Friday, 2019-02-22

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto - exclude files from -dev package <>07:32
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: In Yocto, how to read a git repository via ssh on a nonstandard port <>09:33
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yohboyhi there, i'm trying to add .gdbinit in my build while building gdb but i'm falling in some trouble with this error: "Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package". I'm definitively missing something but don't know what, someone have any input please ? Here my bbappend and full error :
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rburtonkanavin: reckon you can get a gdkpixbuf upgrade in as part of the meson switch?10:48
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kanavinrburton, yep, I'll send it as a separate patch though10:52
kanavinalso looking into glib10:52
kanavinalso, any chance of looking at virgl patchset?10:52
kanavinit's been sitting in master-next for a looong time10:52
rburtonkanavin: note that buildhistory shows we used to disable the x11 bit of gdkpixbuf globally10:52
rburtonyeah browsing next this morning10:52
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rburtonkanavin: your submitted patch is a backport now :)11:04
kanavinwhich one?11:04
kanavinwhich both? :D11:05
rburtonkanavin: if you're shipping the 0.7.0 tag then i prefer naming the recipe because its not a git snapshot11:05
rburton(fetching via fetch being an implementation detail, we don't do and set PV in the recipe)11:06
rburtonkanavin: should qemu-nativesdk be built with gtk+?11:10
rburtonif it was built with sdl before then it had a UI11:10
rburtonso surely just removing sdl but not adding gtk+ makes it headless?11:11
kanavinrburton, that's a decision made through local.conf, just like for native:
kanavinpreviously there was confusion because sdl was enabled from two different places11:18
rburtonmaybe mention that in the commit too11:19
kanavinI still hope someone figures out how to make virgl work with sdl. I tried everything and wasted an awful amount of time on it, and it would just refuse to start, or start, then crash on virgl guest driver init11:20
kanavinor start, but show blank screen instead of sato11:20
kanavin(the last one is by the way how fedora's and suse's packaged qemu behaves too, so it has to be an upstream issue)11:21
rburtonhm i wonder if thats related to the blank screen when decoding video using dri2 under sato11:21
rburtonwith a compositing wm it works but without one dri2 would just see black11:22
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kanavinoh and btw: proprietary nvidia driver on the host is fully incompatible11:26
kanavinnot surprising11:26
kanavinnouveau works well nowadays, although nvidia keeps its performance much lower than their blob by refusing to provide some necessary firmwares11:27
kanavinI guess they see it as just a way to get some kind of output so that people can switch to the blob11:27
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: yocto: Add .gdbinit in build while building gdb <>11:33
rburtonkanavin: what's the performance hit? what did you test it with?11:36
rburton(glxgears doesn't count ;)11:36
kanavinrburton, glmark2, let me find the outcomes11:37
rburtonglmark2 is pretty lame too tbh.11:37
rburtonas i've discovered recently11:37
rburton2000fps on a nuc with bad gpu11:37
kanavinrburton, score 297 on the host (nouveau), 131 in qemu11:38
kanavinthere were a couple of tests that had a particularly notable slowdown (terrain is one(11:38
rburtonthe uniengine haven benchmark runs at ~10fps on my nuc in normal linux and is easy to install11:38
rburtonyeah terrain is the only test there that actually hits the gpu in any meaningful way11:38
kanavinrburton, I tried uniengine, it gives me like 7fps on the host, so I didn't bother11:39
kanavinrburton, google has been working on improving virgl performance, but it's not yet in a release. uniengine in particular has gotten better.11:40
kanavinlet me find a link11:40
kanavinthere you go11:40
kanavinrburton, performance is not the primary point however. the primary point is being able to run things that require 'hardware' gl to begin with.11:43
rburtonsure but "comparable" performance indicates that its not just doing software GL, which sort of works11:44
rburtonfor limited values of sort of11:44
rburton(if you enable llvmpipe)11:44
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kanavinit's basically establishing a link to the host GL (which can be software or hardware, depending on host's mesa drivers and hardware), there is some loss of performance due to transfer overhead (which is being worked on)11:49
kanavinbut otherwise, it's certainly not doing software gl in the guest11:49
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kanavinrburton, all fixed :)14:35
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rburtonkanavin: woo14:43
rburtonkanavin: can you file a bug about the loaders cache cross thing?14:44
rburtonkanavin: i keep on promising to do a gtk-from-git ci thingy to catch stuff like that14:44
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kanavinrburton, jku has filed it looooooong time ago14:44
rburtonmaybe a prod then :)14:45
yoctiBug 779057: was not found.14:45
kanavinbasically upstream doesn't know what to do about it14:45
kanavinthe best we can do for now is to run native versions of the respective tools and hope it works14:46
rburtonupstream claim its fixed
rburtonvia disabling stuff, mostly14:47
kanavinrburton, that fix is not yet in a release14:47
kanavinonce they release it, we can remove our patching14:48
kanavinI kinda considered disabling, but it would mean all of the ptests would be gone, for one thing14:48
kanavinif not meson.is_cross_build()14:49
kanavin  subdir('tests')14:49
kanavin  subdir('thumbnailer')14:49
kanavincan you really call this14:49
kanavin'fixed'? :)14:49
rburtonworked around14:49
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rburtonarmpit: is rocko still getting patches?15:28
rburtonhm looks like no15:28
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armpitRP, finally got around to sumo pull request. should be good for next point release16:40
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RParmpit: I was wondering if I missed it! :)17:13
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armpitRP, nope... I was just slow17:15
Croftontoo much beer17:17
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khemJPEW: have you seen these kind of errors17:23
khemRP: are plans to switch qemuarm to v7 on for 2.7 ?17:24
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georgemseems I missed the boat with my sumo CVE patches for systemd. doh17:24
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RPkhem: jonmason is supposed to be doing it17:26
RPjonmason: We're about to hit feature freeze so I'm getting concerned :/17:26
khemjonmason: whats blocking it ?17:26
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RPkhem: time :(17:31
CroftonI can drive over and beat him17:31
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gsalazarHi, I'm using the meta-ros layer from and hit an issue where it cannot compile rostime due to missing lpthread. I followed the steps in the wiki, has anyone hit this problem before?17:41
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khemgsalazar: add CLFAGS += "-pthread" to recipe17:59
khemCFLAGS I mean but you get it17:59
JPEWkhem: Ya, I had to blacklist pkg-config18:06
JPEWI need to update the master blacklist :(18:07
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gsalazarkhem: to the meta-ros recipe?18:10
JPEWkhem: Here is my current blacklist: ICECC_USER_PACKAGE_BL = "pkgconfig json-c glib-2.0 bison gettext"18:11
khemI added that to my site.conf with ICECC_USER_PACKAGE_BL_append18:12
gsalazarkhem: thanks18:14
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jonmasonkhem: I have FB working on qemuarmv7.  I just can't get X working18:15
jonmasonthat is the blocker18:15
jonmasonI'll send out patches to the mailing list asking for help18:16
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gsalazarkhem: changing the recipe didn't fix the issue, it asks: "Did you compile project 'cpp_common'?"18:23
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khemyou need to add -pthread to linker command18:44
khemso either via recipe or via makefile18:44
khemwhatever the package respects use that approach18:44
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: bitbake BBPATH confusion <>19:35
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