Friday, 2019-03-01

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black_13is the ar archiver available for yocto00:22
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rburton_black_13: its part of binutils00:32
black_13i am looking for a tool that will build ipkg packages00:38
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rburton_that's what we use to build an opkg00:43
rburton_tbh you can most likely use dpkg, the format is near identical (and i often use dpkg to inspect opkg)00:43
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jonmasonRP: I was able to get it working.  "core-image-sato - OK - All required tests passed (successes=34, skipped=25, failures=0, errors=0)"04:05
jonmasonYou were right, it was the serial conf I changed which broke it.  Looks to specifically be the hvc0 part, which I removed for spewing errors.  Anyway, I'll change that part back and push it as a proper patch tomorrow.04:05
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daniel-kHi! I'm trying to setup a CI environment for Yocto and it looks like the way to go is a 2-staged process. 1st stage is building only a recipe/layer and 2nd stage is building the whole image. I guess because of fastr build times and real integrations tests. But I'm struggling to just build a layer/recipe. Is there a simple way that I'm missing?06:58
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LetoThe2nddaniel-k: actually its usually more like stage 1: setup the build including its configs 2: actually run the build07:27
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daniel-kLetoThe2nd, Are you talking about the release repository? I'm referring to the split application developer/system integrator. So app dev creates a new recipe that shall be CI built and tested.07:40
daniel-kLetoThe2nd, at least that's what I understand from various resources such as presentations and talks referenced from the Yocto wiki07:40
LetoThe2nddaniel-k: well you can't build the recipe without all of the infrastructure.07:48
LetoThe2nddaniel-k: of course you can build the app recipe as a "simpler" test and the image as an "extended" test for buld time reasons07:49
LetoThe2ndbut the real know-how in CI is not "which thing to bitbake", but "how to automate the build setup correctly"07:49
daniel-kLetoThe2nd, that's what I thought would be the idea. I also have an eSDK so the required infrastructure would be there07:50
daniel-kLetoThe2nd, But is there a way to build a recipe/layer in isolation? (I think you cannot bitbake a whole layer, right? Just recipes)07:51
daniel-kWith the eSDK, all image layers are already integrated and the only possibility I'm seeing so far is exchanging the "shipped" layer in the eSDK for the new revision that I want to CI build07:52
LetoThe2nddaniel-k: you cannot bitbake a layer at all07:54
LetoThe2nddaniel-k: you can bitbake recipes, which includes images07:54
LetoThe2ndand while you can technically use the esdk with its modify mechanism to add a recipe into it, this sounds really strange for CI07:55
LetoThe2ndi mean, it just adds another stage right upfront. where does the esdk come from?07:55
LetoThe2ndso the usual technique is to have a mechanism that sets up the layer stack and builds all-through07:57
daniel-kLetoThe2nd, I build the eSDK myself: `bitbake core-image-base -c populate_sdk_ext`07:57
RPjonmason: great!07:58
daniel-kLetoThe2nd, alright. I'm currently setting up the build for the release repo. From there it should not be that far to do the layer setup with a new PR and build that too07:59
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LetoThe2nddaniel-k: "i'm building myself" is a sharp contrast to CI08:00
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daniel-kLetoThe2nd, so I will be building the eSDK as part of the CI too. Just right now I'm doing this manually. But once the image build CI is setup, it will also emit the eSDK. Or am I missing something?08:01
LetoThe2nddaniel-k: why even the esdk08:02
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daniel-kLetoThe2nd, good point. For CI, I don't need it. I somehow thought for "just building the layer" I would need the eSDK. But yeah, I should just build the whole image with the new changes.08:04
LetoThe2nddaniel-k: eeeexactly!08:04
SimoneNasciveraRP: Hi, your solution solved the previous error but I got this new one while compiling glibc08:04
RPSimoneNascivera: There is something very wrong in that build :(08:05
daniel-kLetoThe2nd, but it's quite convenient for developing recipes on my laptop. So I will still build as a CI artifact I think08:05
