Wednesday, 2018-12-19

RPkhem: appears to build. Will continue to poke at it as its got potential00:12
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khemRP: libc_cv_ld_gnu_indirect_function=no is not good it will disable ifunc support in glibc you can do it with --[en|dis]able-gnu-indirect-function02:01
khembut I think ifunc makes same glibc compiled optimized across multiple machines02:04
khemfor OE it may not matter as much but for x86 it may02:04
khemand why do we need --with-glibc-version=2.28 ?02:05
khemzeddii: Can you include patches in your 4.19 kernel headers pull please ?02:13
khemzeddii: this will untwist the arm64/musl builds a bit and we will get libunwind and other ptrace using packages goinf02:14
zeddii_homeyup. I can do that. I may just jump 4.19 for the libc headers and go right to 4.20, so it’ll be in there as well I hope. hmmm. or not, since it is new. either way. yah. I’ll make sure it is applied and in the testing I just started.02:14
khemzeddii: mostly this should go into kernel upstream without many changes02:14
zeddii_homehehe. cool. so no problem. I’ll include it directly and watch the upstream process.02:15
khemI think 4.21 is mostly where it will show up02:15
zeddii_homeyah. since linus wants to release this week, it won’t make 4.20, I’ll catch it on .2102:15
khem yep02:15
khemthis will ensure musl/aarch64 will be at par with x86_64 in world builds02:16
khemin musl02:16
khemand also will fix riscv6402:16
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* paulg would not want to be stampeded by all the riscv64 yocto users...04:05
paulgtheir user base supports membership count as as a "float", right?04:15
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RPkhem: Do I remember something odd about ifunc support on mips? I'm hoping that was a mips only hack08:54
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RPkhem: that test appeared to be "no" on an existing mips build08:55
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Not able to compile code which uses cjson library functions on Yocto Linux OS <> || Add changes to systemd-udevd.service <>09:35
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JaMaheh why would anyone still use cjson..10:22
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Not able to compile code which uses json-c library functions on Yocto Linux OS [duplicate] <> || Get description of packages in yocto image <>10:35
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ant_homeJaMa, hi11:03
ant_homehave you played with VideoCore IV?11:04
ant_homedo you think these vc4 drivers can be used on bcm7425 mipsel?11:04
ant_home(I am totally unaware of the DRM situation, seems possible for mips)11:05
JaMaant_home: only on rpi311:09
JaMaant_home: check Eric's blog
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Why would a yocto patch fail under devtool but not during a normal build? <>12:36
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pepijndevosI'm a bit confused by how to make a python package. I've seen some examples, but they all use a bb that inherits setuptools and then an include that inherits pypi, why this two-step approach?13:32
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neverpanicBecause you could install a setuptools-based software that doesn't come from pypi?13:43
neverpanicI think it used to be the case that 'inherit pypi' implied 'inherit setuptools', but that has changed a while ago.13:43
rburtonpepijndevos: that's because what you're seeing is a common include file that uses pypi to fetch, and then a py2 recipe that inherit setuptool and a py3 recipe that inherits setuptools313:46
rburtonif for example the recipe doesn' support py2 there's no point in the split and it should just be in a single file13:46
rburtonso basically if the package is on pypi then inherit that and you get the src_uri done for you.  if it uses setuptools inherit setuptools3 to build.13:47
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T_UNIXis it intended, that `` uses bash extensions (variable substitutions), yet neither has a `bash` suffix nor a `/usr/bin/env bash`-shebang?14:42
JPEWT_UNIX: It's invoked in another script (, which is why it doesn't have a shebang14:50
JPEWIIRC, the contents of are simply pasted into at a specific location14:52
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T_UNIXJPEW: If the default interpreter isn't bash (i.e. Docker uses `/bin/sh`), it appears that the variable substitution isn't executed as intended and the surrounding command (perl substitution) bails.14:57
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JPEWT_UNIX: Quite possibly.... is there a specific bashism thats causing trouble?15:05
