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armpitsounds fine00:02
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aehs29RP: why did you only merge my patch for py3 and not py2?02:19
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RPaehs29: because the other patch didn't arrive in y inbox until about a day after the first one09:09
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mrpelotazohow can generate an SDK with extra scripts under "environment-setup.d"?10:23
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RPmrpelotazo: add a recipe which installs some and add it to the SDK ?11:03
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mrpelotazoRP: should I then install append to the nativesdk class?11:26
RPmrpelotazo: it would be a nativesdk recipe so you'd inherit that class, then add it to list of things to install in the SDK11:28
jofrMy custom board has separation anxiety. Every now and then, when I stand up to get coffee, it crashes.  :p11:34
jofr(I think there's a loose connection somewhere and the vibration when I stand up is causing this.)11:35
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LetoThe2ndjofr: i orked on several boards that showed that behaviour when jtag conencted. totally reproductibly, rebooted when probe was on and i got up from my chair.11:40
LetoThe2ndso, watch out for ESD related issues.11:40
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jofrLetoThe2nd: Haha, I will  ;)11:41
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sirloinhi guys! i have a strange problem, i am trying to implement bluetooth in my yocto build on my product and it seems to work, but when I try to connect and do something it starts to spam "SMP security requested but not available" endlessly11:57
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sirloinI tried google but cannot find anything helpful11:58
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eduardas_mhello, I would like to discuss this commit in the toybox recipe:
eduardas_mIt mentions "OE conventions"12:01
eduardas_mwhere can I read on what motivated OE to use certain paths for certain system tools?12:02
eduardas_mis this based on some standard?12:02
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eduardas_mor on how a certain other distro does this?12:02
eduardas_mI am trying to understand whether toybox or OE paths are "more correct"12:03
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rburtoneduardas_m: arguably, neither are more correct12:12
rburtonthat just moves toybox so it matches other paths in oe12:13
rburton(mostly because there was a bug in update-alternatives until about a week ago where it didn't like alternatives for commands being in different directories12:13
eduardas_mrburton: so now the patch is no longer necessary?12:15
rburtonif you're using thud, maybe not12:17
rburtonarguably there's still a good rationale to move them to match12:17
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eduardas_mrburton: does OE strictly follow FHS specs from Linux foundation?
rburtonas much as any other distro does12:19
rburtonnote that eg debian and fedora will have some utilities in different paths12:19
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no_such_userHey all, what's the crack with resurrecting older BSPs? Ive got a few from 1.3,1.4,1.5 that I've inherited but wont build on my ubuntu 16.04 compile machines. Whats the recommended approach? 1) VM 2) additional older build machine 3) extra layer with required fixes in 4) Attempt to bring BSP & tools up to later version 5) something else...12:27
eduardas_mno_such_user: I'd say 4... bringing to latest version if possible12:33
rburtonno_such_user: depends why you're building with the old BSP12:33
rburtonis this "customer has a bug, i need to fix it?12:33
rburtonin that case (1)12:33
rburtonotherwise (4)12:34
no_such_userrburton: They're older boards of ours - no ones built them for a while but I've had ownership passed to me after previous maintainer has left. Initially I just need to know I can build images that work (as documentation is thin) but may need to make some mods.12:48
rburtonwell if mods are for existing customers then they'll want 1, new customers 412:49
no_such_userrburton: Am I right in thinking 4) might take a fair bit of effort potentially? I think they're using older meta-ti / meta-freescale layers at their core12:52
no_such_user(It also looks like we've got some yocto 1.1 builds as well but hoping they're forgettable!)12:54
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rburtonno_such_user: yes13:13
rburtondepends if its just a hardware bsp, or more13:13
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eduardas_mrburton: I've written on the toybox mailing list about the path patch:
eduardas_mrburton: It appears people from OE were trying to get changes for toybox in for this back in 201513:45