RPSimoneNascivera: what, I don't know :(08:05
SimoneNasciveraRP:  I kow :(08:05
RPSimoneNascivera: its for qemux86 right?08:05
LetoThe2nddaniel-k: as a secondary CI artifact, thats all fine. but the esdk should come from the CI, and not be used to feed it.08:06
daniel-kLetoThe2nd, is there any resouce/open source project that has an example of layer setup for CI? I mean it shouldn't be that difficult, but why reinventing the wheel? :)08:06
SimoneNasciveraRP: I think I'll try a fresh install of ubuntu at this point08:06
LetoThe2nddaniel-k: its difficult and everybody reinvents the wheel08:06
SimoneNasciveraRP: yes it is08:07
LetoThe2nddaniel-k: you can look at 1) what the yocto qutobuilder does 2) look at kas 3) look at repo08:07
RPSimoneNascivera: I would love to know whether that fixed it...08:07
LetoThe2nddaniel-k: until now, there is no best practise and one-size-fits-all solution08:07
LetoThe2nddaniel-k: thats why i said, this is where the real know-how lies08:07
RPSimoneNascivera: As I said yesterday, we have 1604 used elsewhere including our autobuilder so we know this does work...08:07
* RP -> afk for a bit08:08
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daniel-kLetoThe2nd, thanks! what exactly is 3) repo? Repotool? The Yocto repo?08:09
LetoThe2nddaniel-k: repo. the tool google uses to manage android builds08:09
daniel-kLetoThe2nd, I see08:10
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jofrIs it ok to use an SSTATE for builds with different target architectures?08:40
jofrLike if I'm building the same image for both ARM and x86?08:41
jofrI should rephrase my question. Is it ok to use *the same* SSTATE for those builds?08:41
jofrSeems so. It's using the arch in the filenames08:43
hnjeI'm hitting this 'The postinstall intercept hook 'update_pixbuf_cache' failed"' error when building my rootfs, and it is related to not be able to find a loader.cache. Anyone experienced something similar and can point me in a direction?09:02
black_13trying to understand  unparsed line: 'IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " helloworld helloworld-dev'09:03
LetoThe2ndblack_13: look close, and find that you use " in the beginning and ' in the end09:04
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black_13this is what i get for doing stuff at this hour09:10
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black_13trying to undestand what this says or where to start
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LetoThe2ndblack_13: install: cannot stat '/home/jjosburn/Documents/programming/poky_qemu_arm/build/tmp/work/i586-poky-linux/helloworld/1.0-r0/hello': No such file or directory09:21
LetoThe2ndyour do_install command is broken09:21
black_13is that the file was never built09:22
black_13this is an arm build but it trying to build for x8609:22
LetoThe2ndthen not only this in your recipe is broken09:23
black_13i think i figure it out09:24
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black_13the guy wrote this example up left things out09:26
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black_13i built but not opkg09:30
black_13we are moving in the right direction though09:30
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Guest98965Anyone has any experience with adding ACLs in IMAGE_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND?10:31
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Guest98965It looks fine if you do setfacl and getfacl afterwards. And you can see the "+" at the end of the permissions if you do "ls -la"10:31
Guest98965but if I do a setfacl -m g:GROUP:rx FILE10:32
Guest98965the group permission in the "ls -la" is not changed in the pseudo environment10:32
Guest98965and when I deploy it on the target the group I added to have access can not execute the file10:32
Guest98965when I do the setfacl on the target the group permission is changed10:33
Guest98965and it works as expected10:33
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Guest98965so something like this10:35
Guest98965ls -la10:36
Guest98965-r-x------ 1 root root 6672 Feb 28 11:11 FILE10:36
Guest98965setfacl -m g:GROUP:rx  FILE10:36
Guest98965getfacl FILE10:36
Guest98965# file: FILE10:36
Guest98965# owner: root10:36
Guest98965# group: root10:36
Guest98965ls -la10:36
Guest98965-r-x------+ 1 root root 6672 Feb 28 11:11 FILE10:36
Guest98965If I run this in my "normal" linux I get10:37
Guest98965-r-xr-x---+ 1 root root 6672 Mar  1 11:37 FILE10:37
Guest98965pseudo version is 1.7.410:38
