Friday, 2019-04-05

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khempsrcode: have you root caused it to be a musl problem ?02:29
khemRP: I sent a libgcc fix which we need on warrior and master both02:29
khembluelightning: good idea, I will look into it02:31
khempsrcode: musl has shown the mirror to many apps to get their act together, tonnes of patches have landed into different apps, about correctness and portability02:32
khemPIE issues are hardly musl related, if you will debug them they are due to wrong assumptions02:33
khemin app code or gcc itself02:34
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to determine NTP communication status as a non root user <>06:26
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RPpsrcode: ptest for lttng-tools is much happier, thanks! :)06:37
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RPpsrcode: down to one failure now :)06:38
RPkanavin: is the last set of results. My "-u" experiment seems to fix openssh. e2fsprogs still times out intermittently and still have the python3 problem :(06:38
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* RP wonders if python3 is also abuffering problem06:40
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mckoangood morning07:03
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BloodSurferI'm a newcomer to the yocto project and I've encountered a problem when trying to include grpc which is located in the meta-openembedded/meta-network layer into my project: the master branch of meta-openembedded is incompatible with oe core but the rocko branch (which is compatible) does not contain the grpc recipes. Could someone please pinpoint me in the right direction? (Is there another way than merging the two branches of th08:27
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mckoanBloodSurfer: copy the recipe in your custom layer and test it08:31
jkuBloodSurfer: essentially 3 options: 1) upgrade all your layers to  thud 2) include a layer that contains grpc in rocko ( says meta-iot-cloud does) 3) what mckoan says08:31
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BloodSurfer@mckoan and @jku: Thanks for the hints.08:44
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kanavinRP: right, I wrote down my python findings from yesterday's in the bug
yoctiBug 13257: normal, Medium+, 2.7 M4, ross.burton, IN PROGRESS DESIGN , [2.7 M3 rc1] python3 ptest facing timeout issue09:25
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fbreHi, anybody here who managed to change the yocto config files for uboot from sd to qspi?09:56
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fbreI simply changed UBOOT_CONFIG ??= "sd"      to      UBOOT_CONFIG ??= "qspi1". But that lead to just compile errors.10:01
fbrebuild-wayland/tmp/deploy/images/imx8mm/u-boot-spl.bin-imx8mm-qspi1   no such file or directory10:03
fbreIs there a documentation page which explains how to switch the type of device for uboot?10:04
fbreI googled but there's nothing found about how to adapt the yocto configuration for uboot10:05
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fbreNear the line 'UBOOT_CONFIG ??= "sd"' is another line:10:09
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fbreIMXBOOT_TARGETS = "${@bb.untils.contain{'UBOOT_CONFIG', 'fspi', 'flash_evk_flexspi', 'flash_evk', d)}"10:10
fbreIt does not contain 'qspi1'.10:10
fbreThis could be the reason for the compile error.10:10
fbreBut how to I add support for qspi? The PDFs of NXP say yocto supports uboot for qspi for that board10:11
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d_s_eHow do I use AUTOREV? When I set SRCREV to "HEAD", everything wokrs fine, but when I set it to "${AUTOREV}" then I get the following error: bb.data_smart.ExpansionError: Failure expanding variable SRCPV, expression was ${@bb.fetch2.get_srcrev(d)} which triggered exception FetchError: /usr/bin/env: 'svn': No such file or directory11:00
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rburtond_s_e: yeah that's a bug.  workaround is to add svn to HOSTTOOLS in bitbake.conf.11:18
rburton fwiw11:22
yoctiBug 11442: normal, Medium, 2.99, richard.purdie, NEW , svn AUTOREV recipe parse time explosion11:22
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d_s_erburton: ok, thanks. will this be fixed in the next release?11:26
rburtond_s_e: nope11:26
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rburtonfirst thing is to decide how to fix it.  i guess we could add svn to hosttools-not-fatal so it is used if present11:27
rburtonon the assumption that the breaking svn changes are old enough now that is a safe thing to do, and not actively reckless11:27
