Monday, 2019-01-07

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: .Failed to build yocto on ubuntu 18.04 <>01:58
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robbawebbaderRichard: I think it's possible, I haven't taken a closer look to see what flags the go programs are compiled with02:48
robbawebbamuch less the flags used to compile to toolchain itself :/02:49
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Make img from ext4, dtb and uboot.bin <>06:59
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derRichardrobbawebba: later today i have time to isolate the problem. ;-\09:48
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mckoangood morning10:18
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lucaceresolihi, while upgrading from rocko to thud I've been hit by a build failure in the newish make-mod-scripts recipe:11:35
lucaceresoli./include/linux/if.h:28:10: fatal error: sys/socket.h: No such file or directory11:35
lucaceresolithe thing is, that include file is in the recipe-sysroot, but make-mod-scripts passes only KERNEL_CC and HOST_CC, but none of them adds that path to the include dir list11:37
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake copying a prebuilt static library into `/usr/lib` location of output yocto linux image <>13:00
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derRichardam i blind or isn't there zero documentation on how to run yocto-autobuilder-helper?13:32
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rburtonderRichard: i suspect the autobuilder code in yocto-autobuilder2 is the documentation13:39
rburtonanyone here use icecc?13:40
derRichardrburton: ahh!, i cloned yocto-autobuilder and wondered why i found no traces to yocto-autobuilder-helper....13:41
derRichardyay, now the thing starts to make sense :P13:42
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lucaceresoliRP: the make-mod-scripts issue I reported disappears if I revert your commit
lucaceresoliIOW if I disable make prepare14:11
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lucaceresoliBTW in the meanwhile I tried building a clean boneblack configuration, and make-mod-scripts succeeds; I compared the line where make is called, and they look the same (except for different paths and arm/arm64 differences)14:14
RPlucaceresoli: when you say they aren't passed in KERNEL_CC or HOST_CC, is there a --sysroot option in there?14:16
lucaceresoliRP: no, there seem to be no "--sysroot" in the entire log.do_configure (after bitbake -v make-mod-scripts)14:19
lucaceresoliRP: with  bitbake -e make-mod-scripts I see the only lines mentioning --sysroot are those exporting CC, CCLD, CPP, CXX, FC, LD, plus the TOOLCHAIN_OPTIONS= line14:21
lucaceresolibut the recipe only passes the HOST and KERNEL_ variants of those14:22
RPlucaceresoli: which machine is this for? It is working everywhere else without the headers so I'm wondering how your setup differs14:22
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RPrburton: we should decide about the python and hostname patches in -next. In or out in which form?14:23
RPrburton: I'm leaning to merge the python ones and rework netbase to move the file14:23
lucaceresoliRP: I have a custom machine conf file, based on the zynqmp machine conf in meta-xilinx14:24
RPlucaceresoli: does the plain zynqmp machine work for thud?14:25
RPlucaceresoli: it may be the kernel version you're using needs some fix?14:25
lucaceresoliRP: yes, albeit in a different setup (they use multiconfig, I don't)14:25
lucaceresoliRP: in my files I have only  a few extra definitions:14:26
lucaceresoliRP: the most relevant is PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel and PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/bootloader pont to my linux and u-boot recipes14:26
derRichardok, yocto-autobuilder-helper is not the right thing for me14:27
lucaceresoliRP: may the different virtual/kernel provider cause similar issues?14:27
RPlucaceresoli: well, it means you're using a totally different kernel ;-)14:27
RPderRichard: fair enough, its just a different way of handling setup based on a single config file14:28
rburtonRP: sounds reasonable14:28
derRichardRP: for buildbot yocto-autobuilder-helper makes sense. but i need something small/simple/easy-to-use. so i go back to shellscript14:29
lucaceresoliRP: but not different kernel sources. "my" kernel points to the same tag as Xilinx's.14:29
lucaceresoliRP: and my own kernel recipe is basically 'require recipes-kernel/linux/' plus a few small additions14:30
RPderRichard: if something with -helper like functionality were part of bitbake, would that change?14:32
RPlucaceresoli: some difference has to cause it though!14:32
derRichardRP: yes.14:33
lucaceresoliRP: I totally agree :)14:33
RPderRichard: that is a potential future :)14:33
