Wednesday, 2019-01-09

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kroonJPEW, so, apparently there are more unstable data entries in the pkgdata output files.. i'll post patches to ml for suggested fixes, but some are not trivial to me, so would be good if you or RP could have a closer look at them01:03
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to store downloads folder on our private repo in yocto <>05:08
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murray_Currently trying to add packagemanager (apt) to yocto build for development testing08:56
murray_Can anyone tell me if this is possible as im finding conflicting information on the net?08:56
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LetoThe2ndmurray_: technically its only software, so it certainly is possible. the question rather is, how much effort you need, and what you expect to gain.08:58
LetoThe2ndthe recipe certainly is there:
murray_This is just for allowing me to add packages onto the dev kit for testing now08:59
LetoThe2ndwell instead of reinventing the wheel i08:59
murray_When we go to prod i will not need the package manager as i will ensure that everything we need is reinstalled09:00
LetoThe2ndi'd stick with opkg or such for dev purposes. its already there, no or only little work required.09:00
murray_So can i install the same packages with apt as i could with opkg?09:02
murray_And thanks for the link :)09:02
LetoThe2ndor smart, or whatever. just see what fits best, and not just say "apt because i already know it from my desktop". wasting time there does not help your product, probably.09:03
LetoThe2ndits rpm centric, but you should get the idea.09:04
LetoThe2ndlike, is only 3 steps, essntially.09:04
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kanavinRP: there are four ptest failures in the new perl, I didn't check how the old one compares admittedly10:20
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to bitbake copy a prebuilt static library into the sdk <>10:39
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murray_so when i use the command dpkg -l i would expect that it displays a listof install packages10:57
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murray_Instead im just receiveing a response "dpkg not found"10:57
LetoThe2ndmurray_: did you actually deselect package_deb AND the package_management IMAGE_FEATURE?11:01
LetoThe2ndotherwise, well... dpkg is not installed.11:01
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learningcIs there a way to display all the recipes using yocto?11:02
murray_So does this have to be done when building the image?11:02
murray_I was given this image by the firmware guys11:02
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murray_Leto are you still here?11:10
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LetoThe2ndmurray_: of course it has to be done when building the image11:12
LetoThe2ndlearningc: try to rephrase, please.11:12
LetoThe2ndmurray_: hint: if you use tabcompletion its easy to type my full nickname, and then i'll be highlighted when you address me.11:13
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rburtonlearningc: all recipes you can build? bitbake-layers show-recipes11:14
murray_LetoThe2nd: Thanks. On so i will just need to build it from scratch to add the PMK11:14
LetoThe2ndmurray_: so in that case, ask the firmware guys to expand your image as needed.11:14
murray_LetoThe2nd: Yes we have asked but the turn around time is long as theyu have other things in the way.11:14
murray_LetoThe2nd: Hence why i am going to try get a new image together myself11:15
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LetoThe2ndmurray_: basically, yes. and you need some form of machine that serves the package repository. but if you jump through all those hoops, it is often WAAAAAY easier to just sum up the things you want added to your dev image, and then rebuild it including those. no need for package management then.11:15
murray_LetoThe2nd: Its basically just a webserver, ftp and nodejs that i need to add.11:16
rburtonwell for development use, python's simplehttpd is enough11:16
murray_LetoThe2nd: So besides those i have no reason for PM11:16
LetoThe2ndmurray_: then decide upon which you want, and rebuild your image with those added. done11:17
rburtonif someone ships you an image without the layers and instruction to rebuild it, complain11:17
murray_LetoThe2nd: Cant be that hard to do. Will go have a look at the building process.11:18
LetoThe2ndmurray_: if its just for your local, non-reproductible tinkering, this can be as simple as adding CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL = "nodejs lighttpd lftp"11:18
LetoThe2ndto local.conf11:18
LetoThe2ndonce you have your build set up, of course. but its really the job of your firmware guys to get you started with the initial setup first.11:19
