Monday, 2019-05-06

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JPEWRP: I take it the resulttool change looked like it would do what you want since you merged it?13:14
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RPJPEW: its in -next, not merged yet :)13:21
JPEWRP: Ya.... I was more curious if you thought that would do what you needed :)13:24
RPJPEW: it looked like it, I've not tested it yet13:25
JPEWOk. If you could also pull in master-next of meta-mingw next time you do a master-next build on the AB, I would appreciate it13:26
RPJPEW: we can trigger a specific build if that is helpful?13:29
JPEWexcellent. Thank you13:30
tlwoernerLetoThe2nd: "PS: Yes, its actually *ME* writing that." <-- lol13:39
bl4ckb0neis there documentation about running the image from the deploy folder without runqemu ?13:40
bl4ckb0nei have a weird setup and paths are different from my container13:40
Croftontlwoerner, sadly I agree with LetoThe2nd13:42
tlwoernerCrofton: absolutely! me too i agree. it's humourous he felt it necessary to add the PS at the end ;-)13:43
Croftonotherwise no on ewould have believed him13:44
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paulbarkerThe coffee is always required, the alcohol is only required when builds fail13:48
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tlwoernerpaulbarker: haha, true :-)14:09
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erakisHi, what is the best way to set opkg server address in opkg.conf ? A bbappend of 'meta/recipes-devtools/opkg/opkg/opkg.conf' ?14:17
bjobjohave you tried distro-feed-configs? It may do what you want14:18
bjobjoalternatively, you could manually create the -feed files and install them in a separate recipe in one of your layers14:20
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erakisbjobjo: Thank you, I'm looking at it now. Hope it work with Fido branch.14:42
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LetoThe2ndtlwoerner: :-)15:15
LetoThe2ndtlwoerner: i felt like i should step up and say something along those line, as i feared that somebody would misinterpret the "excessively appreciated" beers15:16
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LetoThe2ndCrofton: tlwoerner: in fact it was paul and me working on the last beers there. which was a good thing (TM), but for those who do not know me good enough it might easily be misunderstood as being representative for YP/OE folks.. and thats what i certainly should *NOT* be15:18
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erakisHi, what is the proper protocol to use for custom (closed source) opkg feed (http, https, ssh, etc...) ? Currently, I'm using the https protocol with the form `src/gz all https:<user>:<passw>`.16:35
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dfreyIs there a bitbake command to figure out where in the filesystem  a recipe is defined?17:27
kergothbitbake -e somerecipe | grep FILE=17:28
kergoththe 'FILE' variable holds the path to the recipe (technically, the parsed file)17:29
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dfreykergoth: Thanks17:40
prosper0Hi everyone. I'm wondering how company/people manage u-boot changes for multiple platform/machine as they add more projects. Fork U-boot repo vs bbappends? Copy existing board vs modification existing board?17:45
Croftonbbappends and upstream everything you can?17:47
JPEWprosper0: For anything COTS (e.g. raspberry pi), bbappends (and upstream if relevant). Anything custom in house, a u-boot fork. We always end up making a new board to get some of the particulars about our software updates to work.17:50
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prosper0Hmm i suppose by creating your own you are trading off getting automatic fix from the original board maintainer. Is that right JPEW?17:59
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JPEWprosper0: Right, thats not usually to much of an issue in those cases since we are building up our own board around the SOC. We start with the SOC vendor u-boot and have to make a lot of modifications from there18:14
JPEWWhich is why we try to use the upstream u-boot as much as possible for COTS stuff... that way we get the latest and greatest more easily18:15
JPEWAlso, you are generally having a bad day if you have to update u-boot in the field ;)18:18
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prosper0field update will suck. But i was thinking more in line of a new project base on the same board18:31
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prosper0Are there modifications, that isn't upstream material, but is common to all your boards? If so how are those modification applied?18:38
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JPEWYes, for our SW update support we have a custom u-boot command we have to run as part of the boot sequence. Its a patch in a bbappend for the COTS and committed in the forked u-boot for the customs platforms.18:42
JPEWI should probably clarify that we only use COTS for internal prototyping, so that sort of thing is deemed acceptable to be able to keep upstream more easily18:42
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Unable to start bitbake server <>20:08
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How can I installed a python module that doesn't have it's own recipe? <>20:38
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How can I install a python module that doesn't have it's own recipe? <>21:08
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prosper0Thanks to JPEW for answering my questions!23:07
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