mckoanGuest98965: firstly, please use pastebin10:43
Guest98965sorry...will do next time10:43
black_13Guest98965: what mckoan said10:45
black_13how do you rebuild a recipe10:46
Guest98965I build the image and as part of the IMAGE_POSTPROCESS command we have some setfacl calls10:47
Guest98965so it is not part of a specific recipe10:47
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rburtonblack_13: run bitbake recipename, if it has changed then bitbake will rebuild it10:50
black_13what happens if i delete tmp and rerun bitback10:51
black_13sorry bitbake10:51
rburtonGuest98965: probably a bug in pseudo. xattrs *should* be preserved10:51
rburtonblack_13: it generally just pulls all the packages from the sstate-cache10:51
black_13how do you start fresh but but use the cache sources10:52
rburtondelete tmp10:55
rburtonit will just pull what i can from sstate-cache, building what it can't10:56
kanavinotavio, not at the moment, as then it would no longer run when virgl is not in use (which would be still the default for runqemu). It doesn't seem to be able to auto-detect those things, or try one then another etc.11:06
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Guest98965rburton: xattrs are preserved. I can see them when I do getfacl on the target. The difference is that the group permissions you can see in "ls -la" won't change when we do it in the build. They seem to be only affected when I do it on the target11:27
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rburtonpossibly a bug in pseudo11:31
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Guest98965hmpf :)11:46
otaviokanavin: I see.11:48
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JaMakhem: gcc 8.3 upgrade also breaks qtscript, there is fix in upstream, I'll add it soon12:07
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CroftonGtk-Message: 21:20:16.707: Failed to load module "pk-gtk-module"12:48
CroftonGtk-Message: 21:20:16.708: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"12:48
Croftonanyone know how to fis such messages?12:48
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rburtonstop trying to load them12:52
rburtoncanberra is from libcanberra12:53
rburtonnot sure what would be telling gtk to load those12:53
rburtonhm i wonder if its the new setting data12:54
rburtonhm, nope12:57
Croftonmy applications doesn't display the icons for buttons12:57
CroftonI am a complete idiot at guis12:57
LetoThe2ndCrofton: just like the rest of all proper engineers.12:59
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CroftonLetoThe2nd, thanks!13:04
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gauranganyone has used "ssh" protocol for SSTATE_MIRROR ?13:18
gaurangwhile i am trying, bitbake is not giving any error but not considering cache available at the respective path13:19
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willieHello, What is best practice for an init script for an qt application: Do make it in the application recipe, or create a seperate recipe ?13:53
willieI did try to put it in the qt recipe but since i have "inhert qmake5" it does get included in rootfs.13:53
rburtonthe inherit is nothing to do with t13:55
rburtoninstall the init script in the same recipe as your application13:55
rburtonwell, both ways work, but if its in the recipe then you can't not have one without the other13:55
rburtonjust install the file manually, and use the update-rcd class to set it up13:56
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willieBy installing manually, you mean a function in the .bb file?13:58
willieThats what I ment with inherit, I dont have any functions becouse of it and i guess qmake5 does not know what to do with an init script13:59
willieOkay I found the class Looks really nice thank you!14:03
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fenrigkergoth: damn I found a configure thats still checking for arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-gcc14:06
fenrigcould it be due to the machine config?14:06
fenrigits doing that on libtool-cross, so I should probably avoid this package14:21
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willieSo apperently i did not understand licencing the last time i did it.. How i assumed it works is: If i want to use update-rc.d i look where update-rc.d is located (In poky) then i copy the COPYING.MIT to my recipe and use the checksum14:33
willieIs this wrong?14:33
zeddiidefine “use”. meaning you have an rcX script in your recipe ? or something else ?14:37
willieI just put the checksum in LIC_FILES_CHKSUM= "file://COPYING;md5=mychecksum232322323"14:40
