Sunday, 2019-04-07

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black_13how do you make ipk or make an ipk that runs a script upon installation04:15
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yannabout my issue with on warrior ... turns out a number of generated .ipk files are just full of zero's09:04
yannI'm surprised this could pass the QA tests :)09:05
yannlog.do_package_write_ipk does not reveal any obvious problem09:09
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yannthe problem seems to go deeper, as several files including are indeed full of zeroes09:23
armpit2log a bug09:25
armpit2with enough info so we can reproduce it09:25
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yannarmpit: since even just libs are full of zeroes, not just ipk's, I rather suspect a problem in our CI server, we'll dig into this and I'll open a bug if necessary09:27
RPyann: Those should fail the "is this of the correct arch" tests at the very least so something odd is going on09:46
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yannOK, I'm rerunning from scratch without rm_work, we'll have a better idea10:23
yannstill, it seems to me it has to happen early: since eg. libx11-dbg is empty, I guess the .so had to be wrong at that time already10:24
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yannHow can I access the actual PV value from a foo_%.bbappend ?  When I try to add say FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${BP}:" it keeps searching in directory "foo-%", although "bitbake -e" shows the correct version in PV/P/PKGV/BP14:40
yannI'm trying to keep a single bbappend, while supporting several poky versions with patches in per-PV dirs14:41
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yann... and in a python() block ${BP} expands properly, but then ${THISDIR} expands to the base .bb directory, which does not help15:10
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yannI guess there's an expansion subtlety I missed there :)15:30
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voyoHello, I need some help, build of my image is failing around glibc-locale16:31
voyoI believe this is the cause: mv: cannot move '/home/voyo/IOX/opencgx-x86-generic-64-4.14-2.4/iox/tmp/work/i586-pokymllib32-linux/lib32-glibc/2.26-r1/image/usr/lib/share/i18n' to '/home/voyo/IOX/opencgx-x86-generic-64-4.14-2.4/iox/tmp/work/i586-pokymllib32-linux/lib32-glibc/2.26-r1/stashed-locale/usr/lib/share/i18n': Directory not empty16:31
voyoand here is full output  -
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RPyann: its actually that PV uses the filename by default and the file name when in the bbappend is the name of the append, not the original filename :/17:10
RPvoyo: are both of your multilibs using the same lib path?17:11
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voyoRP: no idea, how to check ?17:36
voyoor how to disable maybe multilib (lib32) ?17:40
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yannRP: so how am I able to access the actual version from a .bbappend ?  Or how can I get the .bbappend from within  a python block (which seem even less possible) ?19:03
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yannbasically, how can I mirror in a .bbappend this "${BP}:${PN}:files" behaviour the .bb files are able to use ?19:04
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RPyann: Use a string you can control like a files directory?21:39
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RPvoyo: if you didn't mean to enable multilib you almost certainly don't need/want it21:44
RPvoyo: you must have inherited the class somewhere or otherwise enabled it (or the distro you're using has)21:44
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