derRichardRP: to use yocto-autobuilder-helper, you need yocto-autobuilder2, this generates a layersinfo.json. then you need yocto-autobuilder-helper to fetch these repos, next step is having a config.json and run more magic scripts...14:34
derRicharda single tool plus a single config file would be nice :-)14:34
derRichardbonus: these scripts take parameters via commandline _and_ shell env14:34
RPderRichard: the idea is there could be a different driver than y-ab2, its just not been written yet14:34
lucaceresoliRP: I'm trying to restrict the area to investigate, do you think the kernel recipe itself can be the culprit (as opposed to the make-mod-scripts recipe?)14:35
derRichardRP: yeah, i understand.14:35
RPderRichard: including Jenkins14:35
derRichardso, no big deal. i'm fine with shellscript+reporepo or +gitsubmodules14:35
RPlucaceresoli: I'd check it really is the same kernel source and if so, diff the kernel configs14:35
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lucaceresoliRP: same kernel SHA-1. Do you mean you'd compare the two kernel diffs? To sort out what looks like an include path issue? Ok, will do it for lack of better ideas... but I don't get the reason14:47
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RPlucaceresoli: I'm wondering if linux-yocto is applying patches or something14:52
RPlucaceresoli: same sha may or may not mean what we'd like it to mean depending on where you get it from14:53
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lucaceresoliRP: weird. After a cleansstate of kernel, now make-mod-scripts succeeded15:05
lucaceresoliI'm puzzled15:05
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rburtonRP: think i fixed the sdk thing, will fire a new quick build now15:08
RPrburton: yay!15:14
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto compiled U-Boot for custom Sabresd-based board won't boot <>15:30
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kanavinrburton_: I brought back nativeperl wrapper, can we do another AB pass?16:09
kanavinRP: ^^^16:13
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kanavinRP: with the new code the upstream version checks for all recipes are no longer parallel, and thus much slower :(16:22
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake: How to only fetch the sources? <>16:31
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JPEWrburton: Ah! I always wondered why the SDK might possibly have multiple environment scripts.... its for multilib :)16:41
CroftonPLease check my answer to the s-o question16:44
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ak77where does qemu mac address come from? on different hosts it's the same, is there a way to deduct it from host's eth0 somehow ?16:57
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RPkanavin: If its a problem we can likely parallelise it17:11
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RPkanavin: running17:27
RPJPEW: or potentially multiconfig too17:28
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Croftonkanavin, wtf is Yocto 2.5 :)17:38
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rburton_JPEW: yeah.  the nightly-multilib autobuilder run has a three-way MIPS build17:40
rburton_proper 32-bit, proper 64-bit, and that halfway 32/64 bit combo17:40
rburton_thats where all the "check the binary matches what we expect" tests came from17:41
yates_homederRichard: could you pm me please?17:41
RPCrofton: the one after 2.4?17:49
CroftonI added a link to the version decoder ring17:50
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derRichardyates_home: did so18:46
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* kroon wonders why some files under oe-core/meta/files/common-licenses/* get their "Modify"/"Change" timestamps updated during a build19:08
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yates_homederRichard: ok, check now please19:21
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tgoodwinI have a python task that needs to import a module from a -native recipe that is not in a standard location like /usr/lib.  I've used the `sys.path.insert(1, the_native_path)` however I get `No module named 'whatever'` after a few imports (e.g., `from some import native_thing` which then imports `whatever`).  The pyc files are there, where it's supposedly searching.  It works fine in a devshell and seems to only have a19:26
tgoodwinproblem when importing modules relative to the top.19:26
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to install dependencies from requirements.txt in a Yocto recipe for a local Python project <>19:31
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tgoodwinAnyone have an idea on how to get the recursively referenced modules to import in the python task as well?19:46
