Monday, 2018-11-05

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_mac13_Hi, I have problem with creating recipe that use azure git repository. BB is not able to fetch sources from git, error is fatal: Unable to look up, but when I switch : with / then fetch timeouts because git adds .git at the end of ther url, I have no idea how this link should look08:50
henriknjThe certificate on has expired08:51
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eduardas_mhello, is fetching via gitsm currently broken in any way on poky master branch?09:19
eduardas_mbecause it somewhat looks that way to me09:19
eduardas_mfor example I set SRC_URI = "gitsm://eserver/cgit.cgi/eepromctl;protocol=http;branch=master"09:19
eduardas_mwhich should be a correct URL on LAN09:20
eduardas_mdo_fetch: The URL: 'gitsm:eeprom;protocol=git@eserver;name=eeprom;bareclone=1;nocheckout=1' is invalid and cannot be interpreted09:20
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eduardas_mthat is the error I get09:20
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henriknjndec: I guess the information should be directed to you?09:24
RPhenriknj: halstead is the one we need for that09:27
RPhalstead: wiki certificate has also expired09:27
halsteadRP, oh. It must not have reloaded correctly. One moment09:28
halsteadRP, correct cert is being offered now.09:30
RPhalstead: thanks09:31
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto use boot-efi-ia32 but x64 linux kernel <>10:04
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mcfriskwhat is installing kernel-image (and thus kernel-image-bzimage) to rootfs image in sumo? bitbake -e of the image recipe doesn't show anything adding this dependency, or it's well hidden in python magic11:14
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OutBackDingosup people, anyone done anythhing with meta-secure-core in the past ? as for like encrypting rootfs ?11:25
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joaocfernandeshi guys,On a recipe I am inheriting pypi and setuptools to install some python modules, but I notice that it is using python2 modules , how do I make it use pip3 in order to install python3 modules?11:52
joaocfernandesjust found pypi + setuptools3 :)11:58
* RP wonders where oe-selftest should be writing logs :/12:01
RPmost other logs end up in TMPDIR/logs, selftest currently does not12:02
rburtonRP: selftest is wrong and it should dump to LOG_DIR/selftest12:04
lukmaCan somebody correct my understanding of *-initial packages ?12:05
lukmalIke gcc-cross-initial, or glibc-initial12:05
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rburtonlukma: those recipes have complicated bootstraps12:05
lukmathose are needed to bootstrap the "full blown" ones?12:05
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mcfrisk/boot/bzimage ends up on rootfs when it should not since kernel is just deployed and flashed to raw partition instead. but kernel-image and it's dependency kernel-image-bzimage are pulled to rootfs despite this, but nothing shows the RDEPENDS. How do those kernel packages end up on rootfs then?12:08
LetoThe2ndmcfrisk: maybe inspect the dot files? IIRC bitbake -g generates the dependency graphs.12:10
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mcfriskLetoThe2nd: yes checking that now. pure buildhistory packages/ doesn't show the dependency, neither does bitbake -e.12:12
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lukmarburton: Could you shed some light on this problem?12:20
rburtonlukma: yes, they are12:21
lukmaWhy such approach is needed with OE/yocto ?12:21
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rburtonlukma: personally i'm happy with 'bootstrap is complicated' lest i become knowledgable here and expected to mantain it12:23
lukmarburton: Is this the issue with chicken - egg problem? (with the preparing the sysroot for such complicated projects) ?12:24
rburtonyeah, iirc its because we're building both gcc and glibc which inter-depend12:26
RPrburton: Agreed, easier said than done though12:26
jofrA little off-topic, but this channel is full of people who work at this level: I have two SLIGHTLY different versions of a board. The only difference is the QSPI flash-chip. Since it's actually the same driver that takes care of both versions, it doesn't really matter which string I put in the "compatible" definition in the DTS. Should I (a) put both of them, comma-separated into the "compatible" definition, (b) maintain two different DTSs, or (c) just forget abou12:27