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zino_hi,I'm a yocto newbie trying to create a new recipe: builds fine and the rpm is populated with the .ko file but "bitbake core-image-minimal" fails with any help would be greatly appreciated11:24
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learningcrburton, bitbake-layers show-recipes works. Thanks. :)12:42
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derRichardjust to be sure, something like that in a recipe is wrong: S = "${WORKDIR}/${PN}-${PV}"13:34
derRichardit needs to be ${BPN}, otherwise multilib builds will break, right?13:34
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rburtonderRichard: yes. also thats teh default14:12
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derRichardrburton: i'm asking because i see some recipes in meta-openembedded that use just PN and fail to build14:16
* derRichard prepares patches :)14:16
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rburtonderRichard: default is WORKDIR/BP, BP is BPN-PV14:24
derRichardrburton: yes. i'd remove all lines like this one: S = "${WORKDIR}/${PN}-${PV}"14:28
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tgoodwinIs there a way to have multiple -dbg packages, for example, in a given recipe?  I've tried adding the names to the PACKAGES list and specifying FILES for those names, but the various -dbg all get lumped together.14:47
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rburtontgoodwin: preferred is single package.  if you really want it split set NOAUTOPACKAGEDEBUG="1"15:07
tgoodwinrburton: alright, thanks.15:10
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nobituthello, my image bb has TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK += "nativesdk-python3 \                         nativesdk-python3-mako \                         nativesdk-python3-numpy \                         nativesdk-python3-setuptools \                         nativesdk-python3-requests \                        "15:42
nobitutbut then I got an error when ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'nativesdk-python3-asn1crypto' (but virtual:nativesdk:/home/oe-builder/meta-oe/meta-python/recipes-devtools/python/ RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)15:44
nobitutanyone can help?15:44
nobitutthe SDK need "requests" module15:45
jofrnobitut: Do you include+enable the meta-python layer from openembedded?15:48
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nobitutyes. If I remove nativesdk-python3-requests, everything will be happy15:50
kergothdetermine which recipe includes asn1crypto and ensure it has nativesdk in BBCLASSEXTEND15:53
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nobitutthanks, why it didn't happen to other module ? such as numpy or mako for example16:17
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rburtonbecause they already are available for nativesdk16:24
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JPEWkroon: Are you here?16:52
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JPEWkroon: How does this look for a depsig format:
kroonJPEW, so beautiful it almost brings a tear to my eyes18:46
JPEWkroon: Lol. Anything missing? I omitted the file sizes.... do you think they are useful?18:47
kroonJPEW, I think file size could be interesting to monitor yeah18:48
kroonJPEW, I guess the cost of adding it is negligible ?18:49
JPEWYa, its easy18:50
kroonso 2:nd and 3:rd column is user and group18:52
kroonthen device major/minor18:52
JPEWYes, I was thinking about adding headers18:54
JPEWI also think I need to  move the major minor to a separate section; the values aren't well defined for non-device files18:55
kroonSo, "ls" prints the filesize for regular files in place of character major/minor for device nodes18:58
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kroonand the "-> <dest>" suffix for symlinks18:59
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JPEWkroon: Ya, I was trying to use 'find' only (I'm also not a big fan of the postprocessing that buildhistory does to remove dangling " ->" at the end of the lines)19:06
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kergothit parses ls output? uck, that's not kosher19:11
JPEWkergoth: It parses find output, so it's not *as* bad19:12
kergothah, so it's to avoid having to run a ton of readlink forks or something19:15
JPEWYa, or trying to avoid multiple passes (like I'm proposing with depsig)19:15
kergoththat doesn't seem all that unreasonable to me, so the sed is just to remove the empty entries when they aren't symlinks..19:16
kergothugly, but reasonable given the alternatives19:16
bluelightningthere's probably a bunch of stuff in there that would have been better written as python, but it started out as shell and I built on it...19:16
JPEWIndeed.... but you can't run a python function under fakeroot :(19:17
bluelightningno, true19:17
bluelightningand I believe it did parse ls output at one time :D19:17
