Monday, 2019-03-04

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sashkogreetings! I'm getting the following problem while do_rootfs:
sashkoif I understand this correctly, python3-pygobject and python-pygobject try to install the same files to the same folder, which is confusing as python2 and python3 should be separated01:02
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black_13how would create a recipe to write to the /etc dir01:05
sashkoblack_13: could make your question more clear, please?01:06
black_13sure sorry about that
black_13what does the statement "install -d ${D}/path/to/dir/on/fs" mean01:08
black_13{D} represents01:08
sashkoblack_13: man install01:08
sashko${D} is destination, I believe - you use it to identify rootfs for target filesystem01:09
sashkoso, your example will create /path/to/dir/on/fs on the target fs01:09
black_13so {D}/etc would mean /etc01:10
sashkoalthough you should use ${D}/${sysconfdir} which is an alias01:11
black_13and the uri can reference a group of files that need to go into the this01:13
sashkowhat uri?01:13
sashkoyou mean the path? yes, you can copy whole folders01:14
black_13yeah from the context it seems like01:14
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Skye7707Hi there, anyone available?07:26
Skye7707Got a question regarding the SDK generation which I cannot seem to solve (google didn't give the resolution either)07:27
LetoThe2ndSkye7707: just state your case of emergency and wait for rescue. if somebody knows, you will get an answer. if nobody knows, you'll get none ;-)07:31
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Skye7707Alright, thanks, it's not an emergency but would be nice to see how to solve it ;-)07:31
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Skye7707The situation is as follows: one of my recipes will compile two static libs (.a) along with an executable. It adds the executable to the image. What I want to achieve is have the static libs in the SDK. Now, I have google a bit and found the TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK keyword to be added in the image recipe, which I did but when I try to populate_sdk I get "Unable to install packages".07:34
Skye7707The entire line in the recipe is: TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append = "some-lib-here-staticdev"07:34
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Skye7707in the lib's recipe I also added FILES_${PN}-staticdev = "\ ${APPLI_BIN_PATH}/*.a \ " which some believed would solve the issue but unfortunately didn't do so07:36
Skye7707(the appli bin path points to the correct location where the .a files are)07:36
LetoThe2ndSkye7707: have you checked that the package some-lib-here-staticdev contains what you expect?07:37
Skye7707Sorry, I'm quite new to Yocto, not sure what you meant07:38
LetoThe2ndFILES_${PN}-staticdev += "asdasdasd" means: "add asdasdasd to the package ${PN}-staticdev"07:39
LetoThe2ndwith ${PN} being the automatically generated package name, extracted from the recipe name07:40
LetoThe2ndso the first thing would be to check if that package really contains what you expect07:40
Skye7707Alright, so how would I do that? To give you some context, all I've done so far is adjusted some easy recipes and generated images, checking on what is in a package, I'm not sure how, do I compile the recipe and then check the output folder?07:42
LetoThe2ndSkye7707: oe-pkgdata-util list-pkg-files some-lib-here-staticdev should give you the contents07:43
LetoThe2ndSkye7707: and if there is nothing highly secret in there, it would be certainly helpful if you could put the recipe in question onto a pastebin07:44
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Skye7707the list cmd reveals that indeed the package seems e;pty07:44
Skye7707sure, I'll redact it a bit, give me a minute07:45
LetoThe2ndalso, APPLI_BIN_PATH is not something generic. so i kinda suspect that you are doing something fishy07:45
Skye7707I figured I needed to point to where the .a files would be located07:46
Skye7707so that's why I added that07:46
Skye7707hang on07:46
LetoThe2ndok, there's a couple of things that are pretty wrong07:50
LetoThe2ndHSM_ROOT and HSM_HOSTSW_DIR should certainly not go in there07:50
LetoThe2ndif you totally believe you need externalsource, then don't inject it in the recipe itself07:50
