Monday, 2018-11-12

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la_croix_How would I add the module snd-rpi-simple-card to my yocto build? This didn't work: KERNEL-MODULE-AUTOLOAD-append = " snd-rpi-simple-card " It built, but the module is not there. Other modules have worked with this method00:59
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OutBackDingokhem: alive ?04:22
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake gets failed while fetching gstreamer from deault offline folder <>05:38
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ravichandranjm_Hi all,  I working as integrator in one project where both lib32 & lib64 need to be supported. Hence, lib32-glibc & glibc both are there in yocto build. In the final toolchain, after running "bitbake <image> -c populate-sdk", it is randomly, lib32-glibc headers are getting populated instead of glibc headers.  Ex: in the toolchain, <sysroots_dir>/aarch64/usr/include/bits/endian.h - lib32-glibc header file content seen instead g05:53
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake gets failed while fetching gstreamer from default offline folder <>08:09
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ankebut(Excuse me for my english I am not native)  I Searched this question on google, stackoverflow but I did not find.  I am using DISTRO=poky MACHINE=intel-corei7-64 IMAGE=core-image-x11 sceme. The machine which I want to install image, doesn’t allow bootx64 but it works when I install x32 efi. I checked this (I copied first bootx32.efi and then bootx64.efi) and as I understand my machine has x64 arch but only support x32-efi.08:23
ankebutSo how can I build an image which is intel-corei7-64 but has grup-efi 32 bit? Would you advice me please to what should I read to accomplish and learn this?08:23
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LetoThe2ndankebut: sounds like you need to create your own machine based of intel-core7-64, and tweak the relevant bits08:26
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OutBackDingokhem: ok im at a bootable initramfs with core-image-weston i ran cryptsetup and all steps for mmcblk0p2 ... whhat needed to be modified configured to get it to boot / prompt for a password08:32
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OutBackDingonrossi: yupp still no joy :)08:42
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OutBackDingokanavin_home: its working09:18
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RPrburton: we have something in -next causing the autobuilder builds to hang. I removed the rng stuff but its not that, my patches are the next suspect :/10:12
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rburtonhm how annoying10:16
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ak77hello, where can I look for minimal systemd setup? systemd recipe as is includes a lot of services I don't need10:54
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ak77define my own FILES_${PN} for systemd ?10:54
* OutBackDingo is back10:55
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LetoThe2ndak77: probably it would already strip down systemd considerably if you disable all unneeded package configs10:57
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LetoThe2ndak77: otherwise you'd have to hack up an alternative do_install, i think. just removing things in FILES will give you warnings about files that are installed, but not shipped10:58
ak77LetoThe2nd: yes, you're corret10:59
ak77LetoThe2nd: *right10:59
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la_croix_Morning all. How would I add the module snd-rpi-simple-card to my yocto build? This didn't work: KERNEL-MODULE-AUTOLOAD-append = " snd-rpi-simple-card " It built, but the module is not there. Other modules have worked with this method11:08
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: the line you mentioned should only trigger autoloading, AFAIK. have you tried and manually added it to IMAGE_INSTALL? is it an in-tree modules?11:10
la_croix_LetoThe2nd No, I'm not really sure how to do that11:11
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: in your image, you should have something that is called IMAGE_INSTALL. look there first, what gets installed. maybe there als kernel-modules gets added as a whole?11:12
la_croix_Ah, yes: IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " kernel-modules "11:14
LetoThe2ndok, then it actually should get pulled in automatically.11:14
LetoThe2ndhow did you verify that it gets built?11:14
la_croix_Well, I tried to build it, and it didn't fail11:18
la_croix_I know that probably sounds stupid, but that's about my level of knowledge with yocto at the moment11:18
LetoThe2ndhow did you "try to build it"?11:19
