Friday, 2018-12-21

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khemRP: I think thats what seems to me00:44
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khemRP: OK, so I think I am able to find the cause of the glibc failure, its when we add DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " ld-is-gold"02:22
khemRP: bitbake glibc and you see the problem02:22
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khemRP: here is a fix
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Getting Build Error in Yocto Build system <>05:44
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RPkhem: good find! :)07:32
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kroonbluelightning: Hi Paul. I'm wondering about buildhistory.bbclass. Sometimes I see unnecessary git diff churn in the "latest_srcrev" files, where the lines "# SRCREV_machine = ..." and "SRCREV_machine = ..." just moves around randomly(content is identical), which I'm guessing is because of how python iterates over dictionaries in memory. Any chance we can make that more deterministic ?08:13
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RPkroon: sounds like a missing sort() somewhere08:23
kroonRP, yeah.. If I knew how to reproduce it I could try and implement some fix, but I'm not entirely sure how to do that08:24
kroonI've seen if for linux-yocto recipe, at least08:25
kroonSince it has multiple SRCREV_*08:28
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ejoernsHi, when using rm_work image tasks (e.g. do_rootfs) seem to be rebuild unconditionally. I just noticed that rm_work removes configure.sstate files, etc. but I am not sure if this actually causes the rebuild or if something else in sstate handling is broken. Any ideas what could go wrong? I'm testing on thud btw.08:40
RPkroon: find the piece of code writing those lines and it may be obvious08:46
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kroonRP, yeah, I think I know where it is, and I can reproduce it by rebuilding cross-localedef-native a couple of times08:48
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RPkroon: if you're unsure send an RFC patch and Paul/I can check08:52
kroonRP, will do. buildhistory.bbclass line 899, "srcrevs.items()"08:53
RPkroon: I'm about to go afk but that sounds right08:54
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RPironically python 3.8 may go back to being sorted by default08:54
kroonRP, really... geez.08:55
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kroonRP, patch sent to ml, seems to do the trick here09:07
ernstpargh, still being hit by every now and then...09:29
yoctiBug 12107: normal, Medium, 2.7, JPEWhacker, NEW , useradd-staticids: groupadd: GID already exists09:29
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Fedora19Hello @all,10:08
Fedora19In my project I added meta-nodejs layer to be able to have nodejs10:09
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Fedora19I ran the command bitbake -c addto_recipe_sysroot nodejs-native10:10
Fedora19but bitbake wont compile nodejs10:10
Fedora19and it stuck all of my bitbake commands, how can I remove nodesj-native from the sysroot recipe ?10:11
LetoThe2ndFedora19: meta-nodejs is massively outdated, we're having suport for it in meta-oe since a couple of releases now. so i'd suggest to use that10:11
LetoThe2ndplus the command sounds pretty pointless, but i might be mistaken there.10:12
Fedora19LetoThe2nd: I'm in Yocto Pyro BTW10:12
LetoThe2ndFedora19: here you go:
LetoThe2ndif you need something more recent i'd suggest to backport it in a custom layer10:13
Fedora19Ok thanks, do you know any way to remove the nodejs-native recipe from sysroot-recipe ?10:14
Fedora19I will now use the pyro integrated nodejs recipe ! ^^10:15
LetoThe2ndwhy would one want to explicitly remove it?10:16
Fedora19Because after I add it through meta-nodejs layer, and add it to the sysroot-recipe, bitbake stucks at nodejs compilation and fails everytime i ran bitbake command !10:19
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LetoThe2ndwhy do you add it to the sysroot recpe?10:19
LetoThe2ndthis sounds all very fishy. what are you ACTUALLY trying to do?10:19
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Fedora19All I wanted to do was to create recipe using recipetool for a web app built by nodejs and fetch from a gitlab repository. But recipetool fails because nodejs was not present in layers, so I get meta-nodejs layer.10:25
LetoThe2ndok. so. step #1: get rid off whatever you did. step #2: add the meta-oe layer to your build. step #3: try adding the recipe again.10:26
LetoThe2ndwhenever you start explicitly modifying things like the sysroots explicitly, thats an almost sure sign that you went wrong somewhere.10:28
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Fedora19Yes, I think I followed the wrong tutorial ! But thanks to you for the help10:37
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rburtonFedora19: just delete tmp and let bitbake rebuild.  if you want something in the sysroot for building, add it to DEPENDS.10:39
Fedora19I get this error when I use recipetool to generate my recipe based on npm: "ERROR: npm required to process specified source, but npm is not available - you need to run bitbake -c addto_recipe_sysroot nodejs-native first"10:44