kergothpython isn't always faster, too, given the linux tools are usually written in C. i.e. our attempts to unpack tarballs in python were horribly slow compared to just running tar19:18
kergothbut yeah19:18
JPEWAnyway, I already have to do multiple passes to calculate file checksums, so I figured a separate pass for symlinks wasn't the end of the world19:18
JPEWkroon: Oh, right I didn't include the size because it lists the size of directories also, which I'm not sure is portable19:23
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kroonJPEW, aha19:26
JPEWWe can drop the SIZES section if you want19:35
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JPEWAlterantivly, it could be split up by file type, so list "mode owner size path" for all files, then "mode owner path -> target" for all symlinks, then "mode device path" for block devices19:38
JPEWBut the checksum would still have to be on their own; it's just to slow to have find run them through shasum correctly.19:39
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kroonIs is not feasible to just do one line per file, including the checksum ?19:47
JPEWIt's tricky. You can't do it (quickly) with shell code; you would have to write a python script.19:48
kroonI thought you were doing this in Python ?19:48
kroonyou need to run it under pseudo ?19:49
JPEWRight it was originally, but you can't write a python function in bitbake that runs under fakeroot (which is required to get the correct UID/GID)19:49
JPEWWe *could* potentially have a shell function that invoke a python script19:49
JPEWI haven't seen that done anywhere else19:50
kergothi've split off and used standalone python scripts from tasks before19:53
JPEWkergoth: Ok. Where does the script usually live?19:53
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kroonJPEW, the pseudo db is also an output..20:22
kroonJPEW, im just wondering, is it not inevitable to calculate the hashes under pseudo ?20:23
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JPEWkroon: Not sure I follow20:38
kroonJPEW, as far as I understand, pseudo uses some sort of database where it stores file metadata, containing changes the pseudo user does that cant be recorded in the actual filesystem20:40
JPEWYes, thats mostly accurate20:41
kroonshouldn't the information in that db also be part of the output hash ?20:43
JPEWAs far as what users/groups own what files, or the db file itself?20:44
kroonthe first20:44
JPEWYes, it does. Thats why the checksums need to be run under pseudo (fakeroot)20:44
JPEWErr, not the checksums, but the file listings (if they include the UID/GID)20:45
kroonyeah, ok20:46
kroonJPEW, your original format was kind of nice, <filename>\n <field1>\n <field2> .. etc. at least it only required to big file name to be printed only once20:51
JPEWOk, let me work on the external python script for a bit, I think I can get something that has all we want looks nice, and isn't too slow20:53
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nate02I'm having trouble with pulseaudio. I believe it's because I don't have a logged in user to start the daemon, and it isn't supposed to run as system20:57
kroonI'll continue with trying to get depsig.do_package stable inbetween rebuilds..20:57
nate02anyone know what I should do?20:58
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RPJPEW: when is this running? If its python task context its already under pseudo21:04
RPor can be anyway21:04
RPJPEW: either the task is already running under pseudo in which case we care about permissions or its not under pseudo and we dont?21:05
kergothhuh, never played with tracemalloc.
RPJPEW: FWIW we standardise on names, not UID/GID numbers21:09
RPJPEW: and I think we should only consider them for fakeroot tasks21:09
rburtonnate02: we have a packageconfig to enable the run-as-system mode21:10
RPkergoth: I wonder how bitbake looks with that, interesting21:10
kergothah, cool, you can filter stuff out too — has an example of that21:11
kergothyeah, that's what i was wondering too21:11
kergothi remember trying to use heapy and the like and it was a pain in the ass21:11
kergoththis is way easier21:11
JPEWRP: ya, thats *way* easier.... I think I got down a rabbit trail of over complication :)21:17
nate02rburton: I'm not seeing that option, i'm on pyro and i checked master21:18
rburtonnate02: haven't configured it for an age, but try systemd and autospawn-for-root21:18
nate02rburton: ok, thanks, will do21:19
kergoth#Python news: Guido accepted PEP 572.  Python now has assignment expressions.21:24
kergoth    if (match := (data)) is not None:21:24
kergoth        print( (1))21:24
kergoth    filtered_data = [y for x in data if (y := f(x)) is not None]21:24
kergothcourse it'll be a while till thats in a release, and even longer till we can use it in bitbake, but nice21:25
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yates_homei need to get the linux kernel development files installed on my target so i did a "smart install linux-dev", but smart is giving me Invalid SHA (expected 3f502eff9d9f6922b004f0bd49ad576e67f96d1d, got 22a883714387489ac2ee00215a5b6de985260e6a)21:43