d_s_erburton: adding it to hosttools_nonfatal seem legit. what kind of breaking changes?11:29
rburtond_s_e: a while back svn changed the repository format on disk. if your host has the old version then it won't be able to work with the checkouts.11:31
rburtonit was quite a while ago now, not sure if we support anything that ships that release anymore11:31
rburtonthen again, suse and centos are known to be ancient11:31
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d_s_erburton: you mean the breaking changes in the working copy format? that were some time ago, yes.11:49
d_s_ethat was with svn 1.8 I guess. I'm on Debian here, and even that one has svn 1.911:50
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rrerollehello, does anyone know why some files installed in ${IMAGE_ROOTFS} end up with a different md5 than those in the .ipk files ?11:54
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JaMarrerolle: do you have prelink enabled?12:04
JaMarrerolle: or there are some other rootfs postprocess tasks which might modify them12:04
rrerolleyes prelink is enabled12:05
JaMalike mklibs12:05
rrerolleyes image-prelink and image-mklibs are enabled on this image12:05
rrerollein fact what I'm trying to do is generating an md5sum file of the whole rootfs, I'm doing it in a ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND, but the md5s don't match12:08
rrerolleJaMa: don't mklibs and prelink also run as a ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND ?12:11
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JaMarrerolle: no, they run as IMAGE_PREPROCESS_COMMAND12:22
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* armpit heavy metal...12:35
LetoThe2ndarmpit: what? where?12:36
armpithere in India.. they seem not to be phased by it..12:36
armpitIt almost sounds like Queensyce but hasher12:37
LetoThe2ndarmpit: here, have some punjabi metal
rrerolleJaMa: so I need to find a way to run as IMAGE_PREPROCESS_COMMAND, but *after* mklibs and prelink12:38
rburtonrrerolle: may i suggest IMAGE_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND12:38
armpitthen they pack some pop12:39
rburtonnot sure why i'm surprised punjabi metal exists12:39
rburtonthat's quite a combination of sounds12:39
LetoThe2ndrburton: rule666: if it exists, there is a metal version of it.12:39
armpithappy birthday song ?12:40
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armpitthe funny thing about the heavy metal is the elderly in the pub are not bothered by it12:42
LetoThe2ndarmpit: here you go
rburtondoes anyone here use ISO images from bitbake?12:43
armpitwhich standard? 9001 or something else12:44
rburtonarmpit kergoth fray: know any customers that actually use the iso images?12:44
rburtonspecifically the iso image type, mkisofs12:44
rburtonvery tempted to rip out cdrecord from core and replace the iso stuff with xorriso12:45
rburtongot the recipes but the class needs a port. wondering if anyone actually uses it though12:45
armpitrburton, it was big back in the day.. I have not heard anything lately12:45
rburtonsecret plan is to shunt iso generation into meta-filesystems with the rest of the deps :)12:46
sveinseHi guys, I'm trying to build this: but bitbake (from rocko) throws this at me: fluent-bit-1.1-git-r0 do_package: SYSTEMD_SERVICE_fluent-bit value td-agent-bit.service does not exist . Any ideas?12:46
armpitI would go for ti12:46
armpitrburton, put it in meta-gplv212:47
rburtonarmpit: xorriso is nicely licensed12:47
rburtonand has a cdrecord-compat mode12:47
armpitrburton, I meant hide it in meta-gplv212:48
rburtonnobody will find it there!12:48
* armpit great getting fumigated.. it killing the beer flavor12:51
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psrcodeRP: could you get me a link to that failure?13:14
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HodhrHi everyone !13:25
psrcodeRP: nevermind found it13:26
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rburtonsveinse: the service file doesn't exist13:32
sveinserburton: ok. Upstream inconsistencies then. Thanks.13:32
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sveinseHas anyone experimented with using yocto/wic to generate images for cloud execution, AWS, Azure or similar?13:59
rburtonsveinse: not a lot to experiment to be honest14:01
rburtonshould be pretty trivial to do the aws integration pieces too14:02
rburtonthere's an image-container class to help14:02
HodhrI come to you because I've a problem with zlib in ruby ! Someone can help me with the integration of a ruby's gem (zlib here) ?14:02
sveinserburton: is there any for azure too?14:02
