Thursday, 2019-03-14

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alicefdevtool modify cannot find a recipe inside sources03:08
alicefi put inside sources/sl/ and doing devtool modify sl/03:09
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User_What language are the recipes written with?04:19
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alicefUser_: you are asking to me ?04:22
alicefUser_: they are .bb recipes manly just shell scrpits04:22
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User_alicef, asking to channel04:25
alicefUser_: you can write it in python and bash04:25
User_alicef, the shell must be any particular shell?04:25
alicefi think is some tagged version of bash04:26
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learningcalicef, so the script language is a custom one for yocto and the regular python?04:36
alicefeh ?04:36
alicefif is a general question about yocto yes04:37
alicefif is a question about my previous question, I don't understand the connection.04:37
learningcalicef, I mean the language used to write the recipe. There is no mention that it has to conform to bash or other shell languages04:39
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learningcDoes the yocto docs exist in pdf format?04:46
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catch22python3-argparse has disappeared between krogoth -> thud, it's now part of python3-core. How do I write a recipe that uses arg-parse that works for both krogoth and thud?05:47
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jcelerierhello :)10:32
jcelerierI am trying to make a i.MX6 boot from sdcard but I cannot manage to :( (imx6qdlsabresd)10:33
jcelerierwhat must I do with my .wic files to make it work ?10:33
jcelerierI have exactly the same case than
jcelerierI see the freescale logo show up, but in the UART I have nothing after "Starting kernel ..."10:33
LetoThe2ndjcelerier: well that sounds pretty much like it happily boots, but you just don't have any boot messages or tty set up10:35
LetoThe2ndor at least u-boot comes up10:37
jcelerieryes, u-boot comes up10:42
jcelerierI tried both the core-image-minimal and  fsl-image-machine-test10:42
jcelerierI should at least get a tty, right ?10:43
LetoThe2nd"should" hum, no idea. don't know that machine setup10:45
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henriknjzeddii: So shouldn't the symlink here shown here be pointing to ${D}${KERNEL_BUILD_ROOT} ? Or am I mistaken ?13:04
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markahenriknj: pretty sure zeddii is off for the week13:11
henriknjmarka: alright, it was worth a try13:12
henriknjmaybe you can answer my question?13:12
* marka looks13:13
henriknjMy issue is that the symlink, as it is right now, ends up point to /lib/modules/${KERNEL_VERSION}/source, but should really have been relative to the image-rootfs it is part of13:14
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markathe link is only valid on the target13:17
markain which case it is correct13:17
henriknjyes, but not valid for a sdk13:18
markaagreed, for the sdk it would be a problem13:18
markaso yes, you would potentially have an argument it could be useful for on target and sdk if it was a relative link13:19
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markabut changing it to add ${D} would not be the correct answer13:20
henriknjit used to work in a sdk context before zeddii made some major changes to kernel-devsrc13:20
rburtonlnr will make a relative link for you given two absolute paths13:20
markahenriknj: unfortunately I didn't follow along with his changes, I was too busy with other distractions13:21
markaanyway, see if you can sort it out with a relative link and send it to the list or directly to zeddii to evaluate13:23
henriknjmarka: ill try that13:23
markaanyone else notice lately that bitbake doesn't complete when there is a parse error. I have to double ctrl-c and then forcefully kill bitbake processes13:25
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markadamn, silence isn't good. I suppose I might have picked up some transient issue based on when I pulled.13:34
lukmaMaybe an odd question :)13:35
lukmaIs it possible to configure OE/Yocto13:35
lukma(and relatively easy)13:36
lukmato use toolchain 6.x to compile a single recipe13:36
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lukmaand the rest of the system would use 4.9 ?13:36
lukmaI'm thinking of adding this toolchain to poky recipes13:38
lukmaand then set GCCVERSION to 6.413:39
lukmabut this would change the setting for the whole build13:39
lukmaThe question is if anybody tested setting PREFERRED_VERSION_${PN} = 6.4 for a single recipe13:39
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paulbarkerlukma: Sadly that won't work as changes in a single recipe can only really affect that recipe itself, gcc-native will have already been built13:46
tzdon't suppose anybody has an example of using multiple kernel build configurations in one build , with one having an initramfs containing kexec for "chain loading" the fully-fledged kernel?13:46
lukmapaulbarker: Ok, so you confirmed my understanding13:48
lukmaIt may be then best to forward update gcc to 6.413:48
lukmaand rebuild everything ......13:48
lukmapaulbarker: Thanks for clarification13:50
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markatz: the current recipes and such around initramfs should be close to what you need14:09
markaessentially you can create a second kernel recipe14:10
jtrimbl3Hello again: Is it possible for a recipe in a "multiconfig" build dir to depend on a recipe that is not in a "multiconfig" (e.g. just part of the normal local.conf, not multiconfig/mymulticonfig.conf)?14:10
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jtrimbl3Also, what is the canonical way for a recipe to "get the output of" one of the recipes it depends on?14:10
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tzyep, thanks for that... seems like it might be feasible to adapt what I need14:12
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markatz: for the case where the initramfs will be embedded in the kernel and the initramfs image includes kernel modules we essentially build two kernels14:16
markaanyway, a starting point14:16
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markabeen a long time since I have touched that code, there were lots of gotchyas in there14:17
tzfair enough, it's confusing me as well, so it's good to know it's not just me ;)14:22