LetoThe2ndjust asking, remember that we cannot see your screen here.11:20
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la_croix_No problem, I'm happy to explain! Added the layers with bitbake, and then ran bitbake core-img-full-cmdline11:22
LetoThe2ndwell that does build the image, but not necessarily a particular module11:23
la_croix_Ah, I assumed that if you told it to include a module, and it could not do so, the build would fail11:23
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LetoThe2ndso a possible explanation would be that it "worked" so far because you always picked modules that were built and installed anyways. but this time its something that your kernel config does not provide, hence.. it does not "work"11:24
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: hum no, you misunderstood something. you didn't tell the build to "include" a module. you told the runtime that "if this module is installed, please load it upon boot."11:24
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la_croix_Ah, fair enough11:25
LetoThe2ndyou're on meta-raspberrypi i guess?11:25
LetoThe2ndwhich rpi and kernel version?11:26
la_croix_3b+, 4.14.6811:27
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la_croix_Aside from that, there are layers for mender, multimedia (ALSA etc) and networking (just to activate the ethernet port)11:29
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LetoThe2ndwell, i just skimmed the kernel source tree and totally can't find anything by the name of snd-rpi-simple-card.11:32
LetoThe2ndand googling also reveals nothing. so what gave you this idea?11:34
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la_croix_LetoThe2nd It's a bit of an ordeal at this stage. I've been trying to get this microphone: to work with the pi. The instructions in that link work for raspbian, but I need yocto, so that I can generate mender artifacts and update the pis OTA (since once (if) this works, there will be scores of them). I added the alsa-utils, and I also added the11:40
la_croix_ snd-soc-bcm2835-i2s module. The snd-rpi-simple-card was a suggestion from somebody on #alsa, and given that I'm three days into trying to fix this, I'll give anything a go11:40
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: my suggestion would be to leave yocto and mender aside for now, and get things working. once you know whats needed, you can still pour it back into your yocto build.11:42
la_croix_LetoThe2nd I've been through the instructions on raspbian, and it works11:43
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: the guide you referenced incorporates an out-of-tree driver, by the way.11:43
la_croix_So I need to add that to the yocto kernel?11:44
LetoThe2ndby the way, one of the most ugly module repos i've seen in quite some time.11:44
la_croix_I'm starting to think this was a poor choice of microphone11:45
LetoThe2ndits a "cheap" choice11:46
LetoThe2ndhere is the relevant part of the documents:
LetoThe2ndyou will have to write a recipe that builds this particular module, then you can add it to IMAGE_INSTALL, and then things might work (if there's no other obstacles to hit)11:47
la_croix_LetoThe2nd Perfect, thank you. I'll give it a go, and inevitably come back cap in hand in a few hours :P11:48
LetoThe2ndhave fun11:49
LetoThe2nd(incidentially i just yesterday submitted a talk to a conference that is upon the topic why raspi + armbian/raspian is often a poor choice for getting started in iot...)11:50
RPrburton: on the plus side the source mirror test is working, on the downside the source mirror is not :/11:51
la_croix_LetoThe2nd I'd be interested in a link to that, when you have it11:51
rburtonRP: swings and roundabouts11:51
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: heh, first it has to be accepted. only then i'll properly prepare it.11:52
rburtonLetoThe2nd: step 1) hack hack hack hack hack 2) it sort of works! 3) put on something else. oh. :(11:55
rburtonLetoThe2nd: literally nobody handles the jump from 2 to 311:55
rburtonwhereas yocto for newbies makes 1 to 2 hard11:55
LetoThe2ndrburton: 4) hack more until it kinda works again 5) erm, how do we put this into a proper physical product? 6) ....11:57
LetoThe2nd7) ...11:57
LetoThe2nd8) ...11:57
LetoThe2nd9) bite own arse and start expensive rearchitecturing on real life hardware.11:57
LetoThe2ndand 9 is where the *REAL* money is spent.11:57
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la_croix_What does this mean? No bb files matched BBFILE_PATTERN_yoctobsp '^/home/ubuntu/dev/poky/meta-i2s/'12:02
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OutBackDingorburton: LOL... ima hacking, and it wurkin :)12:12
OutBackDingoso ffar only one item blocking ffinishing it12:13