yates_homei then thought i'd try rebuilding that package, but bitbake kernel-dev doesn't work21:44
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yates_homedoes that SHA include the dtsi files?21:49
yates_homenm. updating the package-index worked21:51
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JPEWhmm, bitbake seems to be locking up on me after "Initializing Tasks" on the latest master21:55
yates_homenm the nm. although smart now installs kernel-dev, rpm -ql kernel-dev only shows files being installed in /boot, none of which are headers22:00
yates_homejust a few files22:00
yates_homewhat the heck?22:00
yates_homewere there some snafu's in the kernel-dev package back in Morty?22:00
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derRichardi don't understand why we use FILES_${PN} and not FILES_${BPN}22:13
rburtonbecause BPN would be the wrong name22:14
derRichardbut some use BPN22:14
rburtononly where required22:14
derRichardmeta/recipes-extended/mc/${BPN}-fish = "${libexecdir}/mc/fish"22:14
rburtonthat's very wrong22:14
derRichardmeta-oe/recipes-connectivity/libmtp/${BPN}-common = "${nonarch_base_libdir}/udev/rules.d/*"22:15
rburtonboth 100% wrong22:15
rburtonpatches please22:15
derRichardi'm currently doing a patch series and got confused :)22:15
kergoththat'll result in doing nothing at all when BPN != PN22:15
derRichardso, BPN is mandatory only when setting S?22:16
rburtonBPN is the PN but with prefixes/suffices removed22:16
kergothit's valid for S because upstream's name doesnt' change when the multilib does22:16
kergoththe url isn't suddely lib32-bash-foo.tar.gz22:16
kergothit's bash-<version> regardless of recipe name22:16
rburton(or native/nativesdk extension)22:16
rburtonif PN is lib32-bash, nativesdk-bash, or bash-native, all have BPN=bash22:17
derRichardmeta-multimedia/recipes-multimedia/libdc1394/ has:22:17
derRichardS = "${WORKDIR}/git/${PN}"22:17
rburtonBase Package Name22:17
derRichardit does not build here22:17
rburtonderRichard: yeah thats wrong too22:17
derRichardthe fix is using BPN22:17
derRichardand killing the line22:17
derRichardbecause then it is the bitbake default22:18
rburtonno, its not22:18
derRichardyeah, sorry22:18
derRichardother recipe22:18
derRichardhere it is  S = "${WORKDIR}/git/${BPN}"22:18
kergoththe default is ${WORKDIR}/${BPN}-${PV}22:18
rburtonyeah, that's right22:18
kergothor rather, ${WORKDIR}/${BP}22:18
derRichardS = "${WORKDIR}/${PN}-${PV}"22:18
derRichardthis line can be removed22:18
rburtonits almost like meta-oe is 50% unmaintained/unreviewed cruft :(22:19
derRichardin meta-oe/recipes-shells/mksh/ i see:22:19
derRichardALTERNATIVE_TARGET[sh] = "${base_bindir}/${BPN}"22:19
derRichardis this correct?22:19
derRichardeverywhere else the recipe uses $PN22:19
rburtonyes, because you want the target to be mksh22:20
rburtonnot lib32-mksh22:20
rburtoni'd just use mksh for clarity tbh22:20
derRichardagreed. but now it makes more sense22:20
rburtonjust a few hours ago i was thinking about writing a tool to compare pkgdata for lib32-foo and foo, checking that the only differences were the multilib prefixes on package names and libdir name22:21
rburtonwhich would spot the mc problem in oe-core22:21
derRichardwhen i send patches for these recipes, will your autobuilder test them all with multilib?22:21
derRichardi'm not sure if i have the time to build test everything i touch :(22:21
rburtonunlike meta-oe, oe-core has automated multilib tests so its generally right, but some packaging quirks like that mc one won't cause errors, just files in the wrong place22:21
rburtonanyway its 22:22 here, g'night22:22
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derRichardhmm, in meta/recipes-support/curl/ i see:22:38
derRichardPACKAGES =+ "lib${BPN}"22:38
derRichardthis looks also odd22:38
derRichardfor both 32 and 64 builds this would be "libcurl"22:38
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kroonWho should email in order to file a request for receving an account for openembedded-core-contrib ?22:49
kroonOr will give me that ?22:54
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Croftonkroon, that only gives you a wiki account23:06
Croftondoes the layer have a README with a contribution policy?23:07
kroonCrofton, openembedded-core-contrib is just mirroring openembedded-core I assume23:09
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derRichardokay, i take this back23:13
derRichardtoo many variables ;D23:14
mcccHi, I am considering including ${DATETIME} in my DISTRO_VERSION in order for each of my builds to automatically have a unique version, which matches between what's displayed in the distro's user interface (via /etc/os-release) and the generated filename of the images.23:17
mcccIs this a good idea or is there something else I should consider?23:17
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