -dt foo source/*` does *not* wor, while two step`install -d ...`, `install -t foo source/*` works.13:27
T_UNIXI assume it's related to selinux -.-'13:33
T_UNIXam loving how it 'randomly' interferes and crushes recipes that used to work O.o13:34
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eduardas_mis it planned that all systemd configuration customizations should be handled as systemd-conf recipe bbappends that are machine-specific starting with Thud?14:08
eduardas_mquestion related to commit:
eduardas_mor am I supposed to just override the recipe entirely?14:09
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noway96Can anyone help me solve this error
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prabhakarladHi, is it possible to run a sudo command as part of recipe ? could anyone point me for doing so15:01
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rburtonwell, yes, if you configure sudo to not ask for auth15:01
rburtonbetter question is why do you want to run a sudo task15:01
Croftonsudo rm -rf /15:02
prabhakarladrburton: i want to create a img file for SD card for which I wanted to run losetup commands15:03
kergothyou don't need sudo to set up a disk image. use wic15:03
kuzulisGuys.. I tried to do: bitbake -c menuconfig virtual/kernel ... but it faild with do_menuconfig: No valid terminal found, unable to open devshell.15:04
kuzulisWhat does it means?15:04
kuzulisWhat I need todo to fix it?15:04
kuzulisAhh.. I need in: sudo apt-get install  screen15:06
prabhakarladkergoth: thank you this what I was looking for :)15:06
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kuzulisGuys, does 'bitbake -c menuconfig virtual/kernel' puck-up my custom kernel config? I mean that defconfig, which uses in building of a kernel?15:09
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sagnerkuzulis: I don't think that menuconfig works with the Toradex bsp layers15:13
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CoLa|workis it possible to use PACKAGECONFIG to add an RDEPENDS value only for a single package instead of the whole recipe?15:13
kuzulissagner: Why? I run menuconfig, and I see it UI.15:14
kergothCoLa|work: it does that already, it adds it to RDEPENDS_${PN}15:14
kergothso it's not the wohle recipe, it's ju st the main package15:14
kergothbut no, you'd have to use inline python to do it15:14
sagnerkuzulis: I am not sure, I just remember that somebody had issues with it once.. Maybe this helps?
CoLa|workkergoth: thanks, will have to go with inline python then since only ${PN}-fooplugin shall gain an RDEPENDS and not ${PN}15:16
kergothshould be pretty straightforward using the contains() function on PACKAGECONFIG. grep around oe-core,k you'll find examples15:16
kuzulissagner: Hmm.. in my case it works: bitbake -c menuconfig virtual/kernel15:16
kergoththere are mu ltiple recipes for whom the default packageconfig handling isn't entirely sufficient on its own15:16
kuzulissagner: And seems, it puck-ups my kernel config..15:17
kuzulissagner: But menuconfig's UI looks ugly15:18
kuzulissagner: like:
kuzulisDoes know anybody, to what directory a new kernel config will be saved?15:23
zeddii_homeafter menuconfig ?  it is just the kernel build’s .config15:23
zeddii_homei.e. ${B}15:23
kuzulisDo you mean is in working directory ?15:24
zeddii_homeI mean ${B}15:24
zeddii_homethe build dir, is not the workingdir, they are two separate things.15:24
kuzulisdo you mean, like: /build-apalis-imx6/tmp/work/apalis_imx6-poky-linux-gnueabi/linux-toradex/4.1-2.0.x-2.7.5/build15:25
zeddii_homeshould be yah. but I don’t know the kenrel recipe you are using, so in theory, it could be different.15:25
kuzulisok, many thanks15:26
kuzulismaybe someone know, why a menuconfig UI looks ugly: ?15:26
zeddii_homelikely just a result of the terminal you are using.15:27
kuzulisI use remote SSH conenction15:27
zeddii_homecould be that as well. some translation on the codes.15:27
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kuzulisbut 'mc' utility works good15:28
kuzulisafaik, menuconfig uses ncurses too (as and 'mc')15:29
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OutBackDingomorning/afternoon... im considering a build cluuster for arm64 but im seeing an anomoly building sayy chromiuum for raspberrypi3 ... odd to me since it X builds fine on an intel for rapspberrypi315:41
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rburtonarm as host is obviously fairly untested as only recently has it become feasible15:46
rburtonshould work, but no doubt there are recipes which don't15:46
RPwe actually have a new arm hosting waiting to be installed in the test racks so it will become more tested but we're not there yet15:47
rburtontbh not surprised you mention chromium at all :)15:48
LetoThe2ndrburton: in terms of expecting it to break? ;-)15:48
rburtonhell yeah!15:48
OutBackDingojust odd so i changed the recipe to raspberrypi3-64 to see if that faired any better15:50
LetoThe2ndrburton: hrhrhr15:52
OutBackDingo of the chromium failure from xcross on arm6415:53
OutBackDingoany thoughts? other then dont expect it to work :P15:53
OutBackDingoevery other recipe build fine, even x and freinds15:56
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armpitRP i had a AB failure with a traceback from the builder code. I don't see what I may have done wrong.. restarted the build16:14
RParmpit: oe-core repo, not poky?16:16
armpitRP poky contrib noted16:18
armpitright branch16:18
armpitis "mut" a keyword? I used akuster/mut16:18
armpitor is akuster a keywork == failure ; )16:19
RParmpit: you told it there was a poky derived tree there and there isn't16:19
RParmpit: ross/mut is poky derived16:19
armpitright I see now16:20
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noway96opkg_prepare_url_for_install: Couldn't find anything to satisfy 'drived'. do_rootfs: unable to install packages. Any idea what's going on here?16:22
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banach-spaceHello! Is there any difference between using recipies from oe-core and meta-networking (spoiler alert: stuff from oe-core works for me, but not from meta-networking)?16:31
banach-spaceAFAIK both are part of OpenEmbedded.16:34
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noway96why isn't my recipe getting built into a .ipk file? I'm inheriting native, does that have anything to do with it?16:39
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RParmpit: I killed off some obsolete builds to give you more workers16:43