OutBackDingothe one time someone says can it do this, i run smack into a wall... and ive done it on othher boards 1000 times12:14
* OutBackDingo requires the enlighhtenment of khem oor nrossi... last little tidbit of insight12:16
nrossiOutBackDingo: what do you need my help for exactly? :)12:17
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OutBackDingoi looked at your files that you posted to me and i notced.... initramfs initramfs.gz followkernel at the bottom, is required for config.txt ?12:19
OutBackDingonrossi: ^12:19
LetoThe2ndnrossi: side note: whenever i read that nick, i get the feeling that i should have a glass of red wine.12:19
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nrossiOutBackDingo: thats how to tell the raspberrypi bootloader to load an initramfs from the boot device and pass it to the booting kernel12:20
OutBackDingowhere in your initramfs isnt emnbedded in the kerrnel12:20
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nrossiOutBackDingo: no in my use, its not built-in with e.g. INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE.12:20
OutBackDingonrossi: ok, so your building it manually ?12:21
nrossiOutBackDingo: the initramfs?12:21
OutBackDingoyes, initramfs this is whats throowing me12:21
nrossiOutBackDingo: no it comes for the target image. In the metadata i linked its "core-image-toolbox", the file "initramfs" is just renamed from the image name using the bootfiles ->
OutBackDingonrossi: so i can bitbake coire-image-toolbox from your meta-toolbox?12:25
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OutBackDingoor inherit it into core-image-weston12:25
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nrossiOutBackDingo: you don't need to use my meta. But let me understand exactly what you are trying to do? Is core-image-weston your initramfs?12:26
OutBackDingonrossi: simply put, i want too have core-image-weston boot from encrypoted rootfs12:26
nrossiOutBackDingo: as in your initramfs is core-image-weston and you have a secondary rootfs that you want to pivot to? or is core-image-weston the encrypted rootfs that you want to pivot to?12:27
ravichandran_jmI am working in one project where both lib32 & lib64 need to be supported. Hence, lib32-glibc & glibc both are there in yocto build. In the final toolchain, after running "bitbake <image> -c populate-sdk", it is randomly, lib32-glibc headers are getting populated instead of glibc headers.12:27
ravichandran_jmEx: in the toolchain, <sysroots_dir>/aarch64/usr/include/bits/endian.h - lib32-glibc header file content seen instead glibc header file content.12:27
ravichandran_jmPlease let me know if anybody has any solution/work-around for this.12:27
OutBackDingoand ive gone down the initramffs path, included all the crypte on mmcblk0p2 but cant seem to get it to booot / ask me for a password to unlock it12:27
OutBackDingonrossi: core image weston is the rootfs12:28
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OutBackDingobasically boot weston from encryptedfs, meaning i required initramfs for luks12:28
OutBackDingonrossi: unless like you stated, thhere is another way12:28
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nrossiOutBackDingo: im not familar with luks let me have a quick reference lookup12:29
OutBackDingonrossi: if theres another method for a complete rootfs encryption with keys to unlock im game12:29
OutBackDingobasically with luks you have to boot initramfs... crypotsetup should prompt u for a password / key12:30
OutBackDingoi have initrramffs booting into weston and moounting mmcblk0p2 as rootfs fine12:30
OutBackDingobut whhen i get to theencryptioon poireeve it ffailsd12:30
OutBackDingos/encryptioon piece/g12:31
OutBackDingonrossi: i folowed this after i got initramfs to boot weston into a gui12:32
OutBackDingobut it is raspbian based12:32
OutBackDingowhere initramfs is external to the image12:32
OutBackDingowell kernel image12:32
nrossiOutBackDingo: Yer so whether you have the initramfs in the kernel or not shouldn't really matter at all.12:33
nrossiOutBackDingo: What is the failure though? what sort of message is being generated or broken behaviour you observe?12:34
OutBackDingonrossi: thats why i belive its down to configuration ... cmdline.txt and conffig.txt12:34
OutBackDingonone.. from initramfs i dont even see boot messages... black screeen until weston loads12:34
nrossiOutBackDingo: have you checked that the kernel is getting the cmdline.txt you expect? the boot log should show you the cmd line or /proc/cmdline12:35
nrossiOutBackDingo: are you working entirely on HDMI+keyboard or have you got the uart hooked up to see the serial console?12:35
OutBackDingotouch screen + ssh no keyboard :)12:36
OutBackDingobut good point12:36
OutBackDingonrossi: note that i also generated thhe initramfs out of