LetoThe2ndif you are already using make, then be sure to revisit
LetoThe2nddisabling package_qa is almost always really bad, too07:52
LetoThe2ndand as your APPLI_BIN_PATH get indirectly constructed from the externalsource path, it will break definitively07:52
LetoThe2ndeverything in FILES must be target-relative paths07:53
Skye7707ok thanks for the feedback, let me see if I understand everything you just said07:54
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Skye7707ok, so, the static lib indeed is compiled with a makefile, and it is completely out of the OE build sys, so I believe the externalsrc is correct08:04
LetoThe2ndum, no08:05
Skye7707ok, do explain08:05
LetoThe2ndexternalsrc is a kind of emergency-trick for development08:05
LetoThe2ndto be used only if you develop on the source AND the recipe at the same time08:05
Skye7707what would be the correct way of handling it?08:06
LetoThe2ndif you only work on the recipe, as you totally should, then provide a SRC_URI from where the sources are to be fetched08:06
LetoThe2ndusually this is kind of a git/svn/whatever repository, or a tarball from a ftp/something08:07
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LetoThe2ndthis for example is a really simple recipe with a tarball to get:
Skye7707The lib is located in a repository so the SRC_URI should point to its location in the repo I assume?08:16
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Skye7707the lib sources I mean08:21
LetoThe2ndi seriously suggest to have a long, and thorough look at and then
LetoThe2ndas i have the feeling that you are missing some really basic concepts of a recipe... and we have excellent documentation for exactly that08:22
Skye7707that's for sure true, I've just built on top of what was existing and from the looks of it, other people didn't exactly follow the way it should be written08:22
LetoThe2ndor ask whomever tasked you with that to give you a couple of introductory hours08:23
LetoThe2ndor ask whomever tasked you with that to give you a couple of introductory hours08:37
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m314I would like to share some variables between recipes, so that I can create 'rootfs-app1-x.y.z' which contains app1 version x.y.z. I could make these variables available globally through local.conf or the DISTRO, but ideally I'd like this to just be a part of the image recipe. Is this possible?09:15
LetoThe2ndm314: no sharing of things between recipes, simple as is09:18
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LetoThe2ndm314: you can create an include that you pull in at different places as a workaround, but thats about it09:18
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m314LetoThe2nd: Could I build my application and rootfs in the same recipe?09:21
LetoThe2ndm314: no09:21
m314Ah well. Good to know. Thanks anyway :-)09:23
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Skye7707LetoThe2nd: I'm trying to get rid of the externalsrc for starters, let's assume that we have a local repo checked out at a given path where the sources and makefile are located that should be fetched in a recipe, when I point to them with SRC_URI = "file://...."in the do_compile step make doesn't find the Makefile, when do a find for it, the sources ended up in the workdir but in subfolders (i.e. /home/user/....) which I wouldn't exp09:27
Skye7707as I'm pointing directly to the dir with sources, why is it reconstructing the entire path of that dir09:28
LetoThe2ndSkye7707: sorry, but wrong again09:29
Skye7707I figured ;-)09:29
LetoThe2ndSkye7707: the fetch process works like this. either a) the sources are directly bundled with the recipes, in a directory called "files" right next to it or b) the sources ar pulled from some server automatically09:30
LetoThe2nd"hey see i have this checkout here please would you use that" is the externalsrc case. the case to be avoided unless, as i already told you, you are working on source and recipe at the same time.09:30
Skye7707ok so I should SRC_URI point to the git repo09:31
Skye7707how would that work with authentication?09:31
Skye7707I don't want to hardcode u/pw09:31
LetoThe2ndi'd really suggest to hardcode them for now until you get your recipe technically working. just don't commit it in the meantime09:32