zeddiiwhat I mean is. unless your recipe is extending (not just using) update rc.d, you don’t need to copy the license file. you just license what your recipe is doing.14:43
zeddiiotherwise, recipes would have copies of all the license files from the source code they use.14:44
williethats what i have been doing :p and it sucks14:44
willieSo all i really need to do is use the checksum in poky in my recipe14:45
fenrigkergoth: found it, it was due to a glibc-external QA issue (shipped vs installed)14:46
fenrigkergoth: damn spoke too soon14:46
fenrigstill have it XD14:46
zeddiiwillie: from whatI understand of your description .. yes. You are licensing what your recipe does, you can either use a license file from its source code, or reference / checksum one of the common ones.14:50
*** cyanpablo <cyanpablo!b332ba2d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto14:54
williezeddii: Sorry if I'm explaining poorly. I just want to use update-rc.d in my custom-recipe :)14:55
zeddiithen you shouldn’t need to reference update-rc.d’s license at all. it’s a separate package/recipe/class and it’ll do that itself.14:56
cyanpabloHi guys, Quick question: Do you have a bug tracking system for bitbake? I think I have seen it before but can't find it14:57
cyanpabloAlso, how do you do a search in the mailing lists?14:58
williezeddii: I dont think so, I'm getting "Recipe file does not have license file information (LIC_FILES_CHKSUM)" if I dont include it14:58
zeddiiyou need to license your own recipe. I’m just saying that you don’t need to follow/copy the one from update-rc.d15:00
zeddiithere are common/global license files you can reference, you don’t need your own copy if your source code doesn’t have one (i.e. your initscript)15:00
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willieI think i need to re-read the project manual :)15:02
willieThanks alot for your help zeddii!15:02
*** AndersD <AndersD!~AndersD@> has quit IRC15:03
zeddiiwillie: peek at something like recipes-core/initrdscripts/ in oe-core, you’ll see that it just references something like I’m talking about15:03
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kergothfenrig: you can't avoid libtool-cross, 80% of the build depends on it. it just happens to be the first recipe to build that actually uses the external toolchain. if it fails, then the toolchain isn't working from its perspective. the prefix isn't an issue, as wrapper scripts are generated to deal with the differing prefixes. check config.log in the libtool-cross build directory15:07
kergothfenrig: what are the unshipped files?15:08
*** liveder <liveder!~liveder@> has joined #yocto15:14
kergothfenrig: note that meta-external-toolchain is glibc-only at this time, i haven't finished musl-external yet15:16
kergothshouldn't be too hard to do though15:16
livederhello everyone15:18
livederi’ve got a small and hope quick question15:18
livederis it possible to override SRCREV using environments variables?15:18
livederwhat i want is to lock software versions by commits using SRCREV, but i want to use one file to lock all versions, same way like Gemfile, package.json15:20
*** fitzsim <fitzsim!> has quit IRC15:21
kergothyou can set anything with an environment variable, but the metadata always overrides it. so the recipe would have to use ?=. and you setting the value would affect all recipes, not just one, unless you set the vars with the _pn- override, in which case you'll have to add *all* of those to BB_ENV_WHITELIST/BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE15:21
kergoth(we filter the environment, only vars in the whitelist are allowed to flow into the metadata)15:22
kergothif you use the override, you woudln't need ?= unless the definitions in the metadata also use the override15:22
livederi already tried to use BB_ENV_WHITELIST but with no luck15:22
livederexport BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE="$BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE SRCREV_pn-rauc” && env 'SRCREV_pn-rauc=test’ && bitbake image15:23
livederlike this15:23
livederis it correct using SRCREV_pn-rauc, where rauc is the name for the package?15:23
gauranganyone has used "ssh" protocol for SSTATE_MIRROR15:24
kergothliveder: uh, that wouldn't work15:24
kergoth'env' only sets the vars for the commandline it executes. it has nothing to do with your current shell15:25
kergothenv 'SRCREV_pn-rauc=test' bitbake image15:25
kergothgaurang: doubtful, but it just uses the bitbake fetcher. if the url works in SRC_URI in a recipe it'd work in SSTATE_MIRRORS15:26