OutBackDingoprobably overkill for the needs12:37
OutBackDingobut it works :) at leat unencrypted12:37
OutBackDingoim sure this is config issues, because unencryted the initram boot and loads weston fine12:38
rburtonRP: revert the rpcbind upgrade please12:39
nrossiOutBackDingo: sure, its liking a very simple bug. But figuring out what the issue is can be hard if you can see error messages or log info ;)12:39
OutBackDingonrossi: hence thhe reason im loooking for someone who can whip this out....  or guide me on achieving it... even for $$$s if needed12:41
OutBackDingomy first crack at encrypted rootfs on a pi hhas been miserable, any other devicce, NXP Lyrat SiFive ... no problems12:41
nrossiOutBackDingo: did you have a serial console on those devices? :) makes debugging soooo much easier. But failing that if you still have SSH and the system is still alive after the error you should be able to look at dmesg/logs etc.12:42
OutBackDingonrossi: unencryopted i can ssh in fine, as networking is up, rootfs is mounted from mmcblk0p2 ffine once i do the encryption i cant even ssh to it, as its stuck unlocking mmcblk0p2 i think12:44
OutBackDingoguess i have to get the usb debugger out and hook it up12:45
OutBackDingowhichh means rip the whole device aprt to get to the pi :)12:45
nrossiOutBackDingo: it might be a pain to hook up the serial console. But otherwise you might spend days trying to debug in the dark ;)12:46
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la_croix_How do I make bitbake completely re-add a layer from scratch?12:57
la_croix_When I add a layer to bitbake for the first time, it spends some time adding it (45 seconds). This time, it reported that it couldn't find some stuff, so I fixed it (I think), and re-added it. This time, it did not spend any time adding the layer, which suggests to me that it hasn't incorporated the changes. Also, the module hasn't been loaded, so I'm pretty confident it didn't incorporate the change13:00
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: layers get added only once, and then re-read. look at the conf/bblayers.conf file, you'll see the layer is already there.13:01
LetoThe2ndif you kick off another task through bitbake, it will automagically reread the layers and detect changes.13:02
la_croix_Right, in that case trying to add that module seems to have failed13:02
LetoThe2ndthats of course possible.13:02
LetoThe2ndyou can look at what bitbake thinks of your module by "bitbake -e $YOURFUNNYRECIPENAME | less"13:03
LetoThe2ndthe less is obviously not mandatory, but... helpful.13:03
la_croix_When I first added it, it gave me this error: No bb files matched BBFILE_PATTERN_yoctobsp '^/home/ubuntu/dev/poky/meta-i2s/, so I rejigged the directory structure13:03
LetoThe2ndwell if you get no error anymore, it means that now somehting matches the pattern.13:04
la_croix_Ok, but I have very little clue what to make of the output of that command13:05
la_croix_One irrelevant warning, but that's all13:06
LetoThe2ndthe error basically just said: "see you added that layer, but to me it contains nothing."13:06
LetoThe2ndif you don't get the warning anymore, then bitbake found something in your layer, and is happy with it.13:06
la_croix_In that case, I think this is probably the problem, but I'm not sure how to fix it:13:07
LetoThe2ndwell if you run bitbake again, does the warning show up again?13:07
LetoThe2ndif not, then you already fixed it, for good or bad.13:08
la_croix_Yes, I think I've fixed it, n o warning13:08
la_croix_The layer is meta-i2s -> recipes-kernel -> i2s -> That last file contains: RPROVIDES_${PN} += "kernel-module-rpi-i2s". I've currently put "KERNEL-MODULE-AUTOLOAD-append = " kernel-module-rpi-i2s "" into local.conf. Is this a naming issue?13:09
LetoThe2ndwhat is a naming issue?13:09
la_croix_KERNEL-MODULE-AUTOLOAD-append = " kernel-module-rpi-i2s ", is that the correct name of the module? It shouldn't be i2s, or i2s-rpi-mod or something?13:11
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: as far as i can see, it should be the name of the ko file that the recipe builds.13:12
la_croix_Ah, it might be: 3f203000.i2s13:14
LetoThe2ndthat sounds like some device tree thing.13:15
la_croix_Oh, in that case, my_loader.ko.13:16
la_croix_That seems to. be the clever thing they names it13:16
RPrburton: will drop it, well spotted13:16
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: well, i told you that this particular kernel module source is ugly.13:16
*** demonimin <demonimin!~demonimin@unaffiliated/demonimin> has quit IRC13:17
la_croix_Heheh, true. So what does this line do? RPROVIDES_${PN} += "kernel-module-rpi-i2s"13:17
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: it says: "the main artifact of this recipe provides 'kernel-module-rpi-i2s' for runtime"13:18