LetoThe2ndsee also
LetoThe2ndor just grab a tarball, or whatever09:34
LetoThe2ndbut hardcoding externalsrc into the recipe is the totally worst case09:35
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naknickSimoneNascivera - I just tried to resize "root" partition with external Ubuntu machine. Now the image does not boot up :(10:00
naknickI don't think that is the way to enlarge root partition10:01
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naknickMaybe anyone else here knows how to to enlarge root partition of ready image? (RPI3 if it matters)10:04
naknickIts original size is only about 700MB and there are about 15GB free on the micro sd card10:05
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willieHello, Can someone point out why this recipe is failing ? I included the error which i assume is related to do_install function but I cannot see what would cause this error10:10
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LetoThe2ndwillie: i think it should be install from ${S}, not from ${WORKDIR}10:13
LetoThe2ndbut might be mistaken10:13
Skye7707LetoThe2nd: I'm checking out a git repo, added a subpath param to only check out the relevant path, in the workdir it only took the deepest dir and not the entire subpath10:13
LetoThe2ndSkye7707: so the problem is...?10:15
Skye7707why? I expect either the content that gets pulled from git either in ${WORKDIR}  or ${WORKDIR}/path/to/subdir, but it is in ${WORKDIR}/subdir (it ommits the higher dirs)10:16
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LetoThe2ndSkye7707: i can't give an answer to the why in this case, as i've never used git subdirs in such a context10:17
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willieLetoThe2nd: Tried got same error. I can see the script under tmp/build so that line "should" be ok. Could it be something else I'm missing?10:23
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LetoThe2ndwillie: ah wait. i misread. the message indicates that the package is not found altogether10:24
LetoThe2ndwillie: what happens if you explicitly bitbake ked-project-start10:24
willieIt builds10:25
LetoThe2ndwillie: and have you also checked which packages it produces?10:25
willieThe "package" directory is empty if that is what you ment, the script ends up directly under ked-project-start/1.0-r0/10:27
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LetoThe2ndwillie: that indicates that the recipe gets built, but bitbake doesn't know about anything it should install and therefore does not build a package. hence, nothing to be found10:28
LetoThe2ndwillie: i'm pretty sure you need to extend FILES_${PN}10:29
LetoThe2ndto include those two files10:29
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willieLetoThe2nd: Something like "FILES_${PN} = "${WORKDIR}/ked-project-start.init? Also how does bitbake dont know what to do when there is a do_function?10:33
willieDoes that not imply SRC_URI is wrong?10:33
willieI mean, i give it source files tell it what to do and it tells me it does not know what to do.10:37
LetoThe2ndwillie: hum, no.10:38
LetoThe2ndwillie: bitbake knows "here, this is do_install, execute it"10:38
LetoThe2ndwillie: it does *NOT* look at every command inside to guess what you meant by it10:38
LetoThe2ndwillie: so, if you don't give other defaults i think it packages /bin, /usr/bin, /usr/lib and some more generic locations. if you install to those, no more actions are needed.10:39
LetoThe2ndwillie: if you install to other special locations, you have to explicitly tell bitbake to include those in the package10:40
LetoThe2ndwillie: and SRC_URI on the other hand has totally nothing to do with what gets packages and what not.10:40
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willieLetoThe2nd: Yes but the problem is that it does not find the .init file correct? And you are saying FILES_${PN} will include it10:43
LetoThe2ndwillie: no10:43
willieI dont understand how I have such a hard time understand this xD10:43
LetoThe2ndwillie: i am saying that bitbake does not see anything in the locations it expects the outputs of the recipe to be. and when it finds nothing, it packages nothing10:44
LetoThe2ndwillie: so, by extending FILES_${PN} you are basically saying "add this to the package"10:44