jofrI'm leaning towards (a), more or less as an indicator to a human reading the DTS, that this definition is compatible with both versions.12:28
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RPrburton: wondering what to do with master-next and thud-next...12:39
rburtonRP: ross/thud is not exactly small...12:39
rburton(running a test build locally of it)12:39
rburtonRP: whats in nightly-qa-extras212:44
rburton(want to do a test spin of a mingw patch)12:44
RPrburton: mingw is in one of the extras. Helper repo has the config12:46
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rburtonits in the original helper, wondering what helper2 does12:46
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RPrburton: there is no helper2?12:53
RPrburton: so mingw is in -extras12:55
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eduardas_mis it possible to have do_image_wic[depends] rely on two different tasks in two different recipes?13:24
eduardas_msomething like do_image_wic[depends] += " testing-recovery-image:do_image_complete;testing-factory-image-swu:do_image_complete" does not work for me13:25
eduardas_merror message is Task 'depends' should be specified in the form 'packagename:task'13:25
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mcfrisksigh, can't figure out why kernel-image gets installed to all my images. at least it's empty and I can remove the kernel-image to kernel-image-bzimage RDEPENDS to avoid hitting partition size limits. Would be nice to know what makes kernel-image so special that it's not visible in RDEPENDS, buildhistory or bitbake -e output.14:11
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armpitzeddii ping16:08
armpitzeddii_home, ping16:08
LetoThe2ndnaked ping and pong?16:09
armpitv.4.14 tiny should have the hash for v4.14/standard/tiny/common-pc or v4.14/standard/tiny/base16:10
armpitthe .76 update is pointing to base16:10
armpitfails to build in sumo16:11
armpitsurprised Master / thud is not seeing this16:11
zeddiiinteresting. what machine are you building ? I can build 4.14 here and see what's up.16:12
armpithash c5aca000e387da12ce375251c829f653503d32b4 ->  Merge branch 'v4.14/standard/base' into v4.14/standard/tiny/base16:12
zeddiitiny should point to v4.14/standard/tiny/base by default.16:12
khemzeddii: can we add arm as on option for tiny ?16:12
khemzeddii: currently we only have it for x86 alone16:12
armpitbut the branch in sumo is v4.14/standard/tiny/common-pc"16:12
armpitpoky-tiny disto16:13
zeddiiyah. I wonder if my update scripts are busted. sec.16:14
armpitmaster is using /common-pc16:14
armpitso is should have failed16:14
zeddiikhem. the windriver guys sent the qemuarm patches for tiny a bit ago. I queued my parts of them. I need to check to see where they landed.16:14
zeddiiarmpit. hell. it is wrong in my config file16:15
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zeddiiyes, the branch by default is common-pc/base, but I'm definitely using the hash of standard/base when it updates.16:15
armpitso the branch in tiny recipe needs to change ?16:16
zeddiior the hash needs to change to the common-pc/base one. but if I do track down what khem was just asking about  then changing the default branch to the generic one is the right call.16:17
armpiti matched the hash to /common-pc16:18
zeddiik. that's the quick fix. I can change master to point to the xx.yyy/standard/tiny/base16:18
armpitbut I can change the branch to /base to match the hash the is already there16:18
zeddiiI'm changing mine now. I suppose it should really go in for the release, since I have NFI how it is building in master.16:19
armpitk, will wait then. no rush for sumo16:19
zeddiicool. git-sending-email shortly.16:20
armpitk, I wonder why we are not seeing this on thud16:20
zeddiiwhat error are yo seeing, it is the fetcher ? build ?16:24
zeddiiand khem. looks like I deleted qemuarm tiny support when I removed the 4.15 versioned recipe. restoring that now. but will hold that until after the release. once it is in 4.18, I can't commit that crime again.16:25
zeddiimust be Monday. strang things popping up everywhere.16:25
armpitERROR: Fetcher failure: Unable to find revision c5aca000e387da12ce375251c829f653503d32b4 in branch v4.14/standard/tiny/common-pc even from upstream16:25
zeddiik. as expected how odd that it doesn't show in thud.16:26
zeddiioh wait, I know why.16:29
zeddiiarmpit. it'll build now. no patch required.16:29
armpitmagic.. I like it16:30
zeddii> git push origin v4.14/standard/tiny/common-pc:v4.14/standard/tiny/common-pc16:30
zeddiiDISPLAY "(null)" invalid; disabling X11 forwarding16:30