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tgoodwinAh, I see the problem.  The python task isn't running a 2.7 interpreter, which my native module needs.20:12
tgoodwinIs there a way to have a python 2.7 task in bitbake?20:12
kergothno. tasks run in bitbake itself, and bitbake is python 320:17
kergothit sounds like what you really want is a separate python 2 script which a bitbake task runs20:17
kergothand inherit pythonnaitve so 'python' in the task is the python 2 we built20:18
kergothyou can easily put the script in a layer, add that layer's scripts path to the PATH in layer.conf, and thereby ensure you can run it from the task easily20:18
rburton_tgoodwin: https://pythonclock.org20:24
kergothheh, indeed20:26
rburton_just saying ;)20:27
tgoodwinkergoth: nice20:31
tgoodwinYeah I need to share that link with a few people.20:32
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kroonHow to use this new bitbake-hashserv, is one supposed to start it manually and then have SSTATE_HASHEQUIV_SERVER set and do a build ?20:38
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* armpit nothing like loading the gun to shoot yourself in the foot... gosh, I am expert at it20:41
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derRichardi get this warning: package-foo went backwards which would break package feeds from (0:git0+90bd93c1ae-r0 to 0:git0+25e2fb7e3c-r0)20:45
derRichardwhy is this kind of check not disabled for autorev/git recipes?20:45
derRichardcomparing the git sha1 is not very wise ;)20:46
kergothiirc if you're using SRCPV it should include a leading number based on commit count, not hash alone20:46
kergothwhich is why you shouldnt directly add SRCREV to your PV20:46
JPEWkroon: Yes, but it's still a work in progress :)20:47
JPEWkroon: Including documentation20:48
derRichardkergoth: well, i did:20:48
derRichardSRCREV = "${AUTOREV}"20:48
derRichardPV = "git${SRCPV}"20:48
derRichardis this stupid? :)20:48
kergoththat's correct, not sure why you're getting git0 for both unless you rebased the branch so the distance didn't change20:49
derRichardi did not rebase20:50
JaMaderRichard: did you enable prserv?20:50
derRichardsince i don't know what prserv is, i guess "no" :-)20:50
kroonJPEW, figured out I had to set BB_SIGNATURE_HANDLER too20:51
JaMaprserv is a service which returns incremented LOCALCOUNT number to be used as a prefix for SRCREV in SRCPV20:51
JPEWkroon: Oh, right that too :)20:51
JPEWkroon: Also SSTATE_HASHEQUIV_REPORT_TASKDATA = "1" if you want to be nice and make debugging the cache a little easier20:52
derRichardkergoth: this git repo has no tags. maybe this is the reason for git020:52
kroonJPEW, just wondering, in the end, shouldn't the server be started/stopped automatically when doing a build with bitbake ?20:52
JPEWkroon: And probably INHERIT += "reproducible_build"20:53
JPEWkroon: Ya possibly... running a local one might not be too useful AFAICT. You really need to share one for maximal effectiveness (sort of like the prserv)20:53
kroonJPEW, hmm I though this hashserv thing would sort of accelerate doing incremental builds ?20:54
JPEWkroon: Thats the end goal, but its not there right now20:55
kroonJPEW, ok20:55
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kroonJPEW, I'm trying to figure out if it makes sense to use some of the hash output from OEOuthashBasic() and store that in buildhistory, to detect when files change21:19
JPEWkroon: Possibly, is this as part of an attempt to make builds more reproducible?21:20
kroonJPEW, well, more like detecting when files change, so that fixes can be made to make it reproducible. buildhistory seemed like the place to put this info, at least i'm not aware of any other way to easily detect changes in the output21:23
JPEWkroon: Yes, I think using the output from OEOuthashBasic would be a good use for that. I've been meaning to find some one working on the reproducible build setup to suggest it21:24
JPEWkroon: The only thing to be aware of is that OEOuthashBasic ignores timestamps21:24
kroonJPEW, ok21:26
JPEWkroon: In general I think there is a lot of good overlap between the usecases for using the hash equivalence to accelerate builds and reproducible builds21:27
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: need help in using bitbake INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE flag <>21:32
tgoodwinAnyone see this on rocko: I'm getting an installed-vs-shipped QA about files that don't exist in the image's directory (which were deleted during the install task after autotools ran).21:45
tgoodwinTurns out it's the base do_package duplicating my sources and putting them into the package path.  So that suggestion from installed-vs-shipped actually can't be worked around since do_package is causing its own problem.21:52
derRichardguys, can it be that the go-cross-canadian package is broken? it contains the go compiler but no sources for the standard go packages21:52