LetoThe2ndwillie: and pathes in FILES_ are rootfs-relative. see
LetoThe2ndfor an example10:45
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Willie2LetoThe2nd: Can you send that link again? my browser crashed :<10:51
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Willie2LetoThe2nd: I added : FILES_${PN} += " ${sysconfdir}/init.d \ ${sysconfdir}/init.d/ked-project-start/* \  ${datadir}/ked-project-start/* " But still gives the same error11:15
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LetoThe2ndWillie2: well did you actually *CHECK* that the package gets created and contains what you expect?11:16
Willie2It is still empty, i also tried to compile only that recipe11:17
Willie2it still builds but nothing gets added into package11:18
LetoThe2ndWillie2: then you are still going wrong somewhere with FILES and do_install11:19
rburtonif you get files-not-packaged then you've a problem with FILES.  if you don't get that then you're not installing in do_install correctly.11:20
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Willie2rburton: I'm getting :  "ked-project-start not found in the base feeds"11:22
LetoThe2ndrburton: and i diagnosed that his recipe builds, but no package is created11:23
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RPkanavin: mind if I do ?11:57
RPkanavin: also, we'll have to exclude debian 8 from the test, I can't get it to work :(11:57
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kanavinRP: I don't mind, but it's virglrenderer, without the 't', and the other test (the headless one) needs a similar fix12:05
kanavinRP: did you install a more modern mesa from the backports?12:05
RPkanavin: yes12:05
RPkanavin: different failure :/12:05
kanavinRP: :( I was hoping it would fix things. Debian 8 should be removed from the builders anyway, in my opinion.12:06
RPkanavin: oops on the typo, well spotted. Initially I was wondering how it could have worked but I can now I look at the patch12:07
kanavinyeah, it just add the needed option always12:07
kanavinRP: btw, people are excited about this stuff here. They want to run the various Daimler-produced UIs directly.12:08
RPkanavin: that is cool. I think this is very useful, we just need to be careful about breaking existing users12:09
kanavindirectly, as in, directly on their desktops/laptops, yet within a full target environment12:09
RPkanavin: makes sense, there has always been a good use case for this12:09
kanavinRP: I'm itching to show you the demo videos I made, but they kind of have 'propritetary' stuff in them12:11
kanavinit's not just a spinning cube, but rather full car UI, with correct high resolution, mouse support, etc.12:11
Croftonad emo of something useful?12:15
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kanavinthere's a kmscube demo, but it's not as fancy
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LetoThe2ndCrofton: demo != useful, as you should know12:19
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Skye7707LetoThe2nd: still having some trouble, I also think we misunderstood each other, currently when I do the list package command, I get the files that I want to be in the image, however what I want to achieve is to have the .a and .h files in the SDK package, afaik those are 2 different things?12:30
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LetoThe2ndSkye7707: nope, because when you actually finished your recipe properly, the sdk builds from this12:33
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Skye7707ok, so I figure I need to add the .a files in the do_install part? Any predefined var that is close to where I want them? i.e. in the sysroot /opt/yogurt/i.MX6-PD15.3.0/sysroots/cortexa9hf-vfp-neon-phytec-linux-gnueabi/usr/lib12:36
rburton.a go into $libdir just like .so12:37
LetoThe2ndSkye7707: nope, once everything builds fine, stick to the canonical rootfs locations12:37
Skye7707so how would the install cmd look like?12:38
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Skye7707looks like I'm still missing some bits and pieces of the puzzle then12:49
Skye7707adding something to the target image works but adding .a/.h files in the SDK, not sure how12:50
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RPkanavin: the oe.lsb check in the runtime  test is wrong :(12:54