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T_UNIXI think the line `grep -Ev "$target_sdk_dir/(environment-setup-*|relocate_sdk*|${0##*/})"` is causing problems15:09
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T_UNIXmore specifically `${0##*/}`15:09
JPEWSure. It might be worth either mandating bash or making sure there are no bashisms in the script.15:11
varjagso, let's say i have a project built my own recipe, and i want it to build with -g -O0 flags when i make a dev image15:11
varjagis there an easy way to achieve that?15:11
JPEWT_UNIX: Bonus points if you write a QA check to make sure no more bashisms end up in the SDK ;)15:12
kergoth${0##*/} is POSIX, not bash15:12
kergothsee the single unix specification for details15:13
T_UNIXkergoth: my bad.15:13
kergoth ->
JPEWkergoth: Hmm, interesting. Should have checked15:13
T_UNIX :-D15:14
kergothi agree we should avoid bashisms if not necessary. actually the shar relocation bits need reworking *badly*, that's some really badly written shell, and relocation technically isn't part of the compression / installer format, so should really be independent15:14
kergothin this case: ${parameter##[word]}15:14
kergothRemove Largest Prefix Pattern. The word shall be expanded to produce a pattern. The parameter expansion shall then result in parameter, with the largest portion of the prefix matched by the pattern deleted.15:14
kergoth<3 that opengroup site, really helpful resource15:14
kergoth that reminds me, i never did do enough benchmarks to get merged..15:16
JPEWkergoth: I played around with rewriting the SDK to be a self extracting Python file instead of a shell script (see poky-contrib/jpew/pyz-sdk)15:17
kergothinteresting. at mentor we hvae a completely different installer mechanism for it entirely, so needed the relocation bits in a standalone script that installer could call15:17
* kergoth adds a note to look at that branch15:18
JPEWkergoth: Ya, we end up redoing the SDK as a Python script for MinGW here which was some of the drive to try this out.15:19
kergothoh right, that makes perfect sense15:19
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pepijndevosdafuuuq! I have a working yocto image, and then I add some innocent Python package, and I now I have an image that gives weird errors in the SD card driver or something. I remove Python and everything is fine agaon.15:36
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RPJPEW: there was no specific good reason for shell15:43
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RPWell, the "drop gcc initial" patch kind of works, images boot and runtime test. Only one sdk test fails.15:44
JPEWRP: I was wondering. I figured Python wad required for relocation *anyway* so it should be OK.15:45
JPEWRP: But I also figured I shou;dn15:45
JPEWshouldn't get too distracted until I finish the hash equivalence stuff :)15:45
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RPJPEW: thanks for the updated series, I think its close :)15:47
RPJPEW: my gcc rearrangement breaks mingw btw :/15:47
* RP hasn't gotten to that part yet15:47
JPEWRP: Oh? Is there a log?15:47
RPJPEW: bbappend to a file which no longer exists for starters :) Patch series isn't up to that bit yet, need to investigate this sdk failure15:49
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dkcanyone had experience in adding go packages in a Yocto layer? More explicitely how  to describe dependencies between packages? Using DEPENDS ends up in a situation where additional packages are installed next to standard packages (GOROOT) when they should be in GOPATH15:53
dkcyep, confirmed, dependencies are installed in ${WORKDIR}/recipe-sysroot/usr/lib/go/src when they should go to ${WORKDIR}/build/src/16:01
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dkcany idea on how to fix the issue?16:03
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T_UNIXwhere does the xargs' `file` argument in come from?16:48
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rburton$ which file16:57
rburton$ dpkg -S /usr/bin/file16:57
rburtonfile: /usr/bin/file16:57
rburtonmissing a line as it started with /16:58
T_UNIXneed to go home -.-'17:03
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T_UNIXdoes yocto use gitlab or github for patches yet?17:08
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rburtonnot yet17:11
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RPrburton: yet? ;-)17:22
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to configure the Yocto devtool to update repo revision <>18:07
rburtonRP: YET :)18:11
khemRP:sent few patches cleaning after you :)18:13