LetoThe2nd(in a nutshell)13:18
la_croix_Ok, so I can change my KERNEL-MODULE-AUTOLOAD-append to "my_loader"?13:18
LetoThe2ndyou can always go ahead and try it, no?13:19
la_croix_Yep :)13:19
LetoThe2ndand you can also always just try manually on your target. think modprobe, insmod, rmmod13:19
la_croix_If nothing else, I'm learning more about linux13:23
LetoThe2ndthats the spirit!13:23
*** demonimin <demonimin!~demonimin@> has joined #yocto13:24
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la_croix_modprobe can't find it, so I'll, build a new image13:36
ak77I am compiling a single file with ${CC} in a recipe. this file references on systemd's sd_notify. I have added systemd to DEPENDS list, I have tried `pkg-config --libs --cflags libsysemd` and just -lsystemd, but linker still complains about "undefined reference to `sd_notify`". Am I missing something?13:39
*** sgw1 <sgw1!~sgw@> has joined #yocto13:39
*** andrey_utkin <andrey_utkin!~andrey_ut@gentoo/developer/andrey-utkin> has joined #yocto13:40
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JPEWak77: Can you share the recipe?13:45
OutBackDingonrossi: okay... hrmmm13:46
*** sgw1 <sgw1!~sgw@> has quit IRC13:47
OutBackDingoyou got another minute :)13:47
*** sgw1 <sgw1!~sgw@> has joined #yocto13:47
*** sgw1 is now known as sgw_13:48
nrossiOutBackDingo: sure13:49
*** Crofton <Crofton!~balister@2601:5c0:c100:b84:c22d:c40:ab44:9e37> has quit IRC13:51
la_croix_LetoThe2nd it doesn't seem to be able to find it13:51
*** berton <berton!~berton@> has quit IRC13:52
la_croix_Does it matter that the makefile in that repo is very different to the yocto template makefile?13:52
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: then find out if it was properly installed.. check the manifest files, look at the logs of your recipes bild to find out which files actually have been installed, then crosscheck those on the actual image.13:53
*** Crofton <Crofton!~balister@2601:5c0:c100:b84:c22d:c40:ab44:9e37> has joined #yocto13:55
OutBackDingonrossi: if i wanted to build a simple core-image-base with initramfs i can do that with your meta-13:58
nrossiOutBackDingo: you don't need my meta for anything ;). You can build and initramfs cpio by just setting up the IMAGE_FSTYPES_append = " cpio"13:59
nrossiOutBackDingo: And you can just build that into your kernel13:59
la_croix_LetoThe2nd The build logs aren't very informative, but seem fine. The manifest is more helpful. Grepping for 'i2s' gives: kernel-module-snd-soc-bcm2835-i2s-4.14.68 raspberrypi3 4.14.68+git0+8c8666ff6c, but I think we've already established that that is there, because it shows up in lsmod. Grepping for 'my_loader' gives nothig14:02
LetoThe2ndif lsmod shows it, then it is there and properly loaded.14:03
*** ant_work <ant_work!~ant__@> has quit IRC14:03
la_croix_lsmod shows the snd-soc-bcm2835-i2s module, but it seems to also need this other module (from the dodgy repo)14:03
LetoThe2ndyeah, you should go hunting that module, not the bcm-whatever one. and if your package name is not being listed in the manifest, then it also is not installed14:04
LetoThe2ndhave you added it to IMAGE_INSTALL?14:04
la_croix_Image install: IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " kernel-modules "14:06
*** Willy-- <Willy--!> has quit IRC14:06
la_croix_and: KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD_append = " snd-soc-bcm2835-i2s " KERNEL-MODULE-AUTOLOAD-append = " my_loader "14:06
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: you have to explicitly add your package to IMAGE_INSTALL. kernel-modules only refers to the internal ones of the kernel source, not to wharever you do externall.y14:08
la_croix_Ah, ok, so I'll add IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " my_loader ", should I remove KERNEL-MODULE-AUTOLOAD-append = " my_loader "?14:09
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: no. again. these are two fundamentally different things. IMAGE_INSTALL defines what goes into the image. the AUTOLOAD defines what gets automagically loaded upon boot.14:10
la_croix_Right, ok14:10
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: so for things to work, you need both correctly set up.14:10
la_croix_Ok, big error, the source of which seems to be: make: *** No targets.  Stop.14:15
RPrburton: fixes the hangs :/14:15
LetoThe2ndsee, now bitbake tries to build your recipe (and fails)14:15
la_croix_Yes, oddly it seems like a step forward :P14:16
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: now its time to fix your recipe :)14:17
*** hamis <hamis!~irfan@> has quit IRC14:19
la_croix_LetoThe2nd Indeed :/ Does it have something to do with the makefile being nearly empty?