RPkanavin: its a permanent exception as you need to import oe.lsb, not oe12:54
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RPkanavin: any idea which exception you really wanted to capture there?12:55
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RPkanavin: I've tweaked
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kanavinRP: I am not sure about the exception, I thought I basically copy-pasted code from elsewhere but can't find that elsewhere :-/13:20
kanavinRP: ah, I found that code: check_supported_distro() in sanity.bbclass13:22
kanavinRP: how did the test skipping on centos 7 work? or maybe it didn't, which means we don't need to skip?13:22
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kanavinRP: the fixup is fine, except the centos bit which may be unnecessary13:34
black_13what does "unparsed line: 'SRC_URI = "file://cameraOptions.json'" mean when building a recipe13:43
LetoThe2ndblack_13: same as the last time you asked13:45
black_13i dont believe i ask that question13:45
black_13 is the code for this13:46
rburtonblack_13: you need a \ at the end of the lines13:48
rburtonits sh-style \<newline> to continue over multiple lines13:48
LetoThe2ndblack_13: you asked the "almost" same question, last time it was different quotation marks13:48
black_13but you acted exactly the same in both cases13:49
LetoThe2ndblack_13: *sigh* sorry. but its really not your first time here, and i kinda expected that by now you would know the basic syntax. my bad, won't happen again.13:50
black_13im sorry as well i have a lot on my plate13:51
black_13and not everyone learns at the same rate13:51
black_13I am making an effort and when I come here its after exhausting google and the texts I have13:51
rburtonblack_13: try the bitbake manual
rburtonsecond section under "basic syntax"13:52
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black_13basically the lines are python(ic)13:53
LetoThe2nd... and looking at other recipes, theres lots and lots of them. poky and meta-openembedded have examples for almost everything.13:53
black_13I started on this about 2 weeks13:53
black_13and again not everyone learns at the same rate.13:54
*** fenrig <fenrig!~fenrig@> has joined #yocto13:55
naknickHow to enlarge root partition of image? I tried to extend it with external Ubuntu machine and now the image does not boot up14:05
naknickI tried to add value to IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE inside bitbake.conf and after writing the image to micro sd-card - again, the machine does not boot up14:06
*** rob_w <rob_w!~bob@unaffiliated/rob-w/x-1112029> has quit IRC14:13
kanavinRP: somehow, 'import oe; oe.lsb.distro_identifier()' works fine here - maybe a python 3.6 innovation?14:15
RPkanavin: I'm not sure if the centos bit is needed or not, I suspect it hasn't worked14:15
RPkanavin: or oe.lsb was imported somewhere else in that context14:16
kanavincould be14:16
kanavinwould be good to establish whether the centos bit is really needed, but I did see it fail a few times there14:16
*** Skye7707 <Skye7707!d47b03ac@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC14:17
RPkanavin: oh, I think I fixed that by installing missing bits on our servers14:17
RPkanavin: I'll drop it?14:17
kanavinRP: yes please :) I want to minimize all the special-case code14:17
RPkanavin: agreed. That leaves us with the debian 8 one but that has a finite life14:19
kanavinyeah, debian 9 works fine, and one could argue debian 8 is already EOL14:19
* LetoThe2nd bites keyboard hard to not make "case-sensitive" jokes14:20
kanavinRP: any idea why the headless test isn't able to run? (specifically, /dev/dri/ doesn't have render* entries)14:21
kanavinon the AB, all of them it seems14:21
RPkanavin: the AB workers have minimal installs so either something is missing or its permissions?14:21
*** JPEWhacker <JPEWhacker!~yaaic@2605:a601:21d1:5200:c855:1249:c01f:8463> has joined #yocto14:22
RPkanavin: I've not see that run anywhere14:22
*** JPEWhacker <JPEWhacker!~yaaic@2605:a601:21d1:5200:c855:1249:c01f:8463> has joined #yocto14:22
*** lucaceresoli <lucaceresoli!> has quit IRC14:22
kanavinRP: the test does print the content of /dev/dri when it skips itself, and the files seem simply missing14:22