khemmusl was broken with the toolchain shuffle which is fixed now18:14
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RPkhem: thanks - I'd not got to fixing that yet! I just put the patches as they were onto the autobuilder for a test run, see how well it worked18:16
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RPkhem: basically there seems to be something wrong with the SDK (assimp fails)18:16
RPkhem: not fixed mingw yet either18:17
khemno worries18:17
RPkhem: ifunc seems broken on mips, not sure why I have to special case that :/18:17
RPkhem: the configure test fails before my patch, it passes after it, then throws those assertions18:18
khemRP: how does assimp fails ?18:18
RPkhem: I assume you're in ok in principle with getting rid of these -initial bits?18:18
RP/media/build1/poky/build/tmp/work/qemumips-poky-linux/core-image-sato/1.0-r0/testimage-sdk/assimptl80uuyi/assimp-4.1.0/test/../contrib/gtest/src/ error: ‘_POSIX_PATH_MAX’ was not declared in this scope18:18
RPkhem: there are failures on the AB like that too18:19
khemthats limits.h proble18:19
RPkhem: more like posix related18:19
RPkhem: but yes, that area18:19
khemyes #ifndef _POSIX_PATH_MAX18:20
khemdefine _POSIX_PATH_MAX 25518:20
khemand move on :)18:20
RPkhem: I think we need to understand how/why this broke ;-)18:20
RPsadly my test build built the wrong thing so waiting on the right one18:21
khemRP: btw. is it missing posix1_lim.h now ?18:21
RPkhem: no, its there18:21
khemand it does not define this ?18:21
RPkhem: I want to get two sdks and just diff them18:21
RPwaiting on a build18:21
khemif that header is installed in sysroot then it should define _POSIX_PATH_MAX18:22
khemand then packages should get it via including limits.h18:22
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khemRP: is that assimp problem only seen on mips ?18:28
khemRP: with new toolchain sequence I am now able to build musl systems too, so let me try qemumips build for assimp18:30
khemif that works then we know its glibc18:31
khemI think dropiing those config cache files can now be resulting in some configure failures silently disabling stuff in glibc18:31
RPkhem: that was what I wanted to test on the AB and the answer is no, its on all archs18:33
khemRP: OK, it built ok here on x86/musl18:34
khemso its probably glibc18:34
khemis acting up during configure18:34
RPkhem: quite likely. When I get this other build we'll see :)18:35
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khemRP: it built ok for mips/musl combo18:41
RPkhem: definitely a glibc issue then...18:41
khemRP: trying MACHINE=raspberrypi3-6418:42
khemthese are some hot cached builds lying around here18:42
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khemhmmm its building here for raspberrypi3-64/glibc18:44
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khembut I am using glibc 2.29+gcc-9.0 on top18:44
khemlet see what I see on mips/glibc18:51
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khemmips/glibc works too19:14
khemRP: so you might want to try with glibc 2.2919:14
khemand see if that helps19:14
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RPkhem: I think limits headers in the SDK may be bust but I have a theory on why too19:24
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yatescan a screenshot be taken using sato/matchbox?19:27
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RPkhem: its a problem with gcc-cross-canadian19:52
RPkhem: gcc is being a bit insane here but there is an easy fix19:53
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RPkhem: tests pass now, fixed it20:04
RPkhem: will clean it up and try another AB run with your patches + mine20:05
khemRP: sounds good. If you push it to master-next I will give it a whirl here too20:11
rburtonyates: sato-screenshot should be in the image.20:12
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khemrburton: I am seeing this issue with eSDK build
khemrburton: I see that the local.conf.bak is in /mnt/a/yoe/build/tmp/work/raspberrypi3_64-yoe-linux/yoe-simple-image/1.0-r0/sdk-ext/image/tmp-renamed-sdk/conf20:39
khembut its looking in /mnt/a/yoe/build/tmp/work/raspberrypi3_64-yoe-linux/yoe-simple-image/1.0-r0/sdk-ext/image//usr/local/oecore-x86_64/conf20:39
rburtoni see two errors in that bug20:40
rburtonwould definitely want to fix the uni one first20:40
rburtondo you just get the conf one?20:40
rburtonthe usr/local is worrying/odd20:41
rburtonpretty sure nothing in oe sets that20:41
rburtonso i suggest maybe this yoe whatever that is, has changed a path and is exposing an assumption in the esdk code20:41
rburtonat which point i point to bluelightning  :)20:41
bluelightningwho me?20:42