eduardas_mstrangely enough busybox does not need any such fixes13:45
eduardas_mso perhaps it would make sense to suggest Rob Landley for toybox to act as a busybox replacement and install stuff where busybox does?13:46
eduardas_mif toybox install paths are not changed, I feel like the patch in meta-openembedded should be extended to cover all of the tools as it certainly does not cover all of them at this moment13:48
eduardas_mfor example, the patch does not currently fix the dd install path13:51
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Conflicts between python3-azure packages <>13:52
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niro22Hi, can anyone tell me how to know while file in the downloads directory a recipe is looking for, so that I place the zip I've downloaded in there manually?14:15
rburtonif its a tarball then just put it in there and touch a <filename>.done file too14:26
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niro22I tried that, but it's not finding it for some reason.14:27
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dresserdHello, I am trying to build python 3.7.1 using the thud branches of oe any poky.  I have tried using `devtool upgrade python3` but I'm getting some merge conflicts and errors.  I see that there are patches here ``  Does devtool upgrade apply those patches.  I'm pretty new to Yocto and wondering what the best process is to upgrade Python?15:15
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rburtondresserd: yes devtool will try to apply them.  upgrading python isn't easy though, there are patches on the list for 3.7.1 already that need more wor15:38
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ant_homerburton, hi15:54
ant_hometoday strange failure with qemumipsel15:54
ant_homeERROR: linux-yocto-4.18.14+gitAUTOINC+bf98e195a4_465252ba0e-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: Endiannes did not match15:55
ant_homefor kernel modules15:55
ant_homedoh, I built with an older chackout a few days ago...15:55
rburtonant_home: if you can replicate then looking at what was built would be good15:59
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rburtonfile is sufficient to poke at the binaries15:59
ant_homeok, btw +DEFAULTTUNE = "mips32r2el"16:00
rburtoncough patches welcome16:02
ant_homethe ko ELF 32-bit MSB relocatable, MIPS, MIPS32 version 1 (SYSV)16:02
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aehs29RP: haha thas weird, ok, I was just wondering in case you had trouble applying it or something16:10
didileI've warnings with poky on sumo16:10
ant_homerburton, it's be  ../kernel-build-artifacts/anubis.ko:     file format elf32-tradbigmips16:10
didile"Intentionally failing postinstall scriptlets of ['busybox'] to defer them to first boot is deprecated. Please place them into pkg_postinst_ontarget_${PN} ()."16:11
ant_home(objdump from devshell)16:11
didileI think the busybox recipe isn't up to date16:11
* ant_home looking at class changes16:11
RPaehs29: I have no idea why they go delayed for so long :(16:11
didilepkg_postinst_${PN} should become pkg_postinst_ontarget_${PN}16:12
aehs29TBF its probably the smtp sever here16:13
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* armpit ugh.. gen RSA keys very long now16:24
* armpit maybe 2 min16:26
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JPEWRP: Sorry the persist_data patch wasn't against master... I forgot I still had the atfork() patch locally. Did it fix the problem?17:19
RPJPEW: we've not seen it again so far... :)17:20
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aehs29RP: is there any way to avoid reparsing due to
aehs29RP: other than setting the variable manually on my env19:38
aehs29RP: basically, my question is if we should whitelist that or something, since we are setting it ourselves19:38
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to render to a second screen without being the DRM master? <>20:23
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RPaehs29: I'm not sure I understand what you mean :/22:42
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robbawebbaHello, I've got a quick question: Why is the `install` command preferred over the `mkdir -p` command in do_install tasks? One answer that comes to mind would be proper error handling, but are there more/other benefits?22:56
neverpanicrobbawebba: modes and uid/gid22:56
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robbawebbaneverpanic: ahh makes sense. Thanks!23:44
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khemrobbawebba: file creation, copying, mode setting , directory creation all in single command23:56
khemmakes it small23:56
khemand less buggy23:56
robbawebbakhem: nice, thanks for the info!23:58

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