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: i don't think so. a trivial kernel module does not require a lot in the makefile. rather that you missed something in the recipe. maybe put it into a pastebin so we can have a look here.14:20
*** ravichandran_jm <ravichandran_jm!b64836f2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC14:23
la_croix_LetoThe2nd I've included everything in that layer. All the files whose contents I haven't pasted, are exactly as they are in the rpo14:25
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: ah ok. had a second look, and the makefile in the repo is definitively too "short"14:27
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: replace it with that you need to beat into shape tastefully :-P14:28
la_croix_LetoThe2nd I was so happy until I read the last bit of that sentence :P14:28
rburtonRP: so its was the package management bits?14:28
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: c'mon, the Makefile mentioned there has only one source file reference. that should really be doable.14:29
la_croix_I'm only joking :)14:29
la_croix_LetoThe2nd I think my beating into shape failed: make: *** No rule to make target 'clean'.  Stop.14:33
la_croix_Different error, though14:33
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RPrburton: yes, would appear to be14:43
*** highyield <highyield!d907f7af@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto14:44
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la_croix_LetoThe2nd This is the beaten makefile:
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: well if bitbake complaind about missing a clean target, how about giving it one?14:48
highyieldhi everyone, I just recently started using yocto and could not find recipes for virtualbox (though recipes exist for qemu). Is there a reason why apparently no one used yocto with virtualbox before?14:48
la_croix_LetoThe2nd I'm not sure how to do that, and I assumed that it was optional, since the template makefile doesn't mention it. I'll do some googling14:49
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la_croix_LetoThe2nd Ok, got it to build. It still doesn't work out of the box, but modprobe my_loader is now an empty result, rather than "Module not found". Presumably the lack of details is because the repo is crap.15:17
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: not exactly. if a module does not produce any output intentionally, then modprob'ing/insmod'ing it does not yield any output.15:18
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: after modprobe, look at lsmod, and if its there, its properly loaded.15:18
LetoThe2ndif it also works then is a whole different story, of course.15:18
la_croix_It does seem to be there!15:19
*** falk0n_ <falk0n_!> has joined #yocto15:19
la_croix_And arecord -l now shows something that it didn't show before15:19
la_croix_Assuming this works, how do I make it load by default?15:19
LetoThe2ndadd the name that you just used for modprobe to the AUTOLOAD variable that you loved so much earlier :-)15:19
la_croix_Actually, I think it's already there15:20
la_croix_Let me test the mic15:20
LetoThe2nd1, 2, 1, 2.....*beeeeeeeeep*15:21
LetoThe2nd"can't touch this!15:21
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ak77JPEW: if I remove TARGET_CC_ARCH, it works, but it complaints about "No GNU_HASH in the elf binary"15:22
*** falk0n <falk0n!> has quit IRC15:22
JPEWak77: Does it work if you use ${CCLD} instead of ${CC} ?15:22
la_croix_LetoThe2nd You, sir, are wonderful. Thank you for your help!15:22
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: i hereby license my provided work under the MPL, short for metal public license. this microphone must never be used to record anything other than heavy metal.15:23
la_croix_LetoThe2nd Haha, deal15:24
JPEWak77: Also, I *think* you might also want something like: ${CCLD} ${CFLAGS} ${LDFLAGS} ....15:24
LetoThe2ndla_croix_: seriously, have fun, and hope you learned a bit or two.15:24
*** Aethenelle_ <Aethenelle_!~Aethenell@> has joined #yocto15:25
ak77JPEW: as I add ${LDFLAGS} it starts to to miss sd_notify15:25
la_croix_LetoThe2nd I definitely did, and it has piqued my interest enough to delve a bit further, and try to figure out how this stuff actually works :)15:25
JPEWAh, perhaps -Wl,--as-needed is what is killing you.15:26
JPEWak77: Try moving the -lsystemd to the end of the command line15:26