bluelightningnot sure off hand what might have led to that...20:44
bluelightningunfortunately I'm in the middle of something so I can't dig into it myself20:44
khemrburton: yoe is derived from oe-core nodistro and does not set custom paths for SDK like poky does and I have a hunch thats the problem so if someone built sdk with oe-core nodistro will run into same error20:49
rburtoneasily tested!20:50
khemyes, I am trying to mimic same with poky and lets see, it just means whole nativesdk components recompile20:51
khemif we change SDKPATH so will be a while20:52
rburtoncan't wait to see the initial removal stuff land20:52
khemyes its panning out ok so far20:59
khemrburton: vercmp_string seems to ignore None strings20:59
khemthats one issue20:59
khemI guess we never test without uninative21:00
khemmaybe split_version() should do parameter check before operating on it21:02
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khemRP: I think there is problem related to uninative where anon python function in "meta/classes/uninative.bbclass" is not able to find the variables defined in meta/conf/distro/include/yocto-uninative.inc21:52
khemRP: I printed the variables and they come out to be unset21:53
khemwhen building -cpopulate_sdk_ext21:53
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apteryxSo, there really appears to be a bug in a overridden do_fetch not getting passed the SSH_AUTH_SOCK and SSH_AGENT_PID variables.22:07
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apteryxI tried to force them available by doing 'export SSH_AGENT_PID' and 'export SSH_AUTH_SOCK' but this leaves them undefined as well in my overriden do_fetch method.22:08
apteryxShould I report this upsstream to this list:
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RPkhem: I've updated -next with revised patches23:07
RPkhem: how are you including yocto-uninative?23:07
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khemRP: OK I started few builds here with master-next + my goop23:26
khemRP: yocto-uninative is added exactly like its done in poky.conf23:26
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RPkhem: to your own distro.conf ?23:26
RPkhem: ordering is important in this case23:27
khemyes first include the .inc and then inherit class23:27
RPkhem: does bitbake -e show the variables as set?23:30
khemyes it does however during do_populate_sdk_ext its unset23:30
khemif I include the content from .inc file into bbclass itself then it works23:30
khemso it seems there are two places where the variable it needed23:31
khemnormal images build ok23:31
khemproblem is when doing sdk_ext builds23:31
khemon same machine poky build works for core-image-minimal sdk23:32
RPkhem: it sounds as if the copy_buildsystem piece doesn't understand your layer/distro :/23:33
khemwhat does it need to know ?23:34
RPkhem: it tries to copy the config into this new "build" environment and it sounds a bit like it messes it up somehow23:34
RPkhem: corebase, sdkbblayers = buildsystem.copy_bitbake_and_layers(baseoutpath + '/layers', workspace_name)23:35
RPkhem: probably need to look at what it created and see what is wrong with it23:35
khemis it problem how the layers are placed ?23:36
RPkhem: could be23:36
RPwe really need a setup tool and to standardise more23:36
khemso it is creating content under /mnt/a/yoe/build/tmp/work/raspberrypi3_64-yoe-linux/yoe-simple-image/1.0-r0/sdk-ext/image/tmp-renamed-sdk23:37
khemwhich seems to have found the layers etc.23:37
khemRP: have you used other layers along with core layer in some test cases23:42
RPkhem: not as well as we should, no23:43
khemso whats the assumptions it makes23:44
khemabout workspace ?23:44
khemhow/where are layers expected ? under poky/openembedded23:44
khemtop level layer ?23:44
khemthat is parallel to meta/ ?23:44
khemI added a layer outside that to poky lets see if it fails in same way23:47
khemRP: here is error I see
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RPkhem: that last bit is error handling failing :(23:51
RPkhem:  the real problem is further back23:52
RPkhem: I don't remember the assumptions unfortunately, this was done by bluelightning but I don't think any of us liked the end result, its fragile :(23:52
khemhere is full log
RPkhem: is something in workspace which would change the signatures?23:54
RPso when its excluded you hit failures?23:54
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khemso let me undo my change to copy content of into uninative.bbclass23:55
khemRP: this is full real error
RPkhem: it looks to me like its not copying the layers/setup correctly somehow23:57

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