RPkanavin: kernel modules not loaded?14:23
kanavinwhich is odd, I thought either /dev/dri should be either fully populated, or altogether empty14:23
RPkanavin: I know little about this tbh14:23
kanavinsame here, could be a missing kernel module, but I can't say which one14:24
JPEWhackerkanavin: which files are present and which driver are you using?14:28
kanavinJPEWhacker, alexander@alexander-box:~/development/poky$ ls -l /dev/dri14:28
kanavintotal 014:28
kanavindrwxr-xr-x  2 root root        80 Mär  1 14:42 by-path14:28
kanavincrw-rw----+ 1 root video 226,   0 Mär  1 14:42 card014:28
kanavincrw-rw----+ 1 root video 226, 128 Mär  1 14:42 renderD12814:28
kanavinusing nouveau here, but another laptop has intel/nvidia combo, and it's same except there are two cards and two render* files14:29
kanavinRP: the kernel driver should be called 'drm'14:31
JPEWhackerkanavin: that looks correct to me...14:32
kanavinJPEWhacker, we are trying to figure out why on the autobuilder card0 is present but renderD128 is not14:33
JPEWhackerah. which driver is it using?14:34
kanavinI don't know, I thought the drm driver should set everything up without extra fuss14:35
kanavinI can't run commands on the AB14:35
RPkanavin: pokybuild@debian8-ty-1:~$ ls /dev/dri/14:36
RPcard0  controlD6414:36
kanavinRP: that's debian 8, how about debian 9 :)14:36
JPEWhackerah. IIRC the drivers have a little more control over the behavior than that14:36
RPkanavin: same14:37
* RP is pleased to now have a multiconfig selftest14:38
kanavinRP: it might be that the hardware is something odd that wouldn't support that. what does lspci -v say? (on deb 9, to be sure :)14:40
kanavinhere, I get:14:40
kanavin41:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GP108 [GeForce GT 1030] (rev a1) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])14:40
kanavin        Subsystem: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. GP108 [GeForce GT 1030]14:40
kanavin        Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 68, NUMA node 114:40
kanavin        Memory at ec000000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=16M]14:40
kanavin        Memory at d0000000 (64-bit, prefetchable) [size=256M]14:40
kanavin        Memory at e0000000 (64-bit, prefetchable) [size=32M]14:40
kanavin        I/O ports at e000 [size=128]14:40
kanavin        Expansion ROM at 000c0000 [disabled] [size=128K]14:40
kanavin        Capabilities: <access denied>14:40
kanavin        Kernel driver in use: nouveau14:40
kanavin        Kernel modules: nvidiafb, nouveau14:40
kanavinRP: multiconfig needs better 'promotion' :)14:41
*** black_13 <black_13!d1062666@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC14:41
RPkanavin: bingo. Its a server. It only has a Matrox Electronics Systems Ltd. G200eR214:41
JPEWhackeraccording to, the driver gets a control node automatically, but must explicitly say it supports render nodes14:41
kanavinRP: right, that sounds esoteric14:42
RPkanavin: no decent gpu in there14:42
RPkanavin: nice things like multiple 10GBit ethernet cards but no gpus14:42
kanavin"The G200 is a 2D, 3D, and video accelerator chip for personal computers designed by Matrox. It was released in 1998. "14:42
RPkanavin: now common in servers14:43
RPKernel driver in use: mgag20014:44
JPEWhackerya if that driver does not have the DRIVER_RENDER capability, it won't get a render node14:45
kanavinAlso, mesa won't support it in any case:
kanavinI guess the gtk test renders via mesa's software renderer, and the headless test does require a render node, so it won't run :(14:47
RPkanavin: of we find the budget for a server refresh I'll mention this as something to keep in mind (halstead ^^^)14:47
RPkanavin: right14:47
RPkanavin: we are due a hardware refresh which has been postponed due to budget issues14:48
JPEWhackerkanavin: why does headless require host rendering support?14:48
RPkanavin: right now I don't even know if I have a job beyond the end of the month for budget reasons :/14:48
kanavinJPEWhacker, qemu with -display egl-headless wants to open /dev/dri/render* and will refuse to continue otherwise14:49
kanavinRP: yes, it's unbelievable :-/ I think all the companies using Yocto are oblivious to the fact that there is no 'corporation' behind it14:49
JPEWhackerkanavin: is there just a "headless" option that would force SW rendering?14:50