*** zagor <zagor!~zagor@rockbox/developer/Zagor> has joined #yocto15:27
JPEWak77: I'm not sure how -Wl,--as-needed interacts with a single line compile/link...15:27
*** highyield <highyield!d907f7af@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC15:29
JPEWak77: You might also try adding ASNEEDED = "" to your recipe to disable it.15:29
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ak77JPEW: moving to the end did the trick15:32
ak77JPEW: thank you15:32
JPEWak77: no problem. I'm pretty sure thats cause by -Wl,--as-needed. It's gotten me several times ;)15:33
rburtonlink order is *very* picky when you have asneeded15:33
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kergothRP: what are the current tools you've been using for bitbake profiling, memory and cpu? it's been a while since i investigated that, same as we used to use?15:35
RPkergoth: I've not found anything new, no. Not had much of a chance to "play" :(15:42
* kergoth nods, him either15:42
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OutBackDingonrossi: so adding  IMAGE_FSTYPES_append = " cpio" will inject the initramfs into the sdimg ?16:06
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to add pciutils package in yocto AGL? <>16:10
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: psplash not shown during boottime although its callable from console <>17:41
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AmarOk1412hello people! I'm currently using poky (yeah I know, not the latest, but no choice for now) and I'm currently building a initramfs image.19:38
AmarOk1412But a step is failing with "install: cannot stat ‘arch/arm/boot/fitImage’: No such file or directory" in do_bundle_initramfs19:40
AmarOk1412anyone has already seen this error?19:40
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yateswhere would i "tweak" to modify the fstab generated into my rootfs?20:08
bluelightningyates: I think you'd add a recipes-core/base-files/base-files_%.bbappend to your custom layer and supply your own modified version20:19
bluelightning(or perhaps more flexibly you could have the bbappend modify ${D}${sysconfdir}/fstab in a do_install_append)20:20
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yatesbluelightning: so the bbappend would do something like define a function do_install_append() which would append a new line to the default fstab?20:35
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bluelightningyates: yes20:36
yatesok, thx20:36
yatesdoes the do_install_append() function have to be named uniquely? i.e., if that function was already defined in the base layer .bb, could I still use that name in my custom layer?20:37
yates(seems like possibly a stupid question, but  hey ...)20:39
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bluelightningyates: do_install_appends are all applied, they don't overwrite eachother, so no issue there20:42
bluelightningI should check if that's in the FAQ20:42
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bluelightning(just added)20:49
yatesvery good!21:00
yatesi'm still confused about the naming requirements of such .bbappends. could i add a <custom-layer>/recipes-kernel/base-files/base-files_%.bbapend instead of  <custom-layer>/recipes-core/base-files/base-files_%.bbapend? if not, why not?21:02
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bluelightningyates: yes you could - the path is not considered, only the file name21:11
bluelightningyates: the path need only match whatever conf/layer.conf for the layer is adding to BBFILES21:11
yatesso the other structure is just by convention?21:12
bluelightningyes, typically for bbappends you'd keep the same path as it appears in the layer where the original recipe is, but there's no technical requirement to do so21:12
yatesso i could even name it <custom-layer>/recipes-kernel/another-folder-name/base-files_%.bbapend ?21:14
yatesyes, yyou stated that, sorry21:14
yatesonly the "FILE NAME"21:14
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yatesis there a way to bitbake just the rootfs?21:18
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bluelightningyates: in what scenario?21:25
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yatesnm, i think i was ocnfused on my reasonsing21:27
kergothyates: as long as its filename matches the .bb and its path is covered by the wildcards in BBFILES in your layer, that's all bitbake cares about in that rregard21:29
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