derRichardtherefore you cannot build anything with the go compilert in the sdk21:53
RPderRichard: you may need to add something to the target sysroot too?22:00
* RP doesn't know much about go22:01
derRichardRP: well, i hoped that go-cross-canadian-XXX-dev contains these files, but this rpm is empty22:02
derRichardusually the "go" package on a linux distro contains the compiler plus the standard library22:02
RPderRichard: I'd not expect that package to contain those things22:03
*** andrey_utkin <andrey_utkin!~andrey_ut@gentoo/developer/andrey-utkin> has quit IRC22:03
RPderRichard: its the wrong arch (running on the nativesdk system)22:03
RPderRichard: go-runtime-dev in the target sysroot?22:04
*** marka <marka!~masselst@> has quit IRC22:04
derRichardlet me check, this is a good idea22:04
derRichardRP: sounds like a sane approach, go-runtime-dev was not installed22:05
derRichardlet me rerun the build22:05
derRichardthat go stuff drives me crazy22:05
*** WillMiles <WillMiles!> has quit IRC22:08
kroonJPEW, sstate.bbclass line 826 looks a little funny .. stat:ing twice is that intentional ?22:10
kroon(using master-next)22:11
JPEWkroon: Yes it is on purpose. It is reporting the file mode (permissions; S_IMODE) and file type (e.g. file, directory, symlink; S_IFMT) seperately to make it easier to see why something changed22:12
JPEWIt doesn't actually call stat() twice22:13
*** mrk377 <mrk377!a2f43371@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto22:14
kroonhmm are we talking about the same line.. ? this one "if stat.S_ISBLK(s.st_mode) or stat.S_ISBLK(s.st_mode):"22:15
*** maudat <maudat!~moda@> has quit IRC22:15
JPEWah, hah hah.22:15
JPEWYou are correct, it should be stat.S_ISBLK() or stat.S_ISCHR()22:16
kroonyes, that would make more sense :-)22:17
*** gaulishcoin <gaulishcoin!> has quit IRC22:21
mrk377Quick guidance question:   I have used a custom BSP for many years with a Pentium-M architecture.  Now I am migrating to an Intel-Atom (E3845) w/ BayTrail SoC.  It appears I must use the meta-intel BSP.  I'm currently at Sumo for Pentium-M.  How do use the meta-intel  BSP (MACHINE ?= intel-corei7-64) and include all my previous BSPs?  I am currently using meta-intel as a submodule and symbolic linking to POKY_DIR.  Is it best to copy22:22
frayyou never have to use meta-intel (or any other semi layer).. you can always do it yourself..22:24
frayBut often it's easier to use a semi's layer -- just keep in mind it often comes with penalties of requring a kernel different from the main YP kernel22:24
mrk377When you say, do it yourself.  Are you referring to copying the meta-intel as a starting point then honing it down to the bare essentials?22:26
*** JaMa <JaMa!~martin@> has quit IRC22:26
frayno, I'm referring to you defining your own machine.conf file for your own boards and using the Yocto Project kernel for sources22:26
fraysince the Yocto Project kernel is very close to the upstream Linux kenrel (  If you know it works there, it should work properly with the Linux Yocto as well.22:27
frayif you want to use a semi layer, such as meta-intel, then just download it 'somewhere', and when you create a new build directory, you just add it to your build's conf/bblayers.conf file22:27
fraythat will enable the components, after that it's just an issue of using the components and configurign them properly22:27
fray(this is all covered the main documentation)22:28
mrk377Oh, yes I currently have a "machine.conf" for my pentium-M.  It works great, and has many custom kernel options for 3.14.* and many bbappend files.  This new hardware will require a new kernel 4.11+ and I am wondering best way to start.  I was gonna start with the meta-intel but didn't know if that is correct?22:29
frayif you are not using anything specific from meta-intel, there is no reason to use it..22:31
mrk377A semi-layer (BSP) is the meta-intel.  I understand terminology now.  Hmmm.  If you tweak the meta-intel BSP files then what is best way to control?  Your own repo?22:31
fray(specific things, optimziation configurations, specific BSP configurations, kernel modules, etc)22:31
frayIn general you want to make sure only include layers that have specific items you want/need/use.. otherwise you run a risk of introducing errors or difficult to find problems..22:32
mrk377I see.  I believe I need the meta-intel for optimization but not certain yet.  The meta-intel might not be required if I'm not using the graphics card, etc.  It is a headless unit.22:33
fray(I've got nothing against meta-intel or any other semi layer -- just be aware of what you are getting when you use them)  often they provide custom kernel sources that may provide specific vendor features (good) or (bad) lock you in to some random kernel that is difficult to support22:33
