Thursday, 2018-12-13

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robbawebbaHi Everyone, I've got an autotools recipe that needs the kernel source directory and the kernel build directory added to EXTRA_OECONF. What are the proper KERNEL_* bitbake variables I should use? I'm guessing KERNEL_SRC is one of them, but I'm not sure of the correct build output directory.02:02
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bluelightningrobbawebba: STAGING_KERNEL_DIR and STAGING_KERNEL_BUILDDIR respectively02:18
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robbawebbabluelightning: thanks!03:36
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Is there any options in yocto bitbake to make the command autocomplete? <>05:37
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nacknickI set a path in recipe file, but it seems trying to access another path. why is that?08:30
nacknickcp -f ${WORKDIR}/file ${D}/${bindir}/file08:31
nacknickcp: cannot stat '/home/amit/fsl-community-bsp/build/tmp/work/armv7at2hf-neon-fslc-linux-gnueabi/file/5.31-r0/file': No such file or directory08:32
nacknickthat's not the path I tried to copy to08:32
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eduardas_mhello, I am using poky master and I have a problem when generating an SDK for my image:
eduardas_mI use both util-linux and toybox08:34
eduardas_mthe images build file08:34
eduardas_mon the image losetup, swapoff, umount and dmesg is provided by toybox08:35
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eduardas_msuch things as util-linux-umount are not installed on the image08:35
eduardas_mbut when generating the SDK util-linux-umount wants to get installed to the target sysroot for some reason08:35
eduardas_mand gets in conflict with toybox08:36
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eduardas_mdoes anyone know how can I forcefully exclude a recipe from the SDK target sysroot?09:26
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rburtonnacknick: no, that's the value of WORKDIR/file09:42
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eduardas_mrburton: hello, why does SDK generation try to include system utilities like util-linux, busybox/toybox in target sysroot?09:46
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rburtonpresumably because they're needed via dependencies09:47
rburtonyou'll have to look at your dependency tree09:47
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eduardas_mrburton: but as far as I understand they contribute nothing for the purpose of cross-compilation09:47
rburtonwell util-linux ships a number of libraries09:47
rburtonpossibly, bad dependencies09:48
rburton[09:47:25]  <rburton>you'll have to look at your dependency tree09:48
eduardas_mrburton: not sure why update-alternatives does not handle this properly for me during SDK generation:
rburtonbecause iirc alternatives don't run during sdk generation09:50
eduardas_mrburton: well, the snippet was taken from do_populate_sdk error log, so ...09:50
eduardas_mand it even says "update-alternatives"09:51
eduardas_mthis is poky master, by the way09:51
eduardas_mdmesg is implemented by toybox on my target image, for example09:54
eduardas_mand I do not ship the util-linux package that has the util-linux version of dmesg09:54
eduardas_mso I image builds fine09:54
rburtonpass.  i've got hr breathing down my neck about mandatory training so free tech support will be limited today.09:54
eduardas_mthanks anyway for replying09:55
LetoThe2ndrburton: :-) just to cheer you up: yesterday i learned that the new word for HR is "Employee Experience"09:55
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nacknickrburton, the file is under /home/, how to set it currectly?10:18
rburtonnacknick: it should have been copied to workdir by being in SRC_URI10:18
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nacknickrburton, thanks10:21
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nacknickanother question please. I want to change the value of CC for all recipes, how can I do it?10:22
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nacknickif I write: "CC = ...." in .bb files; in some files I can see that it compiled differently, and in others - not (I check by the generated executable...)10:25
nacknickin other words, I want to change the compiler for all recipes10:26
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LetoThe2ndnacknick: that only works if the Makefile or whatever equivalent inside the recipe actually cares for the value of CC10:27
LetoThe2ndif it doesn't, its a bug anyways, but hey....10:27
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rburtonnacknick: local.conf or distro conf10:58
rburtonsee bitbake.conf for the default10:59
rburtonbetter question: why are you changing CC?10:59
rburtonout of the box it points to the compiler that we just built10:59
rburtonnacknick: so continuing the fun with your file drop-in binary, did you remember to make the replacement binary target only? or are you ending up with a target binary replacing the native build of file?11:07
nacknickrburton, I want to change CC because it consists a flags that disrupt my script that modify the binary. the binary changing was just a test. actually I take the generated binary, modify it and then replace it11:18
rburtonCC doesn't contain flags11:19
rburtonwell, it has a sysroot flag, but good luck building anything without that11:19