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rburtonwell there you go, haven't seen that for a long time10:45
* LetoThe2nd thinks that recipetool is probably not the way to go here10:47
LetoThe2ndrather proper recipe scripting, and will probably need DEPENDS="nodejs-native"10:47
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rburtonwell recipetool probably know its a npm recipe but needs node available now to probe it10:50
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Fedora19Ok, it seems to work using nodejs on meta-oe layer ! ^^10:57
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ak77bblayers resides in build/conf, so it should not be commited, but when `repo sync` brings new layers they should be added somehow.... can I include/require some commited file to add default layers ? (bblayers template is not sufficient solution, once you already have build dir)12:08
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to find which Yocto Project recipe populates a particular file on an image root filesystem <>13:15
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varjagi'm trying to make an autotools based recipe/application build with libpulse13:30
varjaghowever it doesn't find the header files on build stage13:30
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varjagthe headers are there in sysroots_components dir of pulseaudio13:31
varjagshould i do something special in
varjagor should pulseaudio bb be modified to stage include files somehow?13:35
varjagthere have to be other projects that link to libpulse, no13:36
rburtonvarjag: did you depend on pulseaudio?13:45
varjagoh.. you mean a dependency in my .bb?13:49
varjagi'm so dumb13:53
varjagrburton: thank you!13:53
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NeilShey, I'm doing a clean build of our Krogoth based system and this is specific to my machine but bitbake has been stuck on do_install for ca-certificates-native-20160104-r0 since last night15:08
NeilSa bunch of us got new machines and everyones system bitbake build was fine. Mine always gets stuck on this one package.15:09
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NeilSis there a way I can see what is happening when do_install is running15:26
NeilS-DDD only says do_install started15:26
neverpanicNeilS: Look at log.do_install in ${WORKDIR}/temp15:27
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NeilSso it just seems stuck on Updating certificates in /home/user/code/yocto/ct_meta-boot2qt/build-controltech-var-som-mx6/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/ca-certificates-native/20160104-r0/image/home/user/code/yocto/ct_meta-boot2qt/build-controltech-var-som-mx6/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/etc/ssl/certs...15:36
NeilSthat is the last line in the log15:36
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NeilSthere's quite a bunch of files in there already.. weird feels like it's done but it isn't15:39
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NeilSanything else i can check?16:17
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Poky-sumo : nothing provides kernel-module-hello... error <>16:46
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xthunderheartxLittle help appreciated here. Created a recipe last spring for dbus-cxx.20:03
xthunderheartxGot it working at the time on Morty20:03
xthunderheartxBut trying to build again with rocko fails in do config20:04
xthunderheartxI can run the config and build natively on a linux host20:04
xthunderheartxBut bitbake fails to find two dependancies20:05
xthunderheartxThese dependancies exist (they were fetched)20:05
xthunderheartxThough the don't look like they were ever configured20:06
xthunderheartxEven though I have a DEPENDS line containing them.20:06
xthunderheartxI thought that forced them to be built and installed in the sysroot first, before my recipe was configured.20:07
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xthunderheartxIf I cd down into the working directory and call configure directly it fails saying the dependencies are missing.20:09
xthunderheartxThe from configure for the native build (which works) looks slightly different what I get when I invoke it in the yocto build environment, but pretty close.20:11
xthunderheartxI've been pulling my hair out on this all day.20:12
xthunderheartxFirst, is there a way to see what state a recipe is in after bitbake abends?20:13
xthunderheartxCan one acertain if the recipe has completed do_configure' for instance20:14
xthunderheartxAlso, how does the configure script know what versions of a dependent to check for?20:15
xthunderheartxAny help would be appreciated.20:15
xthunderheartxOMG - that was so incoherant20:18
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no_such_userHeya, anyone doing Docker builds? Is there a standard CROPS image I can just pull for Ubuntu 12.04 / 10.04 for testing some geriatric builds or do I have to roll my own?22:05
no_such_useri.e I cant find one via Docker Hub and have had a search and cant see one either22:05
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