zeddiiCounting objects: 1, done.16:30
zeddiiWriting objects: 100% (1/1), 255 bytes | 0 bytes/s, done.16:30
zeddiiTotal 1 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0)16:30
zeddiiTo ssh://
zeddii   823b430faf80..7512686522f1  v4.14/standard/tiny/common-pc -> v4.14/standard/tiny/common-pc16:30
zeddiithere was an issue with the git origin in 4.14 and my push didn't go for that branch16:30
zeddiiwhat you found was correct. the SRCREV is not correct to the KBRANCH16:30
zeddiibut the common-pc/base one, should have the tiny/base one. if I pushed it.16:30
zeddiithe fetcher will roll it back, and since there are no patches on the sub branch, all is well. again, if I pushed it.16:31
zeddiiso I'll fix it in master, but will hold it for post release.16:31
armpithaha, I have been there done that before16:31
zeddiiactually, thanks for catching that. I'll clean up the crime so it can't return16:32
zeddiiand that's why thud doesn't see it, if it build 4.18/tiny*, the branches don't have that problem, they are all updated when I push.16:32
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RPPeople were asking about source mirror issues at ELC-E/OEDEM. Short answer is there were some, halstead and I have a) fixed them and b) written a new test to stop it regressing16:38
armpitzeddii, build passed for tiny.  thanks16:40
zeddiiMAGIC! :D16:40
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armpitRP for which repos ?16:51
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RParmpit: anything the autobuilder builds16:53
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lukmaMaybe somebody knows what what is the purpose of : OECORE_KNOWN_INTERPRETER_NAMES16:54
lukmaIn other words - why do we need to pass version to glibc from bitbake?16:54
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* armpit now has the Edinburgh bug 16:54
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khemlukma: meta/recipes-core/glibc/glibc/0007-readlib-Add-OECORE_KNOWN_INTERPRETER_NAMES-to-known-.patch should be self evident17:01
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RPkhem: why does the system then sed the name to EGLIBC and use EGLIBC in the file?17:01
RPkhem: ah, its just expanding the placeholder17:02
RPhmm :/17:02
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lukmaThe part I do not get is why when I do use devtool17:03
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lukmathe "Author:     OpenEmbedded <oe.patch@oe>"17:03
lukmaadds  Committing changes from do_patch17:04
lukmaand removes this line .......17:04
lukmaAnd this patch seems to be auto generated .......17:04
RPlukma: you're trying to use devtool on glibc? I suspect you're hitting conflicts as that file is also machine edited with sed17:06
lukmaRP: I see.... as there some other errors shows up.17:06
lukmaThe purpose is to build the image with new glibc17:06
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lukmaI'm just confused with the presence and then removal of OECORE_KNOWN_INTERPRETER_NAMES17:08
RPlukma: Basically the code generates some extra values and places them in that file (or may generate no extra values)17:09
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JPEWIs ubuntu-18.04 supposed to be in SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS for thud?17:29
RPJPEW: probably. Maintenance of that field is probably lacking at this point :(17:31
JPEWIs it usually just set to match the autobuilder nodes?17:32
RPJPEW: yes17:32
RPJPEW: I think we've lost the people who'd normally do that :/17:32
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JPEWRP: Ah17:34
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armpitwe can all do that17:56
* armpit but is lost 17:56
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armpitis this url valid ? :
tgoodwinDoes anyone have familiarity with debugging a yocto-built linux kernel on hardware using Vivado SDK?  I have various CONFIG_DEBUG options set in my linux kernel recipe but when I try to attach and debug the kernel from Vivado SDK, some variables, etc., are flagged with an error about no location information being found in DWARF data.19:22
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khemtgoodwin: vivado forums might be bette r21:10
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: bbappend file which remove System V init script <>22:07
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: PCIe link down on R-Car Salvator-xs Yocto AGL [closed] <>22:37
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