rburtonin case its relevant, remember that packaging will fiddle the binaries11:21
rburtonso if you're doing anything like adding signatures, you'll need to do it later than install11:22
nacknickI'm not. I'm changing a compiling flag11:23
rburtoni'm sure there's a good reason why you don't just change the compiler flags11:24
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rburtonso what flag is breaking your script?11:25
rburtonso yeah that's not in CC11:28
nacknickso where?11:28
rburtonjust turn off thumb globally instead?11:28
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rburtonARM_THUMB_OPT=arm says the BSP comments11:29
kanavin_rburton: I ran into a wall with virglrenderer sadly :(11:31
kanavin_just asked for help on #virgil3d11:31
rburtonkanavin_: what's up? i can't help but i'm curious11:31
kanavin_runqemu - ERROR - Failed to run qemu: gl_version 0 - compat profile11:32
kanavin_<kanavin_> WARNING: running without ARB/KHR robustness in place may crash11:32
kanavin_<kanavin_> qemu-system-i386: ../../../../../../worksp11:32
kanavin_like this:11:32
kanavin_runqemu - INFO - Running /home/alexander/development/poky/build/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/qemu-helper-native/1.0-r1/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/qemu-system-i386 -device virtio-net-pci,netdev=net0,mac=52:54:00:12:34:02 -netdev tap,id=net0,ifname=tap0,script=no,downscript=no -drive file=/home/alexander/development/poky/build/tmp/deploy/images/qemux86/core-image-minimal-qemux86-20181212165244.rootfs.ext4,if=virtio,format=raw -display sdl,gl=on -vga virtio11:32
kanavin_-show-cursor -usb -device usb-tablet -object rng-random,filename=/dev/urandom,id=rng0 -device virtio-rng-pci,rng=rng0   -cpu pentium2 -enable-kvm -m 256 -serial mon:vc -serial null -kernel /home/alexander/development/poky/build/tmp/deploy/images/qemux86/bzImage--4.19-rc++git0+3b9c29018a_122d468967-r0-qemux86-20181212124959.bin -append 'root=/dev/vda rw highres=off  clocksource=kvm-clock hpet=disable noapic nolapic mem=256M ip=
kanavin_255.255.0 oprofile.timer=1 uvesafb.task_timeout=-1 '11:32
kanavin_runqemu - ERROR - Failed to run qemu: gl_version 0 - compat profile11:32
kanavin_WARNING: running without ARB/KHR robustness in place may crash11:32
kanavin_qemu-system-i386: ../../../../../../workspace/sources/libepoxy-native/src/dispatch_common.c:861: epoxy_get_proc_address: Assertion `0 && "Couldn't find current GLX or EGL context.\n"' failed.11:32
kanavin_this happens when the kernel is already booting, when it gets to initializing the driver for the virtual graphics card11:33
kanavin_both epoxy-native and virglrenderer-native unit tests pass11:33
rburtonepoxy dlopen's the libgl so library depends won't find it, sure its in the native sysroot?11:33
rburtonslap a strace on that to check it opens the library at least?11:34
kanavin_just looking at it now11:36
kanavin_rburton: don't see anything suspicious there :-/11:40
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kanavin_rburton: I placed extra logging into epoxy around that code11:50
nacknickrburton, I have two files that contain ARM_THUMB_OPT: sources/poky/meta/conf/machine/include/arm/ and ./build/tmp/deploy/images/imx6ullevk/core-image-base-imx6ullevk-20181212073329.testdata.json11:52
nacknickwhich one should I change?11:53
nacknickinside '': ARM_THUMB_OPT = "${@['arm', 'thumb'][d.getVar('ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET') == 'thumb']}"11:54
rburtonnacknick: neither, change your local.conf or distro config11:56
rburtonoh set ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET=arm instead11:56
rburtonthats the usual one recipes touch if they need to force not-thumb11:57
nacknickin local.conf 'set ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET=arm' or 'ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET=arm'?11:57
nacknickwith or without 'set'?11:58
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nacknickok. without12:01
nacknickif I want to install 'apt'? how should I do it? because adding 'apt' to 'CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL' did not allowed to me to use 'apt install' on the borad. do I miss something?12:03
rburtonin local.conf or distro config set PACKAGE_CLASSES to package_deb, in the image recipe add package-management to IMAGE_FEATURES12:09
rburtonthen run a httpd on your build machine serving the deploy/deb directory, and set PACKAGE_FEED_URIS to the base URL12:11
rburtonvoila, working feeds12:11
rburtonnote that deb is the least-supported, rpm or ipkg is tested more12:11
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nacknickrburton sorry, but I did not understand , "in the image recipe add package-management" - which 'image recipe'?12:13
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nacknickrburton your second sentence "then run..." I did not understand at all :S12:14
rburtonthe recipe for the image you're building.  or just set EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES in your local.conf to package-management.12:14
nacknickthat's clear12:14
rburtonapt-get install needs a feed and a server, so you need to run the server12:14
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nacknickI need to run it? there is no global repository?12:15
rburtonyou just built the packages12:15
rburtonnobody else has them12:15
rburtonespecially as you're swapping binaries in during do_install12:15
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nacknickwhy? all the packages sources are on the internet12:15