kanavinJPEWhacker, nope as far as I know14:51
*** Jacen <Jacen!~cdreher@> has quit IRC14:52
RPkanavin: hoepfully with multiconfig bugs fixed and a testcase we can start to see people using it14:53
JPEWhackerkanavin: -display=none ?14:53
JPEWhackersays it keeps the GPU device, but doesn't do anything with the output14:54
kanavinJPEWhacker, we generally want to see the output :) egl-headless+publicvnc allows you to see it14:54
JPEWhackerpublicvnc running on the guest is different than the -display=vnc option in qemu I take it?14:57
* RP ponders what else need to be sorted for 2.7 M314:58
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has quit IRC14:59
* zeddii is working on the new libc-headers and kernels.14:59
RPzeddii: was just thinking about that. qemuarm changes too. Need to have another try with those14:59
kanavinJPEWhacker, no, but -display none means there is no 'virtual drm-capable card' available to the qemu guests14:59
kanavinthat kind of card is enabled with egl-headless, gtk or sdl15:00
zeddiijust made it through the patch refresh/delete for the headers, building musl and then will generate 5.x -> boot qemu.15:00
*** yacar_ <yacar_!~yacar@> has quit IRC15:01
JPEWhackerRP: adding -src packages. should have patch later today15:01
kanavinJPEWhacker, just checked, with -display none you get '[    0.357356] [drm] virgl 3d acceleration not supported by host'15:03
kanavinJPEWhacker, egl-headless, gtk and sdl all allow that15:03
*** yacar_ <yacar_!~yacar@> has joined #yocto15:04
JPEWhackerkanavin: right, you won't get actual 3d acceleration with none, but you do get the drm nodes in the guest15:05
JPEWhackermess just does it all in SW15:06
RPJPEWhacker: thanks, that should make it in then :)15:06
RPzeddii: when the headers are ready I'd take that since that is a rebuild the world build15:06
zeddiiack’d. I was thinking that as well. I’m doing core-image* for the arches for both glibc and musl and then will send it.15:07
zeddiilttng is of course blowing up on 5.x, but I won’t pend non related things on that getting sorted.15:07
kanavinJPEWhacker, right, but that'd be very slow wouldn't and you won't be able to see the output15:08
RPzeddii: I improved lttng-tools ptest so its working fairly well now15:08
*** fenrig <fenrig!~fenrig@> has quit IRC15:09
JPEWhackerkanavin: ya it would be slow. I thought you were trying to find a headless option that worked regardless of acceleration for the AB... maybe I was mistaken15:13
kanavinJPEWhacker, I just checked with gtk frontend, even kmscube becomes 10 times slower :)15:13
*** fenrig <fenrig!~fenrig@> has joined #yocto15:13
kanavinJPEWhacker, I thought you were trying to find an accelerated headless option that wouldn't require presence of render nodes :)15:14
kanavinanyway, non-accelerated stuff is not really usable :-/15:14
kanavinJPEWhacker, we want to test specifically accelerated headless configuration15:17
JPEWhackerkanavin: ya makes sense. unaccelerated is not a very good test of virgl :)15:18
kanavinif that cannot be tested I'd rather skip the test than switch to non-accelerated software-only version15:18
kanavinRP: there are six patches left - how should we handle them?15:22
kanavinhost libsdl removal can be dropped, I don't have any strong opinions15:22
kanavinvirglrenderer and glx by default would be good to have15:22
kanavinI guess 'local.conf.sample: enable gtk+ frontend in addition to sdl' is the most controversial :)15:23
kanavinas it not only enables it but also makes it default15:23
kanavinbut that's the upstream choice15:23
*** ant_work <ant_work!> has quit IRC15:31
RPkanavin: I think these may need to wait for now. virglrenderer and glx by default is going to add to the build time a fair bit and doesn't make much sense without changing the options15:31
RPkanavin: I don't mind changing the target options15:32
kanavinRP: sure, shall I resend the whole set and you'll cherry pick?15:35
RPkanavin: well, there is just one and it doesn't pick cleanly :/15:35
kanavinalso this should be okay to take I think
*** stephano <stephano!~stephano@> has joined #yocto15:36
RPkanavin: hmm. Took me a while to work out which confusion you meant...15:41
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Is it possible to bitbake a layer without without building entire core? <>16:51
