Sunday, 2019-02-24

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black_13any here familiar with using yocto inside of docker02:04
khemblack_13:sure, do you mean using docker to build yocto or use yocto to build an image to run inside docker02:09
black_13the first using docker to build yocto02:10
khemin anycase if you want to use docker to build then you might want to look at
khemthen you have it02:10
black_13put a fork in it!02:10
black_13I dont see a Dockerfile02:12
black_13should I02:12
khemif you need dockerfile look into
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black_13yeah I just found that.02:16
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black_13what is the simplest and fast bootable image that can be tested with qemu-arm03:58
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How can I install OpenCV on Yocto linux version <>05:41
black_13i have the same question06:09
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black_13yocti: hello06:17
yoctiblack_13: Error: "hello" is not a valid command.06:17
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nayfeblack_13: I'm using a modified version of
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black_13nayfe: how do you bring up and down the container.12:47
black_13and do you run provisioning script12:48
nayfeI have a jenkins job that creates docker, then I can use it when I launch jenkins builds12:48
nayfebasically first one do "docker built -t <tag> ."  and "docker push <tag>"12:51
nayfeThe build job uses modified setup-environment script from freescale BSP (
nayfeblack_13: i'm not sure i'm clear enough :)12:54
black_13sorry i read this with sleep still in  my eyes13:14
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khemyou can use socket activation for docker so it launches when its needed and use yoe distro, it will automatically download docker image and provision it and launch it as needed16:26
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fenrig_I have a problem with /var/lib in do_rootfs18:47
fenrig_file /var/lib conflicts between attempted installs of xxx and yyy18:48
fenrig_at first I was thinking it had to do with acl, but they seem the same 75518:48
neverpanicfenrig_: did you check uid/gid?18:50
fenrig_let me check again to be sure18:51
fenrig_the same18:53
fenrig_the recipe base-files has /var/lib and my other recipe generated /var/lib/<component>/18:54
fenrig_could it be due to that?18:54
fenrig_though that seems kind odd to me :/18:54
neverpanicNo, that's usually not a problem. The archive needs to contain that folder anyway.18:55
fenrig_what else ???18:55
fenrig_they have different creation dates :/18:57
fenrig_but that also shouldnt be a problem18:57
fenrig_btw looking in build/tmp/work18:58
fenrig_in the respective image directory of those conflicting components18:58
neverpanicyeah, that's where I'd look, too.19:00
fenrig_damn :P then there is no hope19:01
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fenrig_can I do something in the recipe to force my way through?19:11
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LanghalsdinoHi, i am new to the yocto project and struggling a bit with adding OpenCV to my build - CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL +=  “opencv”19:20
LanghalsdinoI get some error messages related to dependency missmatch, with the hint to to add '--allowerasing'. Currently i feel a bit stupid because i do not where i could add it. Maybe someone of you can help me out :)19:21
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fenrig_neverpanic: forced my way through by installing to /opt/lib instead of /var/lib19:40
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nerdboykhem: trying rpi3 on sumo has some failures in bison-native and cross-localedef-native20:21
nerdboyshould i just switch to thud?20:21
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JaMaRP: quick question about quite old commit do you remember why package_get_auto_pr was needed also for do_install?20:46
JaMaRP: I'm working on #12937 and there I'm adding do_deploy_links task which also needs to expand AUTOINC, but in this case the task hash of do_deploy and do_deploy_links is different, so it gets different number from PRserv and PKGR in KERNEL_IMAGE_BASE_NAME as different value in these 2 tasks (so do_deploy_links cannot find artifact created in do_deploy if the naming contains PKGR).20:49
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JaMaRP: and I think the same issue would be if do_install uses any filename with PKGR and do_deploy tries to deploy it (but it doesn't because do_install installs only with e.g. ${KERNEL_IMAGEDEST}/$imageType-${KERNEL_VERSION} which doesn't include PKGR)20:55
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khem nerdboy it should be working if you use one of supported distros for sumo21:53
khemand not a rolling one21:54
nerdboythat's kinda what i thought...  a musl build should be somewhat less susceptible to that?22:00
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khemyeah since no locales22:45
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black_13runqemu - ERROR - ~/poky_simple_qemu/build/tmp/deploy/images/qemuarm not a directory valid DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE23:37
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