rburtonwhere else on the internet is the binary that you just altered using your script12:16
nacknickput  my script aside... I'm not talking about it now12:16
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rburtonbut that's key12:16
rburtonyou boot your image and do apt-get install file, it should install the package that you just built12:17
rburtonif that doesn't work, then what's the point?12:17
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nacknickok. so I need to build the packages and use as server for the embbeded machine?12:17
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rburtonif you want a feed to work, yes12:27
rburtonyou need to build the packages (as otherwise they don't exist) and run a http daemon (so the board can download the packages from it)12:27
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: vlc add in yocto build <>12:38
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ak77I accidentally deleted download directory. now the tasks are failing on do_unpack,... I have to do bitbake -c cleanall for offending package... how to tell bitbake to redownload missing files13:22
ak77(I changed DL_DIR to another preexsting - semi filled directory)13:27
RPak77: remove the do_fetch stamps from tmp/stamps/13:31
ak77RP: will this keep predownloaded archives?13:32
ak77RP: i mean, already downloaded archives13:32
RPak77: yes13:35
ak77and by, keep, i mean not re-download13:36
ak77RP: thank you13:43
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: hostapd on yocto krogoth <>14:08
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Read a specific memory address via /dev/mem from the command line <>14:38
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rburtonanyone actively using vulkan?15:34
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: "File format not recognized" when building Petalinux app <>15:39
Croftonaehs29, ^^^^15:43
apteryxis defining SRC_URI supported in a .bbclass?15:47
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frayany variable can be manipulated in a class..15:53
fraybut it's not always a good idea.15:53
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frayfor something like SRC_URI, you'll have to manipulate it in an anonymous python section most likely for it to take effect15:53
CroftonOpenEmbedded lets yo do many thigns that are bad ideas :)15:53
frayI've seen two cases of it..  one is an inherited class for recipes where a standard SRC_URI can be defined for all recipes of a certaint ype...15:54
fraythe other is where a complex SRC_URI replacement was needed where using hte existing mirror system was not possible15:54
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apteryxfray: thanks15:59
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rburtonapteryx: see eg gnomebase or pypi classes16:05
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apteryxrburton: OK :-)16:51
* RP wonders if he can get counselling after reading distrodata.bbclass17:06
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ak77I am still struggling with distro, image, and their features... does this logic holds: I defien several machines, and several images (one of them being upgrade-ready-image)... to support two project, should I define two distros?17:12
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Croftonwhat is the difference between the distros?17:22
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ak77Crofton: bunch of packages17:45
Croftona distro is basically a distro.conf file17:46
ak77Crofton: I am aware of that17:46
Croftonbunch of packages is usually hanled at image lvel17:47
Croftonlevel :)17:47
ak77ok, so..... an upgrade-artefact-image-type is an image class. and I should define images per project?17:48
Croftonit is really hard to know without knowing details17:49
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ak77maybe I am missing something but there should be few use-cases written in manual, when to do distro/image18:04
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kroonHi. Can I use "runqemu" to test a kernel with a bundled initramfs ? I can't really figure out the syntax on how to start it ..18:40
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kroonqemu-system-i386 -kernel <path-to-kernel-with-bundled-initramfs> is probably easier..19:06
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aehs29Crofton: haha thanks19:17
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yateshas anyone seen a recipe for bedrock?
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rburtonyates: says no23:02
rburtonyates: eeek blockchain based run away23:03
robbawebbahi all, is it possible to use a for loop in a BitBake recipe? Kind of like a shell for loop? as in: for file in file1 file2 file3; do .... ; done23:27
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rburtonrobbawebba: the functions are written in python or shell, so yes23:29
rburtonthe shell functions are literally ran by bash23:30
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RPkhem: could you glance at the python3 musl powerpc patch on the list please? I suspect it could be improved with your domain knowledge :)23:38
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robbawebbarburton: ahhh okay. Thank you for the comfirmation, I should've known it was a shell function! I appreciate the info23:57
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