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jonmasonzeddii: I can't seem to get the 'KMACHINE_qemuarm ?= "qemuarma15"' that you described in your email working17:08
jonmasonIs there a trick more than just ading that line and removing all references to qemuarm?17:08
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC17:12
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zeddiijonmason: sorry, was on a call. So you not seeing qemuarm match your definition for qemuarma15 in the kernel-cache. I wonder if the regex is bad. Let me have a closer look at get back to you.18:07
*** jp24 <jp24!b8477076@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has joined #yocto18:07
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dgkoopTo edit recipes, config, etc in Eclipse18:19
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jonmasonzeddii: I think I misunderstood.  I was adding that string to the meta/recipes-kernel/linux/  Should it be in the bsp/qemuarma15/qemuarma15.scc?18:29
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zeddiikhem: RP: I’m seeing this with musl, x86-64 and my 5.0 libc-headers. Didn’t see it with glibc. Have either of you seen this before ?18:32
zeddiijonmason: nope. that’s the right place for it.18:32
zeddiithe KMACHINE variable is what is used to search for a match in the descriptions, so if it is set to qemuarma15 for qemuarm “MACHINE”, it should find your new one.18:33
zeddiiwill spark up a test here.18:33
zeddiiwith glibc, I’m up and booting with the headers:18:33
zeddiiroot@qemux86-64:~# uname -a18:33
zeddiiLinux qemux86-64 5.0.0-yocto-standard #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Mar 4 17:14:03 UTC 2019 x86_64 GNU/Linux18:34
jonmasonzeddii: I see it immediately try to compile for the qemuarm (as it has armv5 in the compile flags)18:34
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khemzeddii: can you add DEPENDS += "gnu-config-native" in meta/recipes-devtools/binutils/binutils-cross.inc19:20
khemzeddii:this seems to be a latent issue19:20
zeddiikhem: trying that! thanks. I found old patches for depends ,etc, but they didn’t help. I’m rm -rf’ing on tmp, and will restart now.19:47
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rburtonkhem: congrats/thanks for bumping comcast up to platinum20:33
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khemrburton: I think execs are hopeful and believe that project is valuable20:39
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RPkhem: it is very cool :)21:12
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kergothHmm, do we have a script for sanity checking distro/machine configs yet? I know we have the layer compliance check, and ross has some extra insane checks, iirc.. I'm wondering about checks for distro/machine best practices beyond making sure appends use overrides22:37
kergothI'm thinking things like don't *set* recipe PACKAGECONFIGS, otherwise upgrades that add new packageconfigs can change default behavior, instead append/prepend/remove22:37
*** fenrig <fenrig!~fenrig@> has joined #yocto22:40
RPkergoth: I haven't seen anything22:47
kergothk, figured, was just curious22:47
RPzeddii: that is very strange to see, it shouldn't do that22:47
kergothhuh, i kind of forgot recipe_sanity.bbclass exists. i wonder if it still works. also it has a check that's no longer valid, it warns if PACKAGES is set for native22:49
RPkergoth: I left it around as there were some interesting ideas in it22:54
RPas well as some horrific things iirc22:54
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kergothit's definitely useful to run checks for recipe conventions, non-fatal stuff. perhaps better as a recipetool subcommand, though23:08
RPkergoth: yes, there are a number of things we really need to re-implement as commands23:12
RPkergoth: harder than it would first seem to run against all recipes for example23:12
*** fenrig <fenrig!~fenrig@> has quit IRC23:14
RPkergoth: the upgrade code has parallelisation issues which bitbake tasks make easy, although bluelightning and I have a plan for that23:14
kergothgood point23:15
RPkergoth: I do want to do that, its just the APIs aren't quite as good as we thought :/23:15
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