mrk377I don't want vendor lock.  I have been locked to the 3.14 kernel due to HW drivers.22:34
mrk377In the past22:34
frayAtom/Baytrail may not have specific system config files..  I believe it supports the core i7 config22:34
mrk377Yeah, I don't know if the Baytrail SoC requires the meta-intel.  I22:35
mrk377am just getting ramped up for this new effort.  Wanted the expert opinions from you guys.  Thanks for ideas.22:35
frayintel arch is one of those that mostly just works without anything special.. unless you need specific drivers and/or graphics support..22:35
frayI tend to stay away from meta-intel, only because I want to use the linux-yocto kernel (stock) to try to avoid semi vendor specific changes..22:36
fray(since i have to support a bunch of ARM, MIPS and PPC systems as well)22:36
frayit does mean that there is potentially more work on my side to setup the system tuning, and configure the kernel though..22:36
fraybut it's a reasonable tradeoff for my needs..22:36
mrk377I'll try to maintain my custom machine.conf, and update kernel first.  It might be without major headaches, but it's never quite that easy. ;)22:37
*** anubani <anubani!~quassel@> has quit IRC22:38
frayUsing third party layers can make things easier, (and usually does for userspace).. but when it comes to the kernel.. you need to either trust the semi (and understand that one kernel is usually not compatible with another semi's kernel) or use the stock system and then have access to the shared kernel.   Both are entirely valid approaches, just a tradeoff22:39
fray(since semi kernels often have specific board and device optimizations not in the more generic shared kernel.22:39
fraybut either way the approaches are similar.. any work you do should be in your own custom layer anyway.. (even if it's adjustments to meta-intel).. makes it easier to manage long term.. and the approach of including layers (meta-intel and/or your own) is pretty standard22:40
mrk377Fray: Preventing a custom delivery, I will try to keep stock kernel.  I see your points.22:41
fray(and if you want to use the raw upstream kernel, you can do that as well.. but the Linux yocto kernel has a few common integration changes that are usually needed..  thus I prefer the linux-yocto kernel over myself)22:42
mrk377If I do use the meta-intel BSP, then I will control within my local repo.  This is different from my openembedded submodule.  I was hoping to use a submodule for meta-intel if needed.22:43
mrk377I will stick with the yocto-kernel.  That is what I use now for my deployments.22:43
fraythe way you download the layers (submodules or otherwise) is up to you.. there is no standard approach.. I use 'repo' myself, but I don't know of any two groups that do exactly the same thing22:44
*** rewitt <rewitt!~rewitt@> has joined #yocto22:44
fray(I don't particularly like submodules, as I find them harder to manager then repo... but that is personal preferrence)22:44
mrk377submodules for openembedded has been easy for me when jumping yocto releases.  It just required some experimentation of both.22:45
fraywhatever youa re comfortable is fine for managing downloads..22:46
mrk377Fray: Thanks again for your activity and responses.  I appreciate it.  Well done sir.22:47
frayno problem..22:48
kroonJPEW, I'm thinking along the lines of putting a processed depsig.do_package under version control in buildhistory, maybe making the content a little more human-readable22:56
JPEWdepsig isn't human readable? ;)22:57
JPEWMore seriously, it should be human readable, thats most of the point of having it exist. Now is the time to change it if you have suggestions before it starts being used22:58
kroonJPEW, fairly human readable to be fair :-) but maybe file mode and type could be spelled out in a way that is easier to grasp23:00
kroonJPEW, instead of a hex number23:00
*** anubani <anubani!~quassel@> has joined #yocto23:01
JPEWkroon: Sure, that would make sense. Can you comment about that (and any other ideas that would make the reproducible stuff easier) on the patch on the mailing list?23:01
*** tgraydon <tgraydon!~textual@> has joined #yocto23:01
JPEWkroon: I'd rather spend a little longer now that have a OEOuthashBasic2 in a few months :)23:02
*** mrk377 <mrk377!a2f43371@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC23:02
kroonJPEW, oh is this set in stone once released :-/23:03
kroonJPEW, sure I'll post a mail tomorrow with these comments23:03
JPEWNo, you can choose a new one, it just invalidates all the old hashes23:03
JPEWkroon: Thanks23:04
derRichardrobbawebba: found why my go application crashes when built with yocto. it is due to dynamic linking23:07
derRichardif i disable it in meta/classes/goarch.bbclass, the application works fine23:08
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