kergothgaurang: so i'd test it that way first to make it easier to diagnose a failure. even put the full url to a specific sstate archive in SRC_URI in a recipe15:26
gaurangkergoth: i tried, bitbake is not throwing any error and not working too15:27
gaurangwith the same, file:// works perfectly fine15:27
livederthanks! will try now15:27
kergothyou have to use a valid url that the bitbake fetcher supports. see the bitbake user manual15:27
gaurangSSTATE_MIRRORS ?= "file://.* ssh://IP/path/to/cache/PATH;downloadfilename=PATH"15:29
livederkergoth, works like a charm! thanks a lot15:30
gaurangi set the passphrase and login w/o credential15:30
*** csanchezdll <csanchezdll!> has left #yocto15:42
kergothgaurang: as i just told you, test it in SRC_URI in a recipe first. SSTATE_MIRRORS silently ignores a lot of states by design, to avoid spamming the user15:44
kergothwhich makes it almost impossible to diagnose without digging into debug logs15:44
kergothliveder: np15:44
livederand is there any way not to use env? :) as i want to execute prepare_env script first and only after that execute bitbake15:45
*** gaurang <gaurang!c2726877@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC15:45
kergothi doubt shell allows variable names with dashes in them15:46
kergothso no, i don't think so15:46
*** learningc <learningc!~learningc@> has joined #yocto15:46
kergothyou have alternatives, though. you could source a script that puts them in thell arguments, and then you could pass that15:46
kergothi.e. in set — SRCREV_pn-foo=bar; . ./; env "$@" bitbake foo15:47
livedersounds good15:47
kergothor you could source a script that defines a 'bitbake' wrapper function that runs env with the vars and bitbake under the hood, but that wouldn't separate configuration from execution15:47
kergothso the shell arg approach is probably cleanest15:48
kergothfor some value of 'clean', anyway15:48
kergothi'm not sure why you don't just define this in a bitbake .conf file though15:48
kergothway cleaner than the environment15:48
kergothecho SRCREV_pn-foo=bar >>conf/srcrevs.conf; echo 'include conf/srcrevs.conf' >>conf/local.conf15:49
* kergoth shrugs, to each his own :)15:49
kergothif you're tracking branches, you could leave AUTOREV usage in the recipes and use buildhistory-collect -srcrevs to write a srcrevs.conf to lock down the autorevs at release time. p robably a different use case, though. we do that at mentor to allow autorev during development, but avoid the customer's builds contacting upstream unnecessarily15:50
livederi’m using gitlab-ci15:50
kergothbuildhistory-collect-srcrevs emits SRCREV_foo=bar lines for either all autorev recipes or all recipes, iirc15:50
* kergoth nods15:51
livedercreated yaml file with the following idea:15:51
liveder  name: poky15:51
liveder  url: git://
liveder  branch: sumo15:51
liveder  commit: d3ad2438222050faf33e83598c1f6ecd25ff65b615:51
liveder  type: git15:51
livederso i want to lock git repositories as well15:51
livederin the same lock file i want to lock all our software we are using15:51
livederwrote small bash script to parse yaml file to work with git and now working on SRCREV15:52
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livederhow is this tracking done in enterprise solutions? :)15:53
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livederkergoth, oh.. i got your idea with srcrevs.conf16:13
livederwill use same approach but will just add it to .gitignore16:14
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jonmasonI'm running testimage on qemuarma15, and I'm seeing a python error17:10
jonmasonERROR: core-image-sato-1.0-r0 do_testimage: Error executing a python function in exec_python_func() autogenerated:17:10
*** learningc <learningc!~learningc@> has joined #yocto17:11
jonmasonthis doesn't seem like something that is a shortcoming in the bsp recipe17:12
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halsteadRP, armpit AB is ready for new work.19:08
halstead3 workers still in process but no need to wait.19:09
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black_13what in vagrant would prevent yocto from building19:39
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black_13what is causing this this happens when i try to run yocto in virtual box20:07
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QuazilIs there a way to print the DISTRO_features et. al. with a bitbake command?23:50
QuazilI didn't see it in the docs23:50

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