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jtrimbl3I'm trying to create a new directory and populate some files in it from a IMAGE_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND -- I am able to see the files show up in my tmp/work/.../rootfs directory but they don't appear in the resulting image.  Anyone know why?15:05
kergothjtrimbl3: you're doing it after the *image* is built (i.e. .ext4), too late15:05
kergothyou want ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND, which is after rootfs population but before *image* creation15:05
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jtrimbl3kergoth: Aha that makes perfect sense.15:11
kergoththere are also preprocess commands, but not needed very often15:13
jtrimbl3To my other question before: If recipe A depends on recipe B, is there a canonical way for A to "find" B's outputs in tmp/work ?15:17
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Striking7So in latest_versionstring (within bitbake/lib/bb/fetch2/ the 3rd argument is "d". When I var_dump "d" I get that it's a DataSmart, but no other runtime info.15:26
Striking7Kind of hard to search documentation for the letter "d"...15:26
rburtonStriking7: d is also a bb.DataSmart instance, see bb/lib/data for the api15:27
Striking7Anyone know how I can tell what sort of goodies I can find within "D"? The debugger in Wing IDE seems not to want to tell me anything about it15:27
Striking7Thanks rburton15:27
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Why can't a Yocto SDK build a Yocto SDK? <>15:37
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psrcodeis Armin Kuster on this channel? It's regarding the lttng-* update patch for the stable release.16:03
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sashkohey! is there a way to modify packageconfig for for a package from a recipe for another package? e.g. set config from recipe_a for recipe_b, which is a dependency to recipe_a.16:38
rburtonsashko: no16:38
sashkorburton: thank you16:39
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sveinseI have inherited a distro/image where there are a lot of inter-layer require statements. When I then attempt to run the distro on another machine things fail due to missing recipes. However, this happens even if these are recipes which is not being used. What is a good approach for dealing with this problem?17:47
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markapaulbarker: you build the netns package in meta-virtualization layer since you submitted your changes back in Jan?21:23
paulbarkermarka: Yes, worked for me on thud & master last I checked. What's the issue?21:24
markaI am seeing a build fail21:24
markaI haven't tried to peel off commits to 'reverse time' and find when it busted21:25
paulbarkerOn master or thud?21:25
markaI want to get it working before I start doing some go related cleanup across all the meta-virtualization GO recipes21:26
paulbarkerCould you pastebin the initial output from bitbake (showing the layer hashes, target MACHINE, etc) plus the error you're seeing?21:28
markapaulbarker: sure. You aren't on the hook for fixing this, I was going to take care of it. I was mostly curious if you had seen the error and possibly had a fix in the works.21:29
paulbarkerI just want to make sure it doesn't bite me!21:29
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paulbarkerAt the least I can see if I spot anything different from my setup where I know it's working21:31
markathe error is here
markaand the configuration is here
paulbarkerAh ok. I've not currently got any x86_64 targets in our nightly builds21:35
markapaulbarker: we are a good pair then21:36
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markaI usually build too much x86_64 and in the process of doing more ARM builds21:37
paulbarkerI have x86, arm & arm64 but not x86_6421:37
markathat is why I am doing some GO cleanup, the two patches i have out to oe-core and a series I want ready for meta-virt when Bruce gets back from vacation21:37
markaanyway, I will sort through this, thanks for the responses21:38
markaand if I do manage to break anything along the way be sure to ping me21:39
paulbarkerAh excellent. netns is due an upgrade but v0.5.0+ seem to have different behaviour which breaks my use case. I've not had time to look into it due to other commitments21:39
markaya, I will hold off on the uprev, my goal was just to have it build before I made the global changes affecting all the go recipes21:40
paulbarkerIf you get a patch you want me to test then just ping me21:40
markacan't start without a good foundation21:40
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paulbarkerI can throw it through our build agents21:40
*** fenrig <fenrig!~fenrig@> has joined #yocto21:40
markafor sure, I can fire it off to you before the list21:40
markaI should have something tomorrow21:40
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markajust about to wrap up for the day21:40
paulbarkerPlease do. It's a core part of our container setup for Oryx21:41
markasince you care about ARM and go feel free to take a look at the two patches I have out on oe-core21:41
markayou might want to give them a spin before they are merged21:42
*** jae1 <jae1!~jaewon@> has joined #yocto21:42
* marka flees21:43
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paulbarker`go.bbclass: Export GOARM` and `goarch.bbclass: set TARGET_GOARM as '7' for cortexa7`?21:45
paulbarkerAh sorry, there's a v2 of that pair21:49
paulbarkerhalstead: I'm getting 502 Bad Gateway from
halsteadpaulbarker, Let's see.21:53
jae1Hi Does anyone know if there is a reason why the devtool build command doesnt run 'deploy' task?21:55
jae1Right now its only running build task, populate sysroot, packagedata21:55
halsteadpaulbarker, It's hit swap and is having some trouble. I'll get it fixed.21:55
paulbarkerhalstead: Thanks :) No rush for me21:56
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halsteadpaulbarker, is available again.22:13
paulbarkerhalstead: Thanks!22:16
halsteadpaulbarker, Thanks for the report. It seems it should have reported the beginning of the issue about 4 hours ago but monitoring didn't report.22:18
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@2601:202:4180:c33:1c38:8eb8:1763:902b> has joined #yocto22:18
halsteadI've recreated the monitoring rule. We should be set now.22:23
armpithalstead, for the AB ?22:31
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armpitthhhaanks ??22:31
halsteadarmpit, This was for
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