Saturday, 2019-04-20

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halsteadWeekly AB maintenance is complete.00:44
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Croftonhalstead, ping15:13
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black_13where could i locate information specific to the wandboard17:43
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halsteadCrofton, Just saw this and opened your encrypted e-mails. Responding now.19:40
Croftonthundrbird must think you are a skilled email user19:42
halsteadCrofton, Sometimes I am. :P19:42
halsteadIt really just depends what machine I'm on.19:43
CroftonI'll try and reset the default :)19:44
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Croftonhalstead, so he shoudl resubscribe?19:51
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halsteadCrofton, I can re-sub his address.19:53
CroftonI emailed suggesting he do so, but I suspect it won't hurt if you do19:56
CroftonYou saw the earlier list of problems I saw?19:56
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black_13how do set a root directory in or local conf20:16
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derRichardguys, the kernel class drives me crazy. i have a kernel and a working .config file. i use this file over and over. so i thought i can just specify this .config as defconfig for my kernel recipe and all good20:53
derRichardthe kernel build picks the defconfig up *but* it disables some settings20:53
derRichardisn't there some way to tell yocto to use the file as-is and don't mess with it?20:53
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