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kanavinrburton, the python3 test timeout issue seems bisectable14:05
kanavinit worked fine when python 3.7.2 was just introduced14:05
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kanavinso I am trying to get down to a single commit now14:05
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JaMaanyone using cmake bbclass from allarch recipes? seems to be broken for a while Variable OECMAKE_C_COMPILER value changed from 'arm-webos-linux-gnueabi-gcc' to 'aarch64-webos-linux-gcc'14:25
JaMathe same with OECMAKE_CXX_COMPILER14:25
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Piraty+1 for xorriso14:39
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lastaidhello there. i just started using yocto and its a brilliant project. but can anyone tell me how to change sysv to systemd ?14:47
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justanotherboylastaid: You can find the init manager documentation here:14:49
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lastaidthank you so much!14:52
lastaidcan i also add single package as distro features?14:52
justanotherboylastaid: When you want to add a package to an image you usually add the package to IMAGE_INSTALL14:57
justanotherboySomething like IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " pkg" (notice the extra space just after the quote)14:58
lastaidi am currently configuring my local.conf, i guess normally i would modify or create a bitbake recipe?14:59
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kanavinlastaid, normally, you would create your own image recipe, and place exactly what you want in it. It's easier to start with an existing image, and modify that.15:00
lastaidyeah. but i have to say i am impressed15:01
lastaidyocto is solid stuff!15:01
kanavinyes it is. It is also frequently misunderstood, and considered to be 'complicated to use'.15:01
lastaidi though so as well. i build a kernel once, but not an entire distribution.15:02
kanavinyeah, it's a distribution toolkit aimed at embedded linux use cases.15:02
lastaidit does beat fiddling about with the official raspbian image15:05
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto recipe fails to install npm package <>15:27
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* RP wakes up16:17
fraylol which continent are you in this week?16:22
RPfray: on irc, not physically :)16:24
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sveinseHow does IMAGE_TYPES and IMAGE_FSTYPES relate to CONVERSIONTYPES? Is is how a suffix is handled? Can it be combined arbitrarely? Is it the IMAGE_TYPES in image_types.bbclass which ultimately define all the allowable combinations?16:48
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sveinseSpecifically, I'm figuring out how to generate a vmdk image file. Not sure if I need to go via a IMAGE_FSTYPE wic or a "container" (whatever that is)16:49
JaMasveinse: wic.vmdk in IMAGE_FSTYPES16:50
JaMawith recent Yocto releases16:50
sveinseJaMa: right, so my first assuption is correct? IMAGE_FSTYPE="type.conversion" where conversion is from the available CONVERSIONTYPES16:51
JaMabefore rocko it was just vmdk in IMAGE_FSTYPES16:52
sveinseyeah, I'm at rocko16:52
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sveinseAnyways, "wic.wmdk" was the way to go. Perfect, thanks JaMa16:58
sveinseFired straight up in VirtualBox. Cloud VM next16:59
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justanotherboyRP: I ran ptest manually inside the image with the util-linux patches that I sent and the "core-image-sato-sdk-ptest: Fix free space issues causing test failures" patch and it worked \o/17:54
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justanotherboyI'll try with testimage now17:55
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*** danrieg is now known as baldgeek17:56
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Striking7Hey all, this is a simple question but it's eluding me18:34
Striking7I set up yocto on my machine so I could use bitbake to check for all upstream versions of all packages18:35
Striking7Works great on my computer18:35
Striking7I'm ready to push it to our production server, but when I copied the directory over and sourced oe-init-build-env it still has all the absolute paths from my local machine18:36
Striking7So any time I run devtool it's still looking for the path from my dev machine18:36
Striking7How do I re-initialize that path?18:36
Striking7nvm, found it: build/conf/bblayers.conf18:39
*** rcw <rcw!~rcw@> has joined #yocto18:42
Striking7Hmm. Seems that wasn't the only place it was keeping that path...18:52