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Crofton|worknoway96, pretty sure native recipes do not get packaged16:51
noway96Crofton|work so why is that?16:51
noway96and how are they installed?16:52
noway96Crofton|work where should I specify them such that they're added to the image?16:52
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noway96oh nm I guess it's meant for the build host and not the target machine so the correct answer is - you can't17:03
RParmpit: I should also note you are slowing my handling of the release by doing this :/17:13
armpitthen my build should be killed.17:16
noway96I need the target Linux kernel src headers available during my recipe's compilation. How do I do that exactly?17:16
armpitthe release has priority17:17
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* armpit stops build17:17
RParmpit: not much point now, just worth realising it does mean my build won't finish so quickly :/17:18
RParmpit: but thanks, 2.6 is taking far too long. Not been able to concentrate properly on patches until today due to illness :(17:19
RPI'm very likely to take what is in -next as 2.6 rc1 FWIW. If anyone knows of anything critical not in there, speak now...17:20
armpitsorry to hear17:20
RParmpit: conference 'flu' :(17:20
armpitat least no jetlag17:20
armpittrain lag ?17:20
RParmpit: :D17:20
Croftonhmm, cold? I have a not so bad one17:20
RPCrofton: yes, was a cold but just knocked me out a bit :(17:21
armpitwas it running around in shorts and tee shirt?17:21
RParmpit: no, that probably helped ;-)17:22
* armpit was bloody cold at ELCE17:22
RParmpit: temperature has dropped since then17:22
armpitthe temp at home is 2x that of Edinburgh17:23
RPfray visited the north east after ELCE and would agree the wind here is much worse :)17:23
RParmpit: car said 3C yesterday and lots of traffic accidents on ice17:24
armpitGuess I got out in time17:24
JPEWIs JaMa here by chance?17:28
* armpit looks at -next17:30
armpitRP one thing to consider are timezone updates.  if not now, would have to be in THUD before year's end17:34
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RParmpit: I wondered about that. I've taken them and will hold you responsible for all failures :)17:38
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armpitNP, they all ready had one pass on the AB so I have a more confidence in those changes17:41
armpit2018g is out but it can easily wait till later17:42
RParmpit: I set the build away so it will have to :)17:43
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junlandQuestion for anyone here, has anyone talked about maintaining deb and rpm packages for the yocto project for major Linux distro's?18:00
junlandWell in particular bitbake.18:01
OutBackDingojunland: not sure i follow that18:01
junlandYea. haha18:01
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noway96my sysroots folder does not have a filled in uapi subfolder. How do I add those contents?18:15
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noway96the headers should be inside /sysroots/genericx86-64/usr/include18:17
*** fischerm <fischerm!~mfischer@> has joined #yocto18:19
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kergothjunland: at this time bitbake and oe-core, while separate projects, have pretty tightly bound dependencies, and compatibility breaks with more regularity than we'd like, so a system installed bitbake would only work with a limited number of oe-core release versions18:26
kergothjunland: that's part of why it's used from its repository next to oe-core, to keep them in sync18:26
junlandkergoth: Gotcha, thought about maybe getting a rpm spec file going as maybe a for weekend side project. But I guess not since it seems do such a thing would be kinda hard with those dependencies being updated like that. Maybe at a later time?18:32
kergothit'd be nice to make bitbake a proper python package that can be installed from pypi or packaged for a distro, and have it work for any oe-core version, but it's really difficult, because our metadata isn't *just* declarative information.18:32
kergothtasks, anonymous python, etc often make assumptions about internal bitbake behavior, and there's not a lot we can do about that without a major change to the file format and bitbake both18:33
kergothhuh, interesting.18:38
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noway96the file poky/meta/recipes-core/uclibc/site_config/headers contains a list of headers which is found inside sysroots/genericx86-64/usr/include. How do I add different headers to this list?18:56
noway96.. such that those headers end up in sysroots?18:57
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RPwe have a 2.6 M1 build even if it failed to send the QA email21:25
RPhalstead: really need to sort the email situation :/21:25
halsteadRP Still failing to email. :(21:26
RPhalstead: yes:
halsteadRP I can get on each machine and check them one by one.21:26
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RPhalstead: we need to sort this as part of machine bringup21:27
RPhalstead: this was where I was starting to go with that script21:27
Croftonemail is so last decade, use a forum21:27
* RP wonders what throw at Crofton21:28
* Crofton grins21:28
halsteadYes. That script is the right idea.21:28
halsteadRP should I send the email again like I did last time?21:30
RPhalstead: I didn't know if you were around so I already sent it21:30
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RPCrofton: I could propose the OE board communicate via a private forum if you like them that much?21:34
*** wto <wto!~wto@> has quit IRC21:36
CroftonI'll suggest it21:39
halsteadCongrats on the RC by the way.21:40
RParmpit: you can have the AB now btw, rc1 built21:40
RPhalstead: better late than never? :)21:40
halsteadCertainly. I suppose the lateness hadn't registered among all the ELC excitement.21:42
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armpitRP thanks21:50
RParmpit: sorry for interrupting but means rc1 is done now :)21:51
RParmpit: actually can you hold off starting anything for a few minutes please?21:51
armpitCrofton, may I suggest morse code21:52
armpitRP, np.. I will fire something of in a few hours21:53
* armpit Hmm, OE tinder21:54
* armpit swipe left for YP, right for OE21:57
RParmpit: thanks, I've pulled the files I wanted off now (oeqa json results)22:04
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