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Striking7Error, TMPDIR has changed location. You need to either move it back to /home/timesys/poky/build/tmp or rebuild18:58
Striking7I like the "or rebuild" option, but "bitbake clean" fails with the above error18:58
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halsteadarmpit2, rburton_ RP, ready to build on the AB again.19:24
*** Striking7 <Striking7!> has quit IRC19:24
*** Striking7 <Striking7!> has joined #yocto19:24
markaRP, rburton_: Jason looked at my gobject-introspection build failure mystery and cracked the case19:27
markaI was hitting a file handle limit in my $HOME which was on a netapp with a low quota19:29
markathe issue only started popping up now as the latest GO uprev turned on its cache (which is mandatory now)19:30
markaso between GO using $HOME/cache and g-ir-scanner I was hitting the quota19:30
markaI already had plans to update GO to not use $HOME, since at the moment I can't say if the cache is organized enough to avoid host contamination19:32
markaso I was going to move the cache to the recipe's go-tmp, or create a go-cache or something similar19:32
*** otavio <otavio!~otavio@debian/developer/otavio> has joined #yocto19:36
markaanyway, just thought I would post an update, I hate to leave things dangling and this should wrap it up19:36
*** dv_ <dv_!> has joined #yocto19:38
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rburton_marka: ah neat.  yeah moving the cache seems like a wise idea.19:57
rburton_Striking7: just delete tmp19:57
Striking7Thank you rburton_19:57
rburton_maybe we should make that message clearer19:57
markarburton_: "get your hands off my $HOME" was uttered in the office at least once19:58
Striking7Yeah, a clearer message would be helpful19:59
rburton_Striking7: patch on the list20:00
rburton_basically "delete and rebuild"20:00
*** armpit2 <armpit2!~armpit@> has quit IRC20:00
rburton_tmp is entirely generated so it can be deleted at any point and restored from sstate-cache20:00
*** armpit2 <armpit2!~armpit@> has joined #yocto20:00
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Striking7Good to know20:09
Striking7Thanks again rburton_ . You've saved me a lot of time20:10
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto PR Service do not increment ${PR} <>20:28
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RPmarka: aha, sounds like a good move to move it somewhere in TMPDIR20:48
markayup, hopefully you'll see some patches shortly20:49
RPjustanotherboy: great! I'm going to look at the patches tomorrow, have a migraine that isn't helping concentration tonight20:49
justanotherboyThanks RP20:49
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khemRP: there ? we need for warrior+master21:18
khemits fine to pull it after release for warrior but will make clang SDKs work better on target21:19
khembuilding chromium takes 22 hrs on rpi :)21:19
khemcross compilation is still relevant21:20
psrcodeRP: (lttng-tools)  weird, i cannot reproduce the failure locally with poky master-next and the same image (sato-sdk-ptest), let me know if if sometime it passes, might be a problem on our end. Thanks khem and RP for all the feedback and help.21:21
khempsrcode: which targets did you try21:22
psrcodeqemux86_64 i think, was it on something else?21:22
khemyou might want to try other arches too21:23
khemmaybe qemuarm6421:23
*** WillMiles <WillMiles!> has quit IRC21:24
psrcodekhem: based on the testresult RP linked it was on a qemux86-6421:24
psrcodeis there  mechanism in place to receive email on failure for particular recipe for the autobuilder?21:26
khempsrcode: I see,21:35
*** gaulishcoin <gaulishcoin!> has quit IRC21:35
khempsrcode: I do not know how to get notifications automatically, but halstead or RP might be able to help21:36
psrcodemight be a matter of disk space, this test does produce more trace data than the rest of the test suite21:36
psrcodeI might be interested in getting those notification for the lttng-* project recipe and babeltrace also. Given the wide array of configuration OE build against we would be foolish not to leverage it.21:38
psrcodewould be quite nice21:38
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khemsure enough, I dont know if builders have disk issues, but its a good point to check with RP21:56
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halsteadpsrcode, Disk space should not be an issue as far as I know. I can't speak to ease of adding notifications right now.22:06
psrcodehalstead: okai will look elsewhere then, as for the notification I can do something on my own, will need to check how to